4 Pics 1 Word

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4 Pics 1 Word Answers 7 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats for words with 7 Letters in the popular game for iOS and Android by developer LOTUM GmbH. Having trouble beating a level of 4 Pics 1 Word, like morning? This page has all the 4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

4 Pics 1 Word 7 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word Morning


4 Pics 1 Word Present


4 Pics 1 Word Gesture


4 Pics 1 Word Address


4 Pics 1 Word Collect


4 Pics 1 Word Seasons


4 Pics 1 Word Clothes


4 Pics 1 Word Costume


4 Pics 1 Word Balance


4 Pics 1 Word Weather


4 Pics 1 Word Germany


4 Pics 1 Word Produce


4 Pics 1 Word Burnout


4 Pics 1 Word Capture


4 Pics 1 Word Perform


4 Pics 1 Word Capital


4 Pics 1 Word Monitor


4 Pics 1 Word Dictate


4 Pics 1 Word Factory


4 Pics 1 Word Service


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2,377 Responses to 4 Pics 1 Word Answers 7 Letters

  1. Anonymous says:

    7letter word eiffel tower,white house,letterB,news in white blocks???

  2. Blaaahhh says:

    Looks like a cowboy in the far, red curtains, the fazes of birth and a blue run way… HELP PLEASE

  3. helpppppp says:

    A big/long castle looking Building
    White building entrance at Night
    Girl holding A mug Of beer
    Cars on A highway

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mug of beer germany

  5. Anonymous says:

    7 letter word red temp bar,ruler thing,chinese compass looking thing,graduates throwin cap in air

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is the pic with person in surgery little boy in a play Singer and looks like a scientist 7 letters

  7. Stuck says:

    I need that one to

  8. Stuck says:

    The word for the one with the singer and little boy is perform

  9. raine says:

    stamps, shoes, something to do with christmas, a little girl with a basket in the grass?

  10. Anonymous says:

    With children in a huddle, a sign with arrows towards people, a car being put together, and a man drawing. Please help!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Level 238 7letter word russian lookin guy on chair,blonde girl talkin into recorder,guy and girl standing guy is writing on clipboard,two asian ladies sittin down and asian guy in middle pointing??

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wats 231? Red temp bar graduates chinese compass and protractor?

  13. sendra says:

    Guy catching a football, woman holding a present, dvd player, red phone with cord

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m on the same one

  15. Anonymous says:

    What is the temperature gauge , protractor, Chinese compass, graduates throwing caps in air? Letters r headmistress.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Player=cd player
    Degree=temp bar graduates

  17. Anonymous says:

    Level251. 8letter word. Girl givin thumbs down,film roll,girl with head down,pee in container and test strip on top

  18. Anonymous says:

    what is a woman with her hand on her forehead, a woman with her thumb down, what looks like picture negatives, and a urine test?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Level 101 two people on a sled, flowers, leaves, girl eating ice cream that’s melting

  20. Kelli says:

    I neeeeeed help. Its an 8 letter word. Women has her hand on her face, a strip of film, and women with her thumb down and a cup of urine with a stick on it

  21. PrettyPink says:

    Lady As Clown Looking Surprised, Little Boy Dressed Up Like A Cowboy With Something In His Hand, Two Dogs With Silly Hates And Glasses On &Another Woman Holding A Mask Over Her Face

    Help Please!???
    I’ve Been Stuck On This For Two Days.
    I Even Eliminated Letters.

  22. Tia says:

    Its a seven letter word. The first pic is of food mostly white theres a rectangle of something white with a red top and dollops of white stuff topped with shaved turnip and little purple flowers and the second pic is a man in front of a class writing on a white board, the third pic is a man teeing off, the last pic is man on a computer with a lady standing over him the letters are ueos UEOSHQMXIRCO

  23. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one with all the tv screens?

  24. gggddd says:

    woman with beer, road with cars, a castle and a palace kind of place… 7 letters?

  25. Abbie says:

    It’s a 7 letter word. There’s a woman with a voice recorder, a guy leaning down and pointing at a computer screen like he’s showing someone something, a woman talking and a man with a clipboard that looks to be taking notes on what she’s saying and then a guy with some sort of greenish long coat on sitting in a chair pointing. Please help. I am completely stuck on this one.

  26. Anonymous says:

    girl with shoes, stamps, gift tags, girl picking grass

    7 letters

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mosquito, bag of fruit and veggies, bird carrying a letter, airplane taking off

  28. help says:

    Guy in blue shirt
    leather jacket

  29. nessa says:

    I need the one with the gut lly in the blue shirt too

  30. 4pic1word2 says:

    Blue Shirt, Jeans, Dresses, and Leather Jacket….

  31. /?? says:

    I need help with level 62

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mosquito, bag of fruit and veggies, bird carrying a letter, navy plane taking off

  33. Anonymous says:

    The one with screens is monitor

  34. Anonymous says:

    Two people on a cord looks like, scale, rocks and a pink flower, and a girl on the beach riding a bike with no hands. Help please????

  35. Anonymous says:

    The one with the mosquito,bag of groceries,bird with the letter and aircraft taking off is carrier

  36. Anonymous says:

    White house dice with letters spell news, tower and the letter B

  37. Anonymous says:

    Ice cube
    And a beaker over a flame.

  38. Oli says:

    The one with the White House, Letter B, Eiffel Tower and News is ‘Capital’

  39. alicia says:

    An 8 letter word, a group of people facing the other way, a green sign pointing to 4 people in the middle, a guy in the country bending down working on something, and the structure of a car.
    I have no idea of what this could be, helpppp please!

  40. Anonymous says:

    7 Letters
    There is a picture of Stamps,
    a woman with shoes on top of boxes,
    Christmas tags,
    and a little girl picking grass holding a basket

  41. Anonymous says:

    7 letter word sunflower. Lightening. Frosted leaf. Rain

  42. PLz!!!!!!!!Help says:

    What is the temperature gauge , protractor, Chinese compass, graduates throwing caps in air?
    Level 207
    Help plz……..

  43. Tine says:

    Need help..level 83…pictures : blond kid, girl with arms in the air, kid yelling and santa hat on, lady with red leather gloves on and covering her mouth. The letters are: ltemmtfdooin….its a 7 letter .. .word . Help PLEASE!!

  44. Bryanna says:

    What’s the one with sunflowers, lightning, plant that looks kinda fuzzy, and raining and making little wave things?? The forth letter is ‘t’ and the last two are ‘er’. Please help.

  45. Bryanna says:

    7 letters, sunflower, lightning, frosted/fuzzy leaves, and rain. 7 letters. Fourth letter is t and last two are er

  46. Anonymous says:

    Weather.: Sunflowers, lightning, rain, frosted leaves.

  47. Anonymous says:

    woman with icecream nd flowers leaves and a couple

  48. help!! says:

    Scientist, kid dressed as a lamb or something, singer, and surgeon????

  49. Anonymous says:

    The one with the screens is monitors

  50. anonymous says:

    Fly, man carrying shopping, bird carrying letter, plane lifting off in the sea? Seven letter word please help!

  51. Jordan says:

    What is the answer to 183

  52. Anonymous says:

    Level 115: brown bread, selection of cake, lemon and a courgette – 5 letter word?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Girl with orange juice toothbrushes an a girl laying down

  54. tasha says:

    3 letters, upset skulls, animated girl in the rain,gothic couple, girl in black dress

  55. Anonymous says:

    A clown, boy in a cow boy hat with loads of string on his head, 2 dogs with glasses and clown colourful hats and a women wearing a mask? 7 letters??

  56. anonymous says:

    What’s the one with keyboard, outer space, a parking lot, & a little red stick figure with blue ons all around it.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Level 24. 7 letters the 3rd letter is l

  58. Anonymous says:

    Tasha, its emo
    The clown one is costume

  59. BubbleExpress says:

    Dude in hard hat, 2 people on a cliff, knife and a metal piece

  60. Josh says:

    Someone with thumbs up, woman waving, woman shushing, woman standing as if she has a platter. Y,R,U,U,T,G,S,S,E,H,W,E

  61. Jack says:

    Young girl with egg basket
    Xmas cards
    Lady with shoes

    7 letters, any help?

  62. Luke says:

    3 wheat cutters and a man with a grass cutter ? 7 letters

  63. Alisha says:

    Jack its Collect x

  64. Cristian says:

    Two factories and two healthy foods

  65. ani says:

    What is girl in bikini, motorcycle and dude in thing of water, animated water with bubbles, and waves crashing against rocks. Seven letter word, has a T in it. HELP ME!!!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Need help with level 258
    2 pictures with handcuffs
    Another pic with a Guy a camera
    An a mouse with a mouse trap
    An its 7 letters

  67. Ashley says:

    Young girl squeezing toothpaste onto toothbrush
    Hammer hitting an egg
    overloaded power board
    A heap of street signs

    8 letters, 7th letter is L.

    Letters to choose from:
    L E F N K V L N R O I L

  68. Gabby says:

    Level 257. 2 girls & a person holding a 4 leaf clover & a piggy bank with a coin in its mouth. & its 5 letters long.

  69. Bunnie says:

    whats the letters gabby?

  70. Anonymous says:

    7 letters: guy taking a photo, 2 photos of hands in cuffs and a mousetrap??

  71. Bunnie says:

    anon thats capture

  72. Anonymous says:

    Need that too!! Factorys n healthy food

  73. Anonymous says:

    Gold metals and trophy’s help anyone? 5 letters

  74. Alexis says:

    A thing to squeeze air into a blacksmiths fire, a man screaming and holding his ears, an old school camera, and an accordion. Help?

  75. Kate says:

    8 letters, two cars with turn signals on, boy pointing at another boy with arms crossed, and a ph test strip

    I A E I D Y C N T Z N P

  76. Icey says:

    Carriage with two horses, train at a platform, bus on a road and 2D basketball court with guy holding pencil. 5letter word. 4th letter is ‘c’. Letters are:
    J R A C P H V X R R O

  77. Icey says:

    Nevermind it was coach

  78. Anonymous says:

    Man with camera hand cuffs

  79. Lennon says:

    7 letter word,
    1) a woman looking down dressed in old clothes
    2) a colourful butterfly
    3) a black and white photo of a man looks upper class
    4) another colourful butterfly

    letters are
    R, P, H, C, E, A,
    S, R, M, F, O, N.
    help please a.s.a.p.

  80. GiGi says:

    7 letter
    Machines in a factory
    Tall buildings
    A heart made out of red and green vegetables
    Mix vegetables


    Those are the letters.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Help! Please

    7 letters

    man on dirt bike
    matches with one burnt
    man laying head on books with his hand in between some
    man resting his forehead in hands looking down.

  82. Liz says:

    Level 263
    1) A seal
    2) Block of raw bacon
    3) Grown woman crying
    4) Baby crying
    *7 letters*

  83. jessica says:

    Lennon its monarch

  84. Genna says:

    7 Letter word, all four pictures are of the men in the big black bear hats that guard royalness? help please i’ve been stuck for 1 whole day :@

  85. Anonymous says:

    A whole lot of stages and a soccer ball…help me

  86. Anonymous says:

    I need that one too!!

  87. Tree says:

    I need help with puzzle 220

  88. Taylor says:

    7 letters a picture of a telephone with the dial that you move with your fingers a camera thepassenger door of a car and an alarm clock

  89. Liz says:

    Level 263
    1) A seal
    2) Block of raw bacon
    3) Grown woman crying
    4) Baby crying
    *7 letters*
    Help please

  90. Teri says:

    level 266 android, army men with guns, black & white drawn couple with things swirling above they’re heads, woman with matchstick people in speech bubble & man with angel & devil

  91. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word noodles,kid putting folder in backpack, a couple on a date, a man looking at 2 men with a gun in his back pocket help?

  92. Anonymous says:

    Android level 301? anyone help??

  93. Anonymous says:

    Level 263 boy pointing at other boy ph test strip picture of taillights pictureof on coming car in rain 8 letters

  94. Tony says:

    Indicate is the turn signals, boy pointing and test strip

  95. r says:

    Level 266 accordion,old camera,man covering ears

  96. Anonymous says:

    one dollar, train tracks, cup of tea, money, 6 letters?

  97. N/A says:

    im stuck on this one it has a girl squeezing paste a hammer to an egg a plug in full of plugs and usb ports and a lot of signs… its confusing its level 255 for me.

  98. N/A says:

    im stuck on this one it has a girl squeezing paste a hammer to an egg a plug in full of plugs and usb ports and a lot of signs… its confusing its level 255 for me. oh and its 8 letters.

  99. britt says:

    I need help! 7 letters. A soccer ball with blue light surrounding it, then a stage with lights and glitter, then just a picture of something red with I guess glitter, and then multi colored lights

  100. Carly says:

    Please help!
    An accordion, an old camera and a man covering his ears. 7 letters

  101. DAQ says:

    5 letter word: a dad pushing his son on a bike, a woman on a sewing machine, a womans foot on a piano peddle, and a tire pump operated by foot. letters are:

  102. blurgh says:

    Full extension lead
    Lots of traffic signs
    Little girl with overloaded spoon
    Hammer on egg?
    8 letters???

  103. Dawn says:

    The answer to the one with all the computers is monitor.

  104. cait says:

    Help! The one with a gold wallet hand purse thing, a group of teens with notebooks and pens, a toddler around someone’s leg, and a stick shift gear. 6 letters. 4th letter is T!

  105. Britt says:

    Cait its clutch

  106. Lisa says:

    5 letter word two cara in the sand group of people holding signs and another group of people

  107. dede says:

    level 258
    its a little girl squeezing something on a spoon
    a hammer on top of an egg
    a lot of plugs that are plugged in
    a lot of different signs
    the 6th letter is i

  108. cole says:

    Level 275– a woman in a red dress pulling a man by the tie, some paper in different shapes, a plane flying, & the beach? 5 letters P I F V Y R S T S N K T

  109. cole says:

    Nevermind. It’s strip if anyone needs the answer.

  110. tania says:

    Any body have the answer to 262

  111. ILL HELP YOU says:


  112. Stuart says:

    level 45 – a vegetable heart, fruit and veg, inside of a factory, outside of a factory, 7 letters: NEAOQDRGBCOU

  113. Jac says:

    Help…the four pics of hands on faces level137 please

  114. teri says:

    6 letters, womans face, boat on dry land, bottle on beach & letters are: BSARDTXNDKBB

  115. Jac says:

    No worries it’s palmface

  116. addicted says:

    Stuart its produce

    I’m stuck on 26 android

  117. addicted says:

    Stuart its produce

    I’m stuck on level 262 android. People shooting, people with thought bubbles above their heads.

  118. peaches says:

    level 282 // two people back to back with their hair tied together & their mouths open, 2 kids facing each other making silly face with their hands on their nose, a blonde chick that looks like somebody is gettin a knot out of her hair, & 3 girls laughing. VASKSMESDGET 5 letters

  119. Anonymous says:

    what is the one of insect veg in bag bird with envelope and a plane flying away

  120. Mike says:

    A train. Leaves, a man running to a door and a person with suitcases ??? 6 letters

  121. Anonymous says:

    Train! Leaves man running to door and suitcases? 6 letters????

  122. addicted says:

    Mike I think that one is leaves

  123. Anonymous says:

    can anyone help with this.. 8 letters – red telphone, guy catching a rugby ball, a girl holding a gift and a sky box or something I think it is. the letters are – P R C E I V N E E L R J

  124. addicted says:

    Anonymous try receive

  125. addicted says:

    I meant receiver

  126. Anonymous says:

    thanks yes that was it

  127. JILL says:


  128. Ant says:

    The insect one with the bird is carrier

  129. Kris says:

    Train track
    Tennis racket
    Newtons cradle
    Space ship
    What is it?

  130. no name says:

    Pls help
    a load of signs
    a little girl squeezing something out of a tube
    An overload of plugs into a few sockets
    a hammer on top of an egg
    7th letter is l

  131. Izzy says:

    •doctors doing and operation
    •a chemist testing
    •kids doing a dance?
    Letters: O K R P Y R C F M Q E M
    7 letter word

  132. hannah says:

    level 278 pleas help!

  133. liz says:

    Izzy the answer is PERFORM

    Does anyone know what’s the answer for 264??
    Pic of bowling ball and pins, an airplane or jet, a group of people holding up signs with their backs to the pic and a dude throwing a fist….
    Its an 6 letter word
    S G T O I T
    T K I E H R

  134. Robin says:

    level 187 need help

  135. Noddy says:

    What 272 a little girl squeezing a tube, a load of road signs, a hammer hitting something that looks like half of a white egg, and a load of wires connected together in a socket. Letters PRKEOVLBHLI . 8 letter word.

  136. Devers says:

    Omg I just got the update and I’m stuck and none of the sites have been updated with new words and pictures! I’ve been stuck for dayssss :/

  137. Ali says:

    Doctor,singer,chemist and kids Dance answer is


  138. tishia says:

    I’m on level 317 and i need help

  139. tishia says:

    .c d I n g e i v r y t a its 2 cars 2 boys ans some type of paper with colors and numbers on it

  140. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word the pictures are a little girl squeezing some kind of cream, power strip with a ton of chords coming out of it, a ball point hammer hiting an egg maybe, and the last one is a bunch of street signs a jumbled up. The letters are R L A V E V O K F K L I if someone will help me i would greatly appreciate it

  141. Char says:

    • A guy holding 2 guns
    • one of them movie things
    • a guy running
    • cyclists

    Need help please

  142. Char says:

    Anon, it’s overkill I think

  143. liz says:

    B U S P Q M
    H A R M L T
    Level 272?? Someone help me

  144. Anonymous says:

    7 letters. Vegetables in the shape of a heart. Another vegetable picture. Picture of building inside and outside. I can’t find the answer anywhere.

  145. Anonymous says:

    pouring pasta in pot guy in red tank top lifting barbell

  146. peaches says:

    8 letters — left blinker/tail light, 2 little boys the one on the left is pointing to the one on the right, yellow blue Orange colors & what looks to be like test strips, & another left blinker. Letters are NEIDATNCYFIZ

  147. Anonymous says:

    I need the one with the factory and the vegetables 7 letters help

  148. help says:

    3 letters.
    gold record
    2 guys fighting
    woman in red dress in spotlight
    car wrecked on tree
    Letters: t, e, w, u, z, h, m, c, y, a, i, h

  149. liz says:

    Level 272 please
    One pic seem like old vintage photos
    2nd pic a yellow background and a shadow of a man sitting down
    3rd pic a blank cd cover case
    Last pic 2 women going thru a photo album
    5 letter word
    M F T W U Q
    A X A L B K

  150. Anonymous says:

    A woman with a white card with ribbon, someone catching a football, a red telephone and a DVD player.. Help!

  151. Anonymous says:

    help what is this

    its 7 letters
    it has a heart made of vegetables, a pile of fruits
    a city and a warehouse

  152. Anonymous says:

    1: A blonde girl sitting on a guy thats lying down
    2: A animated character about to run through a red ribbon
    3: A horse race
    4: Another girl sitting on a guy thats on his hands and knees

    Anyone know?

  153. Shann says:

    4 letters, nacho in sauce with chilli, small plate on fingers, cracked screen and a circuit board?!

  154. Lou says:

    Anon its dominate

    8 letters
    -Guy and girl talking on a bed
    -Two kids talking through cans and string
    -A pair of red kids shoes
    -A woman pn the phone

  155. Anonymous says:

    The one with the power plants and 2 pics of veggies ???

  156. sky says:

    leave 262
    baby chicken
    rooster with eggs
    two boys back to back
    anime picture with hand on her face
    5 letter word
    plz hlppppp

  157. Shann says:

    7 letters, baby crying, a seal, piece of meat and women crying?!

  158. Lola says:

    7 letter word
    •guy taking a picture
    •a guy in handcuffs
    •a mouse and a mouse trap w/cheese

  159. Amani says:

    HELP…im stuck on a teacher writing on a white board, a man swinging a golf club, some elegant food on a plate and two people on a keyboard looking at a screen,
    Letters are UARQCREEOZES

  160. Anonymous says:

    Sky – brood . Lola capture

  161. Anonymous says:

    What is the temperature gauge , protractor, Chinese compass, graduates throwing caps in air

  162. karl says:

    level 242
    woman with big glasses pulling face
    ginger kids with hand on head and tongue out
    woman with bunches crossed eyed pulling face
    girls scrunching eyes pulling face eating a giant crips


  163. Anonymous says:

    7 letters
    Old camera
    Man yelling with hands over his ears
    2 pictures of old musical instruments

  164. Anonymous says:

    Red hair girl. Pic of three lines of blue paint. Pic of 6 equal lines of black paint ..guy playin tennis.. Helppppp

  165. Marcus says:

    level 21, 8letter word ending ‘L’, red traffic light with lots of signs, a hammer facing horizontally, a little girl squezzing a load of toothpaste on to a spoon or toothbrush and a load of plugs and wires flowing from an extention source

  166. Dan Sanders says:

    young girl squeezing glue, road signs, a hammer and a full extension lead. Level 63

  167. Ashleigh says:

    I’m stuck.. I have

    Two pictures what I think are factories, one photo of fruit and the other of fruit in a heart??

    7 letters.


  168. Shell says:

    Dan Sanders and Marcus the answer is overkill

    I have a football with blue, pink and yellow (looks like a stage), red pic and spotlights. Word begins with E

    Letters: F T R P E C S V D F K

  169. Anonymous says:

    The answer is overkill

  170. Eilidh says:

    1. A guy checking in
    2. A meter
    3. Another guy checking in
    4. Basketball players

    Thanks in advance

  171. Anonymous says:

    4 pics 1 word for Iphone level 263
    7 letters –
    man with a zipped mouth, women wispering into a mans ear, a black iron fence and 3 files chained together.

    Please help!

  172. Paul says:

    7 letter word – pic of vegetables, looks like a factory floor, outside a factory, and vegetables in a heart shape…letters HCDOVRTPJUHE

  173. Paul says:

    Ashleigh …. its produce!!! 🙂

  174. Anonymous says:

    Veggies in the shape of a heart, Pile of Vegetables, the inside of a factory, and a city at night? helppppp

  175. Anonymous says:

    Elidh the answer is counter.

    Im stuck on 335 a picture of 2 kick boxers, a guy going to hit his laptop, 2 hockey players and a guy with his hands against his head in front of a laptop.


  176. Nic says:

    8 letter word with
    -man and woman looking thru rubbish
    -blocks of crushed rubbish
    -another rubbish dump?
    -hiena or some animal

  177. Melisa says:

    8 Letter word.. 6th letter is “i”
    pictures are: powere board with plugs in it + a hammer on an egg + street signs and street lights/signals + a child (girl)

    Please HELP!

  178. Nic says:

    Melisa it is overkill

  179. matthew says:

    hey im stuck, i have the kindle AP?

    poker chips and cards
    a level measure
    a forest
    and a road with mountains in the background

    letters: VTTRTXAHIGGS
    8 letter word

  180. Jo says:

    A young blonde boy folding his arms
    A wedding couple and the male is kissing her head
    A woman with her hand on her head
    A woman and I think her son with their heads together ?

  181. Anonymous says:

    Level 198 TV
    Guy looking at TV and heart señor

  182. Anonymous says:

    Young girl squezzing tube
    hammer nearly hitting and egg
    street signs and traffic control all in on
    cluttered powerboard full og connectors
    8 letters

  183. Teesh says:

    Family reading a book
    Girl with flashlight reading
    Scrunched paper in the shape of a light bulb
    Guy holding a tablet with colours coming off it

    Any ideas??

  184. charlie says:

    7 letter word
    Soccer ball with blue fire around

  185. Help says:

    A bunch of vegtables. Vegtables in a shape of a heart, a factory and inside a factory

  186. heath says:

    two butterflys looks like old king and queen 7 letters ocnkravwmfxh

  187. Tyler says:

    8 letters. Bunch of broken stuff, piles of boxed trash, and a wolf?? Help!!!

  188. Icey says:

    Four human heads each giving a silly face.

    7 letter word

    Revealed Letters: C R I M A G E

  189. Icey says:

    y0 Anonymous: Overkill
    y0 Help: Produce

    Your welcome 🙂

  190. Anonymous says:

    Burned match to different men sleeping and Motobike

  191. Icey says:

    Found it, it was GRIMACE

  192. Monee says:

    Fire place
    Boy with cape n folded arms
    Earth with open core &

  193. Icey says:

    Four silly faces is called GRIMACE

    Burned match and motor bike is called BURNOUT

  194. Icey says:

    y0 Monee: MANTLE ?

  195. Icey says:

    Level 339 and still going y0

  196. Kyndal says:

    I have two pics of taillights a pic of two little bous and a poc of like texttiles, its a 9 letter word!

  197. Anonymous says:

    7 letters
    A girl squirting cream on to a spoon, loads of signs, loads of plugs in a socket and a hammer on an egg.

  198. Anonymous says:

    I’m stock it looks like , a boy on a motorcycle ,a man sleeping on books ,maches ,and a man with hand on forehead in office

  199. Kjeld says:

    A mouse
    A photographer
    An ass and handcuffa

  200. Lesley says:

    Pack of cards, King on top
    flaming samboocas

  201. Anonymous says:

    Road signs.. Hammer and egg, girl with some sort of paste and plugs?
    8 letters.

  202. martyn says:

    woman holding boy man holding girl
    3 people skiing
    2 people on a mountain top
    man and woman looking at map …
    8 letters
    A O Y C I P T I G V N A
    please use my name with the reply many thanks x

  203. zoe says:

    im stuck on level 34 I got extension lead full, bunch of signs round a traffic light, hammer on top of an egg and a little girl with paint
    any ideas??????

  204. Kayleigh says:

    Nic, it’s scavenge!

  205. Volley says:

    How about one that has a gear shift for a car. A group of people with books and a gold coin purse that’s sparkly?

  206. Sherwan says:

    One with postcards ,then girls with shoes ,then merry Christmas cards then the last one is a child picking grass

  207. Anonymous says:

    Volley thats clutch

  208. Anonymous says:

    Monarch …butterfly and royalty

  209. Anonymous says:

    A pair of shoes, a knot, a red designed cloth, anf a shoe with a

  210. Anonymous says:

    I need help with level 267
    1st pic: a dog barking
    2nd pic: washer machine on stack of trash
    3rd pic: a couple looking through trash
    4th pic: compound of trash

  211. Marsha says:

    7 letter word with squirrel, wooden guys, frog, and baby? Help please!

  212. Jo says:

    Hand whit handcops

  213. Anon says:

    A bunch of school kids (girls), man measuring something on the grass, a car thats been half made and a green sign with four white figures having white arrows being pointed towards them. Can anyone help?

  214. Stumped says:

    1. Meter :5414 kw
    2. Male standing at counter in airport or train station
    3. Male standing at counter handing a ticket to a lady
    4. 2 basketball players in a game

    7 letters


  215. Anonymous says:

    8 letters

    1. a picture of bicycle’s seat
    2. a picture of chain lock at a bicycle
    3. some sort of red bell
    4. putting some oil at the bicycle’s chain


    Y E C R H C
    C O L B P I

  216. Anonymous says:

    A blonde women sitting on a man another blonde women sitting on a man with a whip a man winning a race and a horse breaking away from all the other horses in a race 8 letter word helpz plz avalible letters i,m,n,y,t,y,e,f,u,o,a,d

  217. Anonymous says:

    Hi I have a basket all going into the hoop, a sheet of music, what looks like some writing on an old page and a piece of paper with faces, a check box under each and a pencil with a face on it.
    It is 5 letters?? Please help me.

  218. Anonymous says:

    A man under a lot of books, a depressed man reading paper (bills I think), motorbike with smoke coming out of it and matches with one burnt out. Please Help!

  219. Stumped says:

    Zippered lips
    Female whispering in males ear
    Iron rod fence
    Three binders with chain and pad lock around them

  220. Shann says:

    Spotlight on a stage, multi coloured lights, red lights and a football with a blue orb like light?! 7 letters

  221. Anonymous says:

    Spotlight on a stage, multi coloured lights, red lights and a football with a blue orb like light?! 7 letters

    The answer is EFFECTS

  222. linda says:

    cant get past 279 please help

  223. Nobody says:

    Pic od person sleepin next to scattered piles of full folders
    A pic of a man who looks stressed sittin at a desk full of papers
    A pic of 9 matches with the middle one bent
    A pic of a racer of a motorbike or whatever u wanna call it! Lol
    Need help! 7 letters 4th letter in n if that helps
    Left over letters : C U U M O D V R B T M

  224. Anonymous says:

    Help mee!
    8 letters;
    A TV box, a woman holding come sort of card or voucher, a telephone and .. a stadium with a ball? I don’t know..
    Letters: V E R E R E C C Q I Y T

  225. Nic says:

    I’ve got a seven letter word

    – old fashioned fire fans
    – old fashioned camera
    – accordion
    – man covering ears maybe screaming


  226. Lawless1 says:

    I’m stuck… Puzzle that looks like a dollar bill, calculator,house on 4 stacks of coins , couple talking to a woman…anybody know the answer?

  227. Jojodi says:

    Help stuck on a picture of smoke from a factory pictures of pipes and an electric globe letters are

  228. JacobG says:

    Player catching a football, girl holding a present or gift, a telephone, and a DVD player.

  229. Anonymous says:

    8 letters
    Traffic signs, hammer, plug connecter, little girl

  230. 8 letters

    R S E T O V C U U N I A

    1) multiple sized figurines of the effiel tower
    2) Russian nesting dolls
    3) wooden clogs
    4) a boy picking something up off a beach

  231. Sash says:

    Pair of children’s little red shoes, couple on the bed talking, lady on the phone, two children with a tin cans on string.. 8 letters!

  232. mand says:

    King clubs , tank , jet , flaming announces ??

  233. Anonymous says:

    It’s a 7 letter word there’s like beams of light then a football with a blue flame coming from it please help !

  234. safrane says:

    DanielleNaomi – answer is dominate

  235. safrane says:

    anyone done level 346? 8 letters…couple dining out, kid with backpack, takeaway noodles, and guy in a ditch….only have -a—— letters are TAKEOUTBINP

  236. safrane says:

    Sorry DanielleNaomi – looked at wrong question lol. Answer is souvenir

  237. Eamonn says:

    child in santa hat
    woman with red gloved hand to mouth
    girl with hands in the air
    young lad grinning….
    Please help…

  238. shan says:

    please help im stuck on 255..its a women with big glasses on and doing some kind of fish lips expression,a red haired boy poking his tongue out,a crossed eyed girl and a little girl with a lemon doing a sour face..its 7 letters and they are EAREGMISCQC.

  239. Eamonn says:

    stuck on level 83……..santa hat on child…girl with arms in the air

  240. Kirsty says:

    Stuck on one, pair of trainers with laces undone, couple lying and chatting on bed, 2 kids connected by string can phone thing, woman on mobile phone? Is 8 letters and the possible ones are wswycernevpo 🙂 help!

  241. tabitha says:

    A pic of a church..dishes…army dudes with arms behinf them

  242. Kim says:

    Stuck on level 134. 7 letters. Fruit & veg heart red and green. Pile of fruit and veg. Inside factory And what looks like the out side a factory at night. Letters are. Y C P Z E R T O U D D O

  243. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word
    Little girl squeezing a lot of tooth paste onto toothbrush
    Hammer Down onto something
    Extension cord with lots of plugs in it
    Stoplight with lots of signs surrounding it

  244. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word
    Little girl squeezing a lot of tooth paste onto toothbrush
    Hammer Down onto something
    Extension cord with lots of plugs in it
    Stoplight with lots of signs surrounding it


  245. anon says:

    Iphone level 266.

    man talking to woman like checking in to a hotel.
    four code numbers ‘5414’
    man again at what looks like reception desk and…
    two men playing basket ball

  246. Gracy says:

    A train a carriage a basketball/soccer court and a bus on the road

  247. Moe says:

    Couldn’t find this one posted anywhere.
    Stuck Here. Anyone?

    It’s a 7 letter word:-
    1. Some kind of a yellowish desert
    2. Pieces of green vegetables on a bun
    3. A spiral meat-looking like food
    4. Some kind of salami

    Letters are : A A E G U D
    L V S S G I

    Help. Thanks!

  248. Eamonn says:

    level 109. 7 letters.
    alarm clock

  249. Anonymous says:

    A bunch of junk people with a bunch of junk and hayena

  250. Person says:

    A girl with toothpaste, lots of sign, outlets, and a hammer cracking an egg.

  251. girlboy says:

    Someone starting a race, a hedgehog, someone going up a snowy mountain, and a pile of rock with two red rocks on top

    6 letters third letter is i

    S E K P O
    Q Q R H S T

  252. Anonymous says:

    7 letters
    Vegetable love heart
    And a factory
    Any help?

  253. Daffy says:

    Answer to:

    * Iron Gate
    * 3 folders with lock and chain
    * man with zip on lips
    * lady whispering in mans ear


  254. SeanMc says:

    8 letters. 3 pictures are of a dump site with loads of different stuff in each picture such as washing machine. the 4th picture is of an angry looking wild animal that looks like a hyena??? :-/ the letters are F S O A G H E L E V N C. Already know 2 letters _ C_ _ _ _ _ E

  255. Anonymous says:

    7 letters a stressed man a motorcycle a burnt match and a student who fell asleep studying

  256. Tasha says:

    7 letters
    guy on motorcycle with smoke
    1 Burnt match with 8 other matches
    Sleeping guy with books
    Stressed out guy

  257. Anonymous says:

    8letter word: a rare steak, differentt sizes, digital disc, a priest looks like he’s praying I need help ASAP

  258. Anonymous says:

    Couple pic turesof honey an spoon of sugar and pouring sugar into coffee

  259. Anonymous says:

    A guy with a hardhat looks mad
    A knife
    2 guys looks like climbing up rocks with bungy
    And a sliver thing not sure what it is help??

  260. Fantasy says:

    Guy in a hard hat looks mad
    Two guys looks like rock climbing
    A knife
    And something I’m not quite sure what it is

    4 letters
    A E D Y G K K X R E E Y

  261. Anonymous says:

    A guy in handcuffs
    A mouse near a mousetrap
    A photographer taking a picture
    And handcuffs again


  262. Red says:

    a drop of red paint, football game, a drain, and passing ball (i think) or the football player going to get snatch from other.

    the letters are

  263. Anonymous says:

    Zipped mouth sharp fence chained up books whispering. Help please??

  264. Kidcybere says:

    I need help on level 173
    – some girl humming on a Rock
    – a gold statue with closed eye
    – a finger in humming position
    – hands on top of each other
    ( it’s a 8 letter word ) need some help please !

  265. jhub says:

    A ballerina, an animateD girl on skates , a deer, and a swan.

  266. Hassan says:

    what is the 1 with the food not the heart but the 1 wen there is diffrent kind of foofds cant explain plzz help god bless u if u help pzzz

  267. hi says:

    what is lv39 answer?
    a heart contains vegetable
    a lot of vegetabes and fruit
    a factory white in colour
    a tower black in colour

  268. moi says:

    7 léttre une voiture blanche, un train qui roule, une caléche a l’arret et un train a l’arret niveau 11 merci

  269. Azuretorrent says:

    7 letter

    Z N E R F I C L Y L F O

    Guards in tall fuzzy black hats, two gaurds in white skirt ?? And guards patrolling streets on horses wearing red. Plz help !

  270. Amanda says:

    I’m on the one with-
    (1) food shaped in a heart
    (2)lots of food
    (3) like a factories thing
    (4) city

  271. Eamonn says:

    girl getting splashed
    motorbike going through water
    blue water with bubbles in it
    the sea hitting the rocks

    level 129

  272. Carly says:

    8 letter word:
    Little girl pouring toothpaste on a toothbrush
    And a bunch of traffic signs

  273. Anonymous says:

    level 67 girl sqeezing out toothpaste, hammer on what looks like an egg, plugs charging and a red traffic light

  274. Anonymous says:

    The one with the girl with weird glasses the boy with his hands up the girl butting into the orange and girl with a weird face/ crosseyed

  275. Theresa says:

    iPhone level 264
    8 letter word

    Guy running on the beach
    Spiral notebook with holes
    Base of some building
    And a really weird picture of two guys with rifles and what appears to be hoods covering their heads

    Letters are
    C I R L E E S E D K X


  276. Anonymous says:

    what is a heart made of fruit and veg
    fruit and veg close up
    Inside of a factory
    Outside a factory

    8 letter word

  277. Nerdalert says:

    8 letters

    -factory smoke stack with fumes coming out
    – a row of exaughst pipes
    – a static electricity ball with white streaks reaching out
    – an egg in the center of what looks like the sun, or a cell body

    Letters :
    Z G S E O M X S I I N

    I’ve seen this same question but no answers yet!

  278. Talli says:

    I’m stuck on the one level 79
    • There’s a man lying with his head in a crowed of folders
    • there’s a man with papers all over his desk and his face in his hands
    •Some matches in a line but the middle ones burnt
    • a man on a motorcycle
    It’s a 7 letter word please help!

  279. MLaRue says:

    What’s a mushroom, dog with cap, 2 rockets and a middle launcher??

  280. Anonymous says:

    man standing over electronic boards, computer,screens, heart rate monitor

  281. Anonymous says:

    sergon, woman singing, childs play and a scientist

  282. young says:


  283. Jamie says:

    I need help, I’ve got a picture of a church, a waiter and a waitress, army with hands behind back and loads of cutlery on a table. Need help ASAP thanks

  284. Kk says:

    It’s a 7 letter word there’s like beams of light then a soccer ball with a blue flame coming from it please help !

  285. Michelle Tidmarsh says:

    Im stuck on the one where there is 2 pictures with butterflys and and old lookin king and another one with a queen 7 letters please help iv been stuck on this one all day

  286. Debra says:

    7 Letter Word

    Lady Kicking
    Barb Wire
    Man Shooting Gun
    Barrel w Gun

  287. Anonymous says:

    a oil rig
    vegetables in a shape of a heart
    a factory

  288. Anonymous says:

    8 letters; people throwing trash out, a bunch of broken computers, a hyena yawning, and piles of compacted trash

  289. kiddo says:

    Blue sea, big cruise ship, girl with hand over mouth and an envelope?

  290. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one of the Eifell tower, White House, dice on news paper that say news, and the letter b with a picture of the princess and monster off beauty and the beast
    Please help I’m in need of it desperately

  291. Madddy says:

    Fence, mouth with a zipper, girl whispering to guy, and a chain around 3 blue binders ?

  292. ImSoL0$t says:

    there’s railroad tracks, a train, a bad mitten racket, & one of those ball things that keep hitting each other once you start them. it’s seven letters.

  293. Cee says:

    I need help !
    iPhone level 275 .
    pictures ; black & white picture man in renaissance clothing ,
    woman in renaissance clothing , 2 pictures of butterfly wings ?

  294. Cee says:

    need help !
    iPhone level 275 .
    pictures are : black&white photo man in renaissance clothing , woman in renaissance clothing , 2 pictures of butterfly wings .
    7 letters .
    letters are : R P O S M A A C O H K N

  295. Mariee says:

    Screen with lots of pictures
    lots of flags
    long white table with chairs
    man raised up in a crowd.
    Need help fast.!

  296. Anonymous says:

    7 letters level 304 on 4 pictures 1 word
    2 woman making a goofy face, 1 boy doing the same by sticking his tongue out and a girl squinting from biting A slice of Lemon.
    Thank you for any help!

  297. Losthere says:

    8 letters girl sitting on guys back, girl sitting on guy with a whip thing holding his tie, white figure crossing a finish line, and horse back riding my letters are o n d e t o p m a e I w

  298. Anonymous says:

    1) hammer on an egg or similar
    2) lots of road signs
    3) orange and black plugs (wire plugs)
    4) girl squeezing out toothpaste or cream or something
    8 letters

  299. Blab says:

    Four pictures of wheat cutters

  300. Stuck! says:

    Girl squeezing out toothpaste or cream
    Orange and black wire plugs
    Lots of road signs
    Hammer on an egg or similar
    8 lettersLKRIEGVOEKLV

  301. HelP meeeee says:

    Really really really really stuck on that one too!!!!! HELP!

  302. Steph says:

    Car brake lights
    Car brake lights on a road
    Boy pointing at little boy who’s arms are crossed
    Table graph thingy

  303. eamonn says:

    stuck,,,,,, the answer to that one is

  304. EAMONN says:

    two signs new life….old life
    blocks with changing year 2012 to 2013
    upward graph….

    thank you.

  305. Sandra says:

    Please help I’m really stuck
    1, Large group of kids in PE kit
    2,square green sign with 4 figure type people
    3, cars being made
    4, man crouched down on glass looking at a map or something
    8 letters

  306. Aidan says:

    Eamonn- outlook maybe?

  307. joe says:

    need help 8 letters
    1. boy with backpack
    2.couple toasting at dinner
    3.kid with gun
    4. chop suey

    letters are tkoutfxaesw and I have a blank letter

  308. a guy riding a motorcycle that has lots of steam, a burnt match and a bunch of unlit matches, a stressed girl with a bunch of books, and a stressed guy that is sitting at a desk with lots of papers. 7 letters,nbetrbouujme

  309. anonymous says:

    whats the one where
    there is a girl with a tube of toothpaste
    some orange and black plugs
    different road signs
    and a hammer

  310. Anonymous says:

    Cee, It’s monarch

  311. thor says:

    Man lying his arm under many filled out folders
    9 matches where the one in the middle is burned down
    Man having his hands criss-crossed on his head
    Motorcycle doing a wheel spin


  312. ... says:

    Train station screen, computer/tv, huge screen and nother type of screen- 8 letters??

  313. Misia says:

    I need help !!! Im stuck …. Theres a pic of a old boat a bottle with a letter in it a woman with her hand on her face and something looking like a spiral … Its a 6 letter word and the letter are nsdgtryaytml help please

  314. Anonymous says:

    a heart full of vegetables
    a factory
    inside a factory floor

    Help me plz!

  315. evan says:

    Need help
    girl squirting to much frosting out
    a hammer breaking an egg
    too many plugs plugged in
    a bunch of signs on lightpoles

  316. Anonymous says:

    old camera
    guy with his hands over his ears
    old pipe instruments

  317. Anonymous says:

    All four are people with their hands on their faces.

  318. Anonymous says:

    anon. produce

  319. Anonymous says:

    Veggies/heart shaped veggies/power plant /lab setting
    7 letters

  320. Someone says:

    What’s the one with the hammer nd an egg, lots of outlets, and a little girl putting too much toothpaste on her tooth brush

  321. Anonymous says:

    Help plz guy holding hands on ears 7 letters old style camera all have something to do with noise

  322. eamonn says:

    level 158.
    Deck of cards with king of clubs on top
    plane…maybe a bomber
    two what looks like pints of guinness with flames on top.

    Answer to the hammer egg and girl toothpaste..is….OVERKILL

    • Dawni says:

      eamonn, did you get the answer for level 158 ?? im stuck there now 🙁

      Deck of cards with king of clubs on top
      plane…maybe a bomber
      two what looks like pints of Guinness with flames on top

  323. Anonymous says:

    level 56
    7 letters
    planes and a woman airlady

  324. Hannah says:

    Stuck on level 38,what is it??

  325. Anonymous says:

    7 letters
    matches with one burnt out
    man with head on desk
    mans arm underneith files ???

  326. Anonymous says:

    Many traffic signs
    Hammer breaking what looks like an egg
    Many cords plugging into many outlets
    Little girl with glue

    I can not figure this one out and can’t afford hints

  327. Anonymous says:

    Level 244 for android. Ayudame!

  328. Anonymous says:

    Whats the one with a hammer and a girl squeasing out toothpaste and plugs and signs saying wrong way and turn right and more signs. Level 44 ??? Pleaseeeeeeeeee helppppppp. 🙁

  329. eamonn says:

    level 162….

    a babys face
    stick people with an egg
    a toad or frog
    and a squirrel

    the one with the hammer is…OVERKILL

  330. kerry says:

    Football. Curtains.red bubbles And stage with spotlights.

  331. Anonymous says:

    Two factories and one pic of veggies and the other pic of vegitables in a heart shape. Help!

  332. eamonn says:

    two factories one is PRODUCE i think

  333. person says:

    i need a 7 letter word for 2 pictures of veggies and two of factories?

  334. Wendy says:

    Hi … It’s great you post the answers … Thank you!
    I haven’t seen the one I’m stuck on though … It’s number 303 … There’s a fireplace burning … A woman putting on a white fur jacket … The earth cut in half showing a yellow ball in the middle surrounded by orange … A child with a red cape on and a red lightening bolt on his shirt.

    The letters are … TONCEA

    I’ve been trying to get this word for 2 days now!
    Could you please help me.


  335. HELP!!!! says:

    8 Letters letters E M R T C D E G V O A Y

    First picture – A protractor, Rubber & a Metal Compass

    Second picture – 3 Squres with A B C in the middle of them

    Third picture – Lots of graphs and shaped drawn on a piece of paper

    Forth pictures – 3D Shapes

    Thanks Alot 😀

  336. free says:

    Im stuck on level 305 the pics are of a lil girl holding a chip, a lady wearing big glasses with her face looking crazy, a boy with his hands to his ear and sticking his tongue out…can some help please

  337. blake says:

    7 letter word with a girl with big glasses. and kid making a funny face, a girl with pigtails and and funny face, then a little girl eating a lemon with a sour look on her face??

  338. Jennifer C. says:

    Level 271
    Woman with caption box beside her head, soilders down on one knee holding guns, man & woman with a scribble thing above their head, guy looking up with a devil stick figure on one side and a angel stick figure above his head! 8 letters the 4th letter is F!
    The letters are C H O S C N I V T L O

  339. Hilda says:

    A little girl … Circuit beaker filled with cords. And signs with saying … Girl with toothpaste, signs, plug socket full of plugs and hammer touching something … 8 words letters are I, d, V , E, K,S, W, H, O , L, R, L

  340. Help says:

    5 letter word
    1. Picture frames
    2. Girl running(?)
    3. Pottery wheel
    4. Triangle ruler thing

  341. Anonymous says:

    8 letters, mini Eifle tower, mini russian dolls, clogs, and a boy picking something up…HALP

  342. Anonymous says:

    Level 67!!!! Sooo hard it shows: a little girl squirting toothpaste; a bunch of orange and black plugs all plugged into the same electrical socket; a bunch of random street signs; and finally, a hammer about to crush an egg

  343. Some_ramdom_girl_who_wont_say_her_name says:

    8 letter word
    1. Little girl squirting toothpaste
    2. Random orange and black plugs all in the same socket
    3. A hammer about to hit an egg
    4. A LOT of street signs!!
    Help PLEASE!

  344. Anonymous says:

    7 letters. Accordion, camera, man in suit with hand on his ears. The third letter is L

  345. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on that one 2!! (@hilda) tell me when you have figured it out!! PLEASE my name is Madison!

  346. Brandi says:

    8 letter word..
    1.) A little girl in a chair reaching.
    2.) Bananas playing pool
    3.) A computer microphone.
    4.) Two birds on a wall
    C U U A D
    I N E E U C

  347. Dawn says:

    Green people with arrows
    Asian girls in a group
    Man looking at paper on ground in field
    Car being made in factory.

  348. noble says:

    really stuck on this level 315 seven letters letters are F E U V H N C Z R E I S
    pictures are a set of white dishes, army men lined up with their hands behind their back the inside of a church and two hotel employess one is a bell hop

  349. Anonymous says:


  350. Ineedhelp says:

    Please help!
    I’m stuck on this one: stop light with a bunch of signs like wrong way, no u turn and stuff then the next picture is of a girl squeezing too much stuff on something, then a picture of a hammer hitting something then the last one is a picture of an outlet with a million things plugged into it. 8 letter word. Help me!

  351. Sara says:

    Answer is overkill

    Can someone help? It’s a world with flag of countries on it/ another map with clocks on it/ ice cube/ and an experiment – blue liquid with smoke coming out. Thanks.

  352. maya says:

    I’m stuck on level 269. Soldiers shooting, people with thought bubbles above their heads.
    Please help.

  353. Jojo says:

    Can someone help..
    5 letters, first letter G
    Empty stadium, piano, mountains and two porters standing outside a hotel???

  354. Annette says:

    Help!!!!Horses racing,Woman on top of man looking a bit sexy,woman sitting on mans back and an animated white gingerbread type figure running thru a red ribbon finish line. 8 letters. No idea

  355. HELP says:

    Please help!!! 7 letter word books on a desk with a girl tired out, guy with his hands on his head at a dest, motorcycle ith smoke, matches with one burnout

  356. Anonymous says:

    @Blake & Free


  357. Amy says:

    8 letter word..
    Army toops
    Man with angek n devil above him
    Cartoon nan and woman arguing with bubble above with items in
    Woman with a thinkinv bubble

    T O I L P T X C N C F G

  358. Sibbee says:

    Stuck on this
    All pics are of awards
    A cup, an award with word BEST, an award with 1st on, a medal held in hand.
    Letter are ZRKLIQPEXVOXq

  359. Sibbee says:

    Forgot to say 5 letter word

  360. Anonymous says:

    a bunch of street signs, a power strip with plugs, a girls squirting white stuff on spoon, and a hammer. IYBQLOERKVLL

  361. Stumped says:

    279….. Pictures of bunnies

  362. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on 7 letters…scattered cds, circled list of numbers, a yellow capsule and what appears to be a computer drive????

  363. Taven says:

    Im stuck on 7 letters…scattered cds, circled list of numbers, a yellow capsule and what appears to be a computer drive???? Iphone

  364. Sibbee says:

    Got it its prize

  365. Dlynn0409 says:

    A big fat seal a baby crying a woman wiping tears and a slab of bacon. Im totally lost on this one

  366. Hey there says:

    1)A man with his thumb out to the road, 2)a man carrying heavy books, 3)two women with one pointing,4) a sign with a train and a guy running into it

  367. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word
    Man bending down on ground
    Car manufactory
    Sign with four people with arrows pointing at them
    Giant group of people gathered in a circle

  368. shaunybins says:

    7 letter word that starts with a c
    pictures of a guy in handcuffs
    mouse next to a mousetrap
    guy with camera raised to his face
    silhouette of handcufffs

  369. Anonymous says:

    7 letters, two pictures of vegetables and fruit. One of the fruit pictures is shaped in a heart. The other two pictures are of like a power plant and an industry at nighttime

  370. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word: stop light on red with a punch of signs, an outlit with a a bunch of plugs in it, a little girl with toothpaste all over, and a hammer on egg shell.

  371. Anonymous says:

    Things you blow a fire with
    An old shutter camera
    And a guy with his hands over his ears

  372. Bb says:

    iPhone level 297..couple of pics of sugar and honey

  373. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on level 106…
    1. Dark haired woman …looks like she is all dressed up
    2. Blond haired woman
    3. Sort of piggy bank with a four leaf clover and with a coin in its mouth
    4. Four leaf clover

    Can someone help me please…I’m stuck!!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  374. Blondie says:

    8 letter word a red light on red with a bunch of street signs saying wrong way no u turns and speed radar checking or something, a outlet with a bunch of plugs in it, a little girl with toothpaste all over and a hammer on a eggshell. Letters given are ELLSIOVBAREK

  375. ks says:

    What’s level 25 . A long stem rose, woman reading a book,

  376. Help says:

    A train
    A buss
    A board with a field drawn on it
    And I horse with a carege tooled to it.
    Help me please?!!

  377. AnoninSD says:

    all 4 pix have something to do with being british. british soldiers (change of guards?), brit phone booth, 2 with the brit flag. 7 letters. help!

  378. Boss says:

    Guy in handcuffs and dude taking a picture and a mouse trap by a mouse

  379. Kane says:

    What’s the one with a girl with pager, girl with iPhone and assistant , big guy in suite ,and 3 Chinese people 1 teacher two students 7 letteres ends in e

  380. leone says:

    5 letter word
    looks like a wooden doll
    man touching his knee
    women with her hand out
    man lighting paper i think


  381. Anonymous says:

    Help please its a 7letter word witha mouse by a trap and hand cuff and a guy with a camera

  382. Roxy says:

    Hi would anyone know the answer to:
    4 pictures each of them have machines, 3 of them on the field during harvest time, the 4th one a man standing next to machine which pipes water for the field, i think.
    Letters are:

  383. Help says:

    Did u get the answer pls?
    I’m still stuck

  384. Nouna says:

    7 letters: church,army,cups,boy and girl
    R E K V C G
    S I Y C T E
    Plz help

  385. Luffy says:

    Leone its Joint

  386. Luffy says:

    5 letter

    Wooden doll
    Touching knee
    Paper will lit


  387. meme says:

    I;m stuck on puzzle 27 it has a lady laying on her stomach smoking a cigarette and she have a gun in front of her. a space ship flying over the city.some kind of design with three circles one red, one blue and one green with something in the middle. a girl thinking around some colorful designs over her head. letters 7 letters to choose from t,q,o,c,d,f,g,i,l,b.i,n. please help me i’ve been stuck for two days …..

  388. Nattie180 says:

    mouse with the trap, camera, hand cuff the answer is CAPTURE

  389. Tavan says:

    So anyone get the 7 letter one with the scattered cds, computer drive looking thing, pill capsile and rows of numbers?

  390. Anonymous says:

    The one with the accordion and the fire starter etc is bellows

  391. LadyV says:

    Level 101 .. 7 letters .. Any help ??

  392. Anonymous says:

    To Help it is burnout

  393. fameeda says:

    baby crying
    lady making a sad face with an expression of crying
    white seal
    bacon joint?

    anyone please, being stuck on this for a while

  394. michelle says:

    Tea pot, vase, coffee pot, and some type of bowl

  395. Anonymous says:

    I need help !!
    It’s a 7 letter word
    First pic – whole bunch of veggies
    Second pic – veggies in a shape of a heart – one side is red and orange veggies other side is green veggies
    Third pic – dark setting looks like outside of factories
    Fourth pic – inside of a factory
    Letters given – R U H D C Q O C P E A I
    please help thanks

  396. Anon says:

    9 matches the middle one is burnt out, a guy sleeping on books, a guy on a motorcycle with smoke and a guy on his head looking down at a desk, 7 letter word Help Please

  397. Jackie72 says:

    I phone level 250 really stuck? Car, pencil, two people painting and two people on skis????

  398. Anonymous says:

    this is CRAP! 100% useless, NOT UPDATED!!!!

  399. Anonymous says:

    anon = burnout
    jackie72 = lead

  400. Anonymous says:

    please help me out its an 8 letter word

    1. picture of effil towers
    2. a small doll
    3. pairs of small shoes
    4. a small boy collecting stones on sand


  401. Emily says:

    1) Women holding a present
    2) red phone
    3) football player catching a football
    4) DVD player
    It’s 8 letters. The letters are VIEREOCZRMSC

  402. Anonymous says:

    Match sticks one burnt out/used
    A person with a load of books with them/over their head
    Another guy that looks like he has a headache
    And a motor bike with fumes coming out the exhaust!
    Please help 🙂

  403. Evina says:

    Stickman crossing a finish line
    Horses racing
    Woman ontop of a man about to slash him
    Woman sitting on a man who’s on his fours
    Letters are amewtindogam

  404. Val says:

    Hey, I’m stuck on one, Android 323, 7 letters… Buddha, a lady with a crystal ball, a brightly lit cross, and a “Y” shaped stick lying in the dirt… Help please! :/

  405. ash says:

    2 dogs nose to nose a man on a cellphone in a s and a woman’s hand with the right wedding ringuit

  406. Anonymous says:

    7 letter word to pictures of honey , and to pictures of sugar being poured

  407. 8 letter word

    pregnacy test cup/stressed women/women pointing down\film tape please help

  408. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word,
    1st- a man plugging a cable into some sort of power thing
    2nd- a power usage meter
    3rd- a parking meter
    4th- a yellow tape mesure
    help please ?

  409. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one where it is a girl crying, film strip, girl putting her thumb down and a glad of medicine the possible letters are t v e n v l w e g a i r and it is 8 letters. Help

  410. Anonymous says:

    A boy pointing at a smaller one
    Back of a car
    Another car

    Level 263
    Eight letters
    I really need help

  411. Lupe says:

    Help doctor working on someone, a doctor with science bottles, kids with a bunny hats dancing, and a girl in stage with a light behind her and she is singing!?

  412. Debbie t says:

    A military plane, a military tank, deck of cards with a king of clubs showing, and two flaming shots.

  413. mommamerc says:

    Four people with their hands over their face. Looks embarrassed but that isn’t the word

  414. Anonymous says:

    Taven. Answer is ARTICLE.

  415. Sherry says:

    @ Avina
    Stick man at red finish line
    Woman whipping man
    Race horses
    Woman setting on man/ pink shirts
    Answer = Dominate

  416. Sherry says:

    @ Evina ( my ph done spell check spelled it wrong)
    Stick man red finish line
    Blonde whipping guy
    Horses at race track
    Man on hands & knees with woman setting on him

  417. Anonymous says:

    8 letters
    Lots of cables in two plugs
    Young girl squeezing stuff out of a tube
    Hammer hitting a egg ?
    Lots of traffic signs and traffic lights
    Any help??

  418. Anonymous says:

    Vegetables and buildins

  419. Anonymous says:

    Vegetables and buildings

  420. Weiner says:

    Cuffs Mose trap camera

  421. Weiner says:

    Handcuffs and mouse trap and camera

  422. Anonymous says:

    4 pictures 1 word two red shoes, a guy talking to a girl, a girl on a phone, a girl talking into a can to a boy

  423. Melissa says:

    7 letters lady on stomach legs crossed she is smoking, next one looks like a spaceship, the third is interlocking circlers like nuclar something I think. and the last is a girl she is dreaming in color.

  424. Megan says:

    Little girl with something (dont know what)
    lots of plugs
    lots of road signs
    8 letters :/

  425. Jennifer says:

    Picture 1. Soccer ball in a blue streaking light
    Picture 2. blue lights (looks like stage lights)
    Picture 3. More Lights
    Picture 4. Red light dots…
    I am completely stumped
    7 Letters

  426. meep says:

    7 letters. veggies shapped as a heart. a pile of veggies. a picture of a buildings. then looks like one inside a building. help.

  427. Anonymous says:

    I need help its saying level 303
    child holding hand out sitting on a chair
    2 birds sitting on a concrete wall
    microphone (cream color long and narrow)
    bananas playing pool animated

  428. Anonymous says:

    Handcuffs, mouse with a trap and man taking a picture??

  429. Anonymous says:

    Help! tiny eiffel towers, tiny doll figures (cant explain), i think its wodden shoes and a boy picking up shells

  430. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word. tiny Eiffel towers, tiny dolls made out of clay and i think its wooden shoes and a boy pickin up shells???

  431. Eh shake says:

    8 letter word
    Power outlet overfilled
    Little girl overfilling toothbrush with toothpaste
    Hammer hitting an egg(I think)
    Street like crowded with street signs

  432. Jujub says:

    !!!!HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Soccer ball with blue fire?
    Neon pink, yellow, purple lights?
    Red sparkles?
    Light blue strobe lights?

    7 letters

    Letters are: C,P,S,G,E,F

  433. jake says:

    8 letters
    guy ridding a horse
    guy crosing th finish line
    a girl dry humping a man


  434. Rosealee says:

    7 letters
    1: butterfly
    2: another butterfly
    3: women wearing a dress
    4 another women wearing a dress
    Someone plz help me?!?!?

  435. Angelina says:

    Plz help me!!!!!
    2 pics of butterfly’s
    2 pics of women wearing dresses

  436. ale says:

    i have an 8 letter word and has to to do with a treasure chest open with a light coming out of it and a pile og gold and chems and a baby layin on someones chest….anyone know wat it is

  437. ale says:

    i have a 8 letter word with a treasure chest open with a light comin out, chewls. gold and a baby layin a a chest

  438. justme says:

    Help please.
    Pink spiral notebook
    Men with guns and covered faces
    .man jogging on the beach
    deck of an old blog
    8 letters. Last letter an e

  439. Anonymous says:

    a burnt match, motor cycle with white smoke, men lying on table with stack of files, men covers his both eyes with both hands.

    what’s the word????
    7 letters _ _ _ _ _ u_

  440. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word…..photos:

    Traffic light surrounded by many signs

    Girl squeezing a toothpaste

    Extension wire inserted with many electric cords

    Hammer directly on top of an egg

    Letters are:


  441. Evelyn says:

    8 lettters , whats the answer for a girl squeezing toothpaste out , a hammer , alot of plugs , and alot of signs (Wrong Way , One Way , Speed Unit 25 , No UTURN , No Turning left , Speed check , Street Sweeping , No parking )

  442. Ro says:

    Answer is ‘overkill’

  443. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word

    Green sign of people
    Car factory line
    Man in a field looking at something on floor
    Group of school children hands up

  444. Anonymous says:

    Butterfly, butterfly and a king or queen and another one?

  445. Anonymous says:

    8 Letters

    – a man carrying a bag with vegetables
    – a bird with a letter
    – some sort of mosquitoes which sucks blood
    – some sort of machine that facilitates

    Letters: I R A S R R C E H R R I

    Please help!

  446. eamonn says:

    level 204
    7 letters

    fortune cookie with paper sticking out
    colourful cats like in easter egg wrapping
    white ivory elephant
    A royal flush

    HELP Please

  447. Anonymous says:

    -7 letters-
    1. temperature thing
    2. compass and transportador
    3. graduated people
    4. wierd compass like thing
    level 258 android
    R I S E C G Y E D G E U

  448. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word
    The tail light at the back of the car
    Another tail light
    A boy pointing and another boy upset
    A chemical testing strip

    I I E G S A C K N T D C

  449. Anonymous says:

    a girl wearing big glasses
    a boy with his tongue out
    a girl making a funny face
    a small girl with her eyes closed making a face
    7 letters

  450. Anonymous says:

    Answer: ‘grimace’

  451. Anonymous says:

    1. temperature thing
    2. compass and transportador
    3. graduated people
    4. wierd compass like thing

    Answer might be: degrees!

  452. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on level

  453. Tori says:

    A girl recording herself
    A guy in an army outfit holding up his index finger
    A girl holding her cellphone telling a guy something and he’s writing it down
    And 2 Chinese people at computers with a 3rd behind he pointing at something
    Letters are: D O T C J I T E A E

  454. Anonymous says:

    5414 (numbers)
    Guy taking another guys ticket
    2 basketball players
    A hostess at a resturaunt

    7 letters

  455. Suz says:

    What about pics of a court of flags,long white table of white chairs, crowd of people, and a computer screen of pictures?

  456. justme says:

    8 letters
    4stages of pottery creation
    finished pot

    please help

  457. Anonymous says:

    woma wth speech bubble army o knees wth guns to people arguing one man looking up wth his gd side and bad side above him ??

  458. Munch says:

    Dosn’t anybody read the posts here?? Same questions all the time!! If ppl read instead of ask, the tread would not been 1000 miles long!!

  459. Anon says:

    Cars backed up in traffic. A green traffic light, a man in a chair looking in the distance with some one Giving him money and another traffic jam in a big city. 7 letters and the letters are JFDFAWGCRYIT

  460. sara says:

    8 letter word… hammer nd an egg (i guess) benesth it! , too many chargers nd adapters plugged,, a little kid squeezing a bottle of cream or tooth paste, nd lots of banning signs around the red lit cross sign!?

  461. carrie says:

    eggs, handbag with shoes, chemistry bottle and jigsaw with piece out of it
    ncemvobwicsu 8 letters please

  462. Anonymous says:

    7 letters …. bunch of blue clothes hanging , heart on a chain, a sewing kit and what looks like a bunch of santa hats…….Q R X P V Y E A L A P

  463. Anonymous says:

    Whole bunch of plugs in an electrical outlet, tons of Signs around a red light on street, little girl with icing tube and lots on the table, hammer on top of an egg
    Help please!

  464. Confused says:

    8 letter word. Pictures have a protractor, three dimensional shapes, equations. Seems like the answer should be geometry but the correct letters aren’t there. Help!

  465. Kelly says:

    Help! 8 letter word. The last letter is an E

    Pictures: are all people making silly faces.
    1.) girl with big glasses doing duck lips
    2.) boy sticking his tongue out
    3.) girl with pigtailes making her eyes cross and lips crooked
    4.) girl eating a lemon and having a sour face


  466. Anonymous says:

    Lady in red dress, woman in green mask, woman w makeup..sparkles on her lip. Women getting pic taken by photographers

  467. Goldie lox says:

    Im stuck !

    1. Stamps
    2. A little girl holding a basket. I thank she easter egg hunting but idk
    3. A girl behind 4 pair af shoes on boxes
    4. Holiday cards

  468. Kelz says:

    7 letter word- computer keys, papers with numbers circled, gel capsule, gold CDs scattered?

  469. PLEASEHELP says:

    level 105
    little girl with a toothpaste and sqeezed a lot onto her toothbrush, looks like a hammer hitting an egg, too many plugs on an adapter I think. and a lot of signs you see in the streets while driving.. some say wrong way, no u turn or tunring..

    PLEASE HELP!!! thank you..

  470. Annonymous says:

    7 letter word.
    Some type of organ-bag pipe instrument
    A man holding his hands to his ears
    A older-looking camera? Please help 🙁

  471. Anonymous says:

    I need help the letter are HUYLLGSTCDT and the picture are a gold purse a little boy hold their dads leg A group of kids

  472. Anonymous says:

    urine sample kinda thing
    girl putting her thumb down
    movie film thing
    girl with her hands over her face

  473. Anonymous says:

    im stuck on that one too

  474. anonymous person says:

    its negative

  475. Nate says:

    I need help! 7 letters pictures are an accordion, a fan thing, a guy yelling and covering his ears, and a camera.

  476. Anonymous says:

    misqito , dove , vegetables and a jet ! Help !

  477. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone figure out the answer to the 2 butterflies, the old fashion pitcture of the man an woman

  478. Anonymous says:

    Jujub the answer is effects

  479. Anonymous says:

    Handcuffs and a mouse with a mouse trap level 31 anyone?

  480. Lori says:

    Goldie lox says February 25, 2013, 2:52 am
    Im stuck !

    1. Stamps
    2. A little girl holding a basket. I thank she easter egg hunting but idk
    3. A girl behind 4 pair af shoes on boxes
    4. Holiday cards

    It’s COLLECT

  481. Anonymous says:

    7 letter word

    White bus coming out of water
    white van
    Subway station

  482. Anonymous says:

    mesage in a bottle
    ship stuck in sand
    something spiraled shaped
    lady face with hands on it

  483. Anonymous says:

    Bus, gate, van, subway. Answer is transit

  484. me2 says:

    Gate, bus, van, subway. Answer is transit

  485. Me says:

    Please Help!!

    Bottle on beach
    Ship stuck in sand
    Lady thinking

  486. Me says:

    Please HELP!!

    A bottle on the beach
    Ship stuck in sand
    Lady Thinking

  487. Me says:

    Please HELP!!

    A bottle on the beach
    Ship stuck in sand
    Lady Thinking

    6 Letters

  488. Miss lala says:

    I have a glass of water a lady holding onto ropes doing acrobats awhite container with alfoil lid and a on and iff switch please help!!

  489. Miss lala says:

    I have a glass of water a lady holding onto ropes doing acrobats awhite container with alfoil lid and a on and iff switch please help!! 7 letters

  490. Jonathan says:

    I need HELP, i m stuck.
    Pictures of 4 soldiers squatting and aiming at sth preparing to fire, A woman with a dream cloud above her head, a guy with an angel and a demon his head and a drawing of a quarrel between a man and woman.

  491. Anonymous says:

    level 324
    8 letters

  492. Annnymous says:

    Soldiers, army men, a white background with 2 labels saying new and a ball shape with courage, praise ect words in.. Anybody?

  493. Lou says:

    Butterfly, butterfly and a king or queen and another one?


  494. Anonymous says:

    A girl squirting too much tooth past,a load of sings, a full plug socket,a hammer lightly touching half an egg type thing

  495. alikah says:

    i need level 105 it uhmm a little girl holding what looks like a tooth paste bottle, a bunch of road signs with a stop light in the middle a hammer on like a white acorn and a hole bunch of chargers pluged into a extension outlett helpp

  496. Kcd says:

    A gurl sittin with a tube, plugs,a hammer and road signs.

  497. Anonymous says:

    – it’s a girl with a lemon
    -girl with duck face n glasses
    – boy with silly face
    -a girl with a wierd face
    Need help!
    Sme letters:

  498. maggie says:

    a book with light and lines coming out of it, part of a type writer, a finger pressing the number “2” in and elevator, and two little girls whispering to each other. seven letters V S S A O N E Q R I T B

  499. Van says:

    Sewing Velcro, girl holding open scissors, pipe leaking water, pipe with a fork

  500. Van says:

    Two people with their hair tied together, two boys touching their nose with open hands, lady with a comb stuck in her hair, three ladies laughing

  501. Anonymous says:

    a little girl squinting a ginger making a face a girl with huge glasses and a bruneetee making a funny face

  502. Mo says:

    Need 8 letter word with a green drink and green water #9 level

  503. Lloyd says:

    @Miss Lala
    I’m stuck on tha 1 as well. Any ideas any 1 plz?!?

  504. annonomys says:

    fruit and vegtables in one , a city , fruit and veg shaped in a love heart and i think the other is a factory EKOECUPSQDRU

  505. Anonymous says:

    I’m on the same!

  506. Jacqueline Hulst says:

    Als car, phone, clock and camera. Whats the 7 letter word?

  507. hannaaaaa says:

    i neeeeeeed an answer to the 8 letters word with:
    a little girl
    a hammer that hits on an egg
    many signs
    orange and black cords

  508. Anonymous says:

    A book with a light and lines coming out of it, part of a typewriter, finger pressing the number two on an elevator,two girls one whispering too other girl in ear letters are

  509. 4pics+me says:

    i have a picture of a group of kids,a guy drawing,cars being put together…and arrows pointing to a sign …can anybody give me the Answer

  510. Shhhhh says:

    8 letter word

    Wolf with mouth open
    Recycled cans
    Two people recycling trash
    Big white machine that was thrown out

  511. Emsssiiiiii says:

    I need mouse and mouse trap with cheese,a photographer
    and to hands and handcuffs.

  512. robin says:

    Wat about the trash pics and a hyena

  513. Anonymous says:

    Dutch shoes, stackable dolls, little boy on a beach picking up shells, minu Eiffel towers

  514. anonymoussss mayn says:

    A Laboratory, vegetables shaped like a heart, a factory, and another picture of some vegetables. Seven letter word, anyone?

  515. Anonymous says:

    & man with a camera
    the word defies me 🙁

  516. SMT1983 says:

    A guy with an angel and devil above him, a woman thinking family or money, man and woman fighting, and a group of soldiers with guns. 8 letters. help!

  517. beck says:

    Sewing kit
    Red knit glove
    Santa hats
    Blue jeans and shirts. Seven letters

  518. Anonymous says:

    Miss lala answer is tumbler- water and lady on ropes etc.

  519. J says:

    I need help stuck for days lol. There’s 1.with like 3d shapes ,2, different drawings of shapes graphs with % graphs and measurements, 3 with like a protractor 4, a spread out box but with a triangle a plus b plus c ?? Anybody??

  520. J says:

    It’s 8 letters otmtereyurhg level 365

  521. Anonymous says:

    Egiptians things

  522. charles7328 says:

    salad egg meat and im looking for 7 words answer. 🙁

  523. charles7328 says:

    SAUSAGE was my answer 😛

  524. Tree says:

    I’m stuck on one that has 4 different Hindi pics one is a sun sign with Hindi writing on it one is a man bent over on a step just got out of water or washing clothes one is a buddhu in water and one is someone meditating please help IEAJRENMAGVN

  525. Tree says:

    Sorry has 7 letters last one is A

  526. Tree says:

    The answer was nirvana 🙂

  527. Rae says:

    A statue of a guy (greek) holding his head, a guy holding his head, and two pics of a woman holding her head???

  528. Anonymous says:

    Level like 398 or something like that. It’s like a sphere with business words on it, British marching band or guards, like a couple marines or soldiers, and tabs that say new.

  529. Anonymous says:

    Leather coat, guy with blue shirt, girl wearing blue jeans and high heels, and a bunch of dresses, 7 letters W X A U E O T S H V L C

  530. Ina says:

    music sheet, chain, knitting, and the machine from the hospital with flat lines. 8 letters word..

  531. Jacqueline Hulst says:

    Please somebody help me…
    A phone, a car, a camera and an alarm clock

    A 7 letter word…

  532. Anonymous says:

    Guys mouth, a man, guy putting lipstick on, and a guy shaving

  533. Katie says:

    Boy with flash on tshirt
    Woman put fur coat on
    Core of earth

  534. Katie says:

    Anonymous the answer is CLOTHES

  535. Tressa says:

    Stuck please help…. A yellow pill pile of CDs computer keys and a paper with numbers???

  536. J says:

    Hey there need help again.. I have a pile of flour with 2 eggs cracked in middle , a bag shoe wallet and belt made of alligator? A Becker been filled , and a puzzle with peice out. 7 letters 3rd letter m … R i p i o b o e c v n please

  537. Anonymous says:

    combine 🙂

  538. Mark says:


    Wine glasses
    Waiter serving dinner

  539. Anonymous says:


  540. Anonymous says:

    I need some help please, I have 2 gamers, a child watching tv on a chair with an contoller, a mix table and a deejay… The letters are s e c l o o n

  541. Darcy says:

    I have what looks like an onion peel, a woman’s eye which is orange, a castle on a mountainside and a side view of a lady with a long dangling earring with like black moles on her neck. 7 letters. L a y y u f c r a p d p. I took letters away and got down to c l u a d a r

  542. Cary says:

    Who has got the answer on the one with the Knigge book? Its not mason…5 letters. Level 3something.

  543. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one with the girl and shoes, lil gril playin 7 letters

  544. Cary says:

    Theone with maggots = meal. Silly isn t it

  545. Anonymous says:

    What about the one with a hammer, a little girl in pigtails with a lot of toothpaste, a lot of street signs, and a power plug that has too many plugs in it?

  546. lala says:

    bot takes a book out of backpak, couple celebrate with wine, 3 guys one of them with gun behind his back and a box of nodles. 8 letters and is not(takesout)

  547. Anonymous says:

    Guy w shades, dresses, leather jacket (?) and legs with jeans/high heels……?

  548. Anonymous says:

    Thermometer ?
    Graduation hats
    Chinese scale thing ?



  549. Stacia says:

    Lady with a fur coat getting put on, lil boy with cape on with lightning baton shirt,
    World cut open with colors showing, and a fire place

  550. Elizabeth says:

    Basket thats 50% off,coins with a money sign, window sale with lady, calculator

  551. Tash says:

    Level 383 1)soldiers
    2) army
    3) new new
    4) globe saying marketing on it
    Letters: S I M G L A P A N B D C

  552. Tammi says:

    2 different pics of butterflies, a pic of a queen or someone from medieval time, and a black and white pic of a man in a wig like Beethoven or that kind of era… Ideas?? 7 letters

  553. debbie says:

    Word 30, 4 pics 1 word, flags flying, kids with arms in the air, looks like two rows of chairs attached around a table, and photos all together…..ggrr

  554. Denise says:

    I’m stuck on the one with the barefoot man in blue shirt and the three big machines??

  555. Farah says:

    The one with peace sign ,2 girls ,power flower and bunch of ppl waiting for a bus with their guitars,HElp plz

  556. Bekah says:

    Girl with shoes
    A stamp
    A little girl picking up Easter eggs
    And different little Christmas cards

  557. Mya says:

    1st pic handcuffs
    2nd pic mouse trap
    3rd pic more handcuffs
    4th pic guy taking a pic

  558. Cindy says:

    Mya – try “capture”

    1st pic – appears to be a thermometer
    2nd pic – a compass, protractor and ruler
    3rd pic – graduates tossing caps in the air
    4th pic – appears to be a Chinese or Japanese compass

    7 letters: d,s,e,r,b,o,n,o,e,k,g,e (next to last letter is an “e”)

  559. Anonymous says:

    What’s the occupation 8 letters with the shaking of hands, a briefcase, and a building?

  560. Mya says:

    Im stuck on level 50 there are pics of air planes, can anyone help?!?

  561. chasity says:

    What’s the one that has those men with a black hat on and men on a horse and it ends with a (r) here are the letters f,c,f,r,o,e,d,p,I,b,p,q it has 7 letters

  562. Mya says:

    Level 50
    7 letters
    All four pics are about airplanes

  563. Mya says:

    Level 50
    7 letters
    4 pics all about airplanes

  564. jerry says:

    Skinny door,narrow building s, guy crouching, and man tide with something red
    Letters: a,a,k,e,m,y,r,r,n,b,o,w

  565. Andee says:

    2 pictures of a man checking in somewhere
    one picture of someone playing basketball
    an odometer — i think is what it’s called… it keeps track of mileage

    7 letters — c n u r o p e t y r f w

  566. lala says:

    sea lion, girl crying, some kind of meat with lots of fat and little boy crying.
    7 letters: e,b,q,m,l,r,b,u,d,e,b,e

  567. jtip says:


  568. cristy says:

    Cd’s, yellow pill, receipt, computer key?? Second letter r

  569. Kim says:

    Level 201: child coloring, man painting, bendy wooden toy, and wooden box with paint brushes..

  570. baby says:

    can someone help me there is a temputure in one picture a protactor in another , graduates flying there caps help me please

  571. Anonymous says:

    Question two
    All pic are about bikes 7 letters

  572. Caro says:

    Seven letters word, forth letter is R lvl:252
    Letters: F W A T D S O G E E E

  573. Ally says:

    I have no clue what dis is!!!

    -a girl with LOTS of shoes infront of her
    -a stamp
    -a little girl picking up Easter eggs with a basket
    -Christmas stamp things!


  574. Anonymous says:

    a close up off a leave, a woman holding ice cream, a couple going downhill on a sled and flowers. letters r QAFSSMENSJOC

  575. Jasmine says:

    The first picture looks like stamps, the second picture says Merry Christmas and stuff, the third one has a little girl picking something out of the grass, and the last picture has a woman with shoes. It’s a 7 letter word and the letters that they give me are e, l, o, n, q, c, t, v, p, l, j, and c. What is the word?

  576. Naii says:

    Level 266 pics of a lady widt glasses making a funny tart face ,a boy widt his hands in his ears making a funny face another girl making a funny face she has two pony tails last pic a little girl widt a lemon

    These are the letters m,e,aa,rr,I,t,c,g

  577. anni says:

    I’m stuck onlevel 207. It’s a man wearing a bright blueahirtd.
    A women wearing JeNs and heels. A black bag. And a rack
    With some clothes on it. 7 lettes

  578. Anonymous says:

    Someone please help

    Pic of a little girl with besket on grass
    Pic of a woman with pars of shose
    Pic of stamps
    Pic of christmas stamps
    Someone please help

  579. Bbg says:

    Someone please help

    Pic of a little girl with besket on grass
    Pic of a woman with pars of shose
    Pic of stamps
    Pic of christmas stamps
    Someone please help

  580. HAYES says:

    Level 407
    five letters

    Girl in red holding up A+ paper
    Graduating class throwing caps in air
    Model of a man walking up what looks like a graph shaped like steps with a red arrow going up
    Stack of books with a graduation cap sitting on top

    Letters: E D R M K S S D F G A P

  581. Hayes says:


    Thats collect

  582. minacamos says:

    level 57 pls…

  583. minacamos says:

    level 58 instead..

  584. Jay says:

    Two pics of car lights
    A pic of two boys one pointing at the other one
    A pic of colors

  585. Elise says:

    Level 296 please!

  586. Red says:

    Just started and stuck on 31

    crowd of people
    bunch of flags
    long empty table with chairs
    bunch of pictures

    7 letter word third letter is e


    help please

  587. Kelly says:

    Little girl with basket, lady with heels and boxes, stamps and cards


  588. Anonymous says:

    Help stuck
    Broken wine bottle
    Man fixing car tape
    Tools on a piece of wood

    Please please help

  589. One direction says:

    Guy fixing car
    Tools on a plank of wood
    Broken wine bottle

    Help been stuck for days

  590. tabbi says:

    I need help on the one that’s seven letters has the Paris building, old compose, a permi,and old books .

  591. Blake says:

    Level 93
    Woman with child on shoulder smiling
    Old lady in chair alone
    Man with head on wall looks kinda sad
    Man with 2 kids fallowing
    Plz help

  592. Anonymous says:

    Child with toothpaste
    Street signs

  593. Rush says:

    I need help with a 7 letter word. Eiffel Tower. A building that looks like the White House. The word NEWS written with blocks. A big letter B with a girl and a beast around it. Thanks in advance

  594. HAYES says:


    mound of flour with two cracked eggs in it
    Varioius leather goods, purse, shoe wallet, belt
    beaker with multi colored fluids
    white puzzle with one piece missing showing a blue backround

  595. HAYES says:

    nevermind, it was combine

  596. Anonymous says:

    Help!!! 7 letters… Graduates throwing their caps up, compass, thermometer and protractor (I think)….starts with the letter D

  597. Anonymous says:

    I have a pictre that look like a boy taking something out of backpack a guy in a hole with two guys guns pointed at them chinese takeout and a couple clinking wine glasses. looks like it should be takeout but it doesnt work,

  598. Anonymous says:

    7 letters: doctores doing a surgery, a woman singing/holding a microphone, boy scout dancing in a bear costume with the other scouts and a scientist trying to mixture something?
    Please help!!

  599. Vanesa Tarango says:

    Blue bus icon
    Laptop n cell phone with wifi signal between them
    Man in handcuffs
    8 letters

  600. Rush says:

    Ok I figured it out. It is CAPITAL!!

  601. lala says:

    I need help! 7 letters pictures are an accordion, a fan thing, a guy yelling and covering his ears, and a camera.

  602. Lollpop says:

    You’ve got a great blog here well done congratulations

  603. Suzanne says:

    Jockeys, woman on mans back alien goin through red tape help

  604. zafar says:

    very nice info about finding words relates to pictures.

  605. lala says:

    7 letters pictures are an accordion, a fan thing, a guy yelling and covering his ears, and a camera.

  606. ashley says:

    1, thermometer
    2, protractor
    3, graduating students tossing hats
    4,some type of compass


  607. 2smart4U says:

    The answer to that is DEGREES

  608. pink lady says:

    level 83 young child in santa hat young boys face , a lady covering her facs with her hand and a lady with her arms held up above her head , 7 letter answer letters are TWVENGIMOVUO PLEASE HELP

  609. Elyse says:

    A picture of two red shoes
    Two kids talking into cans
    A woman on her cell phone
    A couple holding hands and talking

    8 letters

  610. jarical says:

    1. thumbs up
    2. ok sign.
    3. finger pointed to mouth like saying quiet.
    4. hand holding nothing up.
    help meh please 🙁 level 58

  611. kyepal says:

    1.building in london march 7,2013
    2. lots of books
    3. old pic of 2 globes, which looks like a map too.
    4. piramid

    help please 7 letters
    WATHIN these are the letters

  612. Richmond says:

    Six letters
    Kid holding on to leg
    A lot of teenagers holding books
    An ant farm
    And a hand holding on to a gear change level 99

  613. Anonymous says:

    A book a typewriter an elevator and someone talking to someones ear

  614. Skittle says:

    Level 374 help!!!

    A white pot ( looks like yoghurt)
    A lady acrobat on ropes
    A glass of water
    2 plugs one on and one off

    7 letters

  615. Anonymous says:

    A desert
    A person playing golf
    A teacher and a class
    Two people on a computer

    The word starts with a C and has 6 letters altogether

  616. Anonymous says:

    A army,a devil and a angel,a woman brainstorming,and a girl and boy(cartoon)argueing

  617. Anonymous says:

    PS:8 words,HELP

  618. Pio says:

    Black leather jacket, bunch of girl shirts, smiling man wearing a blue polo shirt and wearing sun glasses, and jeans on girl’s legs.
    Stuck on that one please help.
    P.S: 7 letters

  619. lala says:

    man talking to woman like checking in to a hotel.
    four code numbers ’5414′
    man again at what looks like reception desk and…
    two men playing basket ball

    7 letters:u,r,n,c,g,l,e,i,l,t,v,o

    Please help!

  620. dem says:

    6 letters’ celotape tools man fixing a car cartoon man with a broken bottle, help please

  621. Anonymous says:

    Woman sat on man’s back
    Woman pulling man’s tie
    Horse race
    Cartoon running through a red ribbon
    8 letters

  622. Elana says:

    what is the answer of…
    pic 1 – a tree around a mountain, green grass, blue sky
    pic 2 – wide sea, and a boat
    pic 3 – sunset near sea
    pic 4 – number 5 in yellow, others are in blue being blurred out.
    letters are S I D O U E T L

  623. Elana says:

    8 letters. I have picked the repeated letters out 🙂

  624. me says:

    dem. the answer is repair

  625. Weaner says:

    Please help! It’s an 8 letter word!
    A lot of Eifell Towers in Brown and Black
    A kid on a wet beach looking down writing something
    Dolls with yellow hair and a blue cost. Some of them are opened

  626. 2smart4U says:

    That one is SOUVENIR

  627. KUMIB BIEURK says:


  628. ASh says:


  629. AShlorf says:


  630. Anonymous says:

    Man pocket hanging out, a chart of like stocks, bucket of change and rolled up money

  631. Jae says:

    im only on 38 , it’s a little girl squeezing something , road signs , a hammer cracking an egg , & electrical cords . PLEASE HELP !

  632. rv says:

    Hello having trouble with the 4 pics of a old buliding old books a pic of a old map and a cement building 7 letters

  633. Kitten says:

    I have killer whales swimming an ocean a net with a hole in it and some kind of a stone building with a door way or opening

  634. trinesa says:

    My picture is a clock a msn holding a square piece of paper a metre and some notbooks or ipads

  635. BitchesSayshit says:

    Hey ash why dont u take that stick out ov your ass and stop been a put down ! asshole get a life bitch &find some where else to put your put down comments on.

  636. Trinesa Ellison says:

    Seven letters…Y,T,C,X,D,I,L,A,P,Y,S

  637. mishls says:

    Help please
    Two pics of wild cats
    two pics of bald eagles
    8 letters

  638. Rickard62 says:

    Im stuck on a 7 letter Word.
    There are one rattrap, one man with a camera and two people caught by police or something.. Help?

  639. Trinesa Ellison says:

    Thanks apple x

  640. Paula moss says:

    The one with 8 letters can u help me plz it is a little boy at the beach and towers and shoes and little dolls standing up plz help me

  641. Anonymous says:


  642. Anonymous says:

    1: tunnel grate
    2: sign w/ man walking down stairs
    3:door in narrow something
    4: building

    8 letters; choices are

  643. Cheryl says:

    What’s answer for 362 six letters anyone pls

  644. monique says:

    Level 98. Help me pleaseb:(

  645. Rita says:

    letters SEHWREGWDYTE college students throwing hats in air, maths set,, looks like sundile

  646. Cheryl says:

    I’m still stuck on 362 six letter word vdipenitestv pics r budha sling shot wooden stick a cross glowing an a women looking into a glass ball can anyone help pls

  647. Anonymous says:

    traffic signs, girl squeezing glue, hammer hitting an egg, a lot of wires
    8 letters: oclltvheqkri

  648. Cassie says:

    I have one with a soccer ball lit up blue, red twinkling lights, a bunch of red pink and purple lights, and a stage with blue lights. The letters are f t k c s e s x e f t c. I need help!!!!

  649. rachel says:

    pleaseee…i am stuck at level 94…. there are 4 pictures with buildings, and the letters are: o,x,s,m,n,a,u,z,n,p,i,i

  650. Aaron says:

    What is level 53

    Can you guess the word?
    4 Pics 1 Word
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8 letters) Possible letters: L Q U L T I E S O K R V

  651. wilson says:

    8 letters

    girl with a bottle
    wrong signs
    bunch of cables

  652. Diver says:

    Girl with toothpaste
    Hammer cracking an egg
    Wrong signs
    Bunch of cables

  653. Diver says:

    Letters are gavirfeoykll

  654. Diver says:

    8 letters gavrifeoykll

  655. mishls says:

    I need 8 letter word
    child sittingin chair holding out hand
    Seagulls on wall
    Bananas playing pool

  656. Charlie says:

    I hav a mad traffic sign a plug with loads of plugs plugged into it a child squirting cream and a hammer cracking an egg?
    8 letters

    RR II LL W K E O C V

  657. Trevor says:

    Flags, Group of people, long white table, and bunch of random pics????

  658. jani says:

    level 325

    coat, telephone with reciever down, birth of jesus, tapping balls


  659. loving lena says:

    Arm with bumps
    Lady mixing chemical
    Raining road with hazzzard sign
    A group of people cheering

    8 letter word

  660. Anonymous says:

    Jani the answer is cradle

  661. NiggaPlease says:

    Asian scale
    Comapass and angle measure
    Graduation hats getting thrown in the air

  662. alice says:

    stamps, little girl with a basket in a field of green grass, loads of christmas cards, a lady looking very happy with a lot of boxes of shoes

    i d c e t c l o a l

  663. Anonymous says:

    Wat is 2 ppl in front of a monument , a group of policy in the snow, a couple in front of a monitor & 3 ppl in sum cuba scouts or sumthn

  664. rebecca says:

    I have graduating kids, a thermometer,protracted,and a chiness cumpass

  665. Semla says:

    Whats the word??
    I have a picture of a wave that is uneven, two men balanced on two thin ropes, a woman who bikes on a beach by the sea and a purple flower with bamboo and black stones.
    7 letters

    A B I N C L Y Z E C A C

  666. Sabina says:

    Whats the word??
    I have a picture of a wave that is uneven, two men balanced on two thin ropes, a woman who bikes on a beach by the sea and a purple flower with bamboo and black stones.
    7 letters

    A B I N C L Y Z E C A C

  667. Anonymous says:

    I have what looks like a ring placed on or in something red, a deck of cards laid out, a baseball in a mitt and jewlerry( maybe sleeve clips). Letters are : O I J N D S Y T A D M and its a 7 letter word.

  668. Ty says:

    Can someone tell me what this one is with eggs in flour,a puzzle with one piece out ,a purse with shoes belt and wallet ,and a chemical in a science bottle thing
    The letters are

  669. Anonymous says:


  670. Anonymous says:

    I have one its with four wooden houses in all of them, it’s 7 letters I don’t know what it is 🙁

  671. Sheila says:

    i need help on puzzle 389,does anyone have a clue,the pics look religious,middle east

  672. Sheila says:

    letters are ABQIAGDFNVNR

  673. Anonymous says:

    7 letters
    On off switch Water being poured In to a cup woman with legs wide open on 2 ropes and in opened pot ???? Thanks

  674. Sheila says:

    what are the letters?

  675. IntelligentMother says:


  676. Anonymous says:

    a woman talking to a crowd
    a mailbox with the @ sign in it
    a picture of “http://”
    and a blue door

  677. Anonymous says:

    You all are stupid, I mean atleast know what you all are playing

  678. bernard says:


  679. Lindsay says:

    4 pics of wooden houses, like cabins or barns. 7 letters containing T, C, A, N, C, O, T, Q, E, B, or G

  680. Michaela says:

    6 letters
    A long table with chairs
    a group of flags on poles
    A group of pictures
    A group of teenagers with there hands up

  681. Anonymous says:

    Plenty. Address. Cottage

  682. Anonymous says:

    7 letters

    A lady with shoes
    A girl with a basket picking something up
    Merry Christmas Papers


  683. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone no what it is?

  684. Conner says:

    Tracters that cut grass and stuff. I have no idea what it is. Letters are; nbcbtmiiieo.

  685. Pranzter101 says:

    7 letter word
    Letters are E,H,O,A,A,L,M,TG,C,S,X
    Pictures are:
    1. A man wearing a blue shirt with sunnies
    2. A ladies legs wearing blue jeans and heels
    3. A leather black jacket
    4. And colourful dresses being hung
    HELP! HELP! Urgent (want to finish it before my cousin)

  686. Jessica says:

    1. Lady on phone holding a ticket with a guy watching, she appears to be at an airport.
    2. Two guys playing basketball
    3. the numbers 5414, as they appear on an old gas pump or meter
    4. Man at a podium at an airport (I think airport)

    7 letters, the 4th one is an N
    Possible letters, TEBCTRBOFUJ

  687. sadie says:

    Lady walking down stairs in red silk dress…lady in green mask..lady in gold mask with gold lips…lady in white dress people taking pics of her… 7 letters U O X J R W G A L T C _ _ _ m _ _ _

  688. sadie says:


  689. Anonymous says:

    7 letter word
    images of
    1.graduates throwing their caps in the air
    2.a compass
    3.a protractor

  690. anonimo says:

    7 letter word
    A hand with an engagement ring
    A man on the phone
    2 dogs
    Sms I love you

  691. karen summerlin says:

    7 letters word

    a clock

    a card

    a meter

    5 small cards

  692. Corey says:

    7 letters

    A guy in blue shirt

    Multiple dresses


    Skinny pants

  693. Anonymous says:

    girl with basket pulling out the grass
    lady looks happy with all the shoes on top of the shoes boxes
    Christmas designs

  694. anon says:

    Anonymous- Collect
    Corey-could it be CLOTHES

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  696. Anonymous says:

    I’m horny

  697. Anonymous says:

    Umm seven letters
    URL that’s starts with http
    A @ sign in a mailbox
    A girl talking into a microphone
    And a pic Of French doors
    Thank you in advance

  698. help says:

    5 letter word
    Car driving in dust
    Another car driving in dust
    A bunch of people on the road
    A bunch of people on strike

  699. dawn c. says:

    7 letters RIWTSNKTGHOA
    first letter is a T
    1. Train tunnel
    2. Bus on a beach
    3. Archway with a gate
    4. Van
    I been stuck all day…plz help

  700. csvfbfbd says:

    5 letter word
    letters FPDGUMIBETLN
    1. stop watch
    2. baby chicken with a cracked egg
    3. huge guy with a lady complaining on his hand
    4. small guy puching minutes hand on big whit clock

  701. Anonymous says:

    Whats the one with the bumps on a hand…a radioactive sign…a girl mixing 2 chemicals..and a group of ppl cheering. Its 8 letters CASNIITOERWF

  702. aavione says:

    whats the one where it has a wolf and a scarecrow with a pumpkin and other stuff

  703. Help me!! says:

    8 letters T A S O Q J P I I C I L flags on poles, a man with the press, someone putting a paper/ballot in a box, 4 circles the 2nd red x

  704. barbara says:

    im stuck on the same onee!
    pleaseeee heelp!!!!
    8 letters
    a bunch of flags, someone getting an interview or with the press, someone putting paper in a box, and 4 circle with the 2nd one with a red x going through it

  705. Reese says:

    a treasure box, a woman top naked and a man flaunting his chest in suit

  706. Anonymous says:

    whats a 6 letter word??

  707. Anonymous says:

    Need answer for lvl 82

  708. kitty says:

    lev390 on android….lady in white dress…lady in red dress….2 ladies with masscarade mask… need help been stuck on this 1 for 2 days

  709. Anonymous says:

    What could the word be?
    roll of paper – looks like a plan or a map of a building, a glass of beer, a park with 2 cyclists in the background and army men

    Its a five letter word, letters: r f v d t a a d b e r t

  710. Lachy says:

    Wats skid with a basket stamps shoes and Christmas cards

  711. Anonymous says:

    Kid with basket shoe shopping Christmas cards and stamps ?????

  712. Lachy says:

    A kid with basket shoe shopping stamps and Christmas cards

  713. Lachy says:

    Answer for 76 on iPhone
    Shoes Christmas cards stamps and kid with basket

  714. noah says:

    i need a six letter word lvl 48plz?

  715. Anonymous says:

    Lots of flags, 2 rows of chairs, huge amount of people with 2 balloons, and a wall of pictures. HELP!

  716. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a girl with lots if shoes a little girl with an Easter basket a Christmas card and some stamps?

  717. chloe says:

    It is plenty anonyous

  718. Anonymous says:

    And it’s a six letter word.

  719. Anonymous says:

    stamps girl with shoes christmas cards and a little girl with a basket in grass and its a 7 letter word eollcajbestc ????????

  720. Anonymous says:

    6 letter word D R V N R Y O Q T N I M E
    girl 2 polk-a-dot shoes one with red inside
    a guy with white suit & high hair
    girl sitting with oversised sun galsses
    guy with sunglasses (cool/rapper guy)

  721. Anonymous says:

    factory machines, lady with clipboard and mic, bass and other buttons for a stereo.??? level 319

  722. Martin says:

    Girl with basket, stamps etc is collect

  723. Anonymous says:

    Level 102 please help

  724. Anonymous says:

    I really can not get it help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  725. Anonymous says:

    Help me level 102

  726. Anonymous says:

    Please level 102

  727. Anonymous says:

    Please help level 102

  728. Anonymous says:

    Never mind I found it

  729. Tammy says:

    8 letters. third letter L
    1)bunch of flags
    2)man with red tie and microphones in front of him
    3)ballot box
    4) paper with 4 circles and an red x thru one of them

    possible letters


  730. Anonymous says:

    level 102 helppppppppppppppppp

  731. Anonymous says:

    las vegas
    and these see through seel thingys

  732. Anonymous says:

    Picture One is a man with a broken bottle
    Picture teo is a wood box full of tools
    Picture three is a picture of salotape
    Picture four is a man mending a car

    First letter is R
    Letters are

  733. Anonymous says:

    Help help am very stuck

    Picture One is a man with a broken bottle
    Picture teo is a wood box full of tools
    Picture three is a picture of salotape
    Picture four is a man mending a car

    First letter is R
    Letters are

  734. Nesha says:

    8 letters. third letter L
    1)bunch of flags
    2)man with red tie and microphones in front of him
    3)ballot box
    4) paper with 4 circles and an red x thru one of them

    possible letters

  735. cizzle says:

    Tight rope motorcycle
    Mouse grabbing cats tail
    Hanging from rope over sharks
    A Knight

  736. Horseluver says:

    Help! Some dentures,
    An arched bridge
    City with arch bridge
    Old couple plaing cards
    6 letters help!!!

  737. Anonymous says:

    what is level 317

  738. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a locket Santa Claus hats sewing kit and clothes rack?

  739. Haris says:

    Wat is level 32

  740. jada says:

    oil wasting
    a guy shooting a gun
    cat in a basket

  741. livi says:

    big crowd
    bunch of flags
    website of whole bunch of i think different countries
    long row of chairs
    6 letter word third one is “e”
    options are l,t,d,q,n,x,y,k,p,o,m

  742. Jackie says:

    376 Girls whispering, finger pressing button 4 (lift? code no.)’old type writer, open book with mystical light coming out.
    7 letters ietsjoacoers

  743. kelly says:

    level 216 7 LETTERS
    compas 9north south east etc)
    compas for maths
    some type of bar (messure?)
    bunch of girls throwing graduation hats in air

    pos letters


  744. Help me! says:

    pls help ive been stuck for days!! 8 letters 5th letter A remaining letters to pick from G I N M P J A A C H Y
    british soilders marching
    to 2 tags say new ones red & other white
    a globe with flyer, creation, logo etc written on it
    military soliders knelt down pointing guns

  745. kizzi says:

    That one is CAMPAIGN 🙂

  746. Nicole says:

    A man with a gun
    A gun
    Cans of oil
    A cat in a barrel

  747. Diane Thompson says:

    Kelly – your answer I think is degrees

  748. Whitney says:

    Had one that isn’t on here.

    Guy with safety glasses adding chemical to solution in a lab
    DNA strand
    Plates with colored powders on them on a table with lines drawn and letters HO in one place and H2O in another

    Word is 7 letters: Science

  749. Lilianna says:

    i cant figure this one out.. There is:
    loan application with an old fashioned pen and a pair of glasses
    an old fashioned pen and coins blurry in the background
    closed burgundy curtains with a spotlight and the words “the end”
    a lottery machine, five sven with three sevens. at the bottom it says credits won: credit: 39 100


  750. Vanesa Tarango says:

    Cop lady
    Some kind of airport assistant
    Soldiers ??

    Seven letters..

    Help plzz

  751. Kyle says:

    Stuck on Level 280… 🙁

  752. Pri says:

    Level 44 all sorts of monsters

  753. Anonymous says:

    It’s soo hard

  754. dawn c. says:

    help….I got
    a man with camouflage paint on his face
    a man pulling An ACE out of his sleeve
    a little girl covering her face
    3 tubes of lipstick
    7 letters OLVEJQACNCMI

  755. hanasss says:

    8 letter word #238
    People picking up garbage
    Pile of garbage

  756. Anonymous says:

    I lied # 328

  757. Akshay says:

    6letter word
    Conference table with lots of chairs
    Concert crowd
    Lots of photos

  758. Gillian says:

    A couple two clocks one Blake one white both set to 8:07 a black and white shot of 2 men singing and a hand shake letters are uggzogsdnoiq it’s 6 letters long last one is n this is level 501 on my game but 452 on a friends

  759. Ally says:

    Please help before I launch my phone.
    Heart shape cut from wood/fence
    Blank square?? With hole in.
    Guy with camera
    And looks like if u look through barrel of a gun??
    God please help me ….

  760. Anonymous says:

    please help…little girl reaching out, bananas playing pool with banana snooker banner in back, microphone on a table, 2 birds on a white wall.
    e is the 5th letter
    8 letters total:
    z l a e i d n k u e c

  761. kim says:

    I am stuck on a 7 letter word… got some plugs..an adaptor a circuit board and a muscisan….got a letter p in it

  762. Anonymous says:

    Audience ??

  763. Anonymous says:

    It’s adapter

  764. Anonymous says:

    Wat was it Kim ??

  765. dawn c. says:

    @Ally its aperture…I was stuck on that one too

  766. Anonymous says:

    A woman pointing to laptop, business people walking , a man carrying a laptop, beige blazer with a polka dot tie. 4pics1word

  767. help plz says:

    8 letters UPICRJEAMTCN
    1. Girl playing violin
    2.woman helping another woman for sit ups
    3. Doctor pointing to something on paper
    4. Teacher helping a student

  768. Anonymous says:

    6 letters:
    Bowls of cashews, almonds and chestnuts
    Dirty dishes in the sink
    solar panel thingy
    Tower thingy with some white solar circles
    Blanks with hints:
    _ _ _ h _ s

  769. Ettel says:

    caravan. big truck in the sunset, tellie with the text “coming soon”, caravan park/camping
    Letters are I P A T R L R A E A L K

  770. Taylor101 says:

    Statue of libarty
    England flag in the shape of a queen

  771. bella says:

    wat is
    lot of photos
    lot of people
    lot of chair
    lot of flafs
    6 letter

  772. Just Me says:

    Level 447…. 6 letters hellpppppppppppp lol

  773. sasha makaliy says:

    it has money, cards, shoes and a baby on a grass. C _ _ _ _ C _

  774. Anonymous says:


    Old people talking
    Blue people
    Graph on paper on top of table…

    7 letters

  775. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on level 497 help please

  776. loving lena says:

    Need help a button with a arrow down and a disc on it
    File cabinets open
    Looks like a private Room full of drawers
    A notebook backets

    The lteers are RVYCHQGYIAVE
    Seven letter word

  777. Scarlett says:

    Some please help stuck on level 486. Got a stack of papers, the inside of a paper factory, a stack of books and a newspaper. It is 7 letters. Hloikusmptbg! Plz help driving me crazy lol

  778. Jackson says:

    #238. 7 Letters:_ _ _ _ E _ _
    Chinese Calendar Thing
    Graduates throwing their caps up.

  779. Ishika says:

    I am stuck on a 4 letter word n the pictures r a group of skiers are climbing up something with the use of a rope, second picture is a car going really fast but it’s blurry, third picture is a fully sharpened pencil and fourth one is a wommen teaching something to another’s girl who is looking at her….letters are B U E T I E U D V A L X…..soooooo helppp!!! Pleaseeeee!!!!

  780. Robert says:

    Level 474 help
    8 letters

    James Bond barrel
    Heart shape in wood
    Torn hole in paper (?)

  781. Anonymous says:

    Volcano, desert, water waves, clouds

  782. Anonymous says:

    alot of photos
    a long with tables with lots of chairs
    alot of flags
    alot of people
    letters : b y b l t n e t p
    6 letter word. go

  783. Anonymous says:

    6 letter word = plenty

  784. Anonymous says:

    A tent setup on snowy ground with aurora in the sky
    Duct tape, silver color
    Flask, or thermos

    8 letter word


  785. Anonymous says:

    5 letters
    Elephant and cat sitting on a bench/ 4 section pie chart/ two kids pulling on a stuffed animal/ stock line in front of a bunch of numbers

    M S M A K W
    E A T H R S

  786. Anonymous says:

    A shelf with a lot of old book
    A statue
    The third one, i’m not sure, its look like a decaying tooth
    An owl, cartoon

    6 words


  787. Richard says:

    6 letter word. Letters – ERCQCPSZDSEA
    Pics are a stop sign with hand imprint on it.
    – Man handing woman a key
    – Someone trying to pick/crack a combination lock
    – A crowd counter gate ( like you’d see at a bus/train station or amusement park)

    Any ideas?

  788. jane says:

    man holding control
    stoppers on organ
    what looks like robots cuddling each other

  789. Sam says:

    Woman playing a guitar, man with backpack on mountain top(?), smiling couple looking at a paper on a desk, foreign money with percent sign. Available letters I E N T E S T G B F E R! Stuck please help! It is an 8 letter word.

  790. Anonymous says:

    level 463 HELP
    a hand holding a microphone, folded newspapers, a genie with a blank speech bubble & a button with a blank speech button!!
    7 letters

    Y O J E A M
    T N C G D M

  791. Scarlett says:

    @ anonymous it’s publish

  792. Anonymous says:

    Monitor, meeting room with a woman presenting, pearl jewellery, a dish being served..?? 7 letters.

    A L I P K N
    D A S A Y D

  793. Diane says:

    -guy with a gun in his pants
    -little boy putting something away in his backpack
    -guy and a girl toasting
    -chaw main
    8 lettter word

  794. Anonymous says:

    lady ice skating
    person holding up a trophy
    man horseback riding
    rank platform

  795. Anonymous says:

    Army tank, white care, plane, horse and carriage. 7 letter word.

  796. oneword says:

    key with a speech bubble, newspaper, an orange figure with a speech bubble, and a microphone

  797. Saturday says:

    People graduating a thermometer a right angle scale and some kind of clock circle thing

  798. Anonymous says:

    help please. girl playing violin a lady on floor with a gym instructor. a nurse sat at a desk and a
    .teacher with a little boy

  799. chemistry says:

    7 letters
    child’s drawing of house and family
    hand holding umbrella over drawing of person in the rain
    man with thoughts scribbled over head
    blank movie screen in thearter

    B B I C U P T T C E R L

  800. Anonymous says:

    Yingyang symbol. Skinny woman thin woman same person, some sort of dotted effect, glasses. 8 letters 7th letter is S.

  801. Anonymous says:

    tent in the snow, duck tape, thermos flask, igloo
    8 letters
    please help, thanks in advance!

  802. beth says:

    Envelope, bird in cage, pic of a farm, dogs in kennel the letters given are ngsieheohclx. 4th letter is l

  803. dan says:

    Pics: Arc of Covenant, Abstract Painting, Chocolates, Frames on wall.

    Seven Letters



  804. Cazza says:

    number 454 – 6 letters
    pics: an alarm clock, a camera, a sound board and what looks like a graph or sound waves on a chart
    letters: OLANGSAGBUWP

  805. Kat says:

    Help stuck!
    7 letters – VERSVHLIZCAE
    E has been placed as the 7th letter
    Pictures of
    lady in robes holding a degree tied with a red ribbon
    Lady stood on the edge of a mountain arms stretched above her head
    Someone running through a red winners tape
    5 people holding up what looks like a red stocks chart line

  806. intan says:

    Help.. clues:

    Waiter holding a plate of food
    Diamonds on display tray
    Lady giving presentation
    Flat screen monitor



  807. Rach says:

    Help. 8 Letters: o r s v p c l i t c k i. Pics include a ballot box, a series of flags from different countries, Man in a suit making a speech with microphones pointed at him and 4circles one has been marked with an x like a voting paper.

  808. ... says:

    everyone has their hands over their faces, looking shocked, ashamed or stressed out. 7 letter word there is no s in the word.

  809. Ariana says:

    7 letters.
    christmas cards, a little girl picking something up, a woman with 4 pair of shoes, and some stamps..


  810. Anonymous says:

    help. a man looking threw camera, wood with a carved heart, a hole in paper and another hole (like james bond start)
    8 letters

  811. CanIhelp says:

    Ariana its collect

  812. Alaska says:

    Help 5 letter word. letters are TRILWRPRFZKS
    White paper, Jet taking off, a beach and a las vegas blvd sign

  813. Anonymous says:

    8 words a bunch of buildings

  814. Anonymous says:

    A ticket, a curtain, a round hologram thingy and a beam of light between two doors.
    Letters are F N A C N A R E O H T

  815. Anonymous says:

    An owl, some books, a statue head and it looks like some sort of salted animal hanging. 6 Letters
    Letters are: n d o g o s c i m o w l
    Thanks in advance.

  816. Funkydice12 says:

    I have a red bucket full of red berries
    what looks like to be a glass of wine or sparkling juice
    a brown snowman with white flowers on it
    and a brass pot which looks to be upside down in a wooden room.

    Letters: STHMUCKTBUE

    I have been on this one for a while!!

  817. Intan says:

    How many letters? Have you tried BUCKET/S?

  818. Anonymous says:

    Was going to say Bucket too 🙂

  819. Richard says:

    7 letter word. Letters are BOXDIUZUCREL. Pics are :
    Yellow hard hat and work gloves
    Tool rack with tools
    Construction road signs
    Yellow hard hat with blueprints, level, ruler

    Any ideas?

  820. RaRa says:

    One pic of a lady skinny looking at herself fat glasses i front of a forest dots that get bigger at bottom and the ying yang symbols 8 letters

  821. Richard says:

    7 letter word. Second letter is E. remaining letters are ILOVCIMESHM. Pics are
    White car
    Horse and carriage
    Army tank


  822. Krinn11 says:

    5 letter word. Averouubiqrp
    Violin/string instrument
    Score sheet of music

  823. Anonymous says:

    7 letters: RENPGSZDOEHE
    something like a thermometer
    protractor ruler
    people graduating
    Chinese exorcist thing

    HELP :))