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4 Pics 1 Word Answers 8 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats for words with 8 Letters in the popular game for iOS and Android by developer LOTUM GmbH. Having trouble beating a level of 4 Pics 1 Word, like children? This page has all the 4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters

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310 Responses to 4 Pics 1 Word Answers 8 Letters

  1. melory says:

    i can not find the one i want

  2. Jc says:

    There’s no answer for the one looks like famous but it doesn’t.

  3. Raiman says:

    I can’t find the one I want either; it has a baby in the corner of a crib, baby Jesus & family silhouette and a telephone…?

  4. pam says:

    mine has a compass a thermometer and a group of graduates throwing up their hats

  5. Shelley says:

    the answer is cradle

  6. Shelley says:

    Raiman the answer is cradle

  7. Anonymous says:

    The answer for the pic set with the graduates is degrees

  8. Kimi says:

    Don’t see it and hard to describe. Blurred colors, orange swirl, skinny blue wire looking things, and yellow blurr. Grrrrrr…..

  9. Roheen says:

    I cant find the one i want the answer for. Its like a women holding recorder wearing black and she is blond. Another pic have three japenese in which one male is pointing something on monitor screen while the other two are looking at monitor. Third pic have some jailor giving angry looks with pointy finger and last pic have women in black nd white strips standing in an office infrnt of male

  10. pong says:

    a man wearing blue shirt
    woman’s leg…wearing jeans n high heels
    dresses hangging
    black leather jacket


  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    theres a little girl squeezing something out of a tube, hammer, a traffic light with a lot of signs and an extension cord filled with plugs. 8 letters please help!

  13. Dave says:

    cant find my one the pics are a remote with a blurred tv in the background, a canal/river, a dj mixing board and a masssive wall with a man standing in a gap

  14. Anonymous says:

    OVERKILL for the extension cord and street signs

  15. V.A.L. says:

    The one I can’t find has a jet flying overhead, a white car, a horse pulling a cart and an Army tank. Anyone know what it is?

  16. Reeyaa says:

    Can’t find the 1 im looking for… 7 . letters starts with C….

    1. Guy holding ps3 control with blur in background of screen
    2. 2 Blue figures in suits hugging each other
    3. organ I think
    4. looks sound mixer or something lol

    Any idea?? Doing my head in lmao

  17. VOn says:

    i Cant find my Pic
    White background then a curly line
    i think this looks like a grey bottle a metal
    and lights with colored bulb the letter it gives is
    D P U B K D S E S N K E

  18. Sami says:

    Hey I got another 😛

    some nurses/doctors
    military people
    um…headless woman in maybe a flight attendant outfit
    and a woman helping a man on an iPad maybe


  19. Twitter says:

    1. A kid hiding behind her hands.
    2. Ammo/ or possibly crayons.
    3. A dude pulling an ace out of his sleeve.
    4. A soldier wearing cammo.

    7 letters. Wtf?

  20. Anonymous says:

    What letters are given???

  21. Ellaine says:

    i also cant find the answer to mine. 1. Pearl jewelries 2. a lady presenting a graph 3. a flatscreen TV 4. a plate of expensive looking food. its 7 letters, 5th letter is an L and all the Letters given are F U I P D L A C S G Y E.

  22. Twitter says:

    L-o-a-n-c-g- e-c-n-n-o-o

  23. Nikki says:


  24. Rach says:

    A remote control, A stream, A control board (like a sound mixing board), and a small entrance way between two large doors. 7 Letters and the second and third letters are H, A. Other letters include S C N E Z L B D N E

  25. Dot says:

    No 580 hubby and I r stuck. Beaut home, guy happily driving car, back of guys head in church, plans to build a home

  26. jay says:

    Help please!! I’m stuck on 507, (female skater, people racing on horses, hands holding a trophy, and 1st 2nd and 3rd place stand), 7 letter word.

  27. Anonymous says:

    People please include the letters you have been given. It makes it easier for us to help you.

  28. jay says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    Jay try contest

  30. Rach says:

    Mines channel

  31. Britt says:

    Letters are: s,e,m,l,x,i,e,n,t,e,m,e
    8 letters.
    1. Volcano with lava coming out
    2. A blue sky with clouds
    3. Waves
    4. Brown desert
    Please help!!!

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Lisa says:

    1) Can of pepper spray
    2) football team
    3) Man holding out his hand
    4) marching band
    Any ideas?????? not listed in the 7 words

  34. Apitak says:

    B W Q A R I B N A G D N.
    i need help i cant get a clue.. 🙂

  35. Anonymous says:

    Fudge, woman staring at blank pictures, golden arch, painting with a ton of colors.
    X h I e w s v y t b q I
    7 letters

  36. Princess says:

    I’m looking for 8 letters; passport, keyboard, glasses on open book, business people holding books. Letters are c e m t d i p n t u o

  37. Kaz says:

    Can someone help??

    4 pics: a silhouette of a person meditating, a symbol for hinduism, the face of a buddhism statute in water, a person washing in water

    A M N R K A V A N J T I

    answer is 7 letters

  38. Anonymous says:

    Doctor and doctors in the background
    Female police officer
    Group of Army officers
    Woman assisting man with a tablet

  39. Anonymous says:

    I’m on that same one!! i need help too!!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi l figured it out its so silly – Uniform

  41. Chelsey says:

    Wow this is so not a good website I can’t find any of my pics

  42. Boniface says:

    fuck this is annoying

  43. Leona says:

    Great web site! You have to look the pictures are not always in the same position as they are on your phone.

  44. Funny girl says:

    Greatest website EVER

  45. Anonymous says:

    Guy standing by a half open big door, dj mixer
    Outdoor scene with a river, tv remote changing channels.
    7 letters lncvcnotaeeh

  46. sonia says:

    Stacked paper
    Rolls.of paper
    Stacked books
    And a neespaper
    Anyone please help?????

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. jam roldan says:

    a girl with a microphone
    3 guys watching television
    news paper
    a bed

  49. Anonymous says:

    Um oes anyone no the answer for

    2 kids talking into tin cans each end
    2 adults talking on the bed
    1 shoe
    1 lady talking on then phone

    it is annoying me ARGH!!!!!

  50. noe says:

    For stack of papers n rolls is “publish”

  51. Anonymous says:

    All four pictures are of statues. Eight letters. STONEGUMMH are most of the letter options. Please help

  52. Jacq says:

    1st pic: a circle with black and white (I always think of Chinese things when I see it)
    2nd pic: a treble clef with a staff making a circle and then a bunch of notes on the staff
    3rd pic: old people singing with blue binders
    4th pic: a dove holding a stem with 6 leaves (3 on one side and 3 on the other) it has an sun in the upper far left corner

  53. Anonymous says:

    Guy with pliers, guy standing with six arms, women
    Working in the garden, somebody doing bills
    7 letters nriwplyghkov

  54. Anonymous says:

    Man with face paint, ace card being pulled from sleeve, little girl covering her eyes, three pencil or rather standing up

  55. Anonymous says:

    7letter lhoeqacvnc

  56. cass says:

    7 letters

    1.) yearbook page

    2. yellow smiley face

    3. postman jogging

    4. train speeding by

  57. j says:

    Please Help 7 letters
    car on top of $100 bills
    picture of lady in queen looking clothes
    crown on a hand
    2 coupons
    letters aofzjylrzcty

  58. (Girl) says:

    Plz help I’m stuck in level 420 the 4 pics are:some people wearing army clothes,some doctors,a pilot n a trainee or something,a woman I suppose wearing a black uniform. Plz help meee someone!! N txs for the people who helped me!!! 🙂

  59. (Girl) says:

    @someone it is 7 letters letters are:XOUJRKFUMNIN

  60. anonymous says:

    I’m stuck one, its colorful stamps, a women with color shoes,a Christmas card, and a little girl with a colorful basket.

  61. Lisiann says:

    Toy Car on to of the 100 dollar bill
    2 coupons
    And a dressed women

  62. mary says:

    cystal ball palm reader deck of cards and a person touching a another persons hand

  63. Sarah says:

    7 letter word

    Office meeting with lady pointing to a white board. A tv. Tray of jewellery I think they’re pearls. Waiter with a plate of food


  64. lovethisgame says:

    7words level 500
    Ice scaker
    horse race
    team holding a winning cup
    and a podium (winning stand 1st,2nd,3rd)

  65. Smee says:

    7 letters
    Level 300

    I’ve got a cartoon dove carrying a letter
    A wasp biting someone’s arm
    Two planes bombing a ship
    A man carrying fruit and veggies
    HEELLP PLEASE!!!!!! I’ve been stuck on this for like two weeks

    The letters are AERRLCFIRH!!

    ✨✨✨✨✨Please help ASAP!✨✨✨✨✨

  66. Jasmine says:

    Wtf my thing not on


    Temperature thing

    People graduating
    A protrackter

  67. Lucyhaynes says:

    Do you find this game good because I do not it is rubbish so there you are

  68. brittany k says:

    orange balloon that says just married
    blue talking bubble
    two springs
    picture of hot air balloons

    letters: L,B,K,O,L,O,A,P,F,N,H

  69. Peaches says:

    Laptop with a stethescope on the keyboard.
    Blond lady talkin to a lil girl?
    Lil green soldiers with a yellow general.
    Blond lady with glasses pressing a key on a keyboard.

    Can anybody help me? Thanks.

  70. Erika says:


    Temperature thing

    People graduating

    A protrackter

    7 letter word

  71. Floobergooster says:


    A lady standing in a black dress


    And a woman showing something to a man
    On which looks like an iPad

    7 letters

  72. sarah says:

    Bowling pins/ball colliding
    Boy punching
    Fighter jet
    Picketers from the back

  73. notsowise says:

    Microphone in hand,folded paper, cartoon of egyptian with blank bubble over his head,chat button on keyboard……letters are…..T L E O E C G N M F M P

  74. Anonymous says:

    a tired person with books
    and a motorcycle

  75. Mo says:

    dartboard with 3 darts in bulls eye
    cartoon man with green check mark
    a man with a level
    some caliper looking tool
    8 letters

  76. nad says:

    a spinner, some kind of mecanical bolt, the BBC and an old red car

  77. Jen says:

    I Have a heart shape cut out of a wooden thing, a whole ripped in paper, a photographer with the lense looking at me and a closing thing…help?

  78. Anonymous says:

    a silver coffee pot

    a ceramic blue flowered tea kettle

    a blue vase and a bowl with designs I T A T P F C R Q I A
    please help

  79. Christal says:

    1. A small street
    2. A tall guy in a small office
    3. A guy tied up
    4. A tiny door
    7 letters ,a,b,n,o,b,j,r,w,k,m,r,r
    Plzzz help

  80. Twyla says:

    I need help it’s an eight letter word MFCNEIWIMUSOZOSRCQSA
    I need an eight letter word for smoke stack coming out of a big pipe, three tale pipes another colorful ball with pretty colores and something that looks like a fried egg in the center outside looks like a sun kind of . I have never seen some of these pictures. I would appreciate the help.

  81. Prettyfaith says:

    A kid holding a bottle a hammer wires amd road signs.

    8 letter word.
    Somebody help!?


  82. tylynn_D says:

    A Roman statute, little girl painting,a person with a”think outside the box”sign for a head, and a man drawing a lightbulb. The letters are E,L,E,T,E,C,V,I,R,V,D,A

    please help!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    a little girl wearing bunny ears, stars, butterfly lanterns and a white building with an american flag in front

  84. Deborah says:

    level 424, 8 letter word, pics of 3 girls reading newspaper looking surprized, dew drops on leaf, doughnuts with sprinkles, newspaper showing classified adds. letters are ZLCRSUAURCID.

    • JSG says:

      Could be CIRCULAR – another name for a small local newspaper; shape of a dew drop; shape of a doughnut..

  85. lisa says:

    starts with a C is all I know

  86. Anonymous says:


  87. Barbara says:

    I am on 449, letters are RPALTTYPEUSO , please help!!!!!!!

  88. Barbara says:


  89. Anonymous says:


  90. Anonymous says:


  91. kiki says:

    Anonymous: Festival

  92. mary says:

    bovnrady bob wire in three pic with road and a orange cone in the other

  93. mary says:

    eithcirqatfmr 10 letters math problem, three pic of telephones or key boards

  94. Anonymous says:

    Chocolate truffles and roses. 7 letters?

  95. Mona says:

    A couple looking at map , a woman reading somthing for an old man ,a couple in their home

  96. Mona says:

    Level1653 a 7letter word, a couple looking at a map, a couple in their home, a lady reading somthing for an old man

  97. Anonymous says:

    a zebra
    a krossword
    a paper with ballpan

  98. bla says:

    3 Letters. a girl holding on to someone legs a paperbag over someone head a bunny covering his eyes amd a lil kiid covering his eyes?

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  100. diane says:

    A plate stemware crystal glass

  101. pingkely says:

    salamat nakatulong 🙂

  102. leilani patawaran gerolin says:

    level 14 a chairs in a row, a light for a show,a hotdog, and a square over the white line. 8 letters

  103. Isonic Destruction says:

    So many ads in this site but it’s very helpful Thanks! ^-^

  104. Julia Cândida De Almeida says:

    I have a orange trainers a thing that says help point 2, a man talking on the phone and and these 2 couple and a man ….help?

  105. laura says:

    Level 1111 anyone got idea what it is can not find it 8 letters

  106. orb4me says:

    level2 58 has no answer:(

  107. Debra Alkire says:

    8 letters,woman cleaning wearing yellow gloves, maid with sister, cat sleeping, man & woman yelling at each other

  108. Amy says:

    letters GSRBTATCABIE

  109. Amy says:


  110. Appdom Labs says:

    Get this new 4 pics 1 word type of game with food theme:


  111. Joan says:

    Level 684 and 8 letters – Man flexing muscles/man lifting weights/needle/needle again so can anyone help me

  112. laramie says:

    hi I been sore on my legs and you guys been bithes

  113. Tia says:

    Tia • an hour ago

    Level 679 . . . Does anyone got any idea what it is cannot find it 8 letters https://4pics1word.com/assets/
    https://4pics1word.com/assets/https://4pics1word.com/assets/https://4pics1word.com/assets/… Letters are O T O I R D A I W V K N

  114. Jordyn says:

    A festival,with a band playing and a girl wearing sometype of show girl outfit or from a different country.8 letters help please?

  115. brenda says:

    8 letter word with stolen property sign in red and man sitting at keyboard. Please help

  116. Eunice Paul says:

    zeppenlylemi..somebody please help me..level1328

  117. KailynLee ♔ says:

    Help me pls

  118. Sonaile says:

    i know the answer in level 917 but the letters given in my ipad is wrong 🙁
    i know it’s TRIM but the letters here are: PA A P I E S P N N T F
    what’s up with you 4pics?.. what should i do now? 🙁 plsss reply…

  119. josh says:

    A bunch black lab puppys and one golden retriever puppy

  120. sak says:

    help me please 8 letters word egvcafbuedik

  121. cathy glitsch says:

    please help 8 letters ZLRSUAVRCID starts with c dougnuts,newspaper classified section.3 girls looking at newspaper,& like a tree stem with 4 round raindrops
    ty level 424

  122. cathy glitsch says:

    oh mine is on facebook

  123. Fatima says:

    help me to solve this plz

  124. cathie says:

    I have small and big red stars, two people at night with a light and a butterfly, baby girl with bunny ears and castle with fireworks…eight letters

  125. mylene says:

    help :((
    what the word is ??

    Drinking a bottle ( green )
    and says STOLEN PROPERTY
    Man w/ Mouse Lastly
    Girl A Black dress .


  126. aileen bose says:

    pls help

  127. Hannah Edgar says:

    8 letter word that ends in A and the pics are of some kind of bacteria cutlers

  128. Faith says:

    8 letters end with a

  129. Cynthia Piazza says:

    Single daisy, field of daisies, bouquet of daisies, dried up daisy pods, 8 letters

  130. Keiron says:


  131. arvin falcis says:

    plss help me.. helping, teaching, playing soccer ATVTIZCYOZEM

  132. gervan_lol says:



  133. Damna Afzal says:

    Help me plzz…

    a telephone heandset

    a radia

    a telephone

    and a running player …

    • JSG says:

      This is also RECEIVER.
      -receiver is another term for the telephone handset.
      -stereo receiver (radio tuner+amplifier set).
      -football player who is looking back to catch a pass(?) is a receiver.

  134. Guest says:

    what’s this?

  135. claudineYU says:

    need answers

  136. Maras Memcevic says:

    wires from back of computer, 3 busses open doores a z m e l r t p n i l y

  137. Princess Raffs says:

    plzz help

  138. Princess Raffs says:

    plz help

  139. Princess Raffs says:

    plzz help

    • JSG says:

      Try CONTRAST. Black&White images: Woman seated in meditation against an ominous sky; Guy looks like a wannabe rapper in a business suit; Ebony&Ivory knights on chessboard; Shouting man facing a sulking woman.

  140. Babie says:

    Stucc on level 42 arrows in blue, green red yellow a picture of a graph same color but lighter a kid holding a measuring tape and a couple of balls or in da same color letters are: n c a r t s s e e j I … 8 letter word help please

  141. Valerir Cameron says:

    vcojuqliaimlmwpbmemf.. has to do with white and yellow centre daie flowers

  142. peiqi says:

    Try this webpage. It shows the answers to over 300 words!.

  143. Princess Raffs says:

    i have 4 pics all black and white
    in one there is a man scolding a woman
    in the second there are chess pieces on chess board
    in third there is a woman doing yoga and in the fourth there is man dressed in black from head to foot and is also wearing a black hat

  144. Princess Raffs says:

    its a six letter word
    three letters up and three letters below

    • JSG says:

      Is this a different one than contrast you posted a month ago, because the pics you just described seem the same? Now only six letters?

  145. Z M says:

    8 letter word

    plate of Chinese food, person fanning money at hat, person feeding an animal, a Santa gnome with presents:


  146. Heather says:

    Hexagon scientist with a dropper.. 8 letters??

  147. shalise says:

    we need level 1000000000000000 upgraded

  148. shalise says:

    I need a lot of help now

  149. Brandon Allison says:

    a soccerteam and coach holding the ball, a teacher looking at a child working with a chalkboard in background, a personal trainer holding the legs of someone doing a situp and a group of people putting their hands in the middle in cooperation

  150. Alina Awan says:


  151. C Graham says:

    4 petry dishes w germs or bacteria in them 8 letters…..

    • C Graham says:

      level 13

    • JSG says:

      Probably PROTISTA – there’s a screen upload for it on this page if you sort by newest and scroll down about one page. If it doesn’t fit, supply your scrambled letters – level 13 has no meaning at all.

  152. vinitha says:

    i need a help..anyone s onlne..

    • JSG says:

      These comments are not really a live chat so just make a post with the full details of your puzzle and if someone knows the answer they will post a reply.

  153. Suely Siqueira says:

    duas pontes, um rio, e uma muralha o que significa?

    • JSG says:

      duas pontes, um rio e uma parede, o que significa?
      – using Google translate (Portuguese)
      S.S. – two bridges, a river and a wall which means?
      JSG – What letters are there?
      Que cartas estão lá?

  154. nobody says:

    a picture with girls on beach, a family summer, a family on beach,a girl on beach sun bathing. 8 letter word. letters include a,c,c,f,r,n,m,t,i,o,d,a,s,u,a,p,i,v,x,p

  155. Cliff says:

    BGNEEKAFOVWEUQEEVYGR please help.wine bottles next to cask

    wine glasses with wine

    mugs with chocolate drink

    4 wine glasses held to cheers

  156. Cecilia says:

    Whats the one with 8 letters and the word starts with o

  157. elaine says:

    what is the answer ?

  158. Yeshidolma Lama says:

    I have people chopping down the trees.. Eight letters for that??

  159. NANCI says:


  160. fhcufhn says:

    Motorcycle, matched and people at work getting tired

  161. maryflor says:

    im stuck @ level 474 !! pls .. i need help .. these are the letters : A,I,D,E,G,V,H,N,O,A,T,E ..
    ANSWER is composed of 8 letters thanks !

  162. Gail Duncan says:

    Level 8…I have a ceramic pitcher, two bowls and flowers in one pic; one bagpiper and men dressed in white uniforms (sailors) on a barge in another pic; a group of female hula dancers in a third pic; and a large group of people gathered outdoors…please help me solve this one. Thanks a lot!!

  163. AMDG says:

    Rare are the image sets that I can’t find here. But today I’ve got
    1. 4 clocks with intervals marked out of 5,10,15, and 20 minutes.
    2. jogger on gym treadmill
    3. runner on track being timed
    4. man in dark suit making ‘timeout’ T sign with his hands

    Any clues on that one?

    • AMDG says:

      Never mind — I used the word in my request without noticing… The word is ‘INTERVAL’. If you’ve already got that here and I missed it, my apologies. If not, you might want to add it. Thanks!

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