4 Pics 1 Word Answers and Cheats All Levels

4 Pics 1 Word answers, cheats, and hits to all levels of the game  for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. If you are stuck on a level, use these 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 letter answers and hints to help you through the game! If you still can’t find what you are looking for, join the 4 Pics 1 Word chat now!

4 Pics 1 Word Answers

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About 4 Pics 1 Word

From LOTUM GmbH comes the chart-topping mobile game, 4 Pics 1 Word. In this picture trivia game, you’re going to need to find the common word between four different images. From places to objects to actions, you’ll need to figure out a wide variety of categories to completely dominate all of the game. Think you can handle that? Remember, we’ve got all of the 4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats you’ll ever need.

Here’s how you play; you’re going to get four different images and a bank of letters. Despite what you ay think, these images are no random. In fact, in some way or another, they all represent the same thing the other images do. For example you may get a picture of a railroad track, someone exercising, people learning on a computer, and a boy teach a dog to sit. What word do they all have in common? Train. As you can see, these levels can get tough. Therefore, when you find yourself in a real pickle, just find your 4 Pics 1 Word answers in our complete level walkthroughs.

It’s a simple concept at first: you’re given four pictures with one word in common and a number of empty spaces that show the length of the word, like Hangman. From there, though, things can get complicated: wordplay (like seeing pictures of a STOP and CROSSWALK sign as well as a person writing their name with a pen–all involving the word ‘sign’!), puns, and brain-stretching connections make 4 Pics 1 Word devilishly difficult when you get to higher levels.

4 Pics 1 Word is played by over 150 million people, so there’s always someone to compete against, and new levels and challenges are being uploaded all the time. There’s no signup or registration for the game, just download the app from the app store and start playing immediately. You can also ask your friends for help on difficult levels using Facebook’s Messenger. Some players complain about in-game ads, which can be opted out of by turning off your wi-fi.

There are over 3500 levels to 4 Pics 1 Word, which makes for endless word fun! Each puzzle has a word between 4 and ten letters long, with longer words usually being more difficult. Some of the advanced puzzles end up using abstract words, sort of like a visual crossword puzzle: some puzzles, for example, feature a gold medal, a MADE IN GERMANY stamp, a thumbs-up, and a cook with a clipboard looking over a plate of food. The answer? The seven-letter word “quality!” But that’s from level 3300…so you’ve got some time to get your word-guessing skills up!

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1,669 Responses to 4 Pics 1 Word Answers and Cheats All Levels

  1. Jasmine says:

    two guys showing cards, a cliff side and a man jumping a gap.
    Five letter word.
    Letter Options:

  2. sheeeby says:

    Bookoo pictures, bookoo white chairs, bookoo flags, and bookoo people looking like they are partying. Its a 6 letter word

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bookoo?! I’m pretty sure that’s not a word.. but I think the answer is plenty..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up, okay sign, finger to mouth “shh”ing, and girl with her hand out like she is holding something.

  5. Anonymous says:

    a stack of binders, mp3 symbol, organizer, lighted icons

  6. Anonymous says:

    Im Stuck & Need Help . This Is What My Pictures Are

    A To Do List ( That Says) “Be Better”
    People Talking About Charts On A Piece Of Paper
    A Man In A Suit Holding A Sign
    A Man standing With His Finger On His Mouth & There Are A Sequence Of Things Over His Head . Ex : A Brief Case . A Heart With Two Rings In It . A Family . & A House
    My Letters Are ;
    L , N , I , O , Q, Y, J, P , D , H , A ,N
    The Last Two Letters On The Puzzle Are A and N
    HELP ME !!!!!!

  7. Lisha says:

    Guy splashing girl woman putting clothes in a machine a muddy bike and muddy pigs

  8. Vallie Weese says:

    A castle, a monument, a woman holding a beer, and cars driving down a highway

  9. sarah says:


  10. Jackie says:

    Stamps, Christmas square things, little girl with a basket, & a women with several pair of heels. Its a 7pretty letter word. Please help!!!

  11. Jackie says:

    Stamps, Christmas square things, little girl with a basket and a women with several pairs of shoes. 7 letter word. Please help!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on the stamp, shoes, Christmas card and little girl with a basket. 7 letters and 4th letter is an L. HELP!!!

  13. bob says:

    feathers, girl with feathers and pillow, a heart rate looking thing, people going down stairs?

  14. charliene says:

    DNA, stairs, twister, black and white swirls. 6 letters.
    L E U F S I R X A G J P

  15. Gabriel says:

    Whats the answer for level 24

  16. cinthia says:

    Level 113 please!!!

  17. shelbi says:

    level 195. little kids in a circle with their hands in the air. a car factory with just the frame of the car built. a sign with people and arrows pointing toward their head and a man in a field.

  18. D'Andrea says:

    w e t r x d a c z i t a

  19. Anonymous says:

    6 letters.
    a 1$ bill & pennies. a cup of coffee with coins by it. train tracks. a fat and skinny guy

  20. charles says:

    A finish flag, A picnic spread, a picture frame, & A box with more boxes inside
    Letters include

  21. mia says:

    A meadow of flowers, a lady holding ice cream, a fall leaf, and a couple on a sled

  22. Cammie says:

    Level 192
    Some colorful desserts
    A professor instructing
    A golfer in mid backstroke
    A boy and a girl looking at a computer screen.
    Letters are: U O S G M E C M V R Z A

  23. Anonymous says:

    Stop watch, needle for a record player, a mic and a record…6 letter word letters are
    C R U P P E Z R D J O D

  24. Trevor says:

    What’s the word with a car frame, school kids with their hands in the air, a guy with some paper on the ground and a green sign with the people with arrows pointing to them.
    It’s eight letters long

  25. Anonymous says:

    man sitting n a chair with a trench coat on
    lady talking n a recorder
    3 chinese ppl one pointing at a computer
    and a lady n man talking n the man is writing on a clipboard
    Help please stuck puzzle with 7 letters level 188

  26. bri says:

    What’s the one with all wood?

  27. karlie says:

    6 letters
    big guy in a little buliding thats too small for him.

    some dude tryna break out of a red thing thats tied around him.

    tall buildings.

    and a long white door.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The one with the white door is narrow

  29. Jess says:

    level 101??? anyone????

  30. natalia says:

    Please help!
    Man as a general I guess
    Girl with a recorder
    Girl and man with a clipboard
    two girls and guy looking at a computer..

  31. courtney says:

    a basketball going in a hoop
    sheet music
    a checklist of a happy mad and sad face
    and some old looking paper

  32. Undy says:

    Level 45 pls,

  33. Anonymous says:

    A kid pretending to be an airplane,a aoccer player hitting a ball, a guitar, and someone wearing a drama mask

  34. Anonymous says:

    A plumber, a man and woman I think washing dishes in a sink, a crashed boat, and an old shipwreck (underwater).

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. gtbth says:

    I need help with level 36

  37. JK says:

    a basketball hoop
    what looks like a song with all musical notes
    a paper that has a smiley face, a puzzled face, and a sad face
    and a bunch of old letters

  38. Amy says:

    Eye, nose, mouth, ear? Thank you

  39. Anonymous says:

    websites, a white room with chairs, flags, and people rising their hands

  40. Cindy C. says:

    Anonymous: That’s plenty

  41. Anonymous says:

    Red.phone, american football player catching ball, woman happy about present and a blu ray plaurr?? Does any one know?

  42. Tykila says:

    A woman crying,sample in a cup,a girl pointing down,and film….help

  43. Anonymous says:

    I need that one too tykila

  44. Maria says:

    Need help please. A hamburger,boots,insects, soxs. Its for letters long.

  45. Loveable Mhe says:

    It has a girl sitring in a pile of leaves a something goin up and person jumping in the air and a sign

  46. Vallie Weese says:

    Man sitting down pointing
    Girl with a recorder
    Girl and man with a clipboard
    two girls and guy looking at a computer..

  47. Help Me says:

    The one with the guy holding one of the arms on a clock. A boy with his mom yelling on the palm of his hand. A chick. And a stopwatch.

  48. Anonymous says:

    What’s the word with a car frame, school kids with their hands in the air, a guy with some paper on the ground and a green sign with the people with arrows pointing to them. It’s eight letters long

  49. aubri says:

    Level 21 Phots, White long table with lots of white chairs, Flags on poles with diff colors and lots of people

    using these words HELP!!!

    N P L E G T E B I Y V U

  50. JEIMY says:

    a guy looking at aa stack of cards.
    some one jumping aross the bright sky.
    a montainan and water
    another guyw with cards

  51. Amy says:

    Please Help – Pic 1. a blonde girl. Pic 2.a brunette girl. Pic 3. a piggy bank with a 4 leaf clover & a mushroom Pic 4. a 4 leaf clover

  52. Anonymous says:

    Level 192
    – ice cube, time zone, beaker over a Bunsen burner and world with bunch of flags

  53. Cc says:

    The one with the guy holding one of the arms on a clock. A boy with his mom yelling on the palm of his hand. A chick. And a stopwatch.


  54. ev says:

    Minute. ..just got it lol

  55. asfh says:

    A guy holding a thumbs up , a girl with a blue shirt , a girl holing an okay sign , and a girl with her finger on her lips

  56. koz says:

    Stuck on 278 . Pictures at group hiking up a snowy mountain, adult and two kids in what loooks like scout uniforms, a couple in front of a house, and I guy and girl looking at paper with one p
    ointing at it

    5 letters
    G q I f u d e o c n n s

  57. Anonymous says:

    Witch, voodoo doll, alphabet with “hello” at the bottom and a frog with a crown.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Europe, bunce and burner, ice cube, use

  59. Anonymous says:

    A black piano a bell boy n girl holding a luggage cart a stadium with green seats and a man walking the stairs and a rock caynon

  60. Anonymous says:

    What’s the word with a car frame, school kids with their hands in the air, a guy with some paper on the ground and a green sign with the people with arrows pointing to them.

  61. Anonymous says:

    This game is not showing up on the play store for me. What gives man? 🙁

  62. Anonymous says:

    An extention lead packed with plugs, a girl squirting some white foamy stuff in what looks like a pepper, traffic lights with loads of road sings about them and a hammer, 8 lettered word?

  63. Anonymous says:

    A guy with skis on snow, a car going by, a girl with her back turned with a lady pointing, and a pencil. Four letters. Help please.

    A A G N L S
    E H S Z C D

  64. Anonymous says:

    2 guys in handcuffs, mouse with mousetrap and guy taking picture???!

  65. Waters says:

    Level 277 anyone?

  66. stuck pleaseee hellp says:

    Please can someone help me on level 9

  67. Cara says:

    182?? A little girl squirting toothpaste on the counter? A hammer touching an egg . A lot of plugs put in a power strip cord thing and abunch of street signs like wrong way and no turn. Please help!!!

  68. Anu says:


  69. Anonymous says:

    i need help two pics of girls jump roping a pick of
    a giy clmbing and a other thing help

  70. Omgitzlily says:

    A yawning dog and a big pile of trash

  71. Nicole says:


  72. Nanna says:

    The word for the students with books, a child holding on to an adult, a purse (Handbag) and a gear is “Clutch” 🙂

  73. larkin says:

    2 yea cups
    2 sea guls
    2 moose
    A couple smiling

  74. Anonymous says:

    What’s a recorder a mouse trap and a man with
    A camera also two people cuffed

  75. snail says:

    Lady in curlers
    Lady with frizzy hair
    Girl holding checkered high heals
    Man with steam coming from ears. Four leters help please

  76. Anonymous says:

    From what I remember I think it’s rage. @Snail

  77. Ed says:

    Two different screens with two guys looking at computer one boxing and another hockey what is it?

  78. Ur mum says:

    What’s the one with 1+1 and case etc

  79. Plezhelp says:

    Little boy pointing at another, car headlights, car taillight and color grid. Please help 8 letters

  80. Tiddlytot says:

    Someone sieveing flour
    Some birds behind a screen
    A couple choosing a tv
    And a woman smiling at the camera with a computer

  81. Anonymous says:

    Baby skand mom in water. man with a swim mask..2 divers. 6 letters?

  82. Shermaine says:

    How about 2 guys staring angrily at the laptop, and a man defeated in a boxing match and another guy defeated in a hockey match?

  83. Shermaine says:

    Two guys staring angrily at the laptop and a guy defeated in a boxing match, and a guy defeated in a hockey match?

  84. Anonymous says:

    Help, mp3, books, finger hitting icon thing

  85. Shannon says:

    What is level 59 with a hammer a load of sighns a lot of sockets and a girl with super glue

  86. Anonymous says:


  87. Gemma says:

    Stuck on 277
    Old photos
    Maybe mum if not Nan grand/daughter looking at photos
    Someone sitting on a chair with a guitar not plugged in
    Letters are RBMLXIPAXRQU

  88. Brittney says:

    a pic of a half URL bar… a pic of 2 blue doors… a mailbox with a blue @ symbol… a lady with blue shirt holding a microphone

    7 letter word

  89. Sarah says:

    Am stuck on 273.
    A woman with a postit note on her forehead that reads “blah Blah”.
    A guy with a party hat on looking at the mess of after the party.
    A black board with +1=3 written on it with a line underneath the partial equation.
    And an emoticon with half closed eyes and straight mouth.
    Any ideas??

  90. tymort says:

    Need help with 282…
    Fireplace, dissection of the earth, little boy with a cape and lightning bolt shirt, woman putting a coat over another’s shoulders.

  91. Fern says:

    273 A women with a post it…..

  92. Brandi says:

    what’s level 263: a man and a woman arguing with a thought bubble with a bunch of items over their head, a man with an angel & devil floating above him, a wan thinking about how having a family doesn’t equal money, and soldiers pointing their gun

  93. Anonymous says:

    Grl whispering,binders chained zipper mouth , gate

  94. Anonymous says:

    Grl whispering,binders chained,zipper mouth, an gate

  95. Anonymous says:

    What’s this… A hammer hitting an acorn or something , a load of signs around traffic lights, a girl with glue or toothpaste in her hands squeezing it out, and last loads of plugs level 31

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s this… A hammer hitting an acorn or something , a load of signs around traffic lights, a girl with glue or toothpaste in her hands squeezing it out, and last loads of plugs level 31

  96. Anonymous says:

    A guy in a motorbike, matches (one is burnt), guy sleeping with a pile of folders and a guy that looks stressed out…

  97. selenaaaa says:

    I’m stuck D;
    1. A guy pouring some liquid in a spoon
    2. Grapefruit or a red orange.
    3. Glass of lemonade
    4. girl drinking and making a wierd face
    Possible letters; h a t d r j l e e b i t

  98. kassndaskjdw says:

    a mountian, a guy jumping from one cliff to another, a man holding cards and another man holding cards aswell starts with a b

  99. Anonymous says:

    A jet, mosquito, guy with a bag of vegetables

  100. Hellppp says:

    a piano, rock mountains, a guy walking up stair (green chairs around him ,,and the last pic is two hotel employees (a girl and a guy)

  101. Anonymous says:

    K Z T D E T C L I Q F A
    Been stuck for 2 days..

  102. Anonymous says:

    9 match sticks with one been lit and blown out, man on a motorbike with smoke coming out the back, man with head down on folders at a desk and a man with hands on his forehead with lots of paperwork on the desk???

  103. jack says:

    hammer with egg, electricity cables, 8 letter word

  104. Anonymous says:

    Help me! 4 letter word, 4 peoples faces! Lvl 132!

  105. Anonymous says:

    4 pics 1 word with planes and woman air steward

  106. Anonymous says:

    what is level 242? it shows two people looking at a computer, a golfer at swinging, teacher writing on the white board to his students and a desert dish. Thanks

  107. Help says:

    What’s this… A hammer hitting an acorn or something , a load of signs around traffic lights, a girl with glue or toothpaste in her hands squeezing it out, and last loads of plugs level 31

  108. sacott0079 says:

    Please help……Need help with two different levels:

    1. Level 245: two adults w/kids on their backs, three people skiing, two people on a mountain top and two people looking at a map. It is 8 letters with the following letters to choose from:
    I R A J U H A N C T V O. The letter “O” is the second to the last letter

    2. Level 73: sliced lemons, grapefruit and oranges, olives and olive oil, man holding the right side of his back, group of filled canning jars with snap lid. It is 4 letters with the following to choose from:
    Z S R W O E S N Z C U A

    • sa says:

      i GOT LEVEL 245: Adults w/kids, skiers, ppl on mountain and 2 ppl w/map: VACATION


  109. rigena felange says:

    cant find the answer to no 249. a plate of posh desserts. a guy teeing off at golf. a couple looking at a computer and a classroom with words on the blackboard..please help

  110. Anonymous says:


    2 pics of guys yelling at laptops
    Boxer just got knocked out
    Hockey players

  111. Souled says:

    What is the one with a soccer ball with blue flames, mix or reds, blue beams of light and one with yellow and orange lights.. 7 letters

  112. Wendy says:

    Hi … It’s great you post the answers … Thank you!
    I haven’t seen the one I’m stuck on though … It’s number 303 … There’s a fireplace burning … A woman putting on a white fur jacket … The earth cut in half showing a yellow ball in the middle surrounded by orange … A child with a red cape on and a red lightening bolt on his shirt.

    The letters are … TONCEA

    I’ve been trying to get this word for 2 days now!
    Could you please help me.


    • Anonymous says:

      Need help? Level 28! Ice cubes, cup of water with ice cubes and orange slice next to cup, boy on iPad, and other boy with a skateboard? 4 words?

  113. Kasia says:

    @wendy, I think it’s mantle , can u help me with this one, 1,dusk2, train3, man running,4 , man sitting on suitcases I think it’s something to do with late but can’t make the word

  114. cole says:

    Souled its effects.. Wendy I believe that one is mantel

  115. dian says:

    Answer to 245 please, kids wit awkward faces lady wit big glasses, and girl wit funny pigtails

  116. kc says:

    I need on one, first picture is a girl reading a book under blankets with a flashlight. Second picture is a light bulb. Third one is a family reading . And the last one is a guy looking at an iPad

  117. Anonymous. says:

    Lots of signs, a baby with toothpaste, a hammer & lots of wires on to a cable.
    Letters: Z , K , K , L , L O, C , I , R , R , E , V

  118. Bekkah says:

    I need help on the one with guys playing hockey / guys boxing one knocked out / guy yelling at a computer / and another guy mad at a computer ……

  119. Anonymous says:

    a duck by an egg, a timer with 60 in red, a man pulling the hand of a timer, a kid holding a little lady.

  120. brett says:

    @dian. Grimace

  121. Crystal says:

    I need help with a church scene two hotel people and and a pile of white dishes 7words

  122. Anonymous says:

    Large watermellon red cap covering house a man on small tricycle
    ;a drink with a lobster inside help. Level 25

  123. Allie says:

    noodle box
    man in a ditch with a gun in his pants
    couple toasting with red wine at dinner
    child taking a notebook out of a backpack

    7 letters _ _ _ _ space _ _ _

  124. heather hot stuff says:

    Hey I can’t get this one with
    1 an outlet on a wall (plug)
    2 some guys shoulder
    3 a skeleton shoulder
    4 a blue eye
    Level 316

  125. Alli says:

    Okay, finally got it – TAKE OUT 🙂

  126. Anonymous says:

    Need help first picture is a crawd nd the second one is the girl boxin the third one is the heart rate and the forth one is a guy with a raido

  127. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck.pics are 1 car on sand, another 1 on sand, people protesting, and lots of people looking at buildings

  128. Anonymous says:

    2 pics of car tailights kid pointing at a kid crying and a ph tester i think level 354 please help

  129. Tinkerb says:

    Does anyone know any of the themes? I updated the iPhone app and started the food, job, and liquids themes and I’m stuck on each level. Wondering if anyone has started them.

  130. anomymus says:

    Hey guys can you please help I’m stuck on level 205 its a picture of some guys Hiking up a snowy mountain,a pencil,a car going fast and someone being taught something?? Please help

  131. Anonymous says:

    A lady in medows
    A lady in black stretching
    A piggy bank with money in its mouth and a 4 clover
    A four leaf clover

  132. Anonymous says:

    Hi can anybody help 6 letters
    a man playin baseball….a man with 3 women looking or stareing at him…..a cd or dvd …a girl playing a game thanks

  133. jfdksl says:

    A girl reaching for something, lasers in a club or something, old microphone, and birds on a wall
    8 letters
    T D A U N
    D C I H E E

  134. Bart says:

    Two boxers one laying down, two hockey players and two different people looking angry at a computer screen

  135. Anonymous says:

    1 a girl hiking showing only her feet
    2 someone kicking a ball showing only their feet
    3 someone with their feet up on a desk
    4 a fish
    anyone know?

  136. Anonymous says:

    2 men playing Basketball going at it 2. A man at a checkin at the airport 3. 5414 kw sign 4. a man checking in while theres another guy on the phone

  137. Molly says:

    @wendy mantle

  138. Sam says:

    Level 57:
    A girl squirting glue on to a table
    A hammer smashing an egg
    No u-turns sign , no right turn sign one way sign, wrong way sign, speed limit of 25
    A overloaded power outlet (way to many things plugged in to it)

    8 letters long : Q-L-E-V-E-O-P-L-K-I-R-W

  139. Molly says:

    It doesent matter what level you are on each person who plays gets all of the pictures mixed up differently so someone might have charm for level 253 another person might have it on level 4

  140. Toadspot says:

    Anonymous level 205 is guide

  141. Anonymous says:

    Got a theatre curtain a loan application and a fountain pen, another fountain pen with some cash and a bandit machine with 777 on it?? Help me plz it’s so frustrating x

  142. help says:

    A guy pouring something onto a spoon. A grapefruit. A glass of lemonade with 2 ice cubes and a slice of lemon. A woman with a tea cup and squinting she is wearing a scarf and hooded sweater. 6 letters … I Q E G Q B V G T T R W

  143. patja says:

    Boy with cape

  144. liz says:

    I’m stuck on level 286
    Their is a pic of an skeleton or an xray with a red spot on the the left shoulder
    Another pic of an electricity plug
    Another pic of a blue eye
    And last pic of a mans chest
    Letters are

    Y E S T C F
    T R K R O D
    Its a 6 letter word and it starts with an S

  145. lindsay says:

    Looks like yams some dessert rolled sausage maybe and salami

  146. Hannah says:

    Level 263 updates android version
    7 letters.
    many mini santa hats, some thread with yellow scissors, yellowish heart on a necklace, and blue denim material clothing hanging up.
    letters: RPERJPKLAAE

  147. Anonymous says:

    An old man and an old woman a desert wood and a wood with drawing on what’s the word

  148. Jessica says:

    The pictures are hard to explain but here are the letters please HELP


  149. Mikey says:

    A frozen leaf
    A sunflower in the sun
    Thunder hitting a city
    Rain drops

  150. Jody says:

    Purse, a lot of students, gear shift, child holding onto a leg ? Help Please

  151. Coral says:

    can someone help me please!!
    1. boy eating spaghetti
    2. man kneeling on suitcase to try and close it
    3. uncooked chicken with vegetables around it
    4. lots of cups, plates, forks
    5 letter word

  152. Coral says:

    Jody its clutch

  153. snail says:

    Trailer hitch two rings a older couple and a younger could help please

  154. snail says:

    Never mind brain fart

  155. Anonymous says:

    A purple unicorn
    A sleeping baby- wearing a purple hat & shirt
    A bouquet of flowers
    Feet with purple shoes sticking out a purple car
    Letters are: HWLLWKIQENQP

  156. Anonymous says:

    Earth with a piece out of it, that’s showing the layers of the Earth
    Kid with a red cape a s a red lightning bolt on his shirt
    Fireplace with fire in it, and Christams decorations around the fireplace.
    An older lookin lady putting a white fur jacket on a younger lady.
    Six letters
    Letters are:
    T, E, I, A, M, N, L, R, C, E, G, L

  157. racheal says:

    I need help please! A buddah a person meditating a lotus flower and someone washing or something like that?

  158. olivia says:

    crate of apples, cart of vegetables and fruit, a glass of beer on a bar and a case of money second letter is U 4 letters

  159. Megan says:

    A little girl frosting something a lot of signs together some wired hammer and an electrical power thing with lots of pluges pluged in it is 8 letters I think

  160. darren says:

    12 letter word.
    bird of prey
    broken window
    man covering face


  161. jackyy says:

    A girl sitting down in a chair. Piece of ham. A girl standing up and a guy sitting down by a tree with his arms up

  162. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on same one as Rachael 🙁 sum1? Any1 lol?

  163. Tired says:

    Need the answer to level 365

  164. Jonny says:

    Bike lock, Bike ring, Bike backseat, Person oiling bike chains
    Letter options:
    M, B,CT,E,I,C,J,L,C,B,Y

  165. A little boy holding on to his dads leg a gold sparkaly purse and a group of student /people with like some clipboards in there hand and on the last pic it was someone holding a gear in the car

  166. Carley says:

    Can anyone get this one?
    A guy with a construction hat holding his thumb up, a knife, a razor blade and two people rock climbing??

  167. Brianna says:

    A Music Note
    Fish in a plate

  168. Jodie says:

    Help I’m super stuck on the one with:
    A handbag with shoes
    An egg mixture
    A science jug and a puzzle with one more piece left
    And the piece is next to it. It has 7 letters. Anyone

  169. Jodie says:

    Soz I was stuck on the one with the fish to but I can’t
    Remember it now I’m on level 399! Hope u find out wot it is Brianna

  170. Anonymous says:

    the one with a little girl, signs, plugs & a hammer?

  171. abby says:

    Foosball table , grinder seems like at leas. man attempting to turn a handle and a piece of equipment that looks like it came from a car.

  172. ella says:

    A broken glass door.a hawk.a dog. And a mans holding his face

  173. ella says:

    12 letters

  174. Brook says:

    Level 311 please???

  175. Anonymous says:

    level 233 plss help

  176. Auden says:

    Help a singn a pen another pen and a singn that has a kangaroo on it

  177. Laynebambino says:

    It’s hard jackyy just to help well hards the answer

  178. hanna says:

    level 35
    man with a kid in each

  179. Andy says:


  180. Dj says:

    A boy hanging on to u guess his parent
    A group of teenagers
    A someone grabbing a gear in a car
    I don’t really know what the last one is called

    Level 50 for I phone

    Can any one help me?

  181. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s clutch?

  182. Georgia says:

    A man pouring medicine into a spoon
    A big glass with a lemon on the side
    A lady scrunching her face into a tea cup
    A piece of fruit, I don’t know what fruit is is, it looks like a sliced orange.

  183. Anonymous says:

    Pictures of trophies & best? 1st place? I have no clue

  184. tmac says:

    4 pic with boats water and trees

    letter are

  185. me says:

    level 179

  186. taylor says:

    i need the answer to 176

  187. justin says:

    need help on level 44?

  188. Caiden says:

    Stands for a sports game
    Grand canyon

  189. aye says:

    whats answer for girl in purple shirt holding microphone 5 letter word EAJTQSSRHMP

  190. Anonymous says:

    A swirly step, a black and white black whole, a DNA and a tornado..
    What is the word?

  191. Will says:

    Hi anonymous answer is I think spiral

  192. Jhon says:

    Can u help me?
    Um a rhino a lion a roaring panda bear and a diamond that says I love u on it can u plz help me ???

  193. Jhon says:

    Can u help me?
    Um a rhino a lion a roaring panda bear and a diamond that says I love u on it can u plz help me ???
    Thanks x

  194. Charlotte says:

    Hi guys is it actually father

  195. Bubbles says:

    Fruit and vegetables
    and like a inside of a machine
    PLease help

    Bubbles 🙂

  196. Dave says:

    Lots of flags
    Lots of paintin
    Lots of people
    Big table lots of empty seats

    6 letters middle letter E

    Please help


  197. Anonymous says:

    crib with sleeping doll
    jesus born
    hanging phone

  198. Vanesa Tarango says:

    Handcuffed guy
    Blue icon of a bus
    Laptop n cell with wifi signal
    8 letters

  199. Lisa says:

    Tell me the one with a guy with a camera a man by the fence hand cuffed hand cuffs and a mouse and a mouse trap

  200. Alex says:

    Please help I got lips,lips with lipstick,an old man nada guy shaving
    7 letters please help!

  201. Alex says:

    Hi I’m bob

  202. Alex says:

    Just testing something sorry

  203. Awba says:

    I changed from Alex because there was already an Alex 🙂

  204. Anonymous says:

    Please help me at level 94 a elephant a dumbell two mouses a man pushing boxes

  205. Fatima says:

    HELP LEVEL 32?

  206. Paynis says:

    Sunk ship
    Rusty ship
    Rusty green car
    Rusty maroon car with no front hood

  207. Anonymous says:

    2 hamsters
    gut pulling stuff on a crate
    dumbbell weights

  208. Bel says:

    Can you help have

    French horn
    Car horn

    letters ALOPHTTJUKE

  209. Bel says:

    Help Please

    Car Horn
    French Horn


  210. Awba says:

    What is lips,lipstick,an old guys face and a happy dude shaving
    7 letters
    Please help

  211. Jennifer says:

    Two pictures of looking like people checking in, basketball player and gas

  212. jamie says:

    help !!!
    girl squeezing icing onto something
    hammer touching an egg
    cords plugged in
    and intersection with a lot of signs

  213. tam says:

    i need some help its a five letter answer…first picture of a person sitting in a chair with guitar words unplugged in back ground secondone has two women looking at pictures third old photos and fourth is cd in the case half open

  214. leah says:

    Someone Help !

    Pregnant Woman Sleep Holdin Ha Stomach
    A Lion And Its Cubs
    A Duck And Her Chicks Behind Her
    And A Woman Hugin Her Baby

  215. leah says:

    Someone Help !

    Pregnant Woman Sleep Holdin Ha Stomach
    A Lion And Its Cubs
    A Duck And Her Chicks Behind Her
    And A Woman Hugin Her Baby

    6 Letter Word

  216. Floss says:

    It is mother

  217. Awba says:

    Lips lipstick happy guy shaving old man please help!

  218. Sabrina says:

    Some one jumping in the crowd
    A lot of picture
    Many white chair and long white table
    Many flag

  219. Sabrina says:

    Some one answer it

  220. Dave says:


  221. ezan says:

    two astronauts pic and two carnivals

  222. catherine says:

    There a telescope a pair of binohclers n s man looking threw a magnify glass.

  223. Sarah says:

    a guy pointing to a big clock
    a guy trying to hold a big clock
    a hatched egg and the ducking standing next to it
    an alarm. i think sorry i cant remember the last 1.
    any ideas

  224. Anonymous says:

    fish tin, lady hoovering her car, vacuum cleaner and and water tap with 2 dials

  225. steph says:

    I really need helo guys!!

    picture 1:Man with his arms out at the side in blue water and big hue tree in background.

    picture2: looks like a bit of a tall fence in a backgarden with green bush surrounding it and light coming through

    picture3:a guy playing tennis in blue shorts

    picture 4:someone opeing a yellow can

  226. Anonymous says:

    5 letters
    a red bra
    a map
    a mechanic looking under the car
    a bridge

  227. Anonymous says:

    1, computer
    2,lots of tvs
    3, divider
    4, seive

  228. Raman says:


  229. Audrey says:

    4 pics one word. Plezz help.

    1. Street signs
    2. Electric plugs
    3. Hammer
    4. Little girl squeezing lotion or conditioner bottle

  230. Audrey says:

    It’s also 8 letters.

  231. Mia says:

    Yes it is overkill

  232. Mia says:

    Plz help on the one that has
    2. Vegetables
    3.flats and apartments
    4. Factory

  233. Rayne says:

    A guy playing tennis a red headed women playing with her hair 3 blue strips on the wall and 6 black lines in a row

  234. Raman says:


  235. Anonymous says:

    a royal flush and a guy with tuxedo

  236. Cheryl says:

    Anyone know answer to level 362

  237. Anonymous says:

    I need 345

  238. Breanna says:

    Mine is a long white table,people,different flags,and different pictures

  239. Umama says:

    Help? My ones of a weighing scale, a lady with a measuring tape around her hips in the shape of an x, different types of money and the Uk with the Union Jack on it

  240. Baar says:

    2 cellos and 3 fishes please help

  241. Roxanne says:


  242. Jordan says:

    Hello. I’m on level 236. And I need some help, please!
    One pic is a canyon. Pic 2 is two people at a hotel with luggage cart. Pic 3 is a piano. And pic 4 is alot of bleachers and a man going up the stairs..
    Its a 5 letter word
    _ _ A _ D

  243. Shaniqua Roskell says:

    Hi I’m on level 61 there is two girls and two 4 lead clovers and one clover has a pig

  244. Nokki says:


  245. Anonymous says:

    Help me… a protractor, a thermometer, a sundial?? and graduates throwing their togas

  246. Eve peacock says:

    Help! A boy pulling a funny face, a girl with a lemon, a woman with large glasses and a woman pulling a funny face

  247. Eve peacock!! says:

    Please help! A boy pulling a funny face, a girl eating a lemon whiles pulling a sour face, a girl with big glasses, and a woman pulling a face

  248. Jarly says:

    A load of footballs rugby balls etc
    Two baseball players head to head with the referee beside then
    Girl with tennis racket
    A baseball bat lay on the ground with a ball beside it


  249. lyyli says:

    level 30?

  250. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one with the cake,two girls in class,a man playiag golf two people on the computer

  251. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one with the cake,two girls in class,a man playiag golf two people on the computer
    6 letters

  252. Mysterious says:

    Stamps, shoes with a girl smiling, Merry Christmas cards, and a little girl sittting down

  253. Millie says:

    Help level 56

    A fat man and a skinny man standing opposite each other

    A traintrack

    A half drunk cup of coffee with money

    And money all stacked up going down in height order

  254. sathya says:

    Answer for level 83?

  255. Dave says:

    Piggy bank w clover, hand w 4 leaf clover, hot blonde and model like face pose

  256. Gracie says:

    Could u please help me on 112

  257. Dylan says:

    Help with level 41

  258. Eva says:

    What’s the answer for 47?

  259. hjhgf says:

    I Hate This appp!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. DJLOWPRO says:


  261. Farhaan says:

    What is question 58

  262. Anonymous says:

    British isles
    Woman with a tape round her waist
    All different currency’s
    Weigh scales

  263. Guest says:

    eight letters
    cartoon character on bus
    guy whos handcuffed
    blue tooth
    Credit card slot


  264. Georgia says:

    What’s the answer for level 242
    Please help someone

  265. dawn c. says:

    Letters are RFNNAIYAVURO
    Pics all look hindu related
    Theres a man meditating
    A pic of a sun with hindu writing
    A hindu looking statue in water
    And a man in what looks like a water fountain or small waterfall
    Im stuck plz help

  266. xocass says:

    – a baby spitting up orange food
    – a kebab
    – a beach
    – a man blowing a stick with fire on it

  267. Anonymous says:

    Level 125 plz

  268. sera says:

    number 37 pls

  269. Anoushka says:

    Help me with the one where there’s an iPad with a red bow. A refresh green button. A room with boxes and a ladder. And a clock which says 2012 and 2013

  270. f says:

    Level 304 plz

  271. lil d says:

    IDECGAUMECHR. These are the letters and the pictures is
    Boy making funny face
    Girl with smirk and over large glasses
    Girl lemon with smirk on face
    Girl making a weird face with two pigtails

  272. Haz bbsbbb says:

    What is the answer for number 73

  273. Grace says:

    Answer level 26

  274. Anonymous says:

    Help on level 193

  275. Anonymous says:

    answer to lvl 285?!

  276. Anonymous says:

    help on 39

  277. Anonymous says:

    Three girls in polo skiers people discussing

  278. Conner says:

    Answer to level 117

  279. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone got the Answer 2 level 32 been stuck for over 1 wk

  280. Dani says:

    Anyone know this 1?
    A warrior/gladiator
    Cat and a mouse
    Man standing on a motorbike on a tightrope
    Man hanging onto a rope dangling over a pool of sharks

    7 letter r is fourth letter.

  281. Awba says:

    guys the level is different for each device so if u used a different phone or ipad it would be different pics to the other device
    So level won’t help it’s different for everyone

  282. Anonymous says:

    Help stuck on 263

  283. Anonym says:

    Help on level 82

  284. Sandras says:

    4 pics 1 word level 13
    cables in 2 pics, messy shelf and light show wires

  285. Dorothy says:

    Help with Level 11 with the game What’s the word 2

    also with level 87 with What’s the word?


  286. Libby says:

    minecraft good 4 pic word awsone

  287. Amanda says:

    I need help with leval 71. Please help!!!!!!

  288. Dani says:

    A queen a book 3 champions belts and a newspaper
    5 letters T is third letter

  289. matty says:

    need help on 39

  290. matty says:

    i heard that it is good and someone plaese help me on that question

  291. Gareth says:

    A man poiring liquid onto a spoon
    A woman with warm grey cloths on
    A glass with ice cubes and a slice of lemon and
    A pink grapefruit?!?!
    Letters are

    It is 6 letters long

    Please help 2 days and frustrated thanks

  292. fiona says:

    Hi can someone help me this pic is of women one pic is where she is getting a massage the other is one lady satisfyingly taking a bite of a chocolate and one lady in a sauna and the other is sitting in a field of green grass and flowers and its 5. Letters

  293. Anonymous says:

    A woman with blonde hair a woman with brown hair
    a piggy bank holding a coin in in its mouth with a four leaf clover
    a four leaf clover please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. lori says:

    Help on no. 362

  295. Anonymous says:

    Help me been stuck on 388,for a few days its doin my head in lol

  296. tanya says:

    help plz on 382.

  297. Anonymous says:

    Help plz on 289 can’t get it

  298. ssss says:


  299. Anonymous says:

    stuxk on 999

  300. Anonymous says:

    help me on 113 plz plz

  301. Catherine says:

    It is luck

  302. Anonymous says:

    help, level 276, one statue, two policemen, woman hitching a ride and another statue??

  303. Anonymous says:

    The statue with the two police men and woman word is bust

  304. beetle says:

    stuck on 6 bro lol

  305. Anonymous says:

    What is red man in the centre, warehouse, planet, and keyboard?…. Pls help

  306. Anonymous says:

    For the planet and a keyboard its a SPACE

  307. M.A says:

    If u got answer z tell me.m stuck.lol

  308. Anonymous says:

    i need help on #41.Please help me!

  309. Anonymous says:

    What is the flags and collage a crowd of people

  310. nancy says:

    website,double blue doors, spokesperson and mailbox stuck on 109 plse help

  311. andy says:

    Guys, better if you can put the scrambled letters. It will be easier to help each other to answer each picture. (‘ ‘,)

  312. Jak says:

    6 letters….2 nd letter e….pics of negatives,rare steak,assorted size tags,guy with palms up,eyes closed….letters are mxmdrdijuic

  313. Hope says:


  314. Anonymous says:

    Wht is the chocolate with the word pialn and the soy a souce and the other things

  315. Unknown says:

    I got a gambling machine with 3 hearts on there, a pie chart, musical notes and a man sorting out these buttons (looks like its in a studio) help plz

  316. Anonymous says:

    How many levels have this game?????

  317. Anonymous says:

    Turnstyle, house key, stop sign, safecracker…6 letters…pcsmesacwvve

  318. brklyr9 says:


  319. ........... says:

    Fat guy, thin guy, Coins stacks from much to little, almost empty coffee and ?…

  320. FhzjJzkk says:

    What’s level 429

  321. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on level 43 help

  322. amanda says:

    I am stuck on a six letter word that ends in t. It has three flinstome looking guys, a computer, a guy thinking, and a wooden head with chains in the brain part. The letters are eyuhniflvnu. Level 450

  323. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on lvl 33. Woman posing blond girl smiling a clover and a pink piggy bank with a four leaf clover

  324. mom says:

    level 39 heaps of vegies and fruit 2 factorys please help the letters are o p c h n d r o u f s e

  325. luka says:


  326. Dawn says:

    Level 508. There is a heart carved into some wood, a hole in a wall, a man
    holding a camera with the lens close up, and what looks like a camera shutter
    starting to open. please help u p r k e s r e q a t g

  327. Anonymous says:

    The app is super hard! I’m surprised anyone has actually completed the

  328. alaska says:

    7 letter word with these letters CORXUMNAIF
    bunch of nurses, army dudes, woman in black dress, and stewardess helpin a guy

  329. Sharon says:

    The answer to dawn about 8 letter word with camera shutter , carved heart, man and camera , hole punched out is (aperture) never heard of it but that’s the answer

  330. cha says:

    two people on keyboard of a pc, one looks like a dessert (probably cheesecake), classroom with a teaching teaching several students, and a golf player. roumsbebc (used some coins to remove some letters). 6 letters

  331. ryan says:

    its hard !!!!!

  332. ryan says:

    its hard !!!!! because i dont know to hard!!

  333. Anonymous says:

    oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!level 9. soooooooooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  334. Sam says:

    Alaska….it’s uniform

  335. kishan says:

    hij wat is your name

  336. Anonymous says:

    A music sheet…a row of hearts…a circle cut into 3 and a board with buttons and dials…6 letters ..last ones an E ….anyone got any ideas x

  337. anon says:

    a gate with a farmhouse in the back. a bird in a birdcage. dogs in a cage . a letter in a envelope. 7 letter word …words are HX S A L N O V R C E E

  338. Deborah says:

    help! A Y stick a cross a crystal ball and a Buddha. Letters NZJDENVVIXIH

  339. Mammoth says:

    Oops!! Wrong puzzle!!

  340. Gunilla says:


  341. Anonymous says:

    help..stuck! white heart on a board, a guy point shooting a camera, E X Q U I A P U R R T E 8 letters word..

  342. 1Dlover says:

    I got the same one its soooooooooooo hard

  343. Farhia osman says:

    Omg it’s so easy I finished the whole game!!!

  344. LONI ANDERSON says:

    file cabinet, control panel, downloading symbol, and paperwork on binder brackets

  345. Stace says:

    A blue clock a line with a squiggly line going thru it deck mixers and a camera with lens pointing down

  346. Anonymous says:

    a bag of money, gold Lamborghini , bars of gold and a living room with a wooden floor and a white sofa

    Letters are: rwrcpdiwbhjj

  347. Jack says:

    a bag of money, gold Lamborghini , bars of gold and a living room with a wooden floor and a white sofa

    Letters are: rwrcpdiwbhjj

  348. Walls to Walls says:

    thumbs up, OK sign, flat had, finger to mouth like ‘shh’ letters qrufeegtss

  349. mouse11198 says:


  350. marie says:

    A guy pouring med on spoon, slice of grapefruit, lemonade w a slice of lemon, woman zipping a something of a cup

  351. RockinRiah says:

    7 letter word. Mom pointing at daughter, computer blue screen, military men without faces 🙂 and a creepy looking girl touching a computer keyboard? Letters: DMVROCWMANYY

  352. Lauren m says:

    Please help

    A till,
    a set of scales,
    a sign saying “numerus clauses”
    & a drawer with files in it.


  353. Anonymous says:

    Hammer, powerboard, signs, girl squeezing paste

  354. Anonymous says:

    i think it’s

  355. Marie says:

    A mosquito sucking blood
    A women carrying groceries
    An airplane taking off from a boat
    A bird carrying a love letter

  356. keith says:

    2 eggs in flour
    jigsaw with bit out of it
    hand bag, shoes, belt, scarf and purse
    someone pouring stuff into a beaker

    7 letters O I E P E M L V N C K B

  357. Nina says:

    Level 444
    A chicken standing on two eggs
    Flowers comming through the asphalt
    a submarine comming true the waves

    6 letters
    a,h,b,e,r,e,m,i,e,e,w g

  358. Johnny Boy says:

    OMG this saved my life. I was on level 2 when the little pics came up and i thought, god damn this! It was fricken scary so i turned on my PC and clicked on 4 pics 1 word and Bang! I was saved by the person who as so fricken smart to invent this cheat page! Luv you soooo much and would Amy Clair go on a date with me. OMG i just said that online! I love you AMY!!! Oh, and Sarah, soz bout last night. I thought it was a little rough myself!

  359. Ashlee Paige says:

    Man in a suit with microphones, a crossed out circle, 100s of flags and also what looks to be someone voting


  360. Tiff says:

    anyone know level 66??

  361. rob says:


  362. Tiff says:

    but its only 5 letters

  363. Anonymous says:

    A bunch of grapes a wine bottle and. Bottle caps

  364. Anonymous says:

    Wood, stump with a leaf in the middle, a planner with glasses and a guy with a hard hat looking at a book of some kind

  365. Cat.v. says:

    Okay… um 4 letters ends with an E
    coupl on date
    stethiscope (I think thays what its called)
    heart shaped truffles
    Calender showing 14th with little heart with pin in it

  366. Anonymous says:

    Cat v its love

  367. pixieangel13 says:

    level 318. a man who looks angry in front of his laptop, 2 guys on a frozen lake who seems to be playing hockey, a guy standing over a knocked-out guy in boxing, and another guy in front of his laptop looking angry/frustrated. HELP!

  368. Diddles says:

    Please help.
    A horse race, a ice skater, a trophy held in the air, and a podium.

  369. jasz says:

    Need help please.
    level 459
    5 letter word
    letters: U S L D O P L F E J I G
    1. picture of green sports field
    2. income statement with a figure circled with red ink
    3. green field with blue sky and very bright sun
    4. binocular’s view of a small island

  370. jenn says:

    wet cement…2…a level…hand tossing a coin

  371. Laura Freeman says:

    Level 122
    Empty chairs
    People partying
    Bunch of flags
    And a wall of pictures

  372. minnie says:

    english math music, greys and 1 red cubes, satelite, red chip!

  373. apryl says:

    Wats the one with a man on the bike ad a house with a hat on top of it anda scorpin in the glass

  374. Anonymous says:

    Level 471… Blue igloo,orange tent in the snow with green cloud in night sky,stainless steal open thermos, duct tape… Letters are: i t n a u l e b s v x m …8 letter word

  375. Anonymous says:

    level 471

  376. downie says:

    whts the one with a to do list, a man thinking, a mind map etc…. four letter word.:D

  377. abiieee says:


  378. Ashley says:

    Ok I have a stack of books, a stack of newspapers, a daily news paper, and rolls of paper in a factory. Letters are P R I G I S H T V B U L

  379. lucy says:

    please can you help me the pictures are
    people talking in bed
    kids taking through cans

  380. Leah says:

    Picture noodles and its two words

  381. sam says:

    Army guy with painted face
    Guy pulling card out of sleeve
    Girl covering her face
    Make up
    7 letters

  382. Anonymous says:

    Little blue people figures
    Old man talking with buddies
    Soldiers in a line with hands behind back
    Workers talking with a graph chart on the table
    Y n p v i m c m a c o n. 7 letters

    • Anonymous says:

      Answer to the last post (little blue figures, Old man talking with buddies. Soldiers in a line with hands behind back. Workers talking with a graph chart on the table) is COMPANY

    • Focuzz says:

      Im on the same one. no clue, help??

  383. Anonymous says:

    Bus on road, basketball court drawn out, train, horse and carrage and the 2nd letter is O..if anybody could help..thanks!

  384. Anonymous says:

    so i have one and the pictures are a statue, a kid finger painting, a man with a box on his head that says think outside the box, and a man that appears to be drawing a light bulb…? the letters are C E T V E P R C I A L R. PLEASE HELP!!!

  385. Anonymous says:

    All got pic of water and boat

  386. Anonymous says:

    What’s the answer to #35?

  387. kiara says:

    what is the one with alot of people with their hands in the air,different counrty flags, and white empty chairs along a long white table? need answers.

  388. Alissa says:

    Army men, computer with error message, adult scolding child, happy teen pressing button on computer. AONOEDMCOWYM. 7 letters

  389. Helper says:

    2 guys frustrated facing laptop, ice hockey persons, knocked out mma athlete

  390. Helper says:

    Letters are T S T G U E S L P M K I. Thanks

  391. Dani says:

    Help please…. I have a horse race, some hands holding a trophy, and ice scater and a podium of 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Letters are S O T Y A E C R X N T A and it’s an 8 letter word. Thank u 🙂

  392. Jessica says:

    I have been stuck on this in for a while. 4 people make sill/ funny faces. On boy, sticking his tongue out and his hands by his ears, a lady making a duck face with big glasses, a little girl making a puckering face eating a Lon and a lady with weird big tails making a weird face. Help please!

  393. Angela says:

    How can I sign out of this 4 pics 1 word out of Facebook? I want to sign out of here, it’s getting really annoying lol

  394. anonymous says:

    I need help with this one: a guy’s arm turning the handle of a type of boat, some people palying table football, a machine with turning components, and something that looks like the bottom part of a gramophone..

  395. Teo says:

    Stuck with the ace of hearts up the sleeve and the girl covering her eyes

  396. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on a lady eating dinner,a. Couple looking at tvs and a two boxes,a man putting dinner on like a sour jelly what the hell

  397. Anonymous says:

    How many letters has it got teo

  398. Anonymous says:

    the letters are
    E S N Y C O
    C A V O U L

  399. Heleena says:

    Crap so so idiotic

  400. Adam says:

    8 letters. 3rd letter c and 5th letter t.
    Other letters are N A K A F V Q O U I.
    Pictures are two people holding a map.
    Three people skiing.
    Two people on a cliff.
    A man and a woman holding two kids

  401. Noizy says:

    Stuck on level 10 4 word ,ladybug, hamburger ,shoe ,sock

  402. Daz says:

    I’m stuck!
    Two kids pulling faces at each other
    Three women laughing
    A woman having what looks like a painful haircut
    A guy and girl with their hair tied together
    5 letters
    Please help!

  403. Ellen says:

    A Word with 6 letters

    Two naked mens looking at each others
    A cup of coffe with some coins
    Four stacks of coins

    The letters is ENGTHACGN

  404. Anonymous says:

    A baby crying
    A seal
    And some kind of meat

  405. Trista says:

    Ellen. It is change
    I am stuck on
    Piece of cake
    2 people over a keyboard
    A golfer
    Classroom with a guy with a white board
    6 letters

  406. Edwina Excell says:


  407. andre says:

    stuck on LEVEL 513

  408. Nine says:

    7 Letter

    Kids Drawing of House and people
    Hand holding umbrella for man in drawing
    Man Thinking with lots of doodle above head
    Cinema screen and chairs.

    G H R H T I
    U I Z C P E

  409. jennifer says:

    i need help i have been suck on this for days
    people ski ing a guy on top of a cliff two people looking at a map and a girl with a kid on her back and beside her there is a guy holding a kid and the kid is touching the girls chin
    the letters are C O N A I Z K Q V A T N
    its a 8 letter word

  410. Anonymous says:

    @ Jennifer its VACATION

  411. Anonymous says:

    @ nine its PICTURE

  412. amp says:

    letter b, white house, eiffel tower, cube that has the letters n e w s
    letters are

    L P I A M F C A A T E D

  413. Raheel says:


  414. Anonymous says:

    Dining table setting,theater seats, empty stage, open empty cage

  415. I says:

    A woman holding a 1 recorder 2 a woman holding a recorder to a man 3 a man sitting on a chair looking like he’s going to question someone 4 two lady’s looking into two laptops while there’s a man pointing into it 🙂 hmm… I’m really stuck need your help! 😛

  416. Lady ell says:

    Pic 1 2 people surfing net pic 2 man golfing pic 3 cake pic 4 man teaching class

  417. erin says:

    people partying long white table and white chairs , country flags pictures on a purple wall

  418. Anonymous says:

    Testing tube over fire
    A globe with pins stuck init

    HELP!!!!!!!! 🙁

  419. Anonymous says:

    a big bit of cheese with 2 loaves of bread
    2 people fighting
    a building
    a baby and woman sitting in a pile of baby bricks with blocks held up to their ears?

    im really stuck on that one :/

  420. anonymous says:

    a man and woman holding hands with wedding rings on
    a car

    W P H D E A M I T X G J


  421. Jojo says:

    I think for the top one it’s capital

  422. mike says:


    a man taking picture,man in hand cuffs, hand in handcuff,rat by a rat trap

  423. T says:

    @mike – capture @

  424. Anonymous says:

    Two basketball players
    A gas thing with the numbers 5414
    A man at an office
    A man at a reception desk thing
    Seven letters

    • Barefoot skywatcher says:

      Two basketball players
      A gas thing with the numbers 5414
      A man at an office
      A man at a reception desk thing
      Seven letters =

  425. Cas says:

    A seal
    A slab of bacon and fat
    A girl crying
    A baby crying


    7 letters.

  426. Hi, you guys are freaking retarded, you have the shittiest grammar; “discusting” is spelled with a “g”, not a “c”. Holy Hell. Stupid whores. Think before you text for butthole’s sake. Use Your auto correct, say “that’s funny”, not lol, lots of lesbian you stupid cunts, that’s what you are. JK, JUST KIDDING.

  427. Anonymous says:

    British soldiers, globe with words in it, army men in camouflage gear, two tags with ‘new’ on them. 8 letters. IVWWCMAAGPNT

  428. Btw, ttyl, thnx. I’m sorry, I am not a bad person, please don’t hurt me. I’m just a humble Canadian, Canada is not retarded! Eh?!

  429. Elle says:


    Socket with plugs, a girl squeezing a toothpaste, direction signs or sign boards, hammer with an egg

    A i o x e l l v r v k s

  430. T says:

    @elle it’s overkill

  431. T says:

    A picture of butterfly’s, a painting of a Victorian man and a Victorian woman standing

  432. Anonymous says:

    J L E L O M C C X S T Z

  433. mdixon says:

    I’m stuck on , two clocks with a white and black face, a couple hugging with eyes closrd, two men singing and two shaking hands, Letters SNNNIBOKZZUP. an N is the second letter.

  434. Anonymous says:

    Level67. Help please

  435. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on level 261. Pic of people on their graduation throwing their hats in the air. A compass and protractor. Something which appears to be measuring tube and a black round Chinese dial thing??? Lol 7 letters rrgpxeesdemd please help

  436. scott says:

    Ladey in red dress ladey in white dress ladey green mask ladey has dot on lips

  437. Kweasley says:

    3 old men talking
    What looks like a meeting but a close up of business charts/papers
    Military people with hands behind their backs
    Blue people (signs from bathrooms) in specific places on a map
    7 letters — help appreciated

  438. Kweasley says:

    Got it its company :3

  439. 2 people In space And 2 carnival things level 150 HELP M E

  440. lolipop says:

    stuck with level 49, eight letters, trafic signs, a bunch of electronic contacts, a hammer on an egg and a kid with toothpaste.. help please :’0

  441. Anonymous says:


  442. megan says:

    bunch of coins stacked up with one dollar in the background……cup of coffee with money beside it (one dollar something)……train tracks crossing each other…..one fat man and one skinny (of the same man)………6 letters long……..letters are : E A H A B G W C D G N N……help me……been stuck on it for ages……help appreciated……level 107 🙂

  443. anonymous says:

    level 386 4 clocks (all different times) globe with all the flags of every country people with beer and 2 people starting a wrestling match

  444. Anonymous says:

    A guy punching, people on a protest, bowling, an aircraft


    Third letter is R

  445. R.C. says:

    Level 29. pic of flags, a crowd of people cheering, a white table with lots of empty seats and a screen with lots of pictures.
    Help please.

  446. Anonymous says:

    hi can someone help me with the one that has two pics thatlook like volume buttons another is keyboard and the other one buttons on adj set

  447. Chantal says:

    i got a little girl hold a tube of cream or something with stuff coming out. another picture of a hammer, plugging plugged into a adoptor and a bunch of signs… letter i got is r L i v k i o v e l d … HELP!!!

  448. anslee says:

    -girl sat on a chair looking on a table with a glass of water and pc of bread
    -pic with a alkalindicator “ph1-10”
    -printed paper written: case “back” brwWebBrowser


  449. Anonymous says:

    a fish
    bowl of sardines in red sauce
    guy rubbing his neck
    and a guy smiling

  450. Tayla says:

    I’m stuck on a man smiling, a lady with her arms out, a boat with load and a stream.

  451. mytoyoka says:

    pls help on level 384
    -3 person standing in a big mirror with sunlight
    -a view of clouds and water
    -a gaggles
    – a triangle shape with different colors
    LETTERS are
    F L M Z E C T E R I

  452. lou says:

    help the pics are a thermos, an igloo, duct tape and a tent in the snow with the aura lights

  453. cocosmum says:


  454. Anonymous says:

    Help pls..

    -okay hand signal from a lady

    -thumbs up hand signal

    -lady doing another hand signal as if she was showing something on her right side

    -lady hand signal to be quiet

  455. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word

    Starts with letter “G”…

    Pertaining to the previous post

  456. Tash says:

    I have a 7 letter one and this didnt help. If anyone reads this comment and knows what one im having trouble with, email me it at tashcutie2003@hotmail.com its a toddeler holding a heavy bag, a girl with tons of shoes, a metal thing picking up a stamp and theres tons of other stamps around it, and the other one is tons christmas to: from: things. I know its a 7 letter word for alot or many but I dont know it! so H-E-L-P-!

  457. Tash says:

    Anonymous, yours is gesture.

  458. Tash says:

    my letters for the one im struggling with are; L W S C O S C T B E D L. Once again please H-E-L-P

  459. Caramel_Mixie says:

    HELPPP ME I’m stuck!!!

    1st pic: A seal
    2nd pic: Woman sobbing
    3rd pic: Fatty meat
    4th pic: A baby crying

    HELLLLPPPP!!! Been stuck for days!!! TTOTT

  460. yasmin says:

    pictures are
    2 pics of an oil rig
    pic of a car being assembled and not sure about the lat pic

    letters are C F R H Q A T W H O C Y
    Y is the last letter of the word

  461. Amonymous says:

    Level 422:
    Picture 1: plates with apple, (one whole and on the other plate they are sliced)
    Picture 2: a rocky mountain, they are cuibally shaped
    Picture 3: brick wall, but missing soume bricks and there are some cracks
    Picture 4: image of some sort of sliced bread or somthing

    Letters: B E E N M R
    O L C U P D

  462. Amonymous says:

    Level 422:
    Picture 1: plates with apple, (one whole and on the other plate they are sliced)
    Picture 2: a rocky mountain, they are cubically shaped
    Picture 3: brick wall, but missing soume bricks and there are some cracks
    Picture 4: image of some sort of sliced bread or somthing

    Letters: B E E N M R O L C U P D

    Total of 7 letter are to be used

    any suggestions?

  463. Anonymous says:


  464. Anonymous says:



  465. Me says:

    Ok so there is group of many flags of diff countries
    Group of people in a concert
    A long confrence table with lots of chairs
    And a collage

    6 letters
    Please help

  466. Annonomous says:

    A picture of a husky, a scarecrow with pumpkins, an empty pool, and a little buddah dude

  467. – dogs in a cage
    – a bird in a cage
    – a barn
    – and a letter

    the letters are z c o e p g l e e u n s

  468. miks says:

    1st pic: man spray painting a car
    2nd: I’m not sure what
    3rd: Parts of a car
    4th: Guitar

    Letters: S E O E D F J A N R O


  469. Lula says:


  470. Kayla says:

    Pic 1 dogs in a cage
    Pic 2 bird in a cage
    Pic 3 A Barn
    Pic 4 A Letter

    Letters : Z C O E P G L E E U N S

  471. di says:

    Kayla its enclose

  472. Diana says:

    Seven letters GUGCXASBXERO
    1 monks in brown robes walking on a cobblestone road away from camera
    2 mens clothing standing with arms up no one in the clothing
    3forest path with soft filtered lighting
    4 full moon in a dark night sky with clouds

  473. lee says:

    Im stuck on 18….a light bulb, alarm clock, 3 coloured plastic cups, a blonde girl

  474. sidney says:

    I am stuck on level 150.
    pic 1 sad joker clown
    Pic 2 person with paper in there hand
    Pic 3 pieces of paper set in a pattern
    Pic 4 a girl biting her knuckles and sad


  475. Nina says:

    please help
    a fish
    bowl of sardines in red sauce
    guy rubbing his neck
    and a guy smiling
    letters L,L,Y,Z,W,E,T,T,I,M,N,U

    6 letters word

  476. tracey says:

    A stack of books
    A woman in a classroom/lecture
    A load of graduates throwing there caps in the air
    A guy holding books and got a rucksack

    7 lettets

  477. Anonymous says:

    Horse racing, lady sitting on mans back, lady sitting on a man pulling his tie
    8 letter word

  478. tamara says:

    a house from china, a plate of diced food ,a bowl of something and a bag of dry rice
    letters are F A C M F W O L Y T T I U O

  479. Awesome says:

    Btw collect is a 7 letter word and is in the 6 letter area change that it took me ages To find that all because u can’t count

  480. Lucy Lillian says:

    Hi awesome is right because there awesome and yes u can’t count !!!!!:( lol

  481. Maia says:

    Hi guys does any one know what this one is
    1 a witch with a book
    2 a little mummie
    3 the alphabet with hello at the bottom
    4 a frog with a crown

  482. Ami says:

    pic 1 Long dock with a beautiful sunset
    pic 2 A lady in a blue dress posing with her hand on her chin
    pic 3 a lady in a red dress with a guy in a black suit opening the door
    pic 4 a left arm trawling a trawl on fresh wet cement smoothing it.

    please HELPPP

  483. ami says:

    _ _ _ _ I _ g

    H N O P V P E N H A S E

  484. Lola says:

    Stuck on a level with 6 letters

    -national flags
    -table w. chairs
    -random pictures reflecting

    N U E Q E L Y C Y T A L P

  485. Cassidy says:

    Stuck on level: 239
    1: Gague with Chinese lettering
    2: Mathematical compass, ruler, an protractor
    3: People tossing graduation caps
    4: Thermometer
    Letters are a follows: TXDERGSYRER
    Help me out please?!?!

  486. Cassidy says:

    I forgot to mention the amount of letters… There are 7 letters

  487. tongo says:

    Plenty. In response to lola

  488. Awesome guy says:

    Stuck at 36
    A mouse and a trap
    A cameraman
    Some one handcuffed

    Letters are:
    Please help me

  489. Casandra says:

    U L D H Y I N P M E T B
    1) cant figure out
    2) conference long table with chairs
    3) lots of flags
    4) lots og people watching something (rock concert)

  490. Anonymous says:

    it is hard
    and it also.get a.little bit of easy

  491. Anonymous says:

    please help me in the number 78

  492. ami says:

    pic 1 Long dock with a beautiful sunset
    pic 2 A lady in a blue dress posing with her hand on her chin
    pic 3 a lady in a red dress with a guy in a black suit opening the door
    pic 4 a left arm trawling a trawl on fresh wet cement smoothing it.

    _ _ _ _ I _ g

    H N O P V P E N H A S E

    I had to ask again ..no one knows what this might be…omg this is insane im so close on giving up on this game


  493. I don't like you says:

    Opening. So… Easy

  494. Benjamin says:

    level 464:
    7 letters

    A man holding controller with a tv in front of him
    Two men hugging and ones crying
    knobs to a recording studio tuner
    a piano with knobs next to it

    letters: OEKVJLSONSCG

  495. angel says:

    My 1st one im stuck one. #394 a lil girl closing her eyes,using her hands. An ace of hearts card up his sleeve. A mans face painted in army like colours. And 3 coloured lipstick thingys? Help!

  496. glitter says:

    Benjamin….its CONSOLE

  497. Aaron-Jane says:

    Stuck on level: 245. It is an 8 letter word.

    1) red telephone (just the peice you put to your ear and the cord)
    2) a girl smiling behind a white envelope with a red bow
    3) a hand holdin up a football at a stadium
    4) DVD player for a television

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

    With love: AJ <3

  498. KHz says:

    super stuck on this one!!
    1. picture of a statue from waist up in front of blueish/ purplish background
    2. Holy cross lit up against a dark background
    3. a woman with an orb that has bubbles in it
    4. a stick lying on the ground with stones and pebbles around
    its a six letter word
    please help

  499. KHz says:

    its receiver:
    the phone is the receiver part of it
    the lady is receiving something
    the box is actually a receiver of some sort
    the person is a receiver in football

  500. claire says:

    1) a load of eiffel tower figures
    2) some russian dolls
    3)some shoes..like sandy coloured shoes.
    4) a boy picking something up on the beach

    eight letters
    INISUB ..help me please? 🙂

  501. Anonymous says:

    A pile of newspapers, one news paper, a pile of books the top one open and a factory. U d z b h l a p w i m s

    • Ali says:

      I just solved it (after a week) by comparing my letters to yours and eliminating the excess, anyway it’s “publish”!

  502. Anonymous says:

    A pile of newspapers, a single news paper, a pile of books the top one open and a factory. U d z b h a l p w i m s

  503. Anel says:

    I’m stuck on 107..Help please

  504. Fu says:

    OMG I am stuck !!!!

    1st pic – two emoticon looking buddies hugging.
    2nd pic – guy playing video games
    3rd pic – piano
    4th pic – some DJ mix thing.

    8 letter word.

    Letters : O V J R E L S O N U Y C

  505. carmeine says:

    Help please
    man taking a picture
    A piece of wood with a heart in it
    looks like a close up of an egg shell with a hole or crack in it.
    And a close up look through a camera lenses I guess I’m describing it right.
    7 letters.

  506. chelsea says:

    Please help
    2 pics of turn signals on cars
    A girl pointing to a boys hair or head
    a yellow color chart with a color strip under it
    8 letters

  507. Loverbirdy says:

    i have a word im stuck on the pics are ‘ a hand on a gear stick, a group of teens, a gold purse and a child gripped onto someone

  508. Anonymous says:

    It should be clutch

  509. ami says:

    can anyone help me with level 84 …

    pic 1 Long dock with a beautiful sunset
    pic 2 A lady in a blue dress posing with her hand on her chin
    pic 3 a lady in a red dress with a guy in a black suit opening CAR door for her .
    pic 4 a left arm trawling a trawl on fresh wet cement smoothing it.
    this is so hard to explain ..

    its not OPENING.

    _ _ _ _ I _ g

    H N O P V P E N H A S E


  510. Anonymous says:

    I am in need of assistance…

    1) a crowed of people with backs turned carrying signs
    2) blurry (large) crowed between two large buildings
    3) a green car driving in dirt with dust behind it (off roading I think)
    4) two white vehicals driving in sand

    Five letter word… REISALLTLYFM
    Help me out please?!?!

  511. claire says:

    Hi i am stuck on level 223 and the pics are a leather coat with zip some clothes on a rail a pair of jeans anda bloke with blue t shirt on the letters are


  512. laura says:

    Mussilini pointing
    Girl with audio tape
    Chinese pointing at a computer over a girl
    Two office people, one writing the other recording.
    Seven letters

  513. CLAIRE 444 says:

    V, L,T,U,E,H,O,W,S,C,H,O,

  514. Maria says:

    I am stuck for Days now, please help me find the correct answer:
    7 Letters – Level 44
    P G R A V I M L
    Pic 1: Witch
    Pic 2: Lighthouse
    Pic 3: Pumpkin
    Pic 4: Turkey

    Thanks 🙂

  515. Nate says:

    Help please 6 letter word.
    Pic1 movie screen
    Pic2 popcorn
    Pic3 ticket
    Pic4 movie roll of film

    Letters-e f a b n o n o m l c i


  516. Nate says:

    Thank you!

  517. Cath says:

    Trooping of the gaurds
    Pepper spray
    Rugby lads
    Hand out
    7 letters pls help

  518. jack says:

    A socket
    A trolly
    A plug
    A shop

  519. laura says:

    Man in chair with hand gesture of telling
    Woman with audio tape
    Employer showing worker something on computer
    Boss with audio tape and assistant writing
    Seven letters.
    Aa ii tt c k d q e y

  520. Maggie says:

    I’m stuck on this one level 57

    Tree with orange leaves
    A girl hugging a tree
    A yellow dog sitting inside an sub

    Letters : k y r n t f g q u b b s

  521. marco says:

    Im stuck on level 21 and i need help
    Theres a baby
    Then a big dog and small cat
    There is a small chocolate and big chocolate
    And a small round cake
    The letters are e w i t n g w d e n s s
    5 letters

  522. Aaron-Jane says:

    In need of help with level: 247
    4 letter word.
    1) A girl lifting a box
    2) A man loading a double barrel shotgun
    3) Back of an SUV stuffed right full
    4) A blue circular (button maybe) with a white outline of an hour glass on it
    Letters are: VQODHF
    Help me out please?

    With love: AJ<3

  523. cny says:

    4 letters in level 12

  524. Cassidy is a babe ;) says:

    Hey I need some help…
    1) Eiffel Tower
    2) The letter B
    3) The white house in Washington DC USA
    4) Dice spelling the word News

    It is a seven (7) letter word. The letters are:
    I J K P M L M C A H A T

    Thanks 🙂 [pardon the name… I am kinda bored lol]

  525. Maria says:

    I am stuck for Days now, please help me find the correct answer:

    7 Letters – Level 44

    P G R A V I M L

    Pic 1: Witch
    Pic 2: Lighthouse
    Pic 3: Pumpkin
    Pic 4: Turkey

    Thanks 🙂

  526. Anonymous says:

    2 people doing karate
    A loaf of bread and cheese
    A tall building
    2 people putting bricks against their ears

  527. Anonymous says:

    heyy! stucked at level 86. 7letters. boxes of shoes and pairs of shoes then cards and a baby. omfg. whats this

  528. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on a pic of a card game, a man in a suit a women too, and a hammer knocking on wooden tabel.What is it?

  529. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on a hammer hitting egg and a bunch of lights and signs a girl squeezing a bottle of cream and a junction box

  530. renee says:

    7 letters, second letter is a V, a woman with a long red dress. She is standing next to a motorcycle. Next pic is a woman with a long blue dress posing. Next pic a man smoothing the floor. Possible letters H N O P G V P E N H A S I E. Please help
    level 84.

  531. Woody says:

    I need 157

  532. Joe says:

    Help pls a guy holding his forehead, a match that is burn, a motorcylce hus burning his tire and a guy sleeping.

  533. Anonymous says:

    It’s burnout

  534. Jane says:

    Help pls lots of chair in two row, lots of flags, lots of people and lots of picture

  535. Anonymous says:

    a knife, a razor blade, a man and two person

  536. Rod says:

    Stuck on level 550 service men small blue people office people 3 old men

  537. angel says:

    A doanload pic. A blue file room. Cabinets full of files. A bunch of files. Help!

  538. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on one it has inside a factory another outside a factory a bunch of veggies then a heart of veggies any ideas ?

  539. Anonymous says:


  540. Anonymous says:


  541. Anonymous says:

    help letters are n o u t c g e a r o g u

  542. annomus says says:

    help letters u,n,e,r,i,d,o,v,x,s level 283

  543. Anonymous says:

    help im stuck with the lil girl pouring toothpaste, some signs, hammer on top of an egg and some plugs. please help

  544. Benny says:

    Im am stuck on a pic its shows a stamp it shows number 40 and a ladie behind shoes and boxes and a lil girl pick up something and where is says merry christmas on a blanket!

  545. anzo says:

    I need 186… 4 pics of houses dat have collapsed…
    4LEtter word

    H V I L J S U K R N J V

    thannkkss .

  546. Meggie says:

    im stuck on this one, it has 5 letters the 4th letter is an E… there ar two hockey players one is leaning over, he looks tired… there are two wrestlers one is on the floor laying down… and the last 2 pics the guys are at their laptops and look angry or frustrated, just like me cause i cant get this one! help!!! the letters i got are: S P S T J U T M Y N A E

  547. teresa says:

    try upset

  548. Caroline says:

    I’m stuck on one that has a group of people putting there arms in a cricle and a sign tha has 4people on I and a a man pasting a concreat together also some sort of car thing it has eight letters in it and the letters are m e s s e a a b u u l i

  549. Alex says:

    Its upset

  550. Bibbvdbsbdnldłłlolivvvvvvvdddsjjjjddduiidddjhhdhhdhdhdhhdhdhdfhhdhddhdydyyudydudui

  551. minnie says:

    i need help been stuck for a long time
    three pink fishes
    man smiling
    a man holding his neck and turned around sitting on a chair

  552. Mgdl says:

    Caroline, try assemble

  553. Jean says:

    Omg mine aint here

  554. Shelly says:

    T ind a c Tia enm

  555. Anonymous says:

    Mine has kiwi seeds, a jeans pocket, a green grasshopper on something red, and silhouettes of soldiers in different positions with one being bigger than the others.
    There are 6 letters the 5 th one is i the remaining letters are coadatdvlie

  556. annie says:

    pls help : pic lady with blonde hair smiling, lady posing, pig coin box and a hand holding a leave of green petal.

  557. annie says:

    level 116 and 5 letter..soo difficult :

    lady blonde hair smiling
    lady black hair posing or somthing
    pink pig coin box
    a hand holding small a green leaf with 4 petal or a flower

  558. Tiffany Kelley says:

    i need help its a 5 letter word
    *first picture* a table set for dinner
    *second picture* a stage with wooden floors and lights
    *third picture* a bird cage open, with feathers flying out
    *forth picture* a theator with red chairs

  559. sc86 says:

    Please help!!

    Stuck on level 585…. 6 letters

    M I C K D N W T O O H X

    picture of what looks like a judges hand with his hammer thing…
    a cartoon character of an old lady in a rocking chair,
    picture of a pair of legs/feet running
    a picture of car lights…the photo has been taken as if its been speeded up (if that makes sense)

  560. Alyssa says:

    I’m stuck on level fourth six what is it

  561. Anonymous says:

    I have one: Picture of a cannon, parrott,treasure of gold and a sailboat steer???

  562. Anonymous says:

    Letters kanpcu tsmnua

  563. Lauren says:

    I am stucked in pictures
    2 girls jumping in air one wearing white dress on black background the other is wearing the opposit color
    A broken arm that is wrapped
    A man catching a fish
    A hand putting a mail in mail box
    The word is 4 letters

  564. Jac says:

    Anonymous,try pirate

  565. Joanna brown says:

    Please help:
    Can of Pepper spray
    Anerican football players
    Man holding hand out to shake (scales in background)
    Changing of the guards in London

    7 letters


  566. michelle says:

    stuck 7 letter word pics r sums in a red circle tv book with remote sitting on it a family looking at job ads and the other is more sums letters are tphcliegnsvi

  567. polo ok says:

    A face of a woman statue
    A face of a man statue
    2 police
    Woman hitchhiking
    4 letter speed

  568. Anonymous says:

    Defense (silly US spelling)

  569. kacie says:

    a pic of a horse, jocky hat, ball, and horse wip

  570. Anonymous says:

    Help pls level 287
    two people on keyboard of a pc, one looks like a dessert (probably cheesecake), classroom with a teacher teaching several students, and a golf player. 6 letters??

  571. Jen says:

    please help level 500 a farm with a fence, dogs in a cage, a bird in a cage, and a envelope

  572. Melo says:

    Help level 579

    Graduation cap with diploma
    Wet cement with scaffold
    Telescope looking thing
    Ceramic grinder


  573. Anonymous says:

    Sorry it’s a 7 letter word!!! Level 579 help!!!!!!

  574. glitter says:

    Level 560

    Girls partying
    Birthday cake with candles
    Happy anniversary sign


  575. glitter says:


  576. ang says:

    denim pocket,grass hopper on a red flower,luks like a slice of kiwi fruit showin the inside wiv all the seeds nd black silluetted mainly showin an army bloke

  577. Girl says:

    Level 671

    2 guys on a roof with solar panels

    A group of people

    A guy putting a screw in a panel

    A picture of screws

  578. Anonymous says:


  579. Jade says:

    Please help…
    The world and a quater choped out
    Boy wearing a cape
    Girl putting on the jacket
    And something else

  580. Anonymous says:

    please help…
    an eagle
    wolf crying
    and a lion

  581. Anonymous says:

    Pls help level 75

    Smart guy with thumbs up, a lady with OK hand signal and a lady with serving hand signal. And 7 lettersTGVEWSPRWROU.

  582. Anonymous says:

    Level 75

    Forgot the lady with a silence hand signal

  583. Paigey says:

    Girls pointing
    Train sign
    Guy near the road
    And a guy with books

  584. annie says:

    5 letter :

    women body with measurement tape
    country flag with maybe a map shape
    weight scale

    please helpppp

  585. Anonymous says:

    4 letter :
    container on the ship at the port
    a lady
    guy with word smile on his tshirt

    pls help

  586. Tell says:

    Try series

  587. Bum says:

    4pics one word

  588. Taylor swift says:

    Can you show me your muise on my iPad.
    That would great if you are free.
    Can you pretty please show it!
    Love Paige
    It is a shame I cant whatch you dance!
    Thank you!

  589. Sarah says:

    Level 210 is acting up

  590. Anonymous says:

    Family of three mom dad son looks like in scouts

    Financial work… Person pointing to oficial paper

    People hiking in snow

    Man and woman in front of church. Woman isnt looking

    Been stuck for a while now

    • anonymous 88 says:

      Family of three mom dad son looks like in scouts

      Financial work… Person pointing to oficial paper

      People hiking in snow

      Man and woman in front of church. Woman isnt looking

      Been stuck for a while now


  591. Lei says:

    Please help..ZARPHU HSCNEA
    – man pointing
    – man pushing up on the road
    – baby boy playing car on the sand
    – a woman having work out

  592. Anonymous says:

    level 146 with 3 letters :

    1. alien cartoon
    2. sad boy cartoon
    3. women sat on bf lap hugging him
    4. boy and girl carton

    3 letters


  593. Suzy beronio says:

    A hammer, wire and plugs, a girl with a tooth brush and directions and traffic lights . What is the answer . This is level 76 .

  594. javier garcia says:

    a vacuum,this picture of pipes with a clock on it,a woman entering a car,thin can

  595. Anonymous says:



  596. Egam says:

    Need answer for Puzzle# 244

    Pictures are
    1. A woman covering her head in distress
    2. a film strip
    3. a glass with liquid (looks like urine sample) with test strip
    4. a girl showing thumb down

    its a 7 letter word
    given letters are GEIVTDAELRAN

    HELP ME PLS !!

  597. jay says:

    2 animals looks to be pushing each other with their heads
    Chess opponent horses adjacent to each other but looking opposite directions
    A girl holding pistol
    A smiling couple trying to push down each other’s hand on a table on ‘who is strong’ show.

    4 letter word
    Option letters: DLSURD PHAREI

  598. Anonymous says:

    A compass plus shapes

  599. Anonymous says:

    Apple slices

  600. Justin Bieber says:

    Trust me if you go to justinbieber/making music.com.au than you will be the hottest person making #1 hits try it out.

  601. Anonymous says:

    level 202 4 letter words :

    1. a guy holding magnifier on his teeth
    2, lady smiling widely
    3. a guy fold his arm and smiling / laughing
    4. a red devil

    pls help

  602. Ienn says:


    Someone please helppp

  603. Anonymous says:

    Level 267. 6 letter

    golfer swinging
    Two people looking at a computer and
    teacher with students

  604. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck
    bookshelf with old books
    old man statue
    rotten tooth
    owl on a brick

  605. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on
    Basketball players
    5414 numbers
    Man checkingout
    Man checking out

  606. Req says:

    A family of four, two DNA strands, tree with blank frames, and connected cells.

  607. nunz says:

    Please help. Four yellow ducks. Baby an father.piano. sheet of music notes

  608. Jessica says:

    Stuck on this one…..
    @ in a letter box
    Blue doors
    Lady making a speech
    Search box ( type your web address)
    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 7 letters

    L F A D S D R S K L E S
    Are the letters I have a choice of. HELP ME!!!!!

  609. Mel says:


  610. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on this one!
    can anyone help me??
    jewleryes white
    a women talking to her working buddies
    flat screen desktop
    dinner, in a plate
    words are 7 letter word


    can anyone help me with this?

  611. Anonymous says:

    guy with a basketball
    asian guy about to eat noodles
    guy swimming doing a breast stroke?
    guy sleeping on a lap[top/keyboard.\
    Help please

  612. Unknown says:

    Hey, Can Someone help me. I’m stuck at level 42 it consist of:

    Train Rails
    Two mans, fat at left, muscular at right (facing each other)
    different height of coins
    coffee and coins

  613. Mike says:


  614. fatema says:

    i stuck on
    women with water bbottle
    baby with bottle
    women with mug
    lickking cat

  615. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to find the answer to level 116. It not the. Right 4 pic 1 word is different to mine.it has 6-?2 lettersm got an owl face a full moon fireworks

  616. Shwetha says:

    Fatema it is water

  617. EarL says:

    Can’t do this one;
    -Girl looking for ride
    -two pigs aka (police)
    -A statue
    -another statue
    It’s hard
    (Help though)

  618. jasmine says:

    im stuck on level 6
    -shoe on tape measure
    -help box thing
    -man sitting on a bench
    -two men one woman sitting at a table

  619. coconut45 says:

    what is ansswer levek 256 or 257 rock stone, factory ring in the book and makeup??

  620. gigigirl says:

    Please help. I am stuck on 553. Can’t find the answer on cheat page. It is 7letters. Picture of an envelope,bird in cage,farm house and dogs in cage or kennel. Letters are O E S O P C E L E S M N

  621. Anonymous says:

    help my im a stuck with level 41

  622. Lauren says:

    Stucked in
    1-boy holding joystick
    2-piano with some buttons beside it
    3-a man crying and another man stand beside him
    4-switches in a board
    Letters are

  623. Anonymous says:

    help my im a stuck with level 58 help my

  624. Anonymous says:

    another one im stuck on, two boys look the same on is looking right the other left, they look deep in thought
    the next pic is a cartoonish looking girl looking kinda worried and has a squiggle beside her head
    the trird pic has a bunch of baby chicks squished together
    the last pic has a hen laying on its eggs
    does anyone know what it is?

  625. skyler says:

    i need help its a pic with meats one is a sausage looking one another is candy carrots and another is peperonie and another is looks like its kinda pink with peper thats in small chunksin it im on level 63 with my iphone

  626. Dee says:

    I need help with the pic with little girl sqeeking icing out tube,different highway signs, a hammer,plugs in an electrical socket

  627. Anonymous says:

    U can cheat once, hehe

  628. iamme says:

    can u help me out…i am on level 166 for android
    i got 4 pics of damaged house and building four letter words

  629. love hurts says:

    i need help ok the problem is a man holding a tumb up a woman saying shhh

  630. Instagram fan says:

    A girl stretching like a gymnast,a cup of coffee or something like tat,a someone pouring water into the cup and a OF and ON button plzzzz help me I’m in level403 6 letters n folloe me on Instagram if u have Instagram my names @farah_elisha_5g txs!! If u folloe me I’ll try to folloe u back!! Txs!! 🙂

  631. binish says:

    you know after 58 this game is hard i have gone to 240

  632. Emily fizzy says:

    Do any of you now the one with a space man and colourful people with another space man Paz such on the level pls of now would me nice

  633. Anonymous says:

    Level 199??

  634. Moo says:

    Level 199??

  635. Tamika says:

    Hey hey hey 🙂 lol hahaha

  636. karan says:

    plesae answer me level 49 plese

  637. Nsood520@gmail.co says:

    Level 284
    Handshake. Two clocks 8oclock. Two guys singing. Couple embracing.

  638. pekka kaukalo says:

    im stucked. pic is something like money coffeecup fatty and skinny and train rails 6 leters

  639. anonynos says:

    I’ve got ine a girl skati.g a winner podium some people putting there hands in the air an horse racing 7 letters

  640. anonymos says:


  641. Anonymous says:

    73 6 letters beginning wiv.woman vacuming her car, empty macral tin vacume n pressure gadges I think.

  642. Princess says:

    Help me guys I am stuck on level 303 and it is 8 letters and it is on iPad 1 !! Plz

  643. Adam says:

    Please help- 6 letters. Tnzlueuxyrup

    1. Many flags
    2. A white table with many chairs on left &
    Right side
    3. Many pictures on 2 different squares
    4.alot of people

  644. Jia says:

    I love 4 pics 1 word

  645. al vallejos says:

    what is the answer on number 33

  646. al vallejos says:

    a man showing thumbs up sign, a girl demonstrating, a girl showing silence sign
    seven letter word

  647. connie says:


  648. Anonymous says:

    Girl whispering into guys ear, blue binders chained together with a lock, mouth closed by a zipper, and a cast iron fence. Letters: D D T R P V E A I W T H

  649. Katina says:

    Need help:6 letter word gun, kitten in a bucket, man holding a rifle gun, oil spilling

  650. Katina says:

    Need help:6 letter word: gun, kitten in a bucket, man holding a rifle gun, oil spilling

    T L L B E R B U P W R A

  651. diane says:

    an old man and woman
    log tree
    Egyptian sculpture
    please hellppp

  652. Anonymous says:

    letters are O I X M L B M D H W Z S

  653. al says:

    a lady drinking using cup, face of a woman, a lady wearing snow attire, a teddy bear
    4 letter word

  654. krysta says:

    Awesome stuff

  655. Anonymous says:

    1 strike , car race

  656. Alex says:

    Blonde girl
    Pig, mushroom, gold coin, and four leaf clover
    Four leaf clover and hand
    Girl posing

  657. al says:

    a man facing the wall with question mark, face of a cat, leopard, roulette with white ball
    5 letter word

  658. Anonymous says:

    Adam person: yours is ‘plenty’

  659. Anonymous says:

    Alex: I think yours is ‘charm’

  660. Prince says:


  661. Ryan says:

    1= women looking at three pairs of shoes
    2= toddler with a big basket picking up something from the floor
    3=a lot of Christmas cards on a stall
    4=a lot of stamps
    Plz help
    7 letters

  662. ricky cstillo says:


  663. Anonymous says:

    collect ?!

  664. Issy says:

    I’m stuck

  665. Anonymous says:

    1= Crazy looking lady with hair horizontal
    2= Clown with presents
    3= 4 girls having a tea party
    4= Happy couple watching 3d movie
    Please help, I can’t figure it out!
    5 letters

  666. ayin says:

    a man with a big muscles holding a dmbell pls help

  667. Lobnaeletreby says:

    A woman doctor,a model in a black dress, a woman pointing to an I pad carried by a man, some soldiers giving us their back

  668. Bob is your uncle says:

    Hellow i’m stuck on number 28:(

  669. ptesmith says:

    a guy standing agaisnt a wall holding a clip board
    a guy standing agaisnt a wall holding a skate board
    ice cubes
    a class with ice cubes and water in and leamon and ice cubes on the side

    need help with this one please 4 letters

  670. Jay :( says:

    :p 🙂 🙁 help 28

  671. Simone Yates says:

    Help: 225

  672. Anonymous says:

    i love this

  673. confusing says:

    little girl squeezing a botlle
    a hammer
    different charges
    different sign

  674. najiho says:

    4 pics of old cars like this http://www.oldcarsneverdie.com/images/1932%20buick.jpg … in order to get one word of 7 letters .. i have S,A,G,N,H,S,E,C,T,I,W,V, help please

  675. tanny says:

    kids throwing their graduation caps
    temperature stick
    geometry set
    Chinese fungi shoai compass

    please help

  676. bingbong says:


  677. Kristine says:

    Pls help I’m stuck at level 327, it’s a seven letter word, looks like something about lights. Thanks!

  678. kristina says:

    1= guy playing golf
    2= kids in class with teacher wrote g on chalkboard
    3= boy and girl at computer
    4= a random decor with flowers
    Plz help!!!! :/

  679. al says:

    car shift gear, group of people, baby holding the foot of his father, wallet
    6 letter word

    pls help thanks

  680. Anonymous says:


  681. Anonymous says:

    help please

    thermometer, compass/protractor/ruler, graduates tossing hats, maybe a chinese compass?

    7 letters _ _ _ _ _ e _

  682. ulle says:

    1. Kid with tube and white glue
    2. Hammer and half egg
    3. Wires connected to extension cord
    4. Traffic light and lots of signs

  683. Anonymous says:

    I need help!
    1 picture : 2 guys laughing
    2 picture : hand shack
    3 picture : women and man hugging
    4 picture : 2 clocks stopped ay the same time 8:06

    Can anyone help me please?

  684. minnie says:

    need help
    a guy thinking with a light
    a cave man thinging to make a wheel
    brain with a lot of system round ones
    a laptop with round drawing

  685. Keren says:

    1)a lot of flags
    2) a white table with a lot of empty seats
    3) a lot of pictures
    4) a lot of people (at a concert I think)

  686. Emily says:

    7 letters
    -stack of news papers
    -open book on top of stack of books
    -rolls of white pap per looking stuff
    -news paper
    Letters: slohbiupqcas

  687. Anonymous says:


  688. Des says:

    1. Man with copyright sign
    2. Battery
    3. Man reading report surrounded by news reporters
    4. Stream

    What’s the word?

  689. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word c,p,e,v,m,a,b,o,l,w,s,a

  690. Anonymous says:

    1.sky full of clouds
    2.man in sky with a parachute
    3.man sitting on a high mountain
    4.man riding on a boat,and another man is flying behind it with the boat
    5 letters c,p,e,v,m,a,b,o,l,w,s,a
    letter ‘e’ comes in the end
    plzzzzzz help.trying to solve it from many days

  691. amber says:

    Im stick on one that says it i world but thoes oetters arnt there wtf

  692. Anonymous says:

    eight letters:

    people walking in the dark with one street lamp
    little girl with bunny ears
    large white lit building with neon blue lit trees
    patterned red starbursts

  693. igrid says:

    coins ,cup of coffe and coins .road .2 men

  694. Anonymous says:

    first picture a woman with four pairs of shoes, second picture some postal stamps, third quilt, fourth little girl holding basket and picking some thing from lawn. 7 letter work with last letter T

  695. minnie says:

    need help
    1 envolope open with a letter
    2 barn
    3 bird in a cage
    4 lots of dogs in the cage

    can anyone help me??

  696. Rory says:

    1. man checking in at airport
    2. two basketball players
    3. dial with numbers (like milage on a car)
    4. another man checking in at an airport..
    seven letters..
    Help ASAP!

  697. iphonegame says:

    1.sky full of clouds
    2.man in sky with a parachute
    3.man sitting on a high mountain
    4.man riding on a boat,and another man is flying behind it with the boat
    5 letters c,p,e,v,m,a,b,o,l,w,s,a
    plzzzzzz help.trying to solve it from many days

  698. HELP! says:

    What is the following?

    -An science equation
    -4 kids running and jumping
    -A white banner thingyy



    thanks for looking.. ;D

  699. Genius says:

    Some (MOST) of the answers are totally random!

  700. Anonymous says:


  701. al says:

    a shift gear, group of people, baby holding the leg of his father, wallet
    a 5 letter word

  702. Me says:

    a piece of white paper, woman holding blank poster, 4 white sheets and a woman holding a speech boble….. dllkjaljbaan

  703. LAWIN says:

    group of people, many flags, long table with many chairs, many pictures
    6 letter word

  704. Ansh says:

    a piece of white paper, woman holding blank poster, 4 white sheets and a woman holding a speech boble….. dllkjaljbaan

    Answer is BLANK


  705. she says:

    man biking going up, muscle man, one nut, stones
    4 letter word
    S L G V D X
    T H U R AP

  706. iphone game says:

    1.sky full of clouds
    2.man in sky with a parachute
    3.man sitting on a high mountain
    4.man riding on a boat,and another man is flying behind it with the boat
    5 letters c,p,e,v,m,a,b,o,l,w,s,a
    plzzzzzz help.trying to solve it from many days

  707. Awais Chughtai says:

    level 190
    Guy holding gun, oil spill, cat in bucket, gun
    I am stuck what is the answer????

  708. Anonymous says:

    A black, a white ballet dancers jumping together.
    A man fishing
    A ballot paper
    A hurt hand/wrist.
    What’s the word?

  709. Panda lover says:

    Cant pass level 401
    two glass of empty cups
    Stage with only lights
    an open cage of birds
    A movie seat

  710. Yolanda greenwood says:

    A letter in mail; a bird in cage; impounded dogs and a big fat barn with chimney smoke. Been stuck for a week please help

  711. Anonymous says:

    4 people making crazy and Dolly faces
    letter are…

  712. la says:

    a squirrel, a socks, wet underarm, little girl pinching her nose
    5 letter word

  713. Richelle says:

    I’m stuck….three belts a queen a news paper and a book I think any one know the answer

  714. Anonymous says:

    7 letters butterfly coming out cocoon money symbols

  715. iphone game says:

    thanks drake 4 telling.but i have deleted the game 🙁 coz i was trying it from many days,may be i will again install it then will check the answer

  716. vernice says:

    what is level 57answer?pls tell me i beg you

  717. jack says:

    4 letters, ligh house, lady with flashlight, laser written danger and sunrise

  718. Anonymous says:

    guy with angel and devil on his sides
    guy facing the wall with arrow over him
    girl starring at a cupcake and apple
    check box


  719. est says:

    4 letter word——Four ships or boats

  720. Jennie says:

    guy pouring medicine on a spoon
    cut grapefruit
    glass of water or lemonade with a lemon slice in it
    woman with her hood up holding a mug of something

    6 letters


  721. AssassinL1V3 says:

    the pictures are a man with an drawing of an angel and a devil above him a man with arrows above him a woman with a muffin and apple infront of herand a tick on a peice of paper

  722. Anonymous says:


  723. Morgan says:

    six letters….woman with red flowing hair, blue horizontal lines, black vertical lines, male tennis player wearing blue in mid return….WTH?

  724. Anonymous says:

    7 letters the picures are a stack of books, a stack of newspapers, a newspaper,
    Rolls of something white.

  725. Mstery Man says:

    8 letters starts with an A and it has a guy with a camera, a a spiral inside a barrel, a hole and a heart cutout.

  726. Bianca says:

    4 letters- woman getting a ring put on her finger, man and woman drinking champagne and looking at papers, and elderly couple, man carrying his bride


  727. farah_elisha_5g says:

    A guy wearing a brown hat n playing a trumpet,a pilot or someone wearing a red helmet,someone playing a guitar,a guy sitting alone(forever alone 🙁 ) plz help I’m in level 414 letters:SJISZXLJOOHC plz help txs for helping

  728. Sarah says:

    5 letters – train carriages, drawing of football pitch & man with pen in his hand, coach, horse drawn carriage

    Letters; crcvoihrafly

  729. Tsned says:

    The word is coach.

  730. Tsned says:

    I got an answer but want to know why – picnic table, tennis ball, and a picture of the top of a ping pong table. The answer is table tennis. But the 4th picture is of tire tread. What does that have to do with table tennis?

  731. Anonymous says:

    young lady with old lady
    front of a CD case “unplugged”
    old pictures

    = ALBUM

  732. kreg says:

    Where can u get the answers for 565 and up

  733. Anonymous says:

    4 letters
    tiger staring
    ruler w/ a mark on 20
    treasure map w/ an x


  734. french fries says:

    what is the one with a goth boyfriend and girfriend, skulls

  735. Anonymous says:

    3 letters

  736. Stuck on:



    broken glass cartoon

    man fixing car

  737. oh and 6 letters


    (Go on youtube I am nerdcubed)

  738. anonymous says:

    Plz help! A blue print a mallet next to a leveler, a bunch of white S`s on a white wall andknocker balls.

  739. cody says:

    stuck on 126 if you know please tell me anyone;)

  740. Anonymous says:

    Cat eye sleeping lion paw and tiger stripes.what is it

  741. Jill says:

    stuck on puzzle 172, man leaping a gap, 2 pics similar guys holding deck of cards

  742. James says:

    Jill level 172 bluff. I think

  743. me says:

    i love this game.

  744. Gamer707 says:

    Level 319 help girls looking at books family looking at a book guy looking at ipad or something light bulbs with crumpled paper

  745. Minnie says:

    i need help
    1) long towel
    2) high building
    3) white byulding abd huge
    4) very big housing
    8 letter word

    • Anonymous says:

      need help longest building they just finished!
      tall buildings
      another tall building
      white building and its tall too

  746. yarden says:

    my friend was playing. she got to level 138 and took the clues to lose some letters.
    we checked the answers and turns up that some of the letters that in the answers were deleted.
    she cannot continue with the game! she’s stuck without the letters she needs.

    for your quick respone.
    best regards,

  747. hui says:

    itssssssssss meannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  748. Anonymous says:

    I cant figure out what the word i have is…. I have a guy in a mo
    Motor bike. Two tired office ppl. And matches one kinda burned out … Can anyone help

  749. Sarah says:

    Please help!!!!!

    7 letter word

    Can of pepper spray, American baseball team, London beafeaters, hand of a person in what looks like a court room dressed in a robe


  750. Some girl says:

    i need help

    number 158

  751. Anonymous says:

    A graduation with students throwing hats, a protractor, I think it’s a compass, and I guess a thermometer

  752. Anonymous says:

    To Minnie:
    Try highest

  753. samsar says:

    4 pics three of ships one of flags on high poles

  754. Estrella says:

    Need answer to four people making funny faces…

  755. J says:

    little girl with hands over eyes, 3 cover sticks, man with an ace card up his sleeve and a guy covered with camoflage paine. 7 letters

  756. Shani says:

    Need help!!! 8 letters, MHILGEAAUTIR
    1.) Folded stacks of colored linen (guessing thats what it is)
    2.) Man singing into a mic with headphones on.
    3.) 3 stacks of bricks red, beige and grey
    4.) Blue and yellow kids scissors cutting a blue paper.

  757. Sarah says:

    7 letter word

    Waiter carrying plate of food. Jewellery possibly pearls. A Meeting with a woman writing on a white board. A tv


  758. rhino says:

    need help man fishing,bandaged hand,black and white ballerinas jumping and a peice of paper getting put in a box or something please help

  759. P3N3 says:

    Need help little girl holding glue,a divider with lots of sockets,a hammer on an egg,a stop sign with lots of signs

  760. Estella says:

    Need help.. One boy pointing at a younger boys head… A color chart mostly yellow… a cars tail light or back fender…. a cars headlights in the distance and tail lights on the side…

  761. Ranae says:

    Estella: Indicate or indicator

  762. Anonymous says:

    need help longest building they just finished!
    tall buildings
    another tall building
    white building and its tall too

  763. Anonymous says:

    Need help a rat with a mouse trap, a man with his dslr cam, a hand with a police chain.

  764. Albert Guerrero says:

    Help with the one with a weight two mouses a man pulling boxes and a elephant

  765. penny sue says:

    I need help ..
    1. A woman in a field with her arms up ,
    2. A bunch of bees
    3. A man in a yellow jacket
    4. A woman standing by a car..

  766. emily bingham says:


  767. Anonymous says:

    Help….Stuck in 230.. 5 letters.. ice, flask,map, arial view of earth with flags..

  768. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on… ice, flask,map, earth with flags
    Letters uimasejtdgqt … 5letters

  769. Anonymous says:

    Help! Stuck on level 18 #3300, 12 letters, Felcon, Hole in glass on door, Man with hands over eyes, Side view of a dog Doejstxinppdai, I think the word and must be part of it

  770. Anonymous says:

    if you goto www dot scrabblewordsolver dot com theres a great tool on there you can use you just type in the letters and then select how many it is and click solver

  771. Anonymous says:

    if you goto www dot s c r a b b l e w o r d s o l v e r dot com without the spaces of course theres a great tool on there you can use you just type in the letters and then select how many it is and click solve

  772. Anonymous says:

    I went to the scrabbleword solver but it only allows up to 8 letter word. How do I figure it out if there is 12 spaces and I think it is two words with the word and in between. Would appriciate any help. THANKS!!!!!!

  773. Ash says:

    4 letter word.. Two police men, a girl signaling for lift, and a male statue,and a female statuleters are DUSTPDECKBZ

  774. Rob says:

    A podium, figure skater, horse racing and a winning trophy

  775. bob says:

    I’m stuck on level 310. HELP!!

  776. Vee says:

    Need help…

    1) Book with glowing light
    2) Elevator pad with number ‘2’
    3) 1 Little girl whispering to other
    4) Typewriter

    7 letter word.. Thanks

  777. sandy says:

    im stuck on 274,can u help,a building, blue stick people with a red one in the middle,computer keys and what looks like a nite sky or astrolegy

  778. sunil says:

    1) oil cane
    2) pistol
    3) man with gun
    4) cat in wooden box

  779. Ash says:

    A girl making crazy/funny face,another girl with biggg glasses,a little girl with lemon slice in hand and making face,a young boy making funny face
    Letters are 7 NRAMIGITSHEC

  780. kaitlyn says:

    i need help its lots of lites

  781. Phil says:

    Two blue men hugging
    Black and white mix table
    Man playing video game
    Church organ???


    Help please??

  782. Sharon says:

    im stuck on 72,exotic foods,7 letters.

  783. goodgame cafe hack rar free download,

  784. Maria says:

    Stuck on 264!
    Can you help?

  785. Anonymous says:

    1) blonde girl smiling in the sun
    2) a girl model
    3) pig with a dice and a clover
    4) someones hand holding a four leaf clover

    M T V H Y C D A O K L R

    helpp ME!!

  786. Anonymous says:

    A volcano, a desert, a giant wave, the sky with clouds

  787. Anonymous says:

    http://tinyurl.com/cw8yaxg goto that and just type in the letters you have and click solver 😉

  788. Max says:

    Sunset at the beach
    Sunset with a car on the road
    Top view of the world
    A man lying down
    O R X S K Y A D L V T C
    Pls help

  789. Anonymous says:

    Nguxcc c/;,((,)?’jj

  790. Anonymous says:

    1camera2accordion3man covering his ears3idk

  791. Adam says:

    Someone playing accordion.man covering his ears.old fashioned camera.

  792. Angel says:

    Mother crane with 3 begging baby birds, 3 women holing red balls. Red and blue stacks of poker chips with a bad hand ad a woman in a suit with her foot happily up.

    Enters are I a y f I r e e s a

    Answer is 5 letters long,

    Thanks for any help, been stuck for days

  793. Jasmin says:

    A rock concert stage with white lights
    A soccer ball leaving a blazing trail
    A red, sparkly curtain
    A stage with curtain and multi color lights

    I C E G C E J S O F F T

  794. Trina says:

    1)a blue sheet with 1+1=2,2)a white sheet of paper with writing on it,3)a girl with a green shirt on sitting at the table with a plate looking bored,4)paint samples. The letters are (IZCPNPBKSARE) its a give letter word

  795. Trina says:

    1)a blue sheet with 1+1=2,2)a white sheet of paper with writing on it,3)a girl with a green shirt on sitting at the table with a plate looking bored,4)paint samples. The letters are (IZCPNPBKSARE) its a five letter word

  796. khelie says:

    pic1. a man play ps / pix2. 2man hug / pix3. studio or amply control button / pix4 button beside 3 layer piano.
    B X S N I L O K E C O G.

  797. if a gal make you to be angry how will dey picture looks like

  798. Anth says:

    A person rubbing a picture of a brain?
    3 people have a meeting/ discussion
    House drawings or some kind
    A laptop
    R E I D S B K K E T H C – 4 words!

  799. Meagan says:

    HELP! LEVEL 453

    Haven’t been able to find a cheat.


  800. Moon-moon says:

    •Woman with pigtails going cross eyed
    •Girl with large glasses making a funny face
    •red flippy haired boy
    •little girl eating a lemon, puckering
    7 Letters: AHWHERMIURGC

  801. Daryle says:

    two ants

    7 letters

    This one has me really stumped. Thanks!

  802. Sarah says:

    Barel with crank, mic phone, stero buttons, large factory looking wheels…???? Help!!

  803. lia says:

    a lil girl with pig tails squeezing something
    a hammer on a egg
    loads of plugs connected into a extensions
    and loads of junction signs

    8 letters

    been at it for ages-.-

  804. What up says:

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppppp meeeeeee nowwwwwww pleaseeeeeee

  805. Millie says:

    A modern house I think, a field, a man with a tv as a head, and a pair of green shoes Helllppppppp

  806. zaibi says:

    words “yamgren ” are left
    a girl with a bear
    fast moving cars
    big enterance
    please help

  807. tasia says:

    what is the answer to a turning something arm turning something …..

  808. Anonymous says:

    http://tinyurl.com/cw8yaxg goto that and just type in the letters you have and click solve it generates the answer for 4 pics and what’s the word straight away

  809. Anonymous says:

    http://tinyurl.com/cw8yaxg goto that and just type in the letters you have and click solver

  810. Anonymous says:

    http://tinyurl.com/c5jgqt4 go to that site and type the letters you have in there and then click solve

  811. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer for question number 71

  812. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer for question number 73

  813. Jennifer says:

    Ok I am on Level 237 and it is:
    2 maps of the world
    An ice cube
    And a chemical reaction
    It is 5 letters

  814. ANDF,CFLF says:


  815. tim says:

    Level 151. 3 of the pictures are green tractors and the last picture is a red tractor. It’s a 7 letter word. The letters are: NCYOIRYAMSQEBE

  816. Anonymous says:

    Aperson hiptitising and doing yoga and a pic of a god

  817. Anonymous says:


  818. Anonymous says:

    Help please!! Level 133
    Two factory scenes
    A heart formed with vegetable
    And a pile of vegetables
    Thanks. 🙂

  819. Anonymous says:

    Help!! A picture of a very muscular animal maybe a bull, a power line a black horse and a cat dumper truck!!

  820. claire says:

    Stuck on 1840. Please help

  821. Heather says:

    Four pictures of seagulls, three flying over water, one standing on grass and one black. HELP!!

  822. lily says:

    Monk buddha

  823. Julisa says:

    Helpmeet on level 236

  824. Sam says:

    Help me to find this !

    2 pictures of statues , other pic : one girl waiting for a lift , last pic : 2 police men walking around

    given letters are : T I R S U C L B M N H I

  825. 4 Pics 1 Word Answers says:

    This game is addictive and without help and support this game is nearly impossible.

  826. Anonymous says:

    What is 283 koren commander and 3 koren people on computers and a girl with a recorder

  827. If you click the blue 4 pics 1 word, and go to that site there is an auto solve option and you just enter your letters and click solve

  828. emily_c says:

    Help picture of photos together on wall, flags on poles, long table with chairs and people at a festival ??

  829. Anonymous says:

    hel me answer the four letter word.. the pic is people writing on the black board, a pencil, a fast car, and people who were scating

  830. Melphomene says:

    Great and handy!

    I was able to reach Level 400!


  831. Anonymous says:

    picture of oil spill,cat in a bucket and sniper pls

  832. Sammist says:

    Help me please
    Mouse next to trap
    Man taking a photo
    And 2 pics of people in hand cuffs

  833. Smarty says:

    If only you could type in the letters you have once you choose the word length to shorten the results to only the ones that apply to your letters rather than sorting through pages and pages of pictures.

  834. ? says:

    I need answers for level 90

  835. greg grenfell says:

    ice hockey
    man yelling at laptop
    another man yelling at laptop


  836. Harry says:

    It hahahahahahaha

  837. nidana says:

    On level 48 with 2 models and I don’t know what kind of that leaves. And one picture is pig. I really don’t know the answer. Please anybody

  838. Anonymous says:

    Number 13???????

  839. Anonymous says:

    Need help


  840. Anonymous says:

    Plssss I need help number


  841. Anonymous says:

    Number 35 plssss

  842. Anonymous says:

    Plssss help me number 52

  843. Anonymous says:

    Number 52 plsss help me solve

  844. Ok level 415!! Plz help me out. We may not have the same levels but someone plz help me!

  845. Anonymous says:


  846. Anonymous says:

    Help stuck on 49

  847. Anonymous says:

    Level 4

  848. Anonymous says:

    can someone help me with level 272?

  849. Anonymous says:

    boxer knocked out ice hockey players guy on laptop looking frustrated

  850. kiziiiii says:

    help stuck on level 49.

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  851. Anonymous says:

    Love this game:)<3

  852. Jenna says:

    Slices of meat, with a girl in underwear, a guy sitting on the grass and a gurl sitting on a sort of chair , help, im definetly stuck 🙁

  853. em says:

    whats the answer to 888

  854. Anonymous says:

    level 42 please help 😮

  855. ram says:

    Stuck st 365

  856. Anonymous says:

    Level 365.. help me

  857. ram says:

    Level 365.. help me

  858. ram says:

    Level 365 help me

  859. Girl says:

    What is the answer to number 316

  860. Sandra says:

    Puzzle with a voodoo doll, and person poking a voodoo doll, a word balloon with symbols in it and a howling wolf. Can’t figure this one out.

  861. Anonymous says:

    Girl looking at a plate, 1+1=2, testing paper and some type of computer paper ish thing?? What is it please?? Thankyou

  862. Nobody says:

    There’s a picture I can’t find and it has a curtain with the end on it and a fountain pen and a loan application any ideas ?

  863. Anonymous says:

    What’s the answer for a group of flags, a crowd of people, a collage of pictures and a long row of chairs?

  864. hello says:

    What is the answer to the one with the guy with the goggles and snorkle,
    Baby swimming,……

  865. Anonymous says:

    Credit is the answer for the curtain, fountain pen, loan application

  866. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer for 2 pics of money, a lady working, and a shopping cart on a pile of reiciepts?

  867. Anonymous says:

    red curtain red chairs movie thing and mask

  868. Anonymous says:

    does anybody know the answer to a bunny with an egg, a train station, a seagull near ocean, and a pregnant women in a field with a cow. Level 185

  869. karen voyles says:

    dose anyone know the word to level2 please tell me

  870. karenvoyles says:

    a walkie talkie blood preasure maschine monkey holding a laptop and reaglue computers

  871. zaida says:

    1 pichers 1 wrod

  872. courtney says:

    Mine is a forest and house then man holding beer then part of a rugby pitch then some dogs on grass…HELP??

  873. anina says:

    can anyone help me ! I have a german wheat beet (paulaner) and a german sausage ,a german lady and a dwarf having beer .its an eleven letter word with b,t,t,e,e,o,o,f,r,k,s

    • Anonymous says:

      can anyone help me ! I have a german wheat beet (paulaner) and a german sausage ,a german lady and a dwarf having beer .its an eleven letter word with b,t,t,e,e,o,o,f,r,k,s

  874. Bob the jack sweet fudge on a stick says:

    can anyone help me ! I have a german wheat beet (paulaner) and a german sausage ,a german lady and a dwarf having beer .its an eleven letter word with b,t,t,e,e,o,o,f,r,k,s

  875. Anonymous says:

    Help a statue of a woman with a skales on her arm a woman at th carnival a gavel and Ferris wheel Help!!!!!

  876. Mario says:

    Whats the answer of the pics of someone handing a mike and discs and like a watch

  877. Anonymous says:

    Um… I have one with a lot of colourful dots and stuff in a row like a rainbow
    Ones a bunch of rainbow mnms the others a color splash, and a sound system with colourful buttons. Shen it’s rainbow fruit and veggies 3 letters

  878. poopoo says:

    I have one and its a beer and a bag of money and apples and a shopping cart of fruit. PLEASE HELP ME 🙂

  879. Anonymous says:

    Cars with breaklights
    Color chart
    2 boys one pointing at the small boy.

  880. Michelle T says:

    I’m stuck on the one where there’s 2 people with their hair tied together, 2 children doing na na na na na at each other, 3 women laughing and a blonde woman having her hair brushed

  881. Anonymous says:

    What is level 421 where a lady is like a queen and then news paper (DAILY NEWS) is what it says and then a book that says KNIGGE then like metals as belts that say CHAMPION??

  882. Anonymous says:

    Creamer cup, pouring water in a cup

  883. Dotwk says:

    how many letter and it might be learn

  884. cynthia says:

    two birds flying left and two birds flying right

  885. Anonymous says:

    a blue toothbrush
    a blue paint brush
    a baby hedgehog
    a good looking young man with a slight beard and has his hand up by his chin.

    Letters I can use for the 7 letter word. R T S D E L E A I O B T

    Any ideas??

  886. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with shapes and a plan landing and a sine that says las vages blvd and pic of a beach

  887. Sonny says:

    What’s this Black clouds pair of gloves black & white black helmet and a picture of
    Red devil…. I can’t work it out pls help

  888. Anonymous says:

    A smoking motor…
    A burnt matchstick ..
    A boy slept while studying..
    A man tired of paperworks..

    A seven letter word

  889. James Carlo says:

    A smoking motor…
    A burnt matchstick ..
    A boy slept while studying..
    A man tired of paperworks..

    A seven letter word

  890. lean mark says:

    help in this level 7
    many twirl pants
    1 colored wall
    deep sea and
    clouds on the sky

  891. Haylee says:

    People and a owlet and a kid and a prsen hosing on a car

  892. Anonymous says:


  893. Swati says:


  894. Anonymous says:

    Stop it now this a fun game you need to be nice to others

  895. anonymous says:

    Brussel sprouts, screwdriver on wood, oyster shells, tea cups in rows- rpcamllooses

  896. tawnee says:


  897. jenn says:

    bananas, money, roses, and grapes its a 5 letter word… PLEASE HELP

  898. Lucy says:

    A type of thin meat
    A woman in a white bikini flexing
    A woman sitting sideways on a chair
    And a man sitting against a tree with his hands behind his head
    Letters:E N G A A Q O Z Y L E G
    Any Ideas?

  899. destiny says:

    i love u.

  900. anonimous says:

    Help.. an ice cube,a world map that has flag,an scientist material.. 5 letters level 273 on my tab…tnx…

  901. Anonymous says:

    2 scales of justice and 2 Ferris wheels spinning. 4 letter word

  902. JANIE says:

    Looks like a CD in front of a drive, a face showing eyes and hair bangs, a laptop keyboard, and a staring cat ? 🙁 5 letters . B,Y,C,D,E,A,F,B,K,R,S,L ? 🙁

  903. John says:

    Yoga/aeribics class with 4 people, lady with ax, a ladies hand with pointing finger, and 3 guys dressed in Armour?

  904. Tommy says:

    7 letters 3 pics of different piggy banks and one of a man standing in a vault full of gold.
    Any ideas

  905. Sophielophy says:

    A stop watch a guy stoping time a hatched chick a kid and mum shrunken in his hand telling him off 6 letters

  906. Anonymous says:


  907. Shweta jain says:

    Lights pictures

  908. Zoenkeef