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Word Whizzle Answers Moose

Here are all the Word Whizzle answers for every level in the Moose pack. To solve each level, you will have to find hidden words on a board of letters. As you progress through the game, the packs and levels will get more challenging. If you get stuck on a level, just use our Word Whizzle answers below.

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Word Whizzle Moose Answers

Level 711

Theme: World Currencies

Answer: Dinar, Franc, Lire, Rupee, Dollar

Level 712

Theme: Landforms

Answer: Shoal, Ridge, Gully, Beach, Butte

Level 713

Theme: The Cosmos

Answer: Order, Space, Star, Earth, Comet

Level 714

Theme: Computers

Answer: Board, Drive, Email, Virus, Adobe

Level 715

Theme: On the Map

Answer: River, Scale, Title, North, Road

Level 716

Theme: Current and Former World Leaders

Answer: Obama, Putin, Peron, Nixon, Lenin

Level 717

Theme: Vessel

Answer: Yacht, Ferry, Glass, Pouch, Stein

Level 718

Theme: African Animals

Answer: Camel, Hyena, Hippo, Lemur, Zebra

Level 719

Theme: Chess

Answer: Board, Piece, Moves, Check, Black

Level 720

Theme: Rivers

Answer: Niger, Mouth, Yukon, Banks, Delta

Level 721

Theme: Bowling

Answer: Lanes, Shoes, Split, Alley, Curve

Level 722

Theme: Greek Alphabet

Answer: Kappa, Omega, Theta, Sigma, Gamma

Level 723

Theme: Bible Words

Answer: Cross, Herod, Demon, Myrrh, Psalm

Level 724

Theme: Commonly Misspelled Words

Answer: Fiery, Gauge, Rhyme, Until, Weird

Level 725

Theme: Cool Words

Answer: Nippy, Chill, Polar, Brisk, Crisp

Level 726

Theme: In the Body

Answer: Brain, Organs, Skull, Bone, Heart

Level 727

Theme: Desert Island Necessities

Answer: Water, Buddy, Knife, Lunch, Cover

Level 728

Theme: Smell

Answer: Aroma, Scent, Smoke, Musky, Stink

Level 729

Theme: Slow Animals

Answer: Snail, Koala, Sloth, Panda, Rhino

Level 730

Theme: Things That Keep You Up At Night

Answer: Party, Worry, Noise, Movie, Child

Level 731

Theme: Adjectives

Answer: Smart, Heavy, Sweet, Tough, Plain

Level 732

Theme: Famous Brands

Answer: Kraft, Sears, Levis, Apple, Bosch

Level 733

Theme: Things That Are Flipped

Answer: Coins, House, Bacon, Patty, Cards

Level 734

Theme: Symbols

Answer: Emoji, Peace, Totem, Cross, Arrow

Level 735

Theme: Dusty

Answer: Shelf, Attic, Floor, Broom, Drape

Level 736

Theme: Disc Jockeys

Answer: Track, Dance, Radio, Party, Music

Level 737

Theme: Plant Life

Answer: Algae, Alder, Birch, Daisy, Hedge

Level 738

Theme: Comic Panel

Answer: Joker anime Thing manga

Level 739

Theme: World Cities

Answer: Tokyo, Madrid, London, Istanbul

Level 740

Theme: Reptiles

Answer: Skink, Snake, Cobra, Gecko, Viper

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