What’s The Word Answers and Cheats

What’s The Word Answers cheats and walkthrough for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. These are all answers and all words to What’s The Word game by RedSpell. Find hints, tips, and images with these Word Answers to help you solve all levels of the app. Guess the common word between all four pictures shown on the screen. If you need help with a What’s The Word Level just use these cheats!

Whats the Word Answers – Letters & Levels

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About What’s the Word

What’s the Word is the latest and most popular app from RedSpell. The concept of What’s the Word is simple: you are given four pictures and asked what the word they have in common is. What’s the Word is the original 4 Pics, 1 Word app, starting a huge craze and a rush among app developers to create similar apps. What’s the Word is not only the original app, it is also the most appealing of the apps. What’s the Word has a clean interface. Although, like every other free app, What’s the Word has ads, they are much less disruptive than in other versions like 4 Pics 1 Word. It also doesn’t shake its hint buttons at you constantly, as many have complained about in 4 Pics 1 Word.

You might think this app sounds simple, or even too simple. You’ll be surprised how tough What’s the Word can get! Finding the answers is guaranteed to give your brain the stretch it needs every once in a while. What’s the Word will keep you guessing while making the time pass faster than you ever thought it could. Each answer that you come up with will gain you more coins. You can use your accumulated coins to get hints on any level you get stuck on. You’ll be needing those coins, so be sure to stock up. You can also get more coins through in app purchases. What’s the Word is a great app for people of all ages. You can even play the game with your child to help them learn new words! The What’s the Word app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play. The developers are also constantly adding new levels, so you’ll never get bored. Go check out What’s the Word today!

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139 Responses to What’s The Word Answers and Cheats

  1. Anonymous says:

    level 134. lot of people, lots of flags, line of chair and i forgot the other one

  2. Cutiecarter says:

    Level8 . Frog, caution sign, mountains with water, and muddy water

  3. ciara says:

    level 17 has a thumb,a old building, dishes and a pig

  4. eamonn says:

    eamonn says

    February 24, 2013, 1:16 pm

    level 204
    7 letters

    fortune cookie with paper sticking out
    colourful cats like in easter egg wrapping
    white ivory elephant
    A royal flush

    HELP Please

  5. kelly says:

    how many levels are there

  6. Anonymous says:

    i think 319 and then continue

  7. lynn says:

    Fly rhino bird girl eating icecreamcone

  8. ally says:

    those pics wouidnt go together at ALL

  9. Anonymous says:

    Level 215 9 letters
    Ace and Jack, calendar of december, thermometer at 20 degrees and a pair of die of 6 and 1 with money.
    Reoccurring letters are TEETOWNYN don’t know why I can’t figure it out.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Level 301????? Anyone please help

  11. Karen says:

    I got a theme pack and I am stumped on the first one. I have posted it on Instagram and everything. It’s a 3 letter word. I wish this website would update to the answers for theme packs. Everyone on Instagram thinks its sea but it says its wrong.

  12. The Stranger says:

    What is level 8? A frog caution sign mountains with water and brownish dirty water….HELP ME PLEASE

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know level 273..I’ve been stuck on it for weeks!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know the answer for level 252 please help it is confusing

  15. Anonymous says:

    Level 317??

  16. Madison says:

    What’s level 37 beer and fruit cash and more fruit

  17. Anonymous says:

    Level 333 a lion. A frog. A wood fixture and wood. Help!

  18. What is a ell +sushi+big catfish +starfish sushi

  19. HotPink says:

    Need help, please!

    8 letters word.

    The four following pictures are:
    coil/hole punched notebook, man running along beach, 2 men hunting in field and the last pic is a building shown on the side with concrete steps & walls around it.

    These are the letter: I, E, W, H, R, E, X, W, E, S, C.

    Thanks! 🙂

  20. dawn says:

    Level 79 answer please

  21. anonymous source says:

    On emerging games whats the word 2 . What is the level 11 with the baby and rubber ducks and the piano and music sheets???

  22. Anonymous says:

    what is the answer with the two dogs kissing

  23. Anonymous says:

    four pics of origami… four letter word… P G D M W L T O B I F.. what is it?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Does any1 no level 72 ???

  25. Shane says:

    What’s the answer to the one with the old lady with the red tears and the Chinese mask

  26. Frustrated says:

    How about the one with 4 (girls I think) standing on a speaker, blue stars above them and blue stripes in background, then one with 3 people drawings jumping in the air over a vinyl record, black background with red dots, then woman with hands in the air pointing, red stripes in the background, then guy with afro looks like he’s dancing, his shadow and blue background. 7 letters. Choices: ACZNPQUNDIG


  27. Zee says:

    What’s the answer for one pic looks like a groundhog with 2 big oval rocks behind it, the other dirt with plant sprouting, a tower red n white stripes and blue sky over blue sea. Its a 5 letter word mttljselrah letters

  28. Glinda says:

    What’s The Word? 7 letters Alarm, amperes meter, man holding blank business card, several tech pads.

  29. Glinda says:

    6 letters. Girl with black and white polka dot shoes, girl with extremely large
    Glasses, male spiked hair beige jacket, tatted, hooded guy with sun glasses
    Flashing signs.

  30. erin says:

    What is the one with what looks like stock exchange numbers, back if CDs, a fish oil pill and a keyboard key that says enter the key is lit up background is dark. Letters are IRTLIBCENAY I’ve been stuck on it for days. Thanks in advance

  31. Roc says:

    What’s the one with the biscuit the carving of the man with the flute, the two men with the horse and the gourd? 7 letters

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t get this one either. Maybe we can narrow it down by comparing our letter banks. My parents do this because theirs are always different except for the letters you use. My letters are: A, A, B, D, E, I, N, P, S, W.

  32. Lynn says:

    4 pictures with drinking glasses in each picture with mint in each of them-tominujotwo
    6 letter word

  33. Person says:

    Hey what’s the answer to level 284 it is 4 letters long the letters are A O Q F E M A S J L V the pictures are of it looks like 2 r desserts 1 is like dirt it looks like anyway and the last one is a roll thing being cooked……does anyone know the answer?? Help me please!!

  34. Hailey says:

    What’s the answer for the one that has a piece a pizza gone??? Four letter word and the letters are, I, B, D, W, T, A, H, E, H, S, K

  35. Smart says:

    Exercise 🙂

  36. nora says:

    Whats the answer for level 235 for iphone
    voice recorder i guess and bunch of woods and a guitar and a feather that u use when playing the guitar

  37. nora says:

    Sorry its (voice recorder i guess and i dont know what its called but its the top of the guitar then the strings of the guitar then the feather
    plz help me im stuck for almost a week :'(

  38. Confused says:

    What is the answer for the one with the notebook, bag and euro?? hdrjeppanfz

  39. julie says:

    What is:
    A Clown
    A children with brightly coloured painted hands
    A Rainbow
    and what looks like party streamers brightly coloured ?


    5 letters.

  40. Laura says:

    What is:
    A skillet; A club or spoon with flowers on; A wisk and two eggs; A glass bowl with red jello looking stuff in it.
    Letters: ECJRPBHKAAN


  41. Kat-kat says:

    I need help with # 36 in whats the word…

  42. nora says:

    Whats the answer for:
    A watch picture with red highlights that seems like a dead line
    notebook or agenda
    a guy with a laptop


  43. Nora says:

    H help anyone? 🙁

  44. Anonymous says:

    British flag and 3 more things not sure what they are

  45. Sonja says:

    I need help figuring out # 164. A foggy forest,
    Dock on the ocean, a rock statue, a snow covered road
    In the forest.

  46. KK says:

    Paint roller, paint brush, a mustard squeeze bottle with a red top, a little hoy and father wiyh a paint brush. 4 letter word.

  47. Haileyfs2003 says:

    I need help with level 195!!!!!
    it has tomatoes in a refrigerator , oranges in a oven , a bowl of grapes , and an ice cube melting ! HELP!!!!

  48. Nobody says:

    What is the answer to level 27

  49. Linda says:

    For Laura- its pancake… That one took me a while.

  50. collin says:

    5 letter word middle letter is r other numbers are n,x,a,k,h,p,t,e,j,g?

  51. Ashley says:

    What is the answer to Peking duck, fowl, white pelican, and guinea fowl with 4 letters? The letters are MWDPCFHPLRO

  52. karen says:

    can anyone help with the 6 letter word whose pictures are a typewriter, a pile of books, an open book with a hand turning the page and a small book with glasses nearby? thanks

  53. Linda Rogers says:

    Whats the word #86
    A blue paint covered apple
    A camera lens
    Three blue darts in a bullseye
    A round red circle with a slash through it
    (the sign for no)

    Been stuck here for three weeks.
    It is a six letter word.
    Letters are:EUCTROAJBAFO

  54. Linda Rogers says:

    Thankyou.I will check it out.

  55. coll says:

    how do u get new theme packs for the game on iphone? completed the levels and i can only play what pics pop up? thanx

  56. Anonymous says:

    Check Mark, girl on phone, a girl with her hand on her chin, and an old phone next to a lamp? Letters: ARNUSEZSNWP

  57. Anonymous says:

    some of these are ! i want to meet the guys that choose the pictures for these words so i can punch them in the face.
    i’ve had several that barely made sense like APPAREL and one (don’t remember which word now) where they just got lazy and had a picture of a cat… which had nothing to do anything! they should change the name to 3 pics and a decoy.
    what set me on this tirade, was tat i just got CORK. have fun with that one if you haven’t already gotten it.

  58. Suzy says:

    Mouse & keyboard, news camera, 3 telephone receivers with cords, headphones vraepcrotbo

  59. Um I cannot seem to find an answer to level 18 and I have a kindle fire hd version it has a hawk. Dog a busted window and a man with his hand on his head This is such a battle many places I look for answers only have answers for 4 pictures one word which is the same thing just the free version. Please help I’m in desperate need and it has 12 letters thx

  60. non ya buzz says:

    Hey plz plz plz plz help

  61. non ya says:

    Plz desperately

  62. Laurie says:

    I am on level 116 I play on my pc …. four letter word ..Pics are … 2 stacks of foreign coins .. half of dvd .. electronic board .. green circles with 0’s & 1’s behind it .. letters are MZAHAIYKDPJDVDTMIQNZ … I’ve looked through all the four letter pis and this one is not there … Your level 116 pic is not the same as mine … HELP !!!

  63. jennifer says:

    I asked for help yesterday and now my post is gone????

  64. Amh says:

    What is answer to dogs kissing, man on phone, bride dancing? Letters are nottacgcqmh..7 letter word!!

  65. Rebecca says:

    I have Clay pots, a man carving, man at a potters wheel and looks like more clay pots

  66. Nikki says:

    I can’t find the answer to some pictures that look like soup. A couple of them have beef broth with vegetables, one has chicken and vegetables, one looks like a chowder and the other looks like cheese or squash. Help!

  67. Iliana says:

    What is the answer to level 21 i need help please 🙁

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  69. Anonymous says:

    Wooden chip with 69 on it, craps table, roulette wheel and dice

  70. Helpme45 says:

    What’s the word when there are hollow even bats and a bright eclipse and a lady with a microphone next to her armpit and the reflection of a lamp against a lake.They all are dark pictures-black.And all of them expect the picture with th lady has orange in it.HELP PLEASE

  71. Anonymous says:

    What’s the word when there are hollow even bats and a bright eclipse and a lady with a microphone next to her armpit and the reflection of a lamp against a lake.They all are dark pictures-black.And all of them expect the picture with th lady has orange in it.HELP PLEASEn

  72. Anonymous says:

    Im in level 78 help

  73. alicia says:

    What’s answer for lev 46

  74. Anonymous says:

    What’s the answer to level 46 on what’s the word 6 letter word pic of a lady on beach another of man and woman on top of cliff with white cloth blowing in air a white shell looking thing on a plate then a paper gift looking thing with gold bows on it plz help

  75. mandy says:

    i dont know what level 29 is

  76. Anonymous says:


  77. Brad says:

    girl in red hat, man smiling, someone surfing, chart with line rising
    4 letters

  78. Anonymous says:

    http://tinyurl.com/cw8yaxg goto that and just type in the letters you have and click solver

  79. Morgan says:

    I need help on level 26

  80. kaytlin says:

    A letter that stats with a c and has 7letter level 22

  81. Eileen says:

    Help level 111 different on my phone 8 letters Eagle, Panther, Wolf howling and Lion
    Letters are E, T, G, D, A, O, I, R, R, D, U, V, P, X

  82. Anonymous says:

    http://tinyurl.com/c5jgqt4 go to that and type in the letters you have and then click solve you get the answer straight away

  83. pamalama says:

    Don’t know what level I’m on at the top it says the #507 I don’t know if that is a level or what the 4 pic are an old 1920 Henry ford car, a wall with the letters BUS,a old locomotive and a cement truck those are to 4 pic can u help with the answer and the level sure hope so. Thanx!
    Forgot the letters are T E L W I C G E H O V

  84. Cghfjfhj says:

    Unbelievable they give u da answers!

  85. if you click the blue 4 pics 1 word cheat theres an auto solve on there type your letters in and then click solve its easier than looking through all the pics

  86. Kenneth says:

    Answer to puzzle 315 in cheats is “prod’ but when you enter it, it says wrong!
    Clues girl peeking, tacks on board, man with flowers behind his back

  87. Anonymous says:

    sino mahal ko

  88. science says:

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  90. Patricia Redd Dobbs says:

    There is a website called unscramble words, which is very helpful. Can be a little time consuming, but you can usually find the answer. I’m stuck on Word Rings. I would appreciate if any one can help with that.

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