4 Pics 1 Word

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4 Pics 1 Word Answers 5 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats for words with 5 Letters in the popular game for iOS and Android by developer LOTUM GmbH. Having trouble beating a level of 4 Pics 1 Word, like dirty? This page has all the 4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

4 Pics 1 Word 5 Letters

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2,218 Responses to 4 Pics 1 Word Answers 5 Letters

  1. Anonymous says:

    a rock on a water. a girl holding a lot of book..a dad and son playing with blocks and a factor with smoke ..helppppp

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on the one with the money and the girls measuring tape around her hip. Helpppppp

  3. Anonymous says:

    The one with the money and the girl is pound

  4. charnae says:

    I need help with level 110 it has a man on a boat, pizza n 2 big buildings

  5. yeah says:

    Its pound

  6. unknown says:

    The one with a witch, a voodoo doll, letters with the word “hello,” and a frog with a crown on.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whats one that has a boat cars and an airplane broken down and old

  8. Anonymous says:

    To pics off guys with cards a cliff and a boy jumping from one cliff to another

  9. Estelle says:

    The one with two guys holding cards, someone jumping over a gap and a cliff

  10. charnae says:

    that one is bluff

  11. jarah says:

    whats the answer to problem number 42
    im so stuck

  12. Elsy says:

    A weight, elephant, a guy pulling a heavy cart, two mice on a seesaw

  13. Anonymous says:

    Help. Level 38. 6 letter word. Has a bunch of pictures. Then a long white table and chairs. The a bunch of flags. Then a large amount of people.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Need help with106 the dog holding mail open letter n the letter Y

  15. Anonymous says:

    A beach, a dog in a beach, a pretty forest, a girl know a float in water.

  16. Anonymous says:

    A bunch of pictures, a long table, a bunch of people an picture of multiple flag poles? Need help!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Level 23 stamps a girl with a basket a girl with boxes and shoes and cards

  18. Anonymous says:

    A guy with a Thumbs up a girl doing a ok sign and another girl with her finger up shhhing please Help somebody

  19. wink says:

    The one with the long white table and flags is plenty.
    The one with girl shh and ok and thumps up is gesture
    Number 106 is letter.
    Ask me anything!

  20. cheddabob11111 says:

    Level 59 I have no clue what the answeris

  21. Anonymous says:

    Level 167!!!! Help!!!!!! Wink^^^^^^

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Two cars like driving in the dust , bunch of people holding signs and a crowd of people
    Q, A, R, Z, Y, L, E, G, N, F, L, W

  24. kasie says:

    level 141. Has two astronauts in outerspace and than just one guy in outerspace, a big monkey looking thing in one and and statue with red water splashing i guess.?

  25. kasie says:

    letters are O T A A W G Z L E I O F

  26. Kasie says:

    the letters are O T A A W G L Z E L I F O

  27. Anonymous says:

    Level 248… Doctor in surgery, scientist with test tubes, singer, and a little girl in a bunny costume???

  28. carly says:

    a gun
    a guy shooting a gun
    a kitten in a bucket

  29. carly says:

    letters are
    7 letters

  30. Anonymous says:

    sun with flowers, lightning, icy leaf, rain

  31. Anonymous says:

    Horse and wagon, train, bus, and man touching screen with design beside him
    5 letters

  32. Anonymous says:

    whats level 118 im stuck on this one

  33. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word. 2 Bouquet of flowers. Grapes and keys

  34. Anonymous says:

    two cars driving in sand with people holding signs is rally

  35. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word. An ice cube, a map of US with time zones, a beaker over fire, and a map of foreign countries with flags. Letters are s,x,e,v,a,t,x,r,t,i,m,i

  36. Anonymous says:

    2 bouquets of flowers, grapes and keys is BUNCH

  37. Anonymous says:

    Level 215 help

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    111…… Any help?

  40. Megan Dever says:

    Stuck on 111, Any help?!

  41. Anonymous says:

    scale british money broken british flag tape measurer level 52 5 letters…help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I need help with two cars driving in sand and people with picketing signs????

  43. Karla says:

    6 letters.
    some girl blowin her nose or something
    two people sliding down
    a cup of tea or something like that.
    and a snowman
    level 130 for android

  44. Angel says:

    Basket ball going in net, music notes, pencil thats smiling, old writing on something????

  45. Anonymous says:

    Winter is girl blowin nose

  46. Anonymous says:

    Need help 6 letter word green leaves bright, red subway , guy runniingwith white arrow,and guy with 3brown suitcases???

  47. Anonymous says:

    I need help with level 121. >.<

  48. Anonymous says:

    7letter word white house,eiffel tower,letterB,news on white blocks level213???

  49. Anonymous says:

    Am i really the only one stuck on the picture with the tree in autmn, the elephant, the dog in a car, and the girl hugging the tree?!?!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Stuck guy its trunk

  51. Anonymous says:

    Need help 7letter word red temp bar,graduates throwin caps, ruler thing,and chinese compass device?????

  52. angel says:

    Need help on these letters. First picture is a basketball going in a net, second is music notes, third is a green pencil smiling and fourth is random messy writing. PLEASE HELP

  53. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on same one with basketball goin in net down to these letters msojnr hec

  54. Anonymous says:

    Ehat the horse and wagon and train one?!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Level 178. 5 letter word. Lemons, cut up cucumber, bread, & some pieces of pie. What is this?

  56. Anonymous says:

    im stuck on level 178 too. any idea?

  57. shandi says:

    whats the word for contruction man white door on brick house window for an atic and a living room on my phone its level 113

  58. do says:

    Cucumbers, bread, cake, lemons? 6 letters! Helpppp!

  59. Anonymous says:

    For level 178 its…..slice

  60. hellllooooo says:

    For level 178 its…..slice

  61. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on 129… 2 men with playing cards, a cliff looking over an ocean, and a man jumping to cliffs….HELP

  62. Anonymous says:

    4 Pics:
    –wooden plank of sorts
    –whole grain
    –sand falling into a pile
    Letters: RNVGWE ADUIPN

  63. Anonymous says:

    6letter word a guy golfing,teacher in class doin math on board,a girl and boy sitting on computer,and a fancy desert on plate

  64. Anonymous says:

    The grand canyon and piano? Help

  65. Anonymous says:

    I need help, there is an ice cube, map of us with time zones, there is like a chemistry set, and a map with flags on it please help been in this for 3 days

  66. raine says:

    i need help with this one
    womans body with measuring tape
    half a state with british flag?
    and a scale

  67. Anonymous says:

    Grand canyon is grand

  68. Anonymous says:

    Scale is pound

    • Bram says:


      Crying boy holds a leg of any person.
      A group students smiling.
      2 golden worms..?
      A hand holds a thing with numbers.

      6 letters, 3th is a ‘c’

  69. Anonymous says:

    Level 238 5letter word guy makin clay pottery,girl jogging,triangle ruler, empty pic frames???

  70. Anonymous says:

    Its shape i got it

  71. Help Me! says:

    Help!!!!! Weight, elephant, mice, man pulling 2 boxes

  72. Fifi says:

    5 letters, baby with a flower crown on its head, a peacock with blue fathers, and a lady with a blue wig

  73. Anonymous says:

    208 Potter wheel .angle square. Girl running. Picture frames. 5 letters pqsbesjthad. Help please

  74. Anonymous says:

    One with mail and the @ in it?

  75. nomi says:

    A frog in water…. plants in dirty brown water….a lot of rocks almost a moutain with a pond of water….water with anorange caution sign with green plants or grass……the letter are s y w b h w k m a x r z


  76. Diana says:

    IbM stuck in this level that has a pic of a hand playing guitar, many speakers, black and red cords on some radio or whatever, and some other device. It’s a 3 letter word. The letters given are: D A O V I C P I A E X M

  77. mike says:

    Amp @ Diana

  78. Anonymous says:

    Hi, 5 letters, level 113, –an-, there is coffee mill, table football, some kind of handle and a metal part of some machine, please help

  79. Genesis says:

    How about 132? D:

  80. hellpppppppppp says:

    Guy on a Construction sight
    White Door, surrounded by flowers
    Red rooftop
    A Big, very rich looking living room

  81. Qween says:

    A statue 2cops a woman in a bra & a hitch hiker???

  82. anonymous says:

    I need help on the one with the ice cube, united states map with time zones, a chemestry set thing, and the globe with different country flags on it.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Need help!
    1. Computer screen with a hammer
    2. Care crash
    3. Drummer
    4.wrecked car

  84. Abbie says:

    5 letter word – There’s a basketball going into a basket, a pencil with 3 boxes where you check your mood, a sheet of music and some really old looking writing or something. Please help.

  85. ThatOneKid says:

    5 letter word . Pouring water into a cup , ‘ scientist ‘ experimenting , cleaning windowsill and a glass building . It’s level 121

  86. Amanda says:

    The one with the same bird shown all four times its a white bird

  87. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer for the bikes and arrows and bike path?

  88. tete says:

    I need help with the one where theres a guy in a green coat with his finger up then theres a girl speaking into something black??? Heeelp

  89. Mandi says:

    Its has a picture of karate, a building, cheese carrots and veggies, and a mom and baby playing with blocks.

  90. Ellie says:

    a piano, a canyon, two hotel people, empty stadium seats.
    5 letters

  91. Anonymous says:

    I have one with a broken down car, boat stuck in the sand, a broken airplane, and pieces of something broken! HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  92. Kalli says:

    Ellie, the piano/canyon/hotel/stadium one is GRAND(:

    Please help me on the one with the old rusty broken planes and car and boat!!

  93. krystal says:

    Need help please: pics are of a pencil, 2 woman, ppl climbing up a snowy mountain and a blurry black car

  94. jade says:

    Need help on Lvl 191 4 letter word

  95. Ashley says:

    5 letter word
    1. Ice cream cone
    3. Dog cleaning up after itself
    4. Bowl of ice cream
    Letters are, O,L,S, H,N,A,C,O,M, I,Z,P

  96. skyker says:

    What is the one on 110

  97. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word – There’s a basketball going into a
    basket, a pencil with 3 boxes where you check your
    mood, a sheet of music and some really old looking
    writing or something. Please help.

  98. NurseAngie says:

    Anyone know the one with castle, large gates/entrance, last with foamy beer mug & freeway…its # 113 on mine…help please been stuck for 2 days

  99. Princess says:

    I have a basketball going into the rim (3d ), written music, an old document and a pencil with 3 choice πŸ™‚ -_- or πŸ™

  100. crystal says:

    @tete the word is dictate

  101. dean says:

    5 letters – A K T T V D E P T F S I
    Pics – Ice cube, an experiment, map of america, globe showing maps of different places
    Level 217 4 pics 1 word, Android

  102. mandy says:

    dorito in dip…shattered glass …plate with symbols of deck card …and circuit board letters iaqrjqhpwbcu

  103. mandy says:

    @Princess score?

  104. rose says:

    Level 105

  105. Anonymous says:

    6 letter word r is the 4th letter it has a picof dessert msn swinging golf club man teaching and people looking at a computet screen

  106. ralfy says:

    A guy tied in.a red ribbon , a man.bent over, a door way,.and an.alley way help !!!

  107. Anonymous says:

    Ineed LEVEL 197 5 letter word !! A basketball shooting in 3d, music notes, a pencil with 3 choices & one tht looks like old documents HELP PLEASEEE !!!

  108. Anonymous says:

    whats the one withthe people doing karate, lady and a kid talking on the phone, cheese? tomoato and bread, and lastly a tall building?

  109. Hello says:

    level 228

  110. Anonymous says:

    Holle it is ram

  111. carrie says:

    i need help with this one 4 dip icecream cone newpaper dog picking up poop and icecream in a waffle bowl letters are rkpzcxosougf ty

  112. steph says:

    Level 112 for android crown tree statue of liberty and some brittish lady

  113. Anonymous says:

    Cucumber bread cakes lemons

  114. Anonymous says:

    water being poured scientist cleaning a windshield glass building

  115. Anonymous says:

    Two men playing cards
    A man leaping across two rocks
    And a high hill/cliff

    5 letters

  116. Anonymous says:

    -a crown
    -a tree
    -statue of liberty
    five letters, ends in an n
    letters given-

  117. Haseena says:

    The ‘crown, tree, statue of liberty and stamp’ word is CROWN

  118. Marla says:

    I’m stuck on the one where there’s 4 pictures of letters made out of different things? It’s not letter? Help please!

  119. help says:

    Help two astronauts and what looks like two parades

  120. Rick says:

    Cell phones, a battery, solar panel with people behind it, and what looks like red blood cells? Help

  121. jazzy says:

    Ok im on level 245, the pictures are a red curtain like one at a theater, a week growth cycle of a baby from 4-13 weeks, a carriage in the sunset, and a runway. Its a five letter word and the 4th letter is G. Thank you!!!

  122. Anonymous says:

    @ Rick the answer is cell

  123. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on that one too!!^^

  124. Please help! says:

    Witch holdin a broom
    Two hands and white string
    Dog and woman playin tugof war with stick
    And people beating drums
    Please help i have been stuck on this for ages!

  125. Anonymous says:

    The answer to the red theatre curtains, the baby cycle, the horse and carriage in the sunset and the runway is stage:-)

  126. Rosa says:

    A arm pulling a stick , a foosball table , a metal squiggly thing some box thing with a handle , HELP PLEASE !

  127. Tabb says:

    Help, all deer with horns, one deer head hung on was with horns.

  128. lizzie says:

    Im stuck on the one with a man winding a piece of rope around a poll, a foosball table abd 2 other things I do not know … It’s 5 letters

  129. Rach says:

    I need help on the one with the two astronorts pics and what looks like two parades. Plz help!

  130. Ellie says:

    seriously stuck on the one where there’s
    -like a cliff
    -someone jumping from one edge to another
    -a man holding 3 cards
    -another man holding some cards
    pls help me?:-(

  131. kayla says:

    stuck on level 56 it has a picture of money,a girl in her under wear with a tape meausure around her and a scale

  132. Anonymous says:

    Scientist, cleaning windows, pouring a glass of water and a skyscraper.

  133. TELL ME PLEASE says:


    Cheers and thanks!!!!!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    Scientist glass of water skyscraper cleaning windows hellllllpppppppp

  135. Anonymous says:

    The one with the man holding the handle,the Foosball table, and a box. 5 Letters. Please help

  136. Dafiney says:

    What is the one with a whole bunch of shovels

  137. bijjan says:

    help elephant weightmouse and guy pulling on something

  138. Anonymous says:

    kayla its pound

  139. VK says:


    seriously stuck on the one where there’s
    -like a cliff
    -someone jumping from one edge to another
    -a man holding 3 cards
    -another man holding some cards
    pls help me?:-

    answer: BLUFF

  140. Ali says:

    Need help plz with level 166. Clown, two dogs with glasses and hats on, kid with cowboy hat on and woman with mask on her eyes. Letters are tufytsocmfoe. Second letter I know is O last letter E

  141. to ali says:

    It’d costume ali

  142. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on…broken nut, empty broken egg shell, shell with a pearl, and a nacho with food in, 5 letters NEED HELP

  143. Anonymous says:

    An old car a boat a plabe and another old car theyre all rusted? letters qkucrwerkjln

  144. alex says:

    5 letter word – two colourful flowers, stacks of keys and a grape? help πŸ™

  145. lilly says:

    guys i need help im on level 197 the pictures are

    – a group of children in white tshirts with one arm raised in the air
    – 4 people in a group in the middle with white arrows pointing to them
    – a man i think who is painting in the countryside
    – a car outline (car being built)

    the letters are — S S X M E M A E B E L E

  146. Anonymous says:

    Corshets lemons bread and cakes

  147. Keerathomas says:

    Clear water, clean shiny windows, someone cleaning windows, and a man doing something with a test tube? The letters are L G M H E P L D S S F A

  148. Ghulman says:

    red car
    a man point the girl
    and two pic bonfire

    R L R Q I I G C L W W W

  149. Emily Dolby says:

    Picture of a match stick, a guy running with a fire torch, a bonfire and a scary looking thing (no idea what it is) holding a fire torch. 5 letters: W, O, W, H, H, R, E, U, T, C, B, N.
    Please help!

  150. ko says:

    level 4? lol a train, a girl working out, a boy telling a dog to sit, three people on a computer.

  151. Charity says:

    I need help its the one with
    2boquets of flower
    Alit of grapes
    Alot of keys please help

  152. Anonymous says:

    Help on 23….. red car,balance beam, pressure monitor, and air……please help

  153. james says:

    im stuck it has these pictures:
    2 hamsters on a seasaw
    man pulling a crate

  154. sophie says:

    Level 114
    Two astronauts’ and two carnival type things help please

  155. Anonymous says:

    Right stuck on one with a elephant, weights, mice on a see saw and a bloke pulling a boxes

  156. Anonymous says:

    Elephant, a tree , a dog in a car and a kid hugging a tree?

  157. Anonymous says:

    statue of liberty’s face, crown, tree, and a british lady..

  158. Doris says:

    Im stuck level 211
    1 soccer shoes
    2 flat bottom shoes
    3 flat fish
    4 dress flat men shoes
    Letters apedwglkisfo

  159. L says:

    Shoes and flat fish , it is SOLE a think

  160. Anonymous says:

    Whats the one with a broken chain
    A guy buttoning his sleve.
    A an arrow pointong at the h on the interent address and a guys finger on what looks lie a code

    • Stuck!!! says:

      Stuck of one with a evil looking gorilla, cartoon looking one, and the other 2 pictures are astronauts in space

      letters are A,Z,N,O,L,K,F,T,N,I,E,T,

  161. Jen says:

    Cant figure out one with a gorilla that looks evil, a cartoon looking one, and the other 2 have astronauts in space

  162. JEN says:

    Ocean with fish, girl holding arms wide, night sky full of stars, and water. latters are P,F,B,G,M,E,C,N,A,E,D,T ITS A 4 LETTER WORD

  163. Anonymous says:

    I need help. 6- letters…..G L H W R A I U P O X S…. a DNA helix, a tornado, a circular staircase, and a black and white striped circle. Can’t figure it out


  164. Anonymous says:

    Ocean with fish, girl holding arms wide, night sky full of stars, and water. latters are P,F,B,G,M,E,C,N,A,E,D,T ITS A 4 LETTER WORD
    Ans: DEEP

  165. Actor13 says:

    Ocean with fish, girl holding arms wide, night sky full of stars, and water. latters are P,F,B,G,M,E,C,N,A,E,D,T ITS A 4 LETTER WORD

    Ans: Deep

  166. Actor13 says:

    6- letters…..G L H W R A I U P O X S…. a DNA helix, a tornado, a circular staircase, and a black and white striped circle.

    Ans: Spiral

  167. Actor13 says:

    An old car a boat a plabe and another old car theyre all rusted? letters qkucrwerkjln

    Ans: Wreck

  168. Actor13 says:

    Stuck of one with a evil looking gorilla, cartoon looking one, and the other 2 pictures are astronauts in space

    letters are A,Z,N,O,L,K,F,T,N,I,E,T,

    Ans: Float

  169. taytay says:

    Guy in sunglasses holding.g up cards guy in hat holding up cards a guy jumping a canyon and a beautiful view

  170. allyson says:

    the letter B, the white house, eiffel tower and blocks that says NEWS

  171. Help PLZ says:

    I need help on level 103 what is it 5 letters

  172. JEN says:

    Someone pointing, girl with axe, people streching arms, and knights with sword. 3 letters. AHMQSEASGRHK

  173. JEN says:


  174. Jen says:

    The one with the man holding the handle,the Foosball table, and a box. 5 Letters. Please help
    U R F C G U N E K N A

  175. JEN says:


  176. Cupcake says:

    there’s hands with a baton, Witch biting a broom, a drum, and a lady playing tug-O’-war with a dog…..Daaa Faqqq is this(: haha

  177. Anonymous says:

    A witch by a cauldron
    A straw toy
    The word hello
    A frog with a crown on

  178. Lucy says:

    People shaking hands and a smoothie. I can’t work it out!! help!

  179. JEN says:

    7 letters
    R E Q R F E E S G D T E

  180. JEN says:

    Guy at computer screen, 4 screens, a screen with vitals, and another screen
    7 letters
    R N N S O M A O T S I N

  181. John Wynne says:

    What’s the one with a football table and three winding things

  182. Actor13 says:

    Guy in sunglasses holding.g up cards guy in hat holding up cards a guy jumping a canyon and a beautiful view

    Ans: Bluff

  183. Actor13 says:

    Guy at computer screen, 4 screens, a screen with vitals, and another screen
    7 letters
    R N N S O M A O T S I N

    Ans: Monitor

  184. Aaron says:

    2 space men 1 spaceman 1dragon colourful 1 colourful clown

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  186. Anonymous says:

    the one that says world isn’t world cause there’s no “w” on mine!!! HELPPPP PLEASE!!!!

  187. Sam says:

    hi need help stuck on 242… a girl running,some square frames, a potter making a pot and a triangle thing.
    LETTERS are………………..M C E P A P H W B S R R
    its a five letter word with _ _A _ _ in the middle.

  188. JEN says:

    guy in hat and long coat, lady talking to guy, girl with recorder and asians on computers

    7 letters
    P D E E X I C T I Q T A

  189. Sam says:

    Thanks finished all 254 levels

  190. Anonymous says:

    Pictures – Curvy roof, door, a builder building and a modern room??

  191. Anonymous says:

    the one with statue of liberty head crown tree top and british queen head 5 letters help

  192. Stacey says:

    Need help 5 letters jewelry box with hand opening it, closed trunk, opened metal box, and brown small box with book.

  193. Leanne says:

    Stuck on the one with a man looking up at 3 arrows, a white looking at an apple and a cup cake, a man with a devil and angel on his mind and a green tick in a box??

  194. L says:

    Hello, please, i’m stuck on lvl 244, there is horse with carridge, bus’ train and plan of football pitch..

  195. Anonymous says:

    woman, man doing chin ups, man with only his mouth showing and another woman smiling

  196. lol says:

    like this picture who says “WORLD”…
    but my letters are T,T,U,E,C,A,F,F,O,O,O,L
    i used a hint so now its _ L _ _ _

  197. Anonymous says:

    a blue door, a mail box with @ coming out and a http:/ sign????? helppp

  198. JEN says:

    Basketball going into hoop, sheet of music, paper with smiley face blank face and frowning and a pencil, paper with letters that look old.
    D B C M C S Y B O R E N

  199. Actor13 says:

    a blue door, a mail box with @ coming out and a http:/ sign?????

    Ans: Address

  200. Anonymous says:

    Need help 6 letter word green leaves bright, red subway , guy runniingwith white arrow,and guy with 3brown suitcases???

  201. help says:

    Need help 6 letter word green leaves bright, red subway , guy running with white arrow,and guy with 3brown suitcases???

  202. JEN says:

    Basketball going into hoop, sheet of music, paper with smiley face blank face and frowning and a pencil, paper with letters that look old.
    D B C M C S Y B O E N
    _ _ _ R _

  203. Actor13 says:

    Need help 6 letter word green leaves bright, red subway , guy running with white arrow,and guy with 3brown suitcases

    Ans: Leaves

  204. Actor13 says:

    Basketball going into hoop, sheet of music, paper with smiley face blank face and frowning and a pencil, paper with letters that look old.
    D B C M C S Y B O E N R

    Ans: Score

  205. JEN says:

    fly, bag of fruits and vegetables, bird carrying letter, and a plane launching

    7 letter
    J C R A E R A F R I E V

  206. Anonymous says:

    fly, bag of fruits and vegetables, bird carrying letter, and a plane launching

    7 letter
    J C R A E R A F R I E V

    Ans: Carrier

  207. Katelyn says:

    A picture of a bird drinking water ,well pictures of birds

  208. Anonymous says:

    A green car
    A bunch of people in front of buildings
    People holding signs
    A car going down a dirt hill
    5 letters

  209. Anonymous says:

    Help! 2 Austronauts and Graffity

  210. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone updated and got the one where the guy is knocked out boxing, 2 pics of guys in front of their computers screaming, and guys playing hockey 5 letters T S E G U P G V U I already tried Getup and setup please help!

  211. Anonymous says:

    Got it it was UPSET

  212. merp says:

    5 letters, middle letter is A.
    Blond woman, brown haired woman model, pig with four leaf clover, hands holding 4 leaf clover

  213. merp says:


  214. Anonymous says:

    a plane, a lady sitting in a chair pulling a man down in all black by his tie, a beach, and all different sizes of paper

  215. Josh says:

    The one for world is wrong. I have that pic and no W….

  216. JEN says:

    little girl squeezing out toothpaste, hammer hitting something white, power strip with a bunch or things plugged in and a bunch of signs

  217. JEN says:

    little girl squeezing out toothpaste, hammer hitting something white, power strip with a bunch or things plugged in and a bunch of signs

    8 Letters
    U S R D V L L V O I E K

  218. Kate says:

    5 letters
    a paper with a bunch of words, lady staring at a plate, 1+1=2, and a ph test strip. Letters: N Y C I W S O A N U B V

  219. alex says:

    help 5 letters
    a black piano, two people at a hotel woth a luggage cage, a man walking up lotsa stairs and some rocky cliffs.middle letters A


  220. Tegan says:

    What’s the one with the 2 astronaut pictures and the monkey one (5 letters) this site says its world but I don’t have the letters W or R

  221. Twilight says:

    Help a man lifting weights a boy lifting a wee weight an ant carry a stick and coffee beans and a coffee help

  222. Anonymous says:

    What is the one where there is different foods and Its 3 letters long and the second letter is a

  223. ryan says:

    whats the one for level 129. 5 letters. includes a picture of people on a games of table football (not sure of its real name), a man holding a handing where which he is winding a cable or rope up, and 2 other ones

  224. Anonymous says:

    5 letters
    People playing table football
    A man turning something
    A handle atchaed to a box
    And something like a chain
    Help been stuck on it for ages!

  225. Anonymous says:

    Man up on space, it hasn’t got world there?

  226. saz says:

    little girl squeezing out toothpaste, hammer hitting something white, power strip with a bunch or things plugged in and a bunch of signs

    8 Letters
    U S R D V L L V O I E K

  227. Anonymous says:

    It the one that says world but it starts with a f and ends
    In a T

  228. Anonymous says:

    A blonde girl, a brown hair girl, a pig with a clover, another four leaf clover

  229. yo says:

    little girl squeezing out toothpaste, hammer hitting something white, power strip with a bunch or things plugged in and a bunch of signs

    ^^^answer is overkill

  230. amber says:

    Whats the one thats like 7 letters its a factory a colorful heart made out of veggies a city at night and a little pile of more veggies. Iv been stuck for 2 days!

  231. lcbrown says:

    people playing putt-putt, crowd at a concert, soccer team in a huddle, two girls dancing??????

  232. Anonymous says:

    Anyone kno the answer to 270..pleaaase help me

  233. Anonymous says:

    Pouring water, guy doing a chemical reaction, cleaning a window, and a bunch of windows… Anybody have an idea?? 5 letters… Letters are: s, o, s, c, p, d, n, a, l, e, g, l.

  234. Adem says:

    Man with cart and horse, Baby Progress, curtain for stage show (red) & spotlight show

  235. Anonymous says:

    One leaf
    Girl eating ice cream
    Pple on a

  236. Anonymous says:

    Whats level 106? Pic of a pig with four leaf clover with a coin In its mouth. A four leaf clover. A girl with dark hair. A girl with light hair. 5 letters

  237. Anonymous says:

    Number 251
    A kid with pointing with a bow a kid kicking a football… someones shadow and another kid with a slingshot

  238. Stephanie says:

    Level 185, 5 letters – chesse piece on its side, man pressing tick, lady looking on inside of a cabinet door while holding an ipad and a person holding a pen about to sign a cheque book! HELPPP !

  239. Anonymous says:

    A knife, razor blade, a guy falling off the side of a cliff and a guy with a hard hat on.
    4 letters

  240. calirai2007 says:

    Does anyone know the answer to 268 – 3of th e pics are huge waste piles and one is a hyena its 8 letters long (cegheanncvhs)

  241. \ says:

    basketball and hoop written music pencil and old paper

  242. Emma says:

    Answer is score

  243. ruby says:

    walkers in snow,pencil, lady in hat and blurry car

  244. Soapie says:

    Wats the one with the astrnot and the monster answer it starts with FL helppppp !!!!!

  245. Charisma says:

    the one with the piano is gran

  246. Anonymous says:

    A lot of signs
    Girl with toothpaste
    A hammer on an egg
    And a power strip full of plugs

  247. Anonymous says:

    a boy with a slingshot, a boy about to kick a football, a boy about to fire an arrow and a shadow???

  248. Anonymous says:

    Parking lot, Purple sky, one red stick figure surrounded by a bunch a blue ones, and a keyboard. 5 letters: C A Y B L O P S Q E S P

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous says February 13, 2013, 5:09 pm
      Parking lot, Purple sky, one red stick figure surrounded by a bunch a blue ones, and a keyboard. 5 letters: C A Y B L O P S Q E S P


  249. Coach says:

    Level 271: guy/girl with hair tied together, woman with hair being combed, 2 kids making faces with hands at each other, 3 women laughing

  250. crystal says:

    Grilling steak, old man pointing at woman and old red car. Please helpGril

  251. Jennifer says:

    A girl using a make up brush on her cheek & the three other pictures are of mineral looking type substances.

  252. maya says:

    lvl 185
    five letters : w h v z y i c p t b n n
    1. fingers pouring salt or sugar
    2. woman squeezing girl’s cheeks
    3. someone stealing phone from woman’s purse
    4. girl squeezing her stomach
    please help

  253. Anonymous says:

    Ice cube, map with time zones, map with countries, and looks like a chemistry experiment. Help!

  254. Haz says:

    Baby elephant, girl hugging a tree, a dog in a boot and a tree

  255. Anonymous says:

    270 ….girl reading with flashlight….yellow bunched up papaer….a family reading…man with notebook flashing light…….5 letters…L X H S M V O H H E N L

  256. Anonymous says:

    5 letters 4th one c. Plate with fish dip and chopsticks. Glass with brown liquid spoon in. Dish with pink stuff and herbs. Crockery on bench looks like tool area

  257. ILL HELP YOU says:


  258. Not my real name says:

    Ice cube
    2 world maps
    Some experiment

  259. Wordy McWord says:


  260. Wordy McWord says:

    Maya – that’s PINCH

  261. Anonymous says:

    Blonde woman
    Dark haired woman
    Pig with coin in mouth
    4 leaf clover

    5 letter word – k w c c v r h a m m e y

  262. Angelic says:

    Blonde woman
    Dark haired woman
    Pig with coin in mouth
    4 leaf clover

    5 letter word – k w c c v r h a m m e y

  263. Not my real name says:

    Woman with voice recorder thing
    Woman and man with voice recorder thing
    Man pointing with two people
    Angry man pointing

  264. Kiana says:

    Level 46 with witch frog mermaid and I think an eye

  265. jasmine says:

    I need help with the one showing bass volume, lady holding microphone, brown and red well or Barrel and white tanks or barrels

  266. Taylor says:

    Need help! A blonde girl, a somewhat black haired model looking to the right, a piggy bank with a coin in its mouth with mushrums with a clover on its side and a picture of a clover…..

  267. Anonymous says:

    Need help
    Person staring at screen

  268. Helen says:

    I need help
    Bunch of green dots with a person walking
    2 guys by that hotel thing you put you stuff in
    a dry area rick place. grand canyon? idk

  269. Starstatus02 says:

    Help! Number 195 for me…
    5 letters
    Green car in sand
    People rushing to a building?
    White cars in sand
    People in blue and red turned around with signs?
    Letters are AXYLAXHLRYEL

  270. miles says:

    I pipe with water coming out,a bent pipe,a woman with sissors, and someone sowing sonething

  271. Anonymous says:

    OK I’m stuck on lvl 265 its the one with the girl sitting on top of the guy, a white cartoon man running through a finish line, people racing horses and a man on all fours with a woman sitting on his back

  272. Anonymous says:

    The one wi. The astronauts and the Chinese dragons isn’t world. What is it then

    • Not my real name says:

      “The one wi. The astronauts and the Chinese dragons isn’t world, what it is?”

      It’s float

  273. calicalirai2007 says:

    Please someone help me I’ve been stuck on level 268 for about 3 days… 3of the pics look like paper waste piles and one is a yawning hyena. It’s an 8 letter word (C E G H E A N N C V H S)

  274. tinorfing singollo says:

    Level 290 help needed please.
    Pics of
    A man pushing a bar
    Pouring pasta in a pan from sive
    A fully rope


  275. Megan Cowbreath says:

    Angelic it’s charm

  276. M.A.R.I.A says:

    Help please
    A clover
    A pig with money in mouth and a clover on the ear
    A girl with black hair
    A girl with light hair and smiling

  277. Shippo says:

    Ok I’m on 274 and I am stumped. Its got a pic of computer lingo, a chick staring at half a piece of bread, 1+1=2, and a ph strip thats half yellow. Wtf?
    Its a five letter word and the middle letter is S.
    The other letters are C, I, A, B, E, Q, T, G, B, X, Y

  278. sfjrth says:

    Its BASIC

  279. Totaly stuck says:

    Ok. 6 letter word. A ‘take’ board from a movie. a dude holdin two guns, a man running through water and people on racing bikes
    Letters are I A O T V Q I C N S K I

  280. Anonymous says:

    A uncooked Turky and boy eating pasta a bag really packed and heaps of stuff need help plz

  281. S.W says:

    Stuck iPhone #271

    – people walking up snow hill in a line
    – 2 people in a picture
    – man looking at an application
    – 3 people in a group in a uniform (looks lIke scouts or something)


  282. Shooter says:

    S.W answer guide?

  283. T says:

    The one with a pig with money and clover in his mouth, two girls, and a clover???

  284. Shooter says:

    stone statue with blue light behind it
    woman looking into glass ball full of beads
    cross hole in wall with light shining through
    wish-bone shaped stick in dirt

    6 letters


  285. amber says:

    ….Need Help….5 letter word…..Girl under a blanket reading with flashlight, family reading, yellow paper rolled up like light bulb, guy reading a lit up ipad thing……letters are O L V E E C R I N J L C

  286. Anonymous says:

    Need help girl sitting on top of guy, cartoon character at the finished line with red tape, guy on all fours with girl sitting in his back and a horse race

  287. Anonymous says:

    help me the answer world is wrong cuz my letters dont have r or d inside my letters are owxfgzltanyk

  288. Anonymous says:

    Need help
    5 letters
    A fighter knocked out
    Ice hockey
    2 pictures of men being angry at their computers.

  289. Sam says:

    Please help, hand fixing the sink, a plug hole, what looks like the sewer and a blood transfusion machine

  290. Sam says:

    Please help, a hand fixing the sunk, a plug hole, a blood transfusion machine and what looks like a sewer

  291. Sam says:

    Doesn’t matter it’s drain

  292. Anonymous says:

    Man hitting golf ball a dessert or something a male teacher teaching and pupils on a computer ??

  293. Anonymous says:

    Whats the one when it is

    Huge rocks
    Luggage carrier
    Lots of green seats

    Help please

  294. Onedirectionfan says:

    It’s stack

  295. Mia says:

    Level 138! The one with people playing table football, a box with a handle, a weird tool and a handle thing??? I’m really stuck

  296. Anonymous says:

    Level 272. A man and woman standing back to back with their hair in a knot, two kids making funny faces, three girls laughing, and a woman getting her hair styled. 5 letter word A,Z,E,T,Q,K,E,I,S,S,T,A. Plz Hellllp.

  297. Not my real name says:

    Level 206 wiv voice recorders and angry man in chair???

  298. Anonymous says:

    2 people looking at a screen
    Class of children
    Meal looks like a cake


  299. spartacus says:

    Ice cube , map of usa time zones , map of Europe with flags on it and some kind of experiment with a unseen burner and water and steam ???

  300. Anonymous says:

    2 white cars in sand
    Race car
    D of people
    People protesting


  301. Shannon says:

    Ano it has been asked but whats the one with the womans hair tied together

  302. Lover says:

    Transmition, groups of schoolmates, gold woman bag, child puts hands around father leg. 6letters
    Third is U

  303. Bgn says:

    Need help a guy has the devil and an angel in his
    Shoulders in one pic. Soldiers with guns in another
    A lady and man fighting about diff things in another one
    And a lady thinking about family and money in another.
    It’s level 271 on the iPhone. Thanks

  304. Anonymous says:

    A picture of 4 leaf clover, a pig with a four leaf clover, a blonde woman and another woman
    5 letters

  305. Anonymous says:

    help a ball going into the hoop, some musical notes, a drawn green pencil on a piece of paper and some rusted metal with letters on it

  306. anreyes says:

    5 letter. P S J P B H M A R G K A. Pic of frog in water then water with mountain around then dirty water with plant inside then looks like lake in back ground with sign up front saying not all ice is frozen or something like that… help please!!!

  307. Kayleigh says:

    Need help lvl 67
    2 girls
    A pig
    And a 4leaf clover!

  308. Anonymous says:

    Plane landing
    Chick on a chair holding a guy by his tie
    Folded paper

  309. Mia says:

    What is 138??????

  310. hannah says:

    Please could somebody help, I am stuck on puzzle 286 ,
    1st pic- girl with big glasses
    2nd pic- boy making faces
    3rd pic- girl with pigtails making faces
    4th pic- girl with pigtails eating slice of lemon
    Word is 7 letters long and letters are – U E A L L M K I C R G E

  311. Anonymous says:

    Please can someone help the pic is someone ready to burn a skin or paper, a hand,, sobering holding their knee and a wooden mannequin thing??

  312. Yo says:

    2 men playing basket ball
    Man at checkin desk
    Numbers on an electricity metre
    Man at airport desk

    7 letters long

  313. Anonymous says:

    Level 228
    On the board outlined football pitch man with ball point pen in hand
    White coach driving on road
    Red train passing by
    Horse and cart
    Please help me?

  314. Anonymous says:

    Help plz this is doing my head in!! 5 letters
    Girl with ball of fire between hands
    Lots of tiny skulls made from smoke
    Lots of colourful jumbled letters
    Pile of old books in the clouds/ smoke

  315. Yo says:

    The question earlier about a mannequin and a hand the answer is joint
    Worked the one with basketball players and two pics of men at airport desks, its counter

  316. Yo says:

    In reply to anonymous above regarding a board outlined football pitch, a white coach driving on a road, horse and cart,
    Is it coach?

  317. Lady_muck says:

    What is it when it has a guy whineding some thing, people playing fuse ball, a old school whineding thing and so sort of bike chain it’s 5 lette word letters are d r g p n k a x I c w h

  318. anreyes says:

    Anonymous the answer is spell

  319. Tina says:

    Level 228
    1)Football pitch outlined on board and the man standing with ball point pen
    2)white coach driving passed
    3)red train going passed
    4)horse and carriage galloping passed
    Please help

  320. Tommy says:

    4 letters
    Pic 1) a man with steam coming out of his ears
    Pic 2) screaming girl with hair sticking up
    Pic 3) an angry girl with curlers in her hair
    Pic 4) a girl stood with a pair of spotty shoes in her hand

  321. Yo says:

    5 letters

    1) family sat on sofa looking at a book
    2) chap holding tablet computer with bright lights coming out of it
    3) 4 scrunched up pieces of paper in a row coloured brown, blue, yellow and green but the yellow one has drawing by it to make it look like a light bulb
    4) woman reading a book by torch light under a duvet

    Letters are RVQYQESWOILN

  322. me says:

    a pipe leaking water, a drain pipe type thing, a sewing machine stitchin velcro and a seamstress holding up scissors…the letter are CBEYXRSWIPEN help!!!!

  323. Anonymous says:

    A five letter word with letters
    B E C W U V L N E L E

    -A family reading a book
    -A girl shining a light on a book in bed
    -A man holding a tablet with colour and lights coming out of it
    -Crumbled up pieces of paper, a yellow one made into a lightbulb, as if the symbol for an idea

    I used a hint, the word is _ o _ _ _

  324. jordan says:

    PVC , Chess , Math and a surfer

  325. Anonymous says:

    stuck on level 62……. its a pic of a bunch of vegtables in a heart shape,another group of vegtables, and two pics of factories…………??

  326. Jen says:

    I’m stuck on level 189

    It’s five letters last one being an E

    The picture are…
    1. A woman running
    2. Picture frames
    3. Some one making a pot on a pottery wheel
    4. A set square

    Please help
    Thanks x

  327. Tina says:

    Stuck on level 230 5 letters please help

  328. Anonymous says:

    Level 240 6 letters please help

  329. Tina says:

    Stuck on level 240 6 letters please help

  330. Anonymous says:

    people doing karate tall building, cheese bread and tomato, mother and child playing with blocks

  331. lananay says:


  332. Tina says:

    Level 243 5 words
    Monster holding stick on fire
    Burning logs
    Lit matchstick
    Man running with torch which is lit
    Please help

  333. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on the one where there’s like a purple planet and purple waves and there’s a keyboard and There’s also blue stickmen and a red stickman in the middle and a building with a blue stripe on it
    Please help

  334. Anonymous says:

    Loads of chairs at Stadium
    What looks like the, Grand Canyon
    A Piano
    Two people as Hotel workers that assists with Luggage

    5 letters.

    R R U D G J W H N A U P

  335. Anonymous says:

    Soo I need help! It’s a man at his desk holding his head someone on a motocross bike, another man at a dest surrounded by books, and nine matches the middle one used its a 7 letter word l

  336. Stumped says:

    Help……..5 letters,
    Hen on eggs
    Drawing of a girl
    Two boys heads looking up like thinking

  337. Tam says:

    Level 267

    1, loan application,
    2. Curtain saying the end
    3. Pokie machine
    4. Pen with coins in the background

    6 letters!

  338. Anonymous says:

    Jen your answer is shape

  339. Anonymous says:

    Two pictures of spokes, front part of a motorcycle, and two boats in the water

  340. Fat man Steve says:

    I need help. A level with a basketball and a ring, a sheet of music, a pencil with boxes to
    Tick and some letters On an old piece of paper

  341. Anonymous says:

    6 letter word, level 150 on ios

    A golden purse, a kid holding on to someones leg, a group of people with notebooks and a hand that is shifting gear

  342. Lololol says:

    5 letters, i see for pics of coffee grinders.. ?

  343. Lololol says:

    3 letters, an egg, meat, fish, just a lot of food…. ?

  344. Anonymous says:

    Two pictures of guys at airport check in desks, one picture of two guys on a basketball court an a gauge saying 5414kW. 7 letters…

  345. Anonomous says:

    I’m stuck on one with four diff types of fire. 5 letters. JSPOIFCRTOHK

  346. Anonymous says:

    5 letters;
    A boy eating spaghetti, A.. Turkey? With peppers..? And an American flag in the background? Lots of cups, cutlery, rolling pins, alarm clock.. and a man struggling to close a bag.

  347. Aimz x says:

    The spaghetti one try stuff

    The one with people at desks and basketball is counter

  348. Anonymous says:

    A car with dust, a car on a hill, and crowd of blurry people and some protestors. 5 letters 4rth latter is L

  349. Anonymous says:

    Tam – credit

  350. Anonymous says:

    Level 312
    Did you ever solve this one Shooter?

    stone statue with blue light behind it
    woman looking into glass ball full of beads
    cross hole in wall with light shining through
    wish-bone shaped stick in dirt

    6 letters – XVEQIEIZNOHD

  351. Anonymous says:

    Got it! Level 312 (above) was DIVINE

  352. Ellie says:

    Man with microphone,
    ‘Base’ volume button
    An old fashioned washing or drying machine thing out of wood,
    Big machinery with big rolls

    • Claire says:

      That old fashioned washing or drying machine thing out of wood is a wine producer so you put the grapes in and it mashes them

  353. Claire says:

    Please help
    5 letters
    Guy holding a microphone
    Some sort of machine
    A grape mashing machine … I think
    And the buttons of a keyboard (musical one) such as bass

    • Anonymous says:

      Please help
      5 letters
      Guy holding a microphone
      Some sort of machine
      A grape mashing machine … I think
      And the buttons of a keyboard (musical one) such as bass

      The answer is PRESS!

  354. Yvonne says:

    Sports huddle, people playing golf, girls dancing and people rocking out helpppp!!!

  355. jordan says:

    help!!!! a gut holding a 4 left clover , a piggy bank that has a clover behind its ear , a blond women,and a blach hair women oleters they gave me are wrlmhfauxewc

  356. Anonymous says:

    Level 103!! Hellpppp!!!

  357. Robby says:

    Piggy bank with mushroom and clover, two pictures of women, and a four leaf clover please help!!

  358. VampiresSuck says:

    Level 118 – 5 letters – a picture of a 4 leaf clover, a girl with blonde hair smiling, a pig money box with a 4 leaf clover and a girl with blank hair facing away from the camera – It starts with the letter ‘C’ and the other letters are V E R P O I A R H V and M

  359. Anonymous says:

    Girl reading book
    Family read
    scrunched paper lightbulb
    Man on ipad(tablet)

  360. Sam says:

    A bunch of children raising their fists
    A green square with arrows in the corner pointing in the center with.. People?
    An unfixed car in what I believe is a factory
    And a guy kneeling down in grass
    8 letter word

  361. Anonymous says:

    Girl with red hair, guy hitting a ball with a tennis racket, four black streaks, and 3 blue streaks. 6 letters please help!!

  362. Anonymous says:

    A emty table with a bunch of seats, flags, a whole lot of African Americans, and a wall with a lot of random things on it

    Will somebody please help I have been stuck on this one forever!!!

  363. Anonymous says:

    People riseing up with ballons
    lots of pictures
    seating room

  364. Anonymous says:

    It’s plenty πŸ™‚

  365. Anonymous says:

    A girl pickin up sumting
    Lady with high heels
    Christmas cards

  366. steven says:

    ice cube flame burning some water earth with flags on it and a map 5 letters y a n n j t b p t n s e

    • Anonymous says:

      ice cube flame burning some water earth with flags on it and a map 5 letters y a n n j t b p t n s e = state

  367. Anonymous says:

    a mouse with a trap & cheese , a shadow with handcuffs , & handcuffs.

  368. Anonymous says:

    a photographer , a mouse with cheese & trap , a shadow of a guy in handcuffs , a guy in handcuffs.
    7 letters
    ( T , W , R , O , D , A , C , U , V , P , N , E )

  369. Maggie says:

    Help what leavel 60 ???

  370. Kelly says:

    girl in a green shirt sitting at a table with a green plate and glass
    a ph tester kit
    paper with a bunch of words but says “case” over and over

    K S I I R R O B O V A F H

  371. Anonymous says:

    hand cuffs camera and mouse trap help !!!

  372. Sandra says:

    Man & lady on a PC
    Man playing golf
    A plate of food
    A teacher writing on a whiteboard in classroom
    6 letters please HELP !!!

  373. Pete says:

    Letters BCCIAKLOAVSZ first letter is B Pictures are List of writing, PH paper and test, sum 1+1=2 and Woman staring at water and bread. Anyone please help????

  374. Pete says:

    Sandra its Course

  375. Level 21 says:

    1. 4 leaf clover
    2. moalded pig with clover in mouth
    3. smiling girl (same pic as ing LIGHT
    4. beauty shot of gil with jewelry

    C G H W M F
    J R O L D A

    5 letter word?

  376. Anonymous says:

    Need help
    5 letters
    -2 men boxers one on floor
    – man at computer screaming
    – man at computer looking stressed
    – two figures playin ice hockey one of them with head down like has lost game
    Letters kpuefseztnwi

  377. Sian Lacey says:

    16 weeks of embryo growth
    Red theatre curtain
    Carriage in the sunset of a desert
    Lit up fashion runway,
    please help!!!!

  378. Sandra says:

    Sian it’s Leaves

  379. Anonymous says:

    Pee in a cup a sad girl a girl with a thumbs down and and film roll help me,

  380. Sian says:

    Sorry forgot to include the letters,

  381. Anonymous says:

    Pee in cup blah blah is negative

  382. danielle says:

    Radio, microphone, factory, and a barrel looks like for churning butter or something.
    5 letters
    Please help.

  383. Anonymous says:

    5 letters:
    two hotel workers
    grand canyon
    person climbing stairs

  384. harry says:

    tennis ball on fire
    guy playing tennis
    4 playing cards
    one card of the club suit

  385. yolobird says:

    i need help with the one that has people rallying, knocked over bowling pins, a guy punching and a fighter jet or whatever those plane things are that they use to bomb stuff., anyway its a six letter word with I as the fourth letter, please help, spent all my money on clues and still cant get it, lvl 277 _ _ _ I _ _

  386. K says:

    Stuck on a plane taking off, beach with water on both sides, a man with a women holding his tie and a picture with shapes on it! HELP!

  387. Anonymous says:


    1&2 pics with beef on bb
    1 pic with a front of the car
    1 pic with a man screaming

    Letters are ;

    I X R L U X
    L G H X U O


  388. Anonymous says:

    Blonde girl, clover in a hand, brunette girl posing, small figurine pig with a smaller clover on it. 5 letters

  389. Anonymous says:

    Sieve, TV’s on the wall, room separator and woman on computer!!??!!?! Help!!

  390. Anonymous says:

    Level 152?? Some pins…some ink blots…a guy with wire for hair…and a guy under some sheets of paper

  391. Bl says:

    A lit match
    A monster holding a flame
    An Olympic flame runner
    A fire on stick

    5 letters


  392. Emily says:

    DVD player, lady holding an envelope with a ribbon, someone catching an American football, and telephone

    Letters: C V R O V E I R E E O B

    I’ll try help everyone else aswell πŸ™‚

  393. Sarah says:

    a man pouring medicine
    a picture of a grape fruit.
    girl squeezing cup
    and a picture of a drink with a lemon

  394. anyone? says:

    whats level 44? piggy bank, 2 girls and hand holding 4 leaf clover?
    _ _ A _ _ with MQRWCITXH?

  395. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on one with

    A tree with orange leaves
    A dog with a harness sittin in a car
    A kid hugging a tree
    And a elephant

    5 letters

  396. Jill says:

    Boy grabbing his fathers leg, a bunch of teenagers, a stick shift , a gold sparkly purse NEED HELP

  397. Anonymous says:

    A weigher
    A Britain state
    A belly with a tape measure around her belly.

  398. teray says:

    5 letters with
    1+1=2 pic
    Girl with half piece of toast and glass
    Piece of paper with blue and orange
    Bar codes

  399. Andrew says:

    World is wrong .. HELP

  400. Anonymous says:

    2 girls and clovers

  401. Laura says:

    Level 295- yellow ball of paper looking light a bulb
    Man with open blow glowing
    Girl reading by torchlight under bed
    Family reading story
    5 letters

  402. Anonymous says:

    5 words
    Hen laying on eggs
    Cartoon girl swirl above head
    Twins boys looking opposite ways

  403. dez says:

    6 letters

    1.man swinging golf club
    2. pic of a dessert
    3. two people looking at computer screen
    4.people in a classroom with a teacher writing on marker board

  404. Anonymous says:

    Anyone help…
    A fish, potato, wardrobe and a statue?
    5 letters

  405. Anonymous says:

    The one With the 2 girls and 4 leaf clover is charm

  406. Diesel says:

    Level 262 need help???
    -man looking at paper in the woman’s hand
    -5 men hiking up a snowy mountain
    -man and woman taking a picture in front of a building and the woman is looking down
    -a man and little boy dressed like boy scouts and a little girl in a red shirt
    5 letter word _ _ _ _e
    remaining letters: G,D,K,I,A,L,V,B,H,U,H

  407. Alex says:

    2 with drinks, one with shaking hands, holding her hand out

  408. Chinmay says:

    A beach
    Aeroplane taking off
    A man and woman making love
    And some white straight papers
    Five letters
    O I R R S L
    T C W O P B
    Please Help

  409. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a man playing golf, a dessert, people on a computer typing and a teacher writing on a whiteboard in a classroom. Letters are ICSUERNUUOMR

  410. Nemo says:

    Help me the one with the lightning & man taking a picture

  411. Nemo says:

    Lightning and man taking a pic

  412. Kk says:

    Teiray, 1+1=2, girl looking at glass and bread is BASIC

  413. Kk says:

    Diesel, it’s GUIDE

    Anonymous, dessert, computer, whiteboard, is COURSE

  414. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a girl looking at 2 test tubes,a girl writing under a tree, some more test tubes, and writing paper with glasses? Level 236. Help!!!!

  415. bron says:

    ice cube
    map with timezones
    beaker and bally beaker
    map with flags

    5 letters

  416. Wstties says:

    Need help on level 265
    5 letters
    2 people on ice
    Guy screaming at computer
    Guy want to punch computer
    Guy ko in ring, and another standing over him

  417. Anonymous says:

    Shadow on the wall.
    Boy kicking a soccer ball.
    Boy with bow-n-arrow.
    Boy with a sling shot.
    5 letter word

  418. Alyna says:

    Shadow on the wall.
    Boy kicking a soccer ball.
    Boy with bow-n-arrow.
    Boy with a sling shot.
    5 letter word

  419. Anna says:

    a girl running
    making pottery
    6 wooden frames
    a trig triangle

    5 letters

  420. Anna says:

    A girl running
    Hands making pottery
    6 wooden frames
    A trig triangle
    5 letters

  421. OliviaBieber says:

    piano, rocky mountains, hotel people with baggage carrier and a man walking up stairs with lots of chairs surrounding…
    _ _ A _ _

  422. Anonymous says:

    What’s the with
    1 2children making faces at each other
    2 a woman having hair combed
    3 3woman laughing
    4 people with hair tied together

    Letters are SEERTMLATAAT
    5letter word

  423. Sibbee says:

    1 children making faces at each other
    2 woman having hair combed
    3 3 woman laughing
    4 people with hair tied together

  424. Sibbee says:

    Got it its TEASE

  425. Jason says:

    Lightning and man with camera=flash

  426. Mark says:

    Help . A pig with a clubs4, a hand hold a club4′ a women with dark hair and a women with blonde hair smiling plsss i dont know

  427. Special says:

    5 words
    Hen laying on eggs
    Cartoon girl swirl above head
    Twins boys looking opposite ways

  428. Steph says:

    5 words
    Hen laying on eggs
    Cartoon girl swirl above head
    Twins boys looking opposite ways

  429. Bgn says:

    2 pics of butterflies and a pic of a
    Lady looks painting and a pic of a man
    Looks like a black and white old painting
    Please help

  430. Kiss says:


    Baby crying
    Woman crying
    Spoiled meat

  431. Kiss says:

    Baby crying
    Woman/girl crying
    Spoiled meat seal
    R U B M Z L O E I B B A

  432. dez says:

    1.man swinging golf club
    2.teacher writing on marker board
    3. pic of a dessert
    4. two people looking at computer screen
    6 letters
    last letter is E

  433. Amber says:

    A heart made out of vegetables have greens half reds, the inside of a factory, the outside of a factory, & mixed vegetables??
    Letters left are
    U O E R
    G D P C

  434. Amber says:

    7 letter word. A heart made out of vegetables have greens half reds, the inside of a factory, the outside of a factory, & mixed vegetables??
    Letters left are
    U O E R
    G D P C

  435. Anonymous says:

    amber its produce

  436. dez says:

    amber its produce

  437. Kal says:

    I need the answer to the following
    Pic 1. Looks like a tunnel
    Pic 2. Plug in a sink / bath
    Pic 3. Fixing metal pipes
    Pic 4. Machine with plastic pipes

    5 letter word n ends woth the letter N.
    letters are….. A N I L Z R E D G B F

  438. Mary says:

    What the one with a lot of flags on the earth, half on the United States, an ice cube, and the chemistry set thingy please help!!!

  439. ann says:

    4 birds, long necks and legs,two in water, one standing by a fence,

  440. ann says:

    does anyone have the answer to 4 birds they look like loons, have 5 letter box.

  441. Anonymous says:

    Jesus manger, crib, rotary telephone and the pendulum thing with all the balls that knock together

  442. Kylie says:

    Jesus in manger scene, crib, rotary telephone and balls that knock together pendulum thingy

  443. Nick says:

    Lady with high heels

    Christmas cards

    Girl picking up something

    T E LC L K O J F G L C????

  444. Nick says:

    A girl pickin up sumting
    Lady with high heels
    Christmas cards


  445. amanda says:

    5 letters
    Pictures are of:
    A lady bleeding from her finger,
    A cut on a hand,
    The bottom of a foot with a bandage on it,
    And an arm being wrapped up by a bandage.

  446. Kk says:

    Kylie, it’s CRADLE

  447. Anthony says:

    Girl with a Leaf
    Piggy bank with leaf by ear
    Blonde haired girl
    Girl leaning on a table with black cloth

  448. ❀ says:

    I need help with the one where the dog is picking up poop, an ice cream cone, a fancy ice cream cone, and a newspaper

  449. Lory says:

    5 letters:
    A man buttoning his sleeve.
    The link of a website.
    A broken chain.
    And some screen with lots of blue lines and a finger touching it.

  450. Kailee says:

    A guy playing golf, a professor, a guy and girl at a
    Computer and a weird looking I think

  451. Moo says:

    The dragons the puppet the 2 austrinorts and the on austrinort is not world so may wona fix it as it is float

  452. Jayne says:

    Im stuck on the level with a man screaming at his computer, ice hockey, cage fighting and another man yelling at his computer??

  453. La says:

    Level 268
    Boy looking surprised at iPad with colors en light
    Girl reading in book with flashlight
    lightbulb made from paper
    family reading a book
    5 letter word

  454. Jayne says:

    @La – Novel

  455. Kimberly says:

    Hand holding a four leaf clover, girl with blonde hair smiling, girl with dark hair, pig with coin in mouth and mushroom and clover on side of head. Help!

  456. !!!!SJS!!!! says:

    im stuck which is this
    gear nob
    loads of people
    and a child grabbing someone leg
    6 letters
    A U F C H V M T Q L C I

  457. Anonymous says:

    picture of Bass button, guy with microphone,rolls in warehouse and a old wine maker

  458. sarah_n_mike says:

    help !!!!!
    water-ocean,salmon ,chips ,and salt or white rocks

  459. Aynonamus says:

    What is the awnser to number 39

  460. Elaine says:

    Anonymous, bass button, mic etc is press

  461. Patsy says:

    Someone making a clay pot, a lady running, a wall of empty picture frames and it is a 5 letter word…please help me!!

  462. (Juan13) says:

    Wt is a pig, and a 4 leve clover

  463. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word. Someone playing the guitar. 2 pictures with people looking at pictures, and a cd case. Plz help!!!!

    • Lanier says:

      I’m stuck on the one with a guy on a guitar, two women looking at pics. A stack of pictures and a disc.

  464. Love the game I know every anwere and I’m prettier than any of you losers!!!!

    • The sad truth says:

      Prettier than you I am sorry to say that u must be ugly and desperate for saying that your prettier than everyone. Ps. I am sorry your ugly and no one ever compliments your beauty. Plastic surgery is an option!

    • lol says:

      how unintelligent!! talk about pretentious and full of urself LMAO!

  465. Dee says:

    Level 27 please 7 letters

  466. The truth says:

    Prettier than you I am sorry to say that u must be ugly and desperate for saying that your prettier than everyone. Ps. I am sorry your ugly and no one ever compliments your beauty. Plastic surgery is an option!

  467. Anonymous says:

    1. Mad Guy with laptop
    2. Mad Guy with laptop
    3. Two ice-hockey players
    4. Two boxers, one is knocked out

    5 letters

    Letters: E, T, P, C, I, T, U, W, A, D, W, S

  468. Lanie says:

    What about this one:

    Different size tags
    A steak
    A man looking up in a black robe
    And pictures
    6 letters
    E Z R M C D U M A P N I

    Or 5 letters

    A yellow pic of a man with a guitar that says unplugged
    2 women looking at pics and pics on a table and a disc.

    • laura says:

      Did you get a response to you 6 letter problem? I am stuck on it too, but my letter choices are totally different: FUFMIE DYYMNM

      Haven’t seen anyone post a reply so am wondering.

  469. Anonymous says:

    The one with a match on fire, man running with flame, wood on fire, and scary looking guy holding a piece of wood on fire? 5 letters

  470. Anonymous says:

    Its torch

  471. Anonymous says:

    A piano, hotel people, a cliff and a shit load of stairs. 5 letters letters are :g o c w a r n t d y n j

  472. 808brat says:

    Need help
    1.guy showing man&women a paper
    2.1 older lady 2 kids (girl scouts)
    3.a line of people ski up mountain
    4.lady&man in front of church
    5 letters:hegigucalaqd

  473. Anonymous says:

    woman grabbing tie
    plane on runway
    white folded paper

  474. anon says:

    woman pulling tie
    white folded paper

  475. Anonymous says:

    Plane women pulling tie folded paper beach

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s level 195 with basket ball in hoop, paper with notes on, old piece of paper and green pencil with tick boxes.

  476. Anonymous says:

    What’s level 195 with 5 letters.

  477. Anonymous says:

    I need help on the one with the guys yelling at computers / the guys boxing and the guys playing hockey …

    • Pleazhelp says:

      What’s the word for..
      1) What looks like a mother and daughter looking through photo album
      2) Old black & white photographs
      3) CD case with blank cover
      4) A poster or something with a guy sitting on a chair with an electric guitar with the words “unplugged” in the background

  478. blehhh says:

    i have a family reading a girl under the covers reading a boy with a tablet very amused and a crumbled piece of paper looking like a light bulb! HELP

  479. Help says:

    Pig with shamrock
    Person holding shamrock
    Two ladies

  480. Help says:

    Shamrock on pig
    Person holding shamrock
    Ladie with black hair
    Ladie with blonde hair

  481. Anonymous says:

    4 pictures of a bird.. Letter are urnxhoeqnhh

  482. Anonymous says:

    Tennis player black vertical stripes blue horizontal stripes and a girl with ginger hair help please

  483. Anonymous says:

    A bus a train a horse and carrage guy drawing court

  484. Anonymous says:


  485. Anonymous says:

    Help anyone
    A lady putting make up on
    A spoon full of yellow powder
    Grey powder
    Sticks and brown sand
    Level 192

  486. beth says:

    some baby chicks, cartoon sad girl hen on eggs two boys, 5 letters…..

  487. Bet says:

    I need the answer to the following
    Pic 1. Looks like a tunnel
    Pic 2. Plug in a sink / bath
    Pic 3. Fixing metal pipes
    Pic 4. Machine with plastic pipes

    5 letter word n ends woth the letter N.
    letters are….. A N I L Z R E D G B F

  488. Anonymous says:

    Two people on the computer a guy playing golf a teacher in class and a sweet plate five letters help

  489. Anonymous says:

    A piggy bank with a clover on it, a blonde lady outside, some rihanna/megan fox looking lady with her arms crossed (looks like some serious modeling she’s doing) and a 4 leaf clover

  490. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on and person with purple shirt holding a speaker
    A tape or recorder showing base speakers…
    A big machine in a factory with paper on a big massive roll &
    A small hand made wooden well looking…??

  491. Anonymous says:

    a dog holding a bag, an icecream cone a news paper and icecream in a waffle cone bowl

  492. Anonymous says:

    5 letters, its all meat. like steak. level 37

    r u l a k s a j o v w t

  493. Fameeda says:

    A man pushing a girl in bike
    Lady sewing in machine
    Lady pressing in a piano pedal &
    Foot pump…
    Pls help

  494. Fameeda says:

    Old man pushing a little girl on bike
    Lady pressing on piano pedal
    For pump
    & lady sitting at a sewing machine

  495. Nikki says:

    sheet music
    basketball shot into hoop
    πŸ™‚ :/ πŸ™ and a pencil
    five letters
    _ _ O _ _

  496. Shay says:

    A ship ,a bottle in the sand, blue fuzzy spiral dna?,womans face (black n white). Thx for your help!

  497. A says:

    Blonde girl, hand holding 4 leaf clover, pig holding 4 leaf clover, black haired girl looking right. Help

  498. Ashley says:


    a family together reading a book
    girl reading book with a flashlight
    paper scruched up different colours, yellow one shining like a light
    a guy holding a book of some kind some pink colours jumping out

    It has five letters _ _ V _ _

    Letters are TNOWLABMDEK


  499. Carlie says:

    – a five letter word..

    a bunch of colorful mugs and kitchen utensils
    a turkey with vegetables, and the flag in the background
    a man kneeling on his suitcase, trying to zip it up
    a little boy eating pasta

    letters: E N D E H U F P G T S F

  500. Anonymous says:

    A man spinning pottery, girl running, frames, and a triangle thing
    5 letter word. HELP!!

  501. Anonymous says:

    An elephant, a dog in the back of a car, a girl hugging a tree and a tree…. Help! 5letters!

  502. Kel says:

    Please help!!!
    Level 273 on iPad…
    5 word letter: letters V E A O W N Q M L M V D

    1. Light bulbs made out of paper
    2. Family reading a book
    3. Girl reading a book in the dark with a flash light
    4. A guy holding some kind of a spell book


  503. danny says:

    a fighter standing over a guy knocked out, two hockey players(one looks hurt..??)and the other two are pics of a guy frusterated with a laptop …????

  504. Jordon says:

    Two pics of a man at a computer and boxers and hockey

  505. alymck says:

    Carlie it is stuff

  506. Lol says:

    Wats the one with a horse carriage

  507. Smith says:

    Need help .. A man with a blue collar shirt, girl shirts hung up , blue jeans ,black thing with zipper .. The letters given is S,T,C,L,E,M,Z,H,R,D,U,S and it is seven letters .. Any help??

  508. Rick Roll says:

    I’m a little stuck on this one: a chicken, a baby with a floral hat, a lady with a sparkly blue wig, and a peacock. Can anyone help me?

  509. Save says:

    Level 263
    1+1 =2
    Ph paper

  510. help please says:

    I’m stuck on the same 1+1=2, computer error msg, woman with head in hands with water and toast infront of her and ph test strip, help!!

  511. Sherry says:

    @ hep please & Save
    1+1, error mess, woman with water & toast, ph test = BASIC

  512. Toni says:

    carrie says;

    it’s scoop

    icecream newspaper dog cleaning poop icecream waffle

  513. Anonymous says:

    Two boys thinking in opposite direction a girl thinking five chicks and a hen with eggs it’s five word answer

  514. Anon says:

    1-Stack of dishes with a clock
    2-Turkey with an American flag
    3-Someone trying to close a full suitcase
    4-Boy eating spaghetti noodles

  515. millie says:

    umm i have a problem :/
    the picture that is of the astronauts and the carnival picture above says world right? well on mine its exactly the same one but i cant spell ‘world’ with the letters ive been given :/
    ive worked it out on mine and it accepts the word ‘float’ i think whoever has put up the pictures had been given different letters, so the word ‘float’ should be edited next to it, in case anyone else has a problem with the same picture πŸ™‚

  516. Anonymous says:

    Help!!! I’m stuck on one with two different ice-cream cones, a newspaper that says “we’re in the news!!” And there is also one with a dog picki g up his droppings I think :p …… So help!!!!!

  517. Alex says:

    A lightbulb made of crumpled paper, a man looking at a screen with different colors, a family reading, and a woman reading under a blanket with a flashlight.
    5 letters

  518. Hallie says:

    A blonde. A brunet, a piggy bank with a four leaf clover and a coin in its mouth, a hand holding a four leaf clover

  519. lindsey says:

    a little baby with a plastic shovel on a lawn.
    toy bucket and shovel in sand.
    women holding shovel as if digging.
    man pointing a shovel at something.

    help Dx

  520. bobby says:

    I need help with level 317 a chick reasing a book under a blanket with flashlight a dad with children reading a book a guy with tablet and lights r coming out of the rablet papers and a paperblightbalb. 5 letter ends with “L” …VFRVNE VYODD

  521. CC says:

    Dude holding a glowing iPad
    Family reading a book
    Girl reading a book with a flashlight
    Crumpled up paper that looks like a lightbulb

  522. Jacqui says:

    Anyone no answer to level 270 it’s 2 ice cones, plate of coloured icing swirls, a bun and a choc swirl.been stuck for days,,,,

  523. Anonymous says:

    1. icecream
    3. A dog picking up som shit
    4. Icecream.

    Help, anyone?

  524. ag says:

    Please help

    To pics of icecream, a newspaper and a dog standing om two feet picking up his shitt

  525. Anonymous says:

    Bobby & CC = Novel

  526. lol says:

    a blonde haired woman, a dark haired woman, a pig with a coin in its mouth and a 4 leaf clover. HELP ME PLEASE

  527. Bringmethehorizon says:

    6 letters. A guy sieving flower , people looking a tvs , a woman on a computer I think and a screen thing u can dress behind not sure what’s call it

  528. Anonymous says:

    i neeeeeed help lol, app on android, level 30

  529. Blink182 says:

    HELP! Stuck on level 223
    the world with flags on
    -America with all the cities on
    -an ice cube
    -a pot of water boiling over a flame

  530. Anonymous says:

    Help please it a man knocked out on a desk with a bunch of work around him then there’s a guy on a motorcycle who probably had just finish drifting there’s one with matches and only one of the matches was turned on and the other one is another man on his desk with work as well but his hands on his forehead it’s a 7 word pic and the first letter is b. please help thAnk you

  531. Anonymous says:

    A Basketball ins hoop, a pencil with boxes with smiley faces, some jumbled up letters, and a sheet music notes

  532. Anonymous says:

    Two girls a piggy bank with a coin and four leaf clover and a four lead clover

  533. Anonymous says:

    Please help

  534. anonymous says:

    2 girls
    I clover
    I clover with a pig????

  535. Anonymous says:

    2 girls, 2 clovers is CHARM

    I was stuck on that for ages!

  536. Morgann says:

    A kid kicking a soccer ball a kid with a sling shot and a kid with bow and arrow and also a shadow on a brick wall ?

  537. Anonymous says:

    Need help on 61 the dog in the car, an elephant, a tree and a kid hugging the tree

  538. Sayali says:

    Umm two guys on laptops looking kinda angry one pic of a guy on the friend and the other in a boxing position and tht last one is like dark with a guys holding a hockey stick

  539. onedirectionlover says:

    Level 158. Tools, person fixing a car, tape and a broken glass

  540. Lost says:

    3 chinese people looking at a computer
    what looks like a guy taking orders from a woman and writing it on a notepad
    a Girl holding a recorder and smiling
    and guy dressed in green pointing
    7 letters

  541. Anonymous says:

    Cracked/broken conc kerb??
    Water out of a pipe
    Sewing machine
    Lady dressmaker with scissors

    Help please

  542. random person says:

    -woman wearing black pointing at a screen
    -broken chain
    -man putting on a cuff link
    -arrow pointing to an internet address

  543. Anonymous says:

    What’s the answer to the one with a man turning a handle, people playing foosball and a gold box with a handle and a pipe thing??

  544. Cindy Brown says:

    #212 bus, train cars, horse & cart, basketball court drawing

  545. Becky says:

    Man holding cards
    Another picture with a group of men playing poker
    Gamblings chips
    And another person holding cards

  546. Cindy Brown says:

    #229…sheet of music notes, basketball goal, animated pencil with hands, sheet of paper with a bunch of letters

  547. Cindy Brown says:


  548. Anonymous says:

    A scale, a girl with a measuring tape around her waste, a pile of money, a bunch of land with the British flag covering it. 5 letters.

  549. Anonymous says:

    music sheet..basketball going into net..piece of bronze with random letters carved in..pencil wit a smiley face and 3 boxes with happy medium and sad face????

  550. Anonymous says:

    Piggie bank with gold coin, four leaf clover, a woman with short black hair and a woman with long curly blond hair 5 letters middle letter is A

  551. Anonymous says:

    i am stuck boxer,ice hockey and two pictures of men looking angry

  552. Jill says:

    a factory or mall with an empty parking lot.. a keyboard,, a moon in clouds with stars and a bunch of blue stick man with a red one in the middle but the blue men are standing away from the red man .. first letter is S rest are.. j a y p v o e o t o c

  553. Fam says:

    Pls help
    Mother & daughter looking thru photo album
    A disc
    Some old photos
    & cartoon version of a man playing the guitar or something

  554. Anonymous says:

    Eagle head hawk head leopard bobcat

  555. grettell says:

    What the answer for the women with fire in her hand a stack of books skulls made out is smoke and letter? I need help

  556. Unknown says:

    I’m going insane. Please help. Five letters. Someone touching a screen, a chain , a shirt showing cuff links and a URL address. I’m absolutely clueless

  557. Anonymous says:

    Bus, train, basketball Court drawing and a horse and carriage?

  558. Anonymous says:

    Help what is the
    Horse race
    Two pics of a woman on top of a man
    Cartoon guy running through the finish

    8 letters: ENRATOYIMDWW

  559. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck in number 33 for iPhone

  560. bianca says:

    1=ladys pink bra
    2= guys fixing under neath car
    3= map
    4= curved bridge

  561. me says:

    chic pulling guy’s tie
    folded white paper
    beach ???????

  562. me says:

    chic pulling man’s tie
    white folded paper

  563. sandra baker says:

    number 414
    women meditating
    sun pic with number 30 in it
    lady in lake
    person in pink towel in water appears to be washing

    letters cvrnxtknaiia

  564. Paulina says:

    4 letter word PLEASE HELP

    -a man seating on the grass
    -a lady that is super skinny
    -a lady seating on the chair
    – and a meat

  565. Anonymous says:

    Blank Cd, an unplugged guitarist, a heap of old photos, a younger girl going through an album with someone that looks like her grandmother..

  566. Anonymous says:

    A chicken with loads of eggs, two boys thinking, 5 little chicks, a animated woman thinking of something 5 letters

  567. Anonymous says:

    A picture with a piano
    A stadium

  568. Gerardo says:

    A woman crying
    A baby crying
    A seal
    Raw meat?

  569. Debbie says:

    Need to up date the answers to your puzzles.

  570. Anonymous says:

    Zipped lips
    Girl whispering to a guy
    Binders in a locked chain
    A metal fence

  571. Jenee says:

    The one with four different pictures of moose &’ horns a 4 letter word

  572. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck it’s a toilet being flushed a plug with money twisting two rabbits with their ears together and card things with a pile of counters???

  573. Faith says:

    Stuck!!!! There’s a toilet being flushed, a plug with money going down it, two rabbits with their ears tied together and a pile of cards and two piles of counter things, HELP!!!!!

  574. Anonymous says:

    HELP!!!!!!whats the one with the two astronauts the gorilla and wierd lady the answer says world but my phone doesnt have those letters

  575. Anonymous says:

    a apple with water at the end,a bamboolooking thing,a black hole,and and twriled cave looking thing.

  576. Anonymous says:

    A scale, a girl with a measuring tape around her waste, a pile of money, and land printed like the British flag.

  577. Anonymous says:

    On 304
    a plate with vegetarian food.
    a guy teaching a class.
    a guy playing golf.
    a guy on the computer with a girl standing next to him looking at the computer.
    6 letters and they are:
    R O W E S N
    C Z V U J S
    Please help me

  578. Jess says:

    Does any one know the one with the 4 pictures of the birds thank

  579. Anonymous says:

    Help im stuck on this 5 letter word. It has a group of mountain hikers, three girl scout members, two tourists, and 2 people at an office

  580. Someone says:

    I’m encredebly stuck on a pretty easy level it’s thing charging heaps of signs a girl sweezing out some sort of paint and a hammor hampering like an egg shaped object it is 8 letters long plz plz plz help me

  581. Shiv says:

    Different meats on bbq
    2 Steaks

    5 letters
    P O T S L O R C V A L N

  582. Lois says:

    Girl sweezing some sort of paste on table a hammor hitting an half egg thing charging its 8 letters and heaps of signs every where

  583. Anonymous says:

    Help!!! Set of cells, girl talking to another girl, lady paying in the super market and a charger.

  584. Gerardo says:

    Hen laying on eggs
    5 baby chickens
    2boys looking away
    Drawing of girl


  585. Anonymous says:

    1. Mad Guy with laptop
    2. Mad Guy with laptop
    3. Two ice-hockey players
    4. Two boxers, one is knocked out
    5 lettersLetters: E, T, P, C, I, T, U, W, A, D, W, S

  586. freddy says:

    horse pulling a chariot a train a bus on a highway and some guy drawing a soccer field please help

  587. Katie says:

    Men with laptop. Hockey and boxer

  588. Grumpy cat says:

    The One with a tape and a mekanik :((

  589. Sarah says:

    Need help!!!!
    Picture of a cross (made of light)
    Statue of Buddha (I think)
    Wish bone made of sticks
    Lady with a glass ball in her hands

  590. Chewy says:

    Help plz…
    Hands holding a trophy
    A no 1 trophy
    A Best badge
    A hand holding a medal????
    Plz help

  591. Anonymous says:

    Rolls of news paper, a piece of paper with the alphabet on it, assembly line of white paper and three rolls.of paper I think the colors are pink yellow and something else. 5 letters please help!

  592. Jen says:

    Stuck on puzzle 310. Dilapidated buildings one has a crane in it. Help

  593. kaleiolani says:

    Rolls of newspaper, pieces of paper with alphabets on it, the roll with the colors pink, yellow, and
    another color.
    The answer is Print

  594. Anonymous says:

    Its a 5 letter word its two men boxing 1 got knocked out, a man holding a hockey stick on a hockey ring & the other two are two men,looking at their laptop screaming letter choices: T,E,S,A,E,S,D,P,U,Z,L,I

  595. Anonymous says:

    A woman putting sugar on a cake an

  596. Anonymous says:

    4 bird thingies they look,like swans five letters they all look the same help me??

  597. Jk says:

    Guy playing golf, women helping a boy, teaching, and food? Help!

  598. kd says:

    -3 guys, one has a gavel like a judge
    -what looks like a stereo with a whole bunch of dials
    -the bottom of two doors?
    -the window of a two story house with flowers outside the window

    5 letter answer

    the letters are :
    P E A N K L
    U D L L E R

  599. Anonymous says:

    Try upset

  600. Anonymous says:

    Boxer champion belts, queen/princess/royal, book, newspaper

  601. Ivonne says:

    -someone touching a point that are connected with lines
    -clicking on website
    -person buttoning shirt
    5 letter word

  602. Naz says:

    Im really stuck!! 2 of the pictures have astronauts and the other 2 have sort of carnival going on. I’ve check the images and the word its not world.

  603. Bmars says:

    Five letters. Oakgpchowsjt
    1boy pulling bow and arrow
    2 boy kicking soccer ball
    3 mans shadow taking a picture
    4 boy throwing rock with sling shot

  604. Tonje says:

    Naz: the word is float!

  605. Tonje says:

    Bmars: shoot

  606. Anonymous says:

    A big ship, a clear bottle on an island with paper in it, a women touching her face, and dna . Helpp

  607. datsirk says:

    stick pins
    man with frizzed out hair with fingers on temples
    ink blots (??)
    man buried under paper with hand reaching

    J X H C I N
    H G O A N S

  608. snuffy says:

    Electric pylons
    News paper
    Boy getting electrocuted
    Water/Rapids HELP!!!! PLEASE

  609. Anonymous says:

    Rubbish website, your links go in the wrong places

  610. Anonymous says:

    4 Pics 1 Word- 5 Letters
    1: Male and female in bed- Male asleep and female holding pillow around her head.
    2: Elephant sleeping with ‘zzzz’
    3: Male asleep women sitting up with her ears blocked
    4: Male asleep on couch

  611. anonymous says:

    4 pics 1 word 6 letters

    Guy swinging a golf club
    Guy and girl with a computer keyboard
    Guy pointing or writing on a board in front of a class

  612. Enas says:

    Level 188 is the hrdest I can’t figure it out help me out

  613. jess says:

    Computer codes,girl with hands on her face sitting at table, ph somthin test, a mathematically equation

  614. Anonymous says:

    Looks like computer codes,a girl at a table with her hands on her face, a math equation, an ph sumthin test……need help!,

  615. Anonymous says:


    1) 2 policemen
    2) marble statue
    3) marble statute
    4) woman posing in dry road

  616. Anonymous says:

    level 233 plss help

    • Anonymous says:

      all of the puzzle levels have different pictures. What are the pictures you’re stuck on?

  617. jessie lver says:

    a table with pictures , line of chairs, a whole lot of flags , and a crowd of people

  618. Anonymous says:

    1) broken hand/arm
    2) someone putting in a vote
    3) man fishing
    4) two women in the air wearing opposite colored dresses (black and white), that matches the background



  619. Anonymous says:

    1.White bus on a rode
    2.hand with a pic of a soccer field
    3.Side of a train
    4. piulling like a carriage

  620. Anonymous says:

    Help please!!!
    1) green leaves on a tree
    2) man sitting on and carrying suitcases
    3) train
    4) man moving to the right and there’s an arrow pointing right

  621. Anonymous says:

    1) loan application
    2)Curtains saying the end
    3)slot machine game with all 7s
    4) an old pen with faded stacked coins in the background


  622. anon says:

    6 letters —–plugs, eyeball, shoulder and shoulder joint

  623. Anonymous says says:

    1) 2 people at a computer
    2)teacher teaching
    4) guy golfing

    help please

  624. ???????? says:

    1 teacher teaching
    2 guy golfing
    3 2 people on a computer
    4 a plate of dessert


  625. Anonymous says:

    Cents in the front and One dollar background ; a fat man and a skinny man (probably the same person) ; kite shaped train rail (kinda) ; a Cup of coffee and money beside . 6 words help

  626. Lisa says:

    Please help….I’m on 343…
    1. 2 boys (twins) staring off in different directions
    2. 5 baby chicks looking to the right
    3. Laying hen with 4 eggs in front of her
    4. Cartoon girl kind of looks sad with her hand on cheek

  627. Anonymous says:

    Killer whale
    Hole in net and

  628. Anonymous says:

    People looking at a computer, guy golfing, dessert on a plate and teacher teaching…? Help please

  629. Anonymous says:

    Flags, crowd, chairs/long table, collage of pictures

  630. Angie says:

    have a picture and the answer is world but the letters available has no W what do i do now can’t more to next one until i answer this one

  631. katie says:

    all four pics are of some one under water

  632. Anonymous says:

    Please help !!!!
    -a cook putting something white on the cutting board
    -a women and men looking at Tvs
    -a girl on her computer
    -and something that looks like a changer curtain or divider nd look like chickens are behind
    So stuck

  633. candace says:

    A spilled can of oil
    Old gun
    Someone looking down the site of a gun
    Cat in a bucket

  634. LLH says:


    1) baby (i think) cramped in the corner of big crib
    2) parents under a tent at night with a baby
    3) a bunch of balls tied from strings and one is red and is about to hit all of the other ones (I forgot what it’s called!)
    4) black telephone (kinda old fashion)

  635. anon says:

    1. Tools
    2. Man fixing a car
    3. A roll of tape
    4. A bottle of glue with a cartoon person holding a broken glass

  636. anon says:

    It has 6 letters

  637. LOISI says:


  638. Anon says:

    Lady looking at photos

  639. Anonymous says:

    A crown
    A tree
    Statue of Liberty
    Silhouette of queen

  640. Lee says:

    It has potatoe chips (the ones with ridges)
    Blue ocean water
    Something that looks like white mint circles in a brown container
    And a piece of salmon I believe?

  641. Alee.P says:

    Salty i think

    -a piece of wood looking thing looks weaved
    -i think its an equalizer for a stereo
    – wooden house angled at the window with lil doors(forgot what their called) a bed of flowers under window with trees in the backround
    -a lady and two guys one giving a thumbs up and one guy holding a judge hammer all wearing suites

  642. nikki says:

    a man wearing a purple shirt holding a microphone and a clipboard, an upright barrel with three red rings around it, looks like a factory, and something silver with a knob or speakers.
    5 letter word

    R P S K U B H E M V P S

    thanks in advance.

  643. im me says:

    water being poured into a glass, a scientist at a table with test tubes and stuff, a window being washed with one of those squeegy things, and a closeup of the side of a skyscrapers windows on the outside of the building

  644. Roberto says:

    1: a scale
    2: the UK
    3: a girl with a measuring tape around her waist
    4: some money
    Hint: starts with a p

  645. Paul says:

    1-meeting table
    2-bunch of flags on flag poles
    3-people partying
    4-bunch of flags on a screen

  646. Anonymous says:

    few doller bills , girl waist measuring, american map and kitchen weighing scale ??

  647. steve says:

    Girl measuring waste
    American map puzzle
    Kitchen weighing scale

  648. stuck :/ says:

    bridge in country, old couple holding cards, dentures, bridge in city

  649. Andy says:

    One match lit surrounded by unlit matches
    A guy on a bike
    A guy sleeping with alot of books
    A man frustrated with a pile of papers
    Please help

  650. Harley says:

    Toy man with sword standing on polar bear
    toys fighting with swords
    hand holding handle of sword
    pastry Japanese fighting stars

    5 letters not sword

  651. Anoniem says:

    1. Man that’s golfing
    2. A class the teacher is writing something on the whiteboard
    3. A boy and a girl on the computer
    4. And food

  652. Angee says:

    Help! Lol I’m stuck with a picture of what look like buttons in a recording studio, a picture of wood like wall or something, a little window balcony to a house, and 3 people with one looking like a judge and lawyers ?

    Letters; B A N G U E P L L Q H X

    thanks πŸ™‚

  653. katie says:

    1. Three people mouths open wide
    2.female with hands on her face
    3′ guy smiling
    4.girl with ghost or shadow standing in front of her

    Five letters

  654. Anonymous says:

    Two old people playing cards a set of denture and two old pictures one of a bridge?? Six letter word

  655. Anon says:

    someone putting a jumper on someone else
    fire place
    earth, with a chunk out, showing the core
    a boy wearing a red cape and a tshirt with a red bolt on it

    6 letters

    A W N Y M N
    G N E T L D

    thanks heaps πŸ™‚

  656. Anon says:

    Man with hands on his head frustrated with computer
    Man shouting at computer
    2people playing Ice hockey outside
    Man with boxing gloves knocked someone out
    5 letters

  657. Anna says:

    A girl who can’t hear or something, a hen, two boys looking at each other, and a row of chicks(baby chickens)
    Please help πŸ™

  658. Michael says:

    Anne the answer is BROOD πŸ™‚

  659. confused says:

    a polk a dot bra (swim top), a mechanic standing under a vehicle working on it, a stone structure, and a map

  660. Confused says:

    five letters S K E N U X
    Y H D Y T R

  661. steenholt1 says:

    pli help i have a man ho work wiht a car and tape and some tools
    letters l k i g r r k a e p o l…

  662. smufinator says:

    I’ve discovered a way to solve the puzzles. Each time you get to one you’re stuck on, write the letters down. Exit the game, wait a few hours – whatever, let a significant amount of time pass before you go back to it. You will see a fresh set of letters on the level you’re stuck at.
    Write those letters *underneath* the first lot.
    Some letters will be repeated.
    This is what happened to a level I was stuck on.

    The letters that came out were:

    O K U R C A S T F V C E
    I took a screencap and left the game alone for a couple of days. When I got back to it, the same level, the letters were slightly different:

    M U E Y U X V S O R C N

    Some of the letters were the same!

    O U R C S E V

    The six letter word I was looking for was: COURSE.
    (they have to drop a ‘red herring’ in just to add a layer of difficulty, you have to be smart enough to pick a word out that fits)

    I really do hope this helps some of you!

  663. Anonymous says:

    A man playing golf a dish a teacher written on the bord and two ppl on the computer

  664. Brenda says:

    blue apple dripping with paint, a circle with a line through it (like you can’t do something), a camera lens, and a target with 3 blue darts in the center what the heck?

  665. lulu says:

    I been on this level for like an hour!!! :/
    1.a bus
    2.some horse carraige thing
    4.a person lookin like they skecthin out a play
    5 letter word

  666. lulu91 says:

    I been on this level for like an hour!!! :/
    1.a bus
    2.some horse carraige thing
    4.a person lookin like they skecthin out a play
    5 letter word

  667. Anonymous says:

    i have the pictures that correspond with WORLD but some of the letters W-O-R-L-D are not showing up as possibilities!

  668. cat says:

    DNA strand, rusty ship on a beach, black and white picture of a lady looking ‘sultry’ and glass bottle with message in half buried in sand. What is this? im stuck?

  669. krystal says:

    Im stuck on the 2 squares with gages a car in 1 and a weight balanced been on this one since last night pkz help

  670. B says:

    1.)A babies Crib
    2.) The birth of christ or just a birth of a child with mother and father
    3.) A phone off the hook
    4.) Metal balls hitting eachother…….help

  671. Me says:

    A crib
    Phone off the hook
    The tappy ball things
    Jessus was born pic

  672. Anonymous says:

    Guy with a camera
    Mouse trap


  673. Anonymous says:

    World of flags …peoplesdrinking… Clocks….fighter in a ring ready to fight

  674. me says:

    World of flags …peoplesdrinking… Clocks….fighter in a ring ready to fight

  675. Brenda says:

    1. apple covered in blue paint
    2. target with 3 darts
    3. a “no” sign, a circle with a line through it
    4. a camera lens


  676. paganbaby says:

    That answer is ROUND πŸ™‚

  677. Fire penguin says:

    1. Woman and baby Lying down.

    2. Big duck with a lot of little duckies following.

    3. Jaguar thing with babie ones.

    4. And a pregnant lady lying on a bed.

    PLEASE help I am really stuck! πŸ™‚

  678. boobies says:

    the one witn flags everywhere is plenty πŸ˜›

  679. n3ger says:

    itΒ΄s like a carnival in two pics and then itΒ΄s two pics with both man in space

  680. Ha ha says:

    Car racing…..crowd……another crowd again
    And some more cars drifting

  681. NIkki says:

    The picture with the answer WORLD up there is wrong. Does anyone know the correct answer?

  682. Tom says:

    Chicken on eggs , then baby chickens a cartoon girl and two boys next to each other

  683. mattyfoz says:

    older woman putting coat around younger, Christmas fireplace, cross section of earth, boy in super-hero outfit?????

  684. Supp women has a stinky cold and a dumb guy drinking medicine with orange lemon??

  685. Kitty says:

    What is :
    A man shaving his whole face has shaving cream on
    two knifes on a piece of metal
    a blade cutting open the ground
    a pair of glassess looking into a forest

    6 letters

  686. Rara says:

    Lady measuring waist
    Food scales
    Peice of england crumbling

  687. Guava says:

    Lady measuring waist
    Food scales
    England thing crumbling

  688. Dianna says:

    A grape fruit
    Someone pouring medicine
    Someone drinking out of a mug
    A glass of lemonade

  689. Billy bob says:

    Chicken on top of chicken eggs
    Little chicks squished next to each other
    Cartoon girl with her hand on her ear
    Two (twin?) boys looking away from each other

    HELP PLZ!!!!!!

  690. Brenda says:

    I have the kindle tablet version and I have this question out to lots of people and no one can come up with the answer. It’s #86 and when I look it up it isn’t the same pics.

    1. An apple painted blue with the paint dripping
    2. A red and white target with 3 blue darts in the bullseye
    3. A “no” sign—-a circle with a line through it
    4. A camera lens

    __ __ __ __ c __ 6 letters with the c in spot 5

    Letters are: A C B O T B
    Q N T O J E

  691. Elise says:

    A guy making pots
    A woman jogging
    Picture frames
    A triangular ruler.

    Five letters, E F Z S U L H I P M A G please help!

  692. Anonymous says:

    1.lady and guy on the computer
    2. desserts
    3. man playing golf
    4. Class with teacher teaching

  693. unknown says:

    the answer about the dessert is course

  694. unknown says:

    help!!!! a lit up cross crystal ball a wish bone and a statue
    6 letters IIFIRPNDEVBY

  695. Anonymous says:

    I got four people underwater please help me

  696. Anon says:

    A full bin
    A combine harvester in a field
    A digger in a landfill
    A machine in a dump

    Stuck for 3 days on this!

  697. Anonymous says:

    I got nuffin

  698. New Zealand 1808 says:

    Top right: core of the earth
    Top left: a little boy warning a cape
    Bottom right: a fire place, fire is going
    Bottom left: two woman, one women putting a fur coat on and the other lady helping her.

  699. Anonymous says:

    The one wit the orange and the pouring medicine and the glass wit juice in it wit ice too. The third letter is t

  700. Melissa says:

    1. Dinner setting
    2. White Brick Wall
    3. A cage with feathers
    4. Theater Seats

    Five Letters… the 4th letter is T
    Remaining letters
    M Q H Y O B P Z Z M E

  701. Maame says:

    Guy holding a book with sparkly studf

  702. yo mama says:

    A piret a ninja a lightsaver guy and a ninja

  703. Anonymous says:


    1. Picture of the Ocean/Sea
    2. Killer Whales/ Orcas in the Sea
    3. Hole in a wire fence
    4. Hole in a brick wall

  704. Anonymous says:


    1. Picture of the Ocean/Sea
    2. Killer Whales/ Orcas in the Sea
    3. Hole in a wire fence
    4. Hole in a brick wall

    Letters are H A C F M E J B Z N A R

  705. Anonymous says:


    2 pics of violins.cellos
    Plate with 3 fish on it
    And some symbol thing


  706. Breach says:


  707. lms says:

    level 372…girl with poka dot heels, girl trying on big sunglasses, guy with spiked up hair, guy with dark shades with hoodie n throwing up sone hand sign

  708. bkr says:


  709. Anonymous says:


    A giraffe on a hill
    A tree
    A guy’s tie
    And a guy standing on a thing working on a building

    It’s 6 letters

  710. Anonymous says:

    Group of kids holding school material
    Child cry holding someones feet
    Car handle

  711. Racheal says:

    Test strip.
    Girl looking at food.

  712. Heather says:

    Green car with lots of dust around it
    a crowd of people in a city
    the backs of people who look like they are striking or protesting
    a white vehicle driving on what looks like a sand bank.

  713. Anonymous says:

    All show sea in blue n boat sand

  714. Anonymous says:

    Please help out.. 1. Young n old lady seeing photo album. 2. Cd case 3. Old pics over book 4. Musician black shadow.

  715. Smiths... says:

    Level 244?

    Looks like

    Drawing of people heaps blue one red

  716. Rhiannon says:

    a huge colourful ape
    a huge clourful man
    2 astronauts in spaace
    1 astronaut in space

  717. monique says:

    6 letters

    Cough medicine
    Drinking something

  718. SUE says:


  719. Aliseea says:

    Ah some on is running it looks like its a porky pine ah there’s rocks and I think stilts and someone is clumbing a snowy mountain. It’s a six letter word and the letters are bpeskyskbrik I need help!

  720. Belinda says:

    Please help!
    collage of photos, rows of chairs, many flags, crowd of people

    • Anonymous says:

      Please help!
      collage of photos, rows of chairs, many flags, crowd of people


  721. Annoymouslol says:

    Plz help 6 word
    An eye
    Chystal ball with dove in it
    Blue ball which look like eye ball

  722. Shohaib says:

    A girl with toothpaste , plug sockets full of plugs, traffic signs and lights, and hammer

  723. Anonymous says:

    a cd/dvd, girl playing a board game, hot guy surrounded by 3 women touching him, a guy playin rounders

  724. Anonymous says:

    -United kingdom
    -a scale
    -and a woman with a waist measure

  725. Anonymous says:

    medals and trophys

  726. Anonymous says:

    nurses and doctors, a lady, army men, and a lady helpin a man holdin a tablet
    ZMNIRUUOSF are the letters

  727. What the says:

    A man holding a microphone and clipboard.
    Picture of an old wooden barrel thingy.
    Buttons on a stereo one says bass.
    A picture of I’m assuming is a factory.

  728. Anonymous says:

    peices of chocolate
    2 giant puzzle pieces
    square pizza

  729. help me! says:

    6 letter word ending in N letters S, O,T,R,M,I,A,N PIC IS
    petry dish with organisims in it
    a man lifting weights
    some pouring pasta into a pot
    an rope on a tighting/pully thing

  730. Anonymous says:

    Sharks swimming in the ocean
    A picture of some waves breaking
    A hole in a wall of rocks
    And a hole in some netting
    Thanks in advance

  731. Anonymous says:

    Whats the one w/ the ice cube, usa time zone, beeker, and continent w/ flags????????

  732. Mary says:

    dude with a girl,
    baseball player swinging
    litle girl with game pieces
    CD tray open
    6 letters

  733. Anonymous says:

    The thingy that says world isn’t world, it’s float.

  734. LOLA says:

    Help im stuck on this 5 letter word. It has a group of mountain hikers, three girl scout members, two tourists, and 2 people at an office

  735. Anonymous says:

    I need help on a 6 letter word.
    It has four pics of different beaches one has a palm tree one is the sea shaped as a heart and the letters are
    Please Help!!

  736. scott says:


  737. LOLA says:

    Help im stuck on this 5 letter word. It has a group of mountain hikers, three girl scout members, two tourists, and 2 people at an office

    help please

  738. LOLA says:

    Help im stuck on this 5 letter word. It has a group of mountain hikers, three girl scout members, two tourists, and 2 people at an office


  739. Ashley says:

    Can someone please help me I’m stuck.
    A train
    A person painted on a wall with a arrow infront of them
    Some leaves
    And a person bending down to pick up luggage

  740. age says:

    Sharks swimming in the ocean
    A picture of some waves breaking
    A hole in a wall of rocks
    And a hole in some netting
    Thanks in advance
    6 letters
    b t w r e h p b c a h u

  741. dem says:

    A man golfing
    A man teaching a class
    A woman on a computer with a man
    6 letters, help?

  742. dem says:

    C o s t r u l q l a b q e

  743. dem says:

    Rashly; leave

  744. john says:

    I need help on lvl 62 its a bunch of people flags white row of chairs and a TV or something. letters ljlempytane and it ends with an y 6 letter word

  745. Waqas says:

    dem its course

  746. Anonymous says:

    Old woman and daughter look through photo’
    Old photo’s
    Cd case
    yellow picture with a man and saying unplugged
    5 letters
    P m t a u g l b u v k v

  747. dem says:

    A cross
    A Buddha
    A phsicic
    And a wish bone
    5 letters

  748. Anonymous says:

    help 6 letters pic of a man playing golf,a teacher,two person on the computer ang plate of food..letters….I,U,U,R,R,S,O,O,Q,T,C.. tnx

  749. Justin says:

    There is 2 guys looks like they are at a mixin table. One has green flames around him. And then there is 2 horse races going on.

    Any ideas??!!
    6 letters

  750. jamile says:

    A woman in a bed of flowers a woman in a sauna a woman eating a bar of chocolate and a woman being given a massage

  751. jamile says:

    A woman in a bed of flowers a woman in a sauna a woman eating a bar of chocolate and a woman being given a massage 5 letters…

  752. mishls says:

    Flutes, sandstone, wet apples, ?

  753. yasmin beg says:

    i am stuck on one 5 letter word it has a girl checking what weight she is and this pille of money and a gram checker and a british map?
    anyone know

  754. Lori says:

    Help please, stuck for a day now. 5 letters ciunrpozfdte man standing in a boxing ring, guys drinking beer, 4 clocks and a round ball with country flags all over it

  755. Anonymous says:

    im stuck on one with a poke i dot bra and guy fixing a car a map with Australia on it and a curving bridge help

  756. me says:

    pic 428…help

  757. Chaps says:


    Please help.. I am stuck with a picture of bob Marley with a lady wearing a colorful shirt, a colorful peace sign, a group of people on the road with music instruments and luggage, lastly a bunch of colorful flowers., guys please help i have been stick for 2 days.. Thank you so much..

  758. Rich says:

    The picture says world on this website but it ends in a T

  759. Anonymous says:

    Help a construction worker blade 2 guys on a mountain

  760. desperate says:

    mines 6 letters its got an open tin a girl vacuuming her car a vacuum and a pipe thing

  761. Josiah says:

    I am stucked on a six letter word it has like a a girl holding a cup and a cup of water with a lemon on it and and a guy putting sum on a spoon

  762. Kellsi says:

    Im stuck on a level with 5 baby chicks, two boys back to back, a chicken and her eggs, and an girl looks like shes rubbing her face looks like shes depressed..
    Letters: v,d,b,v,o,z,e,c,z,r,o,q

  763. carol Dunham says:

    im stuck on a five letter word. it has a soccer cup, a dog with a robbon and a some sort of metal letters are: raundfawibo

  764. Wendi says:

    Polkadot bra, mechanic, map of Australia & bridge is “Under”.

  765. I love whats the word says:

    I’m stuck on a word that has 5 letters with an apple a wind chime and a hole and a canyon

  766. Jade says:

    im stuck on 6 letters and theres a pink round thing , pasta, a man with a bar, and a rope thing

  767. Lillie says:

    Hey jade. didnt know you played 4 pics 1 word

  768. Lily says:

    wendi i think it might be cup

  769. Maddie says:

    I’m stuck on 6 letters, it’s pictures of coconut tree and beaches with clear water, helppp can’t figure it out

  770. liz says:

    Im stock in level 111 it got an elephant, two mouse in a ramp, a worker pulling pallets, and a weight thing to exercise.. 5 letter word help

  771. O-rranger says:

    Long desk, people cheering, flags, mixed photos

  772. jennski says:

    What is number 156

  773. Katy1234 says:

    I’m stuck on a six word question it has a man holding the joystick for a car, a group of teenage girls, a little boy holding onto a mans leg and a beehive????

  774. lololol says:

    Im stuck there is a pic of flags a pic of a crowd a pic of chairs and a pic of pics?

  775. Aida says:

    There is man playing golf
    A girl and a boy working with the computer
    A food
    A man teaching in a class

  776. john says:

    Stuck on level 229, 5 letter the answer on here says world, but there are no letters to spell that word.any help would be great.thanks.

  777. sheldon says:

    Stuck on a grapefruit and pineapple water and a guy taking liquid medicine and a girl drinking something with her face like it’s nasty

  778. Ayaniba says:

    One pic with a guy doing push up, an old lady doing exercise in the gym, a child playing with his toy in the sand and a guy pointing his finger

  779. Anonymous says:

    im stuck sign peace

  780. A says:

    5 letter word- basket ball going in hoop, written music, and a pencil with check boxes, and some old writing. ? Help? Thanks.

  781. Anonymous says:



  782. kayla says:

    im stuck there is …
    a boy eating a big bowl of spaggetti
    a man on top of a filled suitcase
    heaps of junk and dishes
    big chicken with heaps of veges around in

  783. Help says:

    5 letter word-
    Basketball going through hoop
    Written music
    Old letters(Greek)?
    A smiling pencil with boxes to check mark.

  784. A says:

    Pic frames
    Triangle level
    Potter with pot on spinning wheel
    5 letters

  785. Laze says:

    I’m stuck on a pic of great Briton money a weighing thing and a tape weigher

  786. Scarlett says:

    ^ LAZE the answer is pound

  787. mishls says:

    A doll with stars on dress looking up at a pile of presants
    abunch of stars in shape of a tree
    A man toasting with a Champlain glass
    A 25th anniversary sign
    I need a 5 letter word

  788. Anonymous says:

    6-letter word

    2 pics of racing horse and 2 pics of DJ on board..
    PLS HELP!! thanks!

  789. Anonymous says:

    pls help,
    6-letter word O B E S U C J Y P O Q K
    2 pics of racing horse
    2 pics DJ on board

  790. Kylee says:

    Suck on one with monkey looking statue thing, a statue thing with confetti I think and 2 astronauts..help please! 5 letters

  791. MD says:

    pls help im stuck
    6-letter-word O B E S U C J Y P O Q K

    2 pics of DJ on board
    2 pics of racing horse

  792. Anonymous says:

    6 letters
    i dont know what its name is but the girl buddha
    a cross
    crystal ball with hands on it
    a stck on rocks n dirt????

  793. Anonymous says:

    pls help, im stuck
    4-letter-word P M C C O O Y P U Q H S
    1 – father and son shaving
    2 – a printer
    3 – denture
    4 – cursive writing

  794. chris says:

    stuck on level 51 what is a 6 letter word from these letters fsqyemnplvgt

  795. Anonymous says:

    5-letter word I V F K C Y H E X Z C Z

    1-a bottle of soda
    2- a glass of water with some tablets beside
    3- water with some bubbles
    4- a glass of water

  796. Anonymous says:

    5-letter word
    a man pushing 2 parts of jigsaw puzzle
    pcs of chocolate
    sliced cake
    sliced pizza in square parts

    N P Z Q N E C E T K I F

  797. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on a six letter, two rings joined together, old couple, young couple wrapped up in a blanket, and the front of a trailer?

  798. Sophie says:

    I need help 6 words in it the letters are etlgaebaisve
    I’m on level 195 plz help

  799. Anonymous says:

    I need help with a six letter word. It’s had a picture of a guy golfing, some type of treat, 2 people looking at a computer screen and smiling and a teacher teaching students (he’s writing on the board) I’m on level 292 please helppppp

  800. Ifrah says:

    A 5 letter word


  801. Anonymous says:

    What’s the six letter word level 362

  802. katiebug3 says:

    5 letters.car peeling out. Car driving.in sand. People with picket signs. Croudd in the city

  803. Morgan says:

    I am on level 326 and I have a pictures of chicks (small, fluffy and yellow), a hen sitting on eggs, a cartoon girl scratching her head with a squiggle above it and two boys, hands on chin facing away from each other looking thoughtful.

    Letters are A P R G D R X B T Y O O πŸ™‚

  804. Anonymous says:

    4 letter word
    fish hook with worm
    mouse trap with cheese
    house bread
    (can’t figure out the last pic)

    N A E U T G V H O I O B

  805. fiona says:


  806. No name says:

    Help pictures are clothes on a clothes line, an older woman arms wide open on a beach, a little girl with wind blown hair, and tall wind propellers in the middle of a body if water. Letters are WEPZBUXRREEM

  807. Emily says:

    Five letter word….
    A scrapbook with pictures on it
    A woman showing an older lady a book
    A guitarist with his guitar unplugged
    A blank cd case cover
    Letters are …ZZBYLUSZFC

  808. Robin says:

    5 letter word..

    a callender with a red pin on it
    a callender with a bunch of pins on it
    a dinner plate with brown mushrooms
    the last one is kinda strange, child hand crushing a sandwich with milk

    hope you can help me

  809. Anonymous says:

    Teacher teaching on board
    Guy and girl on computer
    5 letters
    Level 266

  810. Anonymous says:

    Lady with open sissors in her hand and measuring tape around her neck

    Someone sewing something with a sewing machine

    Some sort of bucket spilling out water

    Some sort of old tube thing (?)

  811. Trinesa Ellison says:

    Can someone help.. there are two blue safty pins, a hard hat wirh a blue square in front, a glove with blue dots and a razor with a blue tip.

  812. Sam says:

    Help Please? My pictures are
    -a guy pouring medicine on a spoon
    -a glass of lemonade
    – and a woman with her hood on and she is scrunching up her fave while drinking out of a mug
    Level 146 on Andriod

  813. Anonymous says:

    please help Sewing machine ,a large pipe with water coming out, a woman holding scissors and a large pipe on the ground

  814. allison says:

    it is pipe

  815. MrsC says:

    Woman holding a broken vase with a glue bottle on the nightstand, roll
    Of duck tape, a man working under a vehicle, and a bunch of tools

  816. Hehe says:

    Voodoo doll, witch, frog with crown, alphabet with hello spelt out. HELP!!!!!!

  817. Anonymous says:

    A woman in a sauna, a woman eating chocolate, a woman getting a massage, and a woman in a bed of flowers . ..5 words

  818. Anonymous says:

    on here it says the answer is world, but its not on mine.
    an astronaut, two more astronauts, colorful monsters, and another colorful monster.
    5 letters

  819. Anonymous says:

    A peice of the british flag, a measuring tape around a waist, money, and a scale.

  820. Anonymous says:

    please help woman and old woman looking at photos. a bunch of old photos. a man with an unplugged guitar. open cd case 5 letters

  821. :) says:


  822. Jasmine says:

    a airplane finna land , a las vegas blvd sign and a beach

  823. Samantha says:

    Help! I’m on level 402.

    Polka dotted bra, Man working on a car, a map that shows australia in yellow, and a bridge.

    five letters
    d, u, c, r, e, c, e, n, a, g, s, s,

  824. Anonymous says:

    hnjm k

  825. Anonymous says:

    A dog with cocktails a beach a pool with a lady sunbathing and trees

  826. Anonymous says:

    a stone wall missing a stone ,net with a hole,orca whales, sea crashing on the rocks -go letters been stuck for days arrrrr

  827. Anonymous says:

    a stone wall missing a stone ,net with a hole,orca whales, sea crashing on the rocks -6 letters been stuck for days arrrrr
    I need help pls

  828. Aaron says:

    OMD 4 Words

    1 a girl smiling
    2 a luky flower
    3 a piggy bank
    4 a girl looking on the right

  829. Aaron says:

    5 Words
    1 a girl smiling
    2 a luky flower
    3 a piggy bank
    4 a girl looking on the right

  830. Anonymous says:

    3 teens laughing
    2 little boys making silly faces at each other (laughingly)
    A girl with a comb stuck in her hair
    2 adult with long hair (1 woman 1 man ?) with their hair tangled together

  831. Aaron says:

    5 words
    Can you guess the word?
    4 Pics 1 Word
    _ _ _ _ _ (5 letters) Possible letters: I Z R H U C B A M I X M

    1 a girl with blond hair
    2a flower with 4 little leafes
    3piggy bank
    4a girl looking on right

  832. Anonymous says:

    Four aces ( in cards ), more cards, men playing with cards, different colour circle things
    Five letters
    Wmeemfporkwn. _______
    | | ______. | | |
    | | | | | |
    |_____| |___. | |______|.
    | |. | | |
    | |. |_____. |_______. |

  833. Anonymous says:

    3 teens laughing
    2 little boys making silly faces at each other (laughingly)
    A girl with a comb stuck in her hair
    2 adult with long hair (1 woman 1 man ?) with their hair tangled together


  834. anonymous says:

    a piece of cheesecake
    a classroom with teacher writing on whiteboard
    a man having just swung a golf club
    someone looking over a man shoulder to the computer
    im stuck help

  835. Anonymous says:

    5 etters

    a guy with a deck of cards, another guy with a deck of cards, someone leaping over two split landmasses, and a picture of a scenic cliff and ocean


  836. Trevor says:

    Flags, A bunch of people, Long white table, and random pics.
    6 letters
    Letters are
    o y l w n h y p p h p t e

  837. Courtney says:

    a girl laying in grass with her head up, a girl laying down getting her back rub, a girl in a Sana, and I girl eating a chocolate piece

  838. Robert says:

    6 letters
    a woman with long red hair, a man playing tennis, blue painted strips and black painted strips?

    • Anonymous says:

      And the letters are l w n t o r e w h s d k please help

      • Anonymous says:

        STROKE – I was stuck on the same one but I had different letters so looked at which ones were the same and voila!!!

  839. Anonymous says:

    A map of america, a globe spun on europe, an ice cube, and boiling water.
    5 letter word, letter are: A W S F T T E V O O S U

  840. Monica says:

    Please help
    A little boy crying on the floor holding on to a grown ups foot
    a hand clasping a gear stick
    A group of teens looks like a class
    And a golden purse

  841. anynonmous says:

    Need help …
    Its like they look like hippies

  842. colleen power says:

    Ice cube answer is ” state”

  843. Robert says:

    The answer is stroke

  844. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I ment
    Robert the answer

  845. Anonymous says:

    I need help
    I bright cross, a stick, a glass ball like fortune teller and a Buddha statue

  846. Anonymous says:

    Need Help
    there is a whale, a hole in a net, a hole in a rock wall and a wave g,g,h,m,a,c,r,a,b,f,e and u

  847. Anonymous says:

    stack of money, a girl measuring her waist, a map of usa with a piece missing and a scale
    5 letters

  848. Anonymous says:

    Wats the red-head, tennis player, blue stripes & black stripes

  849. Anonymous says:

    6 letters AMNDSWPLRTSZ

    A ship on sand,message in a bottle on the beach,girl with hand by her face,?

  850. Anonymous says:

    7 letters. T Y F R C M E A I L R
    A pile of CDs
    A ledger with some entries circled in red
    A broken board enter key showing
    A yellow gel capsule

  851. jack says:

    Five letters. Pig with clover, four leaf clover, a blonde girl, brunet with hair in bun.

  852. Anonymous says:

    a bird cage, red seats, a plate with a napkin and a wine glass and the last pic has an empty stage help me im stuck badly

  853. yadhu says:

    baby eating noodles
    men putting cloth in his bag and its full
    kitchen items all mix
    letters are U S Y D T Z F P

  854. Stab says:

    The Buddha, dowsing rod, bright cross, crystal ball answer is DIVINE

  855. shopgirl says:

    Crime scene
    Woman collapsed
    Two little figures, one choking the other
    A tree with a flock of birds around

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  857. Anonymous says:

    Pleas help someone putting white coat on wonan, fireplace, fireball, little boy with red cape on with a lighting bolt on his shirt

  858. JayMee says:

    @shopgirl — the answer is murder

  859. Anonymous says:

    Gears one blue three green
    Gear again

  860. Naomi says:

    6 letter word, a toddler pleasing his father,a gold purse, and teens

  861. Anonymous says:

    Someone pouring medicine
    Woman drinking
    Glass of lemonade(with lemon on side)
    Passion fruit(I think)?

  862. Anonymous says:

    6 letter word: flags, crowd of people, long table with chairs and a load of pictures reflectingon the purple background

  863. Karina says:

    number 40 please

  864. Anonymous says:

    A witch
    A frog with a crown on its head
    Letters saying hello
    A dummy or raped toy

  865. . says:

    Five letter word, filled bin and all other pictures arejust waste… Letters are…a z d t t i h m r r r s.

  866. Risa says:

    5 letter word, letters are G,D,G,H,M,A,O,R,A,C,Z,Y

    We need help ASAP

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  867. Anonymous says:

    Money, a woman with a measuring tape around her body, the United kingdom, weighing scales ?? 5 letters ????

  868. dp says:

    im on l;evel 202. i know the answer is world because i have looked it up, but there is no d in my letters ????????? what do i do, i can not move forward without completeing this

  869. naman says:

    i am on level 196
    ans. is world cuz i have looked up but there is no “w” “r” “d”
    pls give a ans

  870. DEEDEE says:


  871. Anonymous says:

    Puzzle of Britain with Union Jack
    Women measuring waist
    A weight scale
    A bunch of world currency

  872. Anonymous says:

    Bread Help???

  873. Anonymous says:

    Slice of fancy cake, man golfing, girl helping guy on computer, guy teaching class… Please help

  874. Anonymous says:

    An astronaut, an other astronaut, what looks like a fair, and a giant fake gorilla??
    And it’s not world ???

  875. Anonymous says:

    4 cranes 5 letters VEYOQNRNHOV help plz?????

  876. Anonymous says:

    The word is empty

  877. Anonymous says:

    A train
    A light going through leaves
    A man picking up a few bags
    Another man running and there is a huge painting behind him on the wall of a stick figure running

  878. dawn c. says:

    Pic of a guy with guitar says unplugged…two women looking at picture album…some old pictures…blank cd
    UXKLQMYAYBMP 5 letter word

  879. Sheree says:

    An astronaut, an other astronaut, what looks like a fair, and a giant fake gorilla??
    And it’s not world ???

    Reply pls

  880. anonymous says:

    pic of a dj
    pic of a glowing dj
    two pics of horses racing
    6 letter word

  881. bridgette says:

    Stage coach, train, bus, and a basketball court drawing. Letters are

  882. jennifer says:

    theres a guy typing
    a guy playing golf
    a teacher pointing at a white board
    and small plate of desert

    can someone help

  883. Anonymous says:

    Different sizes got clothing
    A man with his hands in the air
    Meat that’s cut in half
    Don’t know what the last one is


  884. doha says:

    money , a scale, a girl’s belly with a meausuring ruler around it , and a state with blue white and red 5 letters

  885. david says:

    What do whales , and a cave and a beach have in common

  886. Bella says:

    Doha. It’s pound

  887. mz fiesty says:

    Please help 5letter 1pic is a bottle of soda 2pic is an glasswith alka selzer 3pic is boling water 4pic is glass of soda

  888. Carmen says:


    Open empty Bird cage
    Cinema seat
    Table with wind glass
    Empty White Wall and floor


  889. Kayla says:

    Help please its driving me crazy!
    6 Letter word: M T D L I U H C R A O N
    1) Black & white “scene” thing used in movies
    2) Man running through water
    3) Guy in suit holding two guns
    4) Lower view, line of cyclists

  890. Jaye says:


  891. Colleen says:

    What looks like wrestling champion belts, the front page of a newspaper, a book with “Knigge” on the cover, and a Queen Elizabeth looking chick. Letters are D E R U T Z M L T R I R

  892. Alyssa says:

    A cross center pic of the earth
    A kid with a superhero cape and a shirt with lightning bolt
    A woman trying on a white furry coat
    A fireplace decorated for christmas

    Six letters

  893. alexis says:


  894. Alexis says:

    A women looking into a ball
    A bright yellow cross
    A religion statue
    A wisbone shape stick laying on red dirt

  895. Jaimi says:

    A five letter word starting with G. One pic is a swan, the other three are of woman dancing ?

  896. Sheri says:

    Okay so there’s :
    ~Doll Thing
    ~Hello In Pretty Colours
    Thanx πŸ™‚

  897. sara says:

    someone standing on a kid
    a hand grabbing a black ball
    a group of ppl
    and a purse

  898. dana says:

    For sara, its clutch

  899. Sam says:

    -car with dust behind it
    -car playing on sand dunes
    -students protesting
    -crowded street

    5 letters

  900. dawn c. says:

    5 letters ZECNBAPEUKLN
    a group of ppl. One lools like a judge
    A window with open shutters
    What looks like cabinet doors
    Looks like a sound board with many buttons that say ext. Pb. Rec. channel. Ect

  901. Phillip says:

    The one for World (with the astronauts and parade things) is missing the r and d in the choice of letters. Anyone know how to fix that?

  902. Pingback: 6 let - What's The Word Answers

  903. Anon says:

    a white table with lots of white chairs
    a sort of mirror image of lots of different places
    flags on poles
    poeple with their arms up

    6 letters

  904. Trista says:

    some money both american and british
    a womans waste with a measuring tape around it
    the uk
    and a weigh thing

  905. Kim says:

    Man lifting weights or barbell being lifted
    pushing a button
    rearangeing letters on a wooden sign

    letters RQCPKEESDSOL
    5 spaces

  906. catshabri says:

    boxing match, 2 pictures of men at a computer, 2 men playing ice hockey. five letters. LXYTEJXBUSWP.

  907. Lauren H. says:

    one is a grocery cart with food , then a brief case full of money, then beer, then a crate filled with fruit

  908. Anonymous says:

    Letters: E V S O R Q C H V O R Y

    Music Notes
    Writing on wood
    Paper with Happy Face, Sad Face and Normal Face

  909. Anonymous says:

    Sheri it’s SPELL

    • Sheri says:

      Aww sweet πŸ™‚ thanks mate πŸ™‚ been killing myself over tht one πŸ˜› not literally but you get what I mean ye? πŸ™‚

  910. jessica says:

    5 letters
    1. Boxing ring, you see feet
    2. Guys holding a glass with beer
    3. 4 clocks
    4. A ball made of country flags

  911. R says:

    Picture of a half open cd case
    A woman and daughter looking at pics
    Yellow pic of a guy with electric guitar
    Old photos lying on top of a frame

  912. Sophie says:


  913. King says:

    -two astronauts floating around
    -1 astronaut floating
    -a purple gorilla
    -and a type of festival
    5 letters

  914. m says:

    a bus
    horse driven carrige
    a train
    some guy making a plan like thing
    it’s 5 letters

  915. King says:

    -guy kneeling on a suitcase
    -boy eating spergetti
    -bunch of plates and cups
    -a chicken with fruits
    5 letters

  916. lisa says:

    an elephant
    a man pulling boxes
    mice on a scale
    weight from a gym
    5 letters

  917. jd says:

    Blonde girl pig with clover and coin in mouth clover and olive skinned girl with black hair up

  918. megan says:

    4 pictures of different meats. Can’t figure it out.

  919. Anonymous says:

    Try raw

  920. liza says:

    what is a
    -a white table and chairs
    -all kinds of flags
    -people chearing
    -little pictures

  921. A says:

    A sign with a stick man and an arrow.
    A new train
    Leaves in the sky
    A man picking luggage off the ground
    6 letters
    Help please

  922. Lachy says:

    A party
    National flags
    A long white table
    And cards
    6 letters

  923. Lachy says:


  924. Amanda says:

    A lake or pond
    2 ppl walking down what looks like a park
    A lady putting her finger over her lips
    looked like she is tryin to do the quiet action
    2 deer gazing n the field

    – it’s not quiet tryed didn’t work

  925. KATHRYN says:

    I’m going crazy: woman looking at two beakers; pen, glasses, and dictionary; woman writing outside in a field; three beakers in a lab half full of liquid.
    5 letters
    Been stuck on this one for DAYS

  926. Shakur says:

    Two Astronauts, a festival, a gorilla


    Five letters Help!!!

  927. Anonymous says:

    A hen and chicks two boys thinking and a cartoon

  928. ashley says:

    Family reading a book.
    man holding. Tablet with light showing on his face with a surmised look.
    four crumbled up papers yellow lightbulb.
    girl undersheet with a flashlight reading a book.

  929. Don't Care says:

    A man holding a sleeve
    A broken chain
    Some thing of website idk
    A man touching something round

    5 letters

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  931. Madison says:

    A man teaching a girl how to ride a bike
    A woman sewing
    A woman pressing the things on the bottom of a piano with her foot
    The thing that you press on a sewing machine

    5 letters, help!

  932. Angel says:

    A hen with eggs…little chicks…2 boys thinking…. and a cartoon? 5 letters? HELP

  933. Agnes says:

    level 274:

    5 letters:
    – 2 people in karate
    – a pic with cheese, bread and tomato
    – a tall building like office or apartment
    – a monther and a child in a living room with some bricks (toys)

    choice of letters:LDUKBECFJQOB

    help please.

  934. Renee says:

    Four aces
    Straight Flush; 10, J, Q, K, A spade
    Guys playing cards
    Three stacks of poker chips


  935. Gabbyisawsome says:

    The one that’s 5 letters with an astronaut, two astronauts, monkey things and a thing with colour is wrong it’s not world it is float.

  936. Anonymous says:

    horse cart & boy
    gestation period chart

  937. Anonymous says:

    for last post sorry forgot to say 5 letters

  938. Anonymous says:

    tis ok I figured it, it’s stage πŸ™‚

  939. Anonymous says:

    Help with level 360?

  940. sofea says:

    been stuck for a day now with level 410
    – 3 people looks like a judge/lawyer holding a gavel
    – a recording machine buttons (kind of)
    – look like a wooden door
    – wooden house in a forest (I think so)
    5 letter word A K T I N D A P E O M O
    do help please.

  941. Anonymous says:

    I DID NOT FIND WHAT I WANTED. So i wanted to say can you put more awnsers!

  942. Anonymous says:

    Please help I can’t get this one it has a dessert a teacher teaching a class
    People working on the computer and a guy who is golfing!! The letters are

  943. Ariel says:

    Family reading, a girl reading under the covers with a flash light, a guy ready on a tablet that’s exploding and 4 sheets of crumpled paper one blue yellow brown and green with the yellow one has a light bulb under it help

  944. Anonym says:


    Girl with feathers

    White thingy

    Man and women walking down a stair

    And red spiky thing thats has broke the ground

  945. stupid crazy says:


  946. Anonymous says:

    Girl in flowers smiling
    Girl getting a massage
    Girl sitting in a sauna
    Girl biting into chocolate
    5 letters

  947. Lucy says:

    A piece of broken glass, a woman on a deck chair, a man breaking into a house and a man doing a one handed hand stand?

  948. Anon says:

    I can’t work it out?!

    Aeroplane lifting off
    Pieces of blank paper in different shapes laid out
    The coast of an island
    Sign for Las Vegas BLVD

  949. Anon says:

    Letters are: PNXMTTSRDSIT

  950. J W says:

    has anyone gotten though 403

  951. J W says:

    V M W Y R G K E T P S P

  952. J W says:

    It is a 5 letter word. And the letters are VMWYRGKETPSP

  953. Yhhhh says:

    A guy in space and another guy in space with a gorilla sort of thing and colours but the answer is not world plzzzzz help!!!!!

  954. meg says:

    Got a 6 letter word, 2nd 2 last letter is S. Help!

  955. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with the red rope broken and a girl crying

  956. WORD UP says:

    NEED HELP!!!!!


    PLZZZZZZZZZ HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! thank you -_-

  957. Anonymous says:

    need help 7-letter word R N E A G O H H Y M D J
    -yin yang symbol
    -dove with leaves on its beak
    -choir members
    -musical notes

  958. Stan says:

    HELP ME!

    5 letter word

    2 pics of a guy holding cards
    A bunch of casino chips
    A bunch of men playing at a casino

    Letters are: PREWZHNCIOKC

  959. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word and the letters sre: artmrkcbfhco . Pictures are a blond girl with blue eyes; a dark haired girl with brown eyes; a pig with clover and a penny stuck in ut and a four leaf clovet please help!!!!!!

  960. Marc says:


    1. A guy with a camera
    2. A guy in handcuffs
    3. Handcuffs
    4. Mouse trap

  961. Help says:

    Heeeelp!! A girl punching a guy wiv a music player a crowd and some docery zigzag lines!!!

  962. Stella mclean says:

    Emmm Indont know what to say

  963. Alex says:

    Need Help Plz!

    Pictures: Four Chicks, Girl Holding Her Ear, Hen Sitting On Her Eggs, and Two Boys Thinking

    Letters: H T W M R G J O O F B D

  964. Alex says:

    And It’s A Five Letter Word

  965. nicole says:

    pls help a 5 letter word
    – a girls stomach with a tape measure around it
    – a weight scale
    – a pile of money
    – englands land that’s painted like its flag
    letters: tdyknuacxpop

  966. Anonymous says:

    A theater
    A mask
    end of a violin wif music score beneath
    A music score

    5 letters


  967. Suzy Francis says:

    Nicole, I think it is POUND

  968. Annoy says:

    Two guys facing the laptop brain-storming, stressful. Another picture with two boxers and one lying on the floor. Another pic is skating

    Letters : b l u s t a j m o f e p

  969. Anonymous says:

    A boxing match, some guys drinking beer, four clocks, a globe of flags.


  970. Jenny says:

    This game is so fun and really easy. I am on 145! : )

  971. Ruby says:

    This is the best game ever it’s super easy and plus I’m on level 204
    Awesome πŸ˜€
    I rock
    Peace out pll

  972. rosa says:

    im on level 175 and it shud be world but its not in the letters so wat shud i do ???

  973. diana says:

    Stuck level 333 pictures of a sheet of paper spelling case a girl with a green shirt on staring at a plate with a piece of pie on it lookin sad a white board saying 1+1=2 and a color wheel with ph-10 with a flask with green stuff in it
    5 letters

  974. Anonymous says:

    5 letters RPEBGCNNHDUA Pic of a map, mechanic, bridge and a red bra with white poker dots

  975. Jilly says:

    Stuck on 417. Bird cage with white feather floating outside of it. White brick wall, red seats in a row like at a theater. And table setting with wine glass,plate and napkin. 5 letters. UBPOAMYATIME…….Help please!!

  976. Gorga says:

    Swirly pattern,camera lens,sun rise,girl reading with glasses.
    5 letters


  977. Me says:

    5 letter word

    A island in binoculars
    A game board
    Green grass with the sunshine
    Income circled with red pen

    L R U I E F
    Y H W U D D

  978. Trish says:

    Level 510, six letter word, pic of camera, graph with wavy lines, alarm clock showing 10 to 2 and a sound mixer board. Letters are alngwfopimaw HELP stuck for two days on this driving me mad

  979. Tom says:

    I am over 9000 πŸ˜‰

  980. Gloria says:

    Please help
    5 letter word
    Arm joint
    Bent knee
    Door hinge

  981. Anonymous says:

    Stuck help
    Letters r: Aewsodevgncv
    4 pics of course one of a wolf,
    those rubbish square things,
    2 pics of old crap at the dump
    Btw I love 1D

  982. jay says:

    Its not quiet

  983. Idiot says:

    I am stuck on 160

  984. Anonymous says:

    I am an idiot

  985. jade says:

    i dont have a ‘D’ for the one with the word ‘world’ in it :s

  986. Nine says:

    I need help. 5 Letter Word

    Black book “Knigge”
    3 Champion belt (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    Newspaper “Daily News”
    Women Look like nobility

    F C I T O I
    T N E L O L

  987. Renee says:

    im stuck …

    Las Vegas
    Pieces or paper

  988. Shaylynn says:

    I need help, 5 letters
    Man cooking on grill
    Steak cooking on grill
    Old man pointing at girl kinda angrily
    Red cars right headlight


  989. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on the one which above says world but that does not work so what is it

  990. Amanda says:

    Can someone plz help me on level 170pls

  991. Anonymous says:

    a lady with old woman pointing in album
    a cd with case
    old photos
    a drawing with guitar, yellow back ground

    help pls… heres the letter: F C V M P G R B L A U X

  992. J says:

    a lady with old woman pointing in album
    a cd with case
    old photos
    a drawing with guitar, yellow back ground

    help pls… heres the letter: F C V M P G R B L A U X

  993. asd says:

    World is wrong

  994. Pix says:

    A newspaper
    Three medals (bronze, silver and gold) like wrestling ones
    A book that says knigge
    And a woman dressed up in really old school clothes
    5 letters
    Q T W E T L
    P Q M R P I

  995. Anonymous says:

    Theater seats, an open cage with feathers flying out, a wall with lights shining on it and a dinner table with a wine glass and a perfectly set napkin
    Five letters..HELP

  996. Anonymous says:

    2 guys in a boxing ring, 3 guys holding beer, a globe made of flags, and 4 clocks.

  997. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on a pic
    With a tooth
    A owl
    Books on a shelf
    And a sculpture of a mans head
    Letters uohygwskdtmi please help

  998. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on a pic
    With a tooth
    A owl
    Books on a shelf
    And a sculpture of a mans head
    Letters uohygwskdtmi please help
    6 letters

  999. Anonymous says:

    World is wrong. Its float

  1000. Anonymous says:

    Need help 5 letters women carrying paper and 4 pieces of paper on the wall

  1001. victoria says:

    What’s the one with a plane,las vegas blvd sign, a beah and a paper being folded

  1002. Lily says:

    What’s the answer to the one with

  1003. Yasemin says:

    Hi I am stuck on the following please help
    Waiter serving
    Three glasses on a table
    What’s the word please

  1004. john says:

    carleton, fried chicken, grape soda, and a black guy letters s i g v e r h n r g l e j…help please

  1005. rosa says:

    *many flags
    * post cards
    *a long table with many chairs
    *many people

    6 letters first letter in the word is the letter p
    all letters is TBNCPEYNALLM

  1006. me says:

    red bra

    5 letters

  1007. annabellexx says:


    this is level 372

    there are:

    ~ two guys in a boxing ring (but the camera is aiming at t=one of the guy’s feet)
    ~ a globe/sphere with all the flags of the wold on it
    ~ 4 white, plain clocks
    ~ 3 guys in a bar – one is offering a drink to another

    5 letters
    letters are – Q V K D R N U Z E O O D

  1008. Jess says:

    a famliy reading a book, a piece of paper scrunched up like a light globe, a girl under her blanket reading a book with a torch and a man looking at either a book or tablet which has pink colours coming out at him been stuck on this for days

  1009. Anonymous says:

    briefcase of money, glass of beer, cart of vegetables, box of apples

  1010. Anonymous says:

    This has a crack egg,taiko,nut and rock it is a 5letter word

  1011. Andrea says:


    This is level 174

    there are:

    ~ a crowd of people at a concert
    ~ a graph
    ~ a woman kickboxing
    ~ a guy dancing with a boomblaster on his shoulder

    4 letters
    letters are – B U E Z X C L O T A W

  1012. Logan says:

    It’s club.

  1013. Logan says:

    Didn’t mean to send that twice. Now I hope someone can help me.


    • Logan says:

      Actually don’t know if that’s going to work.

      1st pic: is a street light post with Las Vegas blvd on it.

      2nd pic: way too hard to explain. No idea what it’s even supposed to be. Basically… It’s like three small white triangle shapes all the way to the top left. Then it has a big square immediately to the left of said triangle shapes. And then there’s another rectangle about the same dimensions as the square. There’s another of these rectangular pieces directly below the third rectangle I mentioned. And then in the bottom left hand are two long skinny rectangles that run parallel with each other and the rest of the shapes on the paper. No idea what it’s supposed to be. But I tried my best…

      3rd pic: this is like a jumbo jet landing, or taking off, on an empty, what seems to be a street, because there’s grass on both sides of the runway. Idk if its relevant. But it’s cloudy behind the jet.

      4th pic: is a big beach sparsely populated, and it has a big sand bar running through the cove in an s shape. There’s two or three boats in the water..

      Lol that’s like most detailed description ever…

      Hope someone can finally help me figure it out. I’ll feel so dumb once I find out, too.

      Hurry and help me! It’s been like two hours >.<

  1014. Sophie says:

    Ok I’m stuck on 206 this site reckons its world but it isn’t :/ the letters are H O J R I A L T R U T F , anyone help me?:P

  1015. chris says:

    4 letters
    two statues, police, hitch hike

  1016. rachel says:

    Deck. Of cards… person at airport … person waiting … and someone waiting at a business meeting. Help 4 letter word

  1017. Pieta says:

    Thanks for helping it was BEAT for mine. I didn’t have the letter C & it was level 143 for me.

  1018. Someone says:

    Help me!!!

    A row of red chairs
    A cage letting out feathers
    A plain white brick stage
    And a couple wine bottles with a plate and a napkin on it


  1019. Someone says:

    Plus its a 5 letter word

  1020. Vickie says:


  1021. Meee says:


    Two Speaker

    5 Letter Word

  1022. Manu says:


    1. Sausage
    2. Rope
    3. Cut steak
    4. Too books


  1023. ellie says:

    on the one that says world on the game it doesnt have a w or a r so its not world now im really stuck

  1024. j0babe says:

    PLS help..
    5 letter-word >> SEHRSGSGPBRO

    a speaker with the word BASS,machines in a factory, a man holding a microphone and an old cylindrical machine made of wood and metal.. πŸ™

  1025. a says:


  1026. Anonymous says:

    It’s float πŸ™‚

  1027. Anonymous says:

    jess were you able to answer that im stuck on the same level?

  1028. Anonymous says:

    Hockey players mma fighter wit one knocked out and two men on laptops with angry faces level 347 letters MSEEUPFCAPTD

  1029. Denise says:

    Plz help

    Cracked eggshell
    A cracked oyster
    A taco
    Some kind of nut

    Letters are E L H X K S R W F F L M

    • guapo says:

      eggshell -shell, cracked oyster –hard shell, taco..shaped like shell, hmmmm nut..shell?
      i think the answer is S H E L L

  1030. magooshie says:

    i can’t get this one!!!!

    a persons face
    a cats face
    a CD player
    part of a keyboard

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  1031. Anonymous says:

    Is it face maybe???

  1032. Lobster says:

    Help, what is:
    Glass of beer on table
    Shopping trolley with fruit in it
    Apples in a wooden box
    Brief case open with money (notes) inside it

  1033. dj says:

    its full

  1034. dj says:

    lobster its full

  1035. Brooke says:

    Omg I can not get number 208
    It’s got a puzzle a sink a girl playing on a iPod and I don’t know the other thing
    Do you know.

  1036. Anonymous says:

    Chicken sitting on eggs
    Line of chicks
    Two boys looking away from each other puzzled
    A cartoon of a confused girl

  1037. Anonymous says:

    The one saying world or pic or two astronauts a pic of one astronaut both in salve! And two paradise pics 5 letters says world but no w help!!! X

  1038. Stuck says:

    I have a guy holding a rope with a sail boat behind him, appears to be sail lines up close, a group of people in red shorts running on a beach and rows of all white manikins (one black in center)… What could it be?? 4 letters

  1039. KzH says:

    one lady holding shoes up yo her face looking puzzled,
    another with her hair all frizy and shes screaming.
    a man looking angry with steam coming out of his ears
    and the last a lady with her hair in curlers with bright red lip stick on!
    im so confused!!!!!
    its a four letter word,
    letters are:
    o z g a a s
    r b e g z a

  1040. princess says:

    fuck every body in diz page

    • stefen says:

      hi princess… u have a problem…. why u f___ every body in diz page..
      no one offered u an answer to your frustration ….let me help u…say it to me one more time

  1041. Help says:

    I have a guy holding a rope with a sail boat behind him, appears to be sail lines up close, a group of people in red shorts running on a beach and rows of all white manikins (one black in center)… What could it be?? 4 letters

  1042. Anonymous says:

    21 level per kon sa answer hai

  1043. isabella says:

    help me on

  1044. Anonymous says:


    Two Speaker

    5 Letter Word

  1045. Bevanne says:


    Two Speaker

    5 Letter Word

  1046. shelby says:

    ice cube map with clocks map with flags and a beaker over flame. five lettets

  1047. Anonymous says:

    plz help
    lots of ppl
    lots of flags
    lots of chairz
    lots of cards

    4leter word

  1048. farah says:

    plz help
    lots of ppl
    lots of flags
    lots of chairz
    lots of cards
    4leter word

  1049. Yogabagaba says:


  1050. Maygenisawesome says:

    Two pics of a bunch of flowers, a lot of keys, and grape the letters are BMNXUHUNFSGC

  1051. ADICCT says:

    a man pushing the car,traffic, old man and old woman are walking,and snails ,…plss reply

  1052. I can help says:

    Im thinking it could maybe be, slow, just by looking at what you said.

  1053. The Helper says:

    Just by looking at what you said, I’m assuming it would be slow?

  1054. Anonymous says:

    Its slow!

  1055. Someone:) says:

    HELP ME NOW!!!! PLZ!!

    – a daily news newspaper. Letters:

    – 3 champion belts

    – a queen with a gold gown

    – and a book called “knigge”
    5 letters.

  1056. Anonymous says:

    Please – help me!

    1. Picture from a funpark
    2. Boy jumping high
    3. Sign with person falling
    4. Little boy sitting in some leafs and smiling

    4 letters.

  1057. Anonymous says:

    the 1 with world as answer is wrong …it is float

  1058. Anonymous says:

    Level 293 1+1=2 girl sitting with bread and water

  1059. kierstyn says:

    i ned help with 387

  1060. ME says:

    man in spacesuit attached with cord, two guys in spacesuit near satellite, a gorilla floater and another floater with red and white on the sides. the letters are hutojlyfemya

  1061. Jbunch says:

    I’m assuming its a coffin

  1062. Daphne says:

    Las Vegas Blvd sign
    small pieces of white paper with different shapes
    plane taking off

    5 letter word

    p s z i n v
    d r j o t t

  1063. Anonymous says:

    Change has six letters however it is in the five letter page.

  1064. Rachel says:

    4 letter word:
    Pics are: a cobweb, boat with fishing nets, net with crabs in, and another cobweb (both cobweb pics have dew on them if that helps)
    Letters are: SETHSIEDABZPKR
    Please help, tried every 4 letter i can find and its NOT-, Bait, Seth, Rise, Tide, Daze, Take, Rake, This.
    Please reply!

  1065. Nick may says:

    A swan and 3 girls in a dress dancing

  1066. Nick may says:

    The letters are h e z y g c r c g l a f need help 5 letter wrod

  1067. Lauren says:

    I’m on level 259. And I can’t figure it out. Help?

  1068. bhawna says:

    Dinner table, open cage, seats in a theater, lighting on an empty wooden floor

  1069. R.. says:

    5 letters 1 is _ _ _ L _ pics are wheat,milk carton,100% and coupls cutting cake? Plz help

  1070. Ashley says:

    im stuck help please

    a feather
    and some stick things?

  1071. Shannon says:

    Round buttons
    a microphone
    Round bucket
    Big rolled up things
    5 letters- (not round)

  1072. jeff rapley says:

    A set of text showing “Case Back” “Case Forward”, “Case Refresh”,
    a photo of a pool Alkaline tester,
    a photo of a sum 1 + 1 = 2
    fourth photo is a young girl sitting at a table with her head in her hands staring at a table with a glass of water and a plate with half a slice of bread on it. Help it is doing my head in. It obviously has something to do with opposing. The letter choices are C D O A D A I B W F B S

  1073. Anonymous says:


  1074. WILLIAM PARR says:



  1075. sara says:

    please help?
    a person reading a book but shining a torch on it
    scrunched up paper a light bulb made out of one of them
    a man reading a book his family listening
    person looking at an Ipad i think, amazed colours coming from the ipad
    5 letters
    the letters are: V N A H Z G F N D E O L

  1076. Julianna says:

    it is perople with soap all over them one girl in a tub with bubble and another with soap in his har another with shaving cream all over the face and the last two hands with soap all over them

    letter are: A E D C I Q F C Z H O M

  1077. Lorraine says:

    4 Aces in a hand
    Jack Queen King Ace
    Men playing cards
    Letters: E R Z P O Y J K J A N N

  1078. nonya says:

    Theee is no “w” in level 188 for
    space guy
    Two other space guys and satillites
    And carnivals for the rest of thm

  1079. Ashley says:

    I need help :
    Colored gorillas
    Astronaut again
    The letters are: d t s f a l i o z e a z
    Last letter is t

  1080. Someone says:

    I need help
    Rusty boat
    Rusty car
    Rusty parts
    Broken plane
    Please help!!

  1081. Molly says:

    I think it’s ruin but I don’t know how many letters it is xx

  1082. Zoe says:

    I am stuck on the one that has an older woman and two girls in a scout uniform, a line of five people skiing, a couple outside a building, a man and a woman looking at papers

  1083. Anonymous says:

    Hey hey hey I need help peeps

    Colourful monkey things
    And colourful festival things?