4 Pics 1 Word

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4 Pics 1 Word Answers 6 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats for words with 6 Letters in the popular game for iOS and Android by developer LOTUM GmbH. Having trouble beating a level of 4 Pics 1 Word, like sports? This page has all the 4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

4 Pics 1 Word 6 Letters

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1,634 Responses to 4 Pics 1 Word Answers 6 Letters

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on one of a tornado, black and white swirl, candy like swirl, and swirl stairs. Six letters.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Tornado is spiral

  4. Anonymous says:

    Need help on green leaves with sun, red subway train,guy running with white arrow on wall, and guy with three brown suitcases??

  5. Karlie says:

    6 letters.
    1.big guy in a little@$$ building.

    2.a guy tryna break out of a red thing wrapped around his arms n chest

    3.tall buildings

    4.and a long white door.

  6. Sarah says:

    Somebody please help I’ve been stuck on this one all day it has a guy holding a woman in his hand yelling at him then a baby chicken looking at the egg it came out of then theres a stop watch and it shows the smaller clock inside of it..basically there’s a big pic then a smaller thing in or beside it lol please help

  7. HELP says:

    level 135 for android
    6 letters.
    a man in a suit thats in a room thats too small for him.
    a man that looks like he’s trying to break out of something that is red and tied around his chest and arms.
    tall buildings.
    and a long white door.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Need. help
    1.a lot of small random pictures
    2.white long table with a lot of white chairs
    4. Huge group of people.

  9. Heather Towne says:


  10. Heather says:

    I’m stuck on a train pulling into station, green leaves looking upwards, a man rushing to a restroom, and a man sitting on suitcase hiding one in each hand.

  11. Michael says:

    Tiny guy pulling clock, chick next to btoken egg, stopwatch, and kid holdin a tiny yelling woman, 6 letters

  12. Anonymous says:

    Green leaf train is leaves

  13. Anonymous says:

    Clock one is minute

  14. Jessica Nicole says:

    Need. help
    1.a lot of small random pictures
    2.white long table with a lot of white chairs
    4. Huge group of people.


  15. Anonymous says:

    6letter word a guy golfing,a teacher doing math on whiteboard,a girl and boy on computer,and a fancy slice of desert????

  16. Sarah says:


  17. Space duck says:

    I’m stuck. 8 letters

    1) a group of kids putting their arms together
    2)a green background with 4 arrows pointing to
    4 guys in all directions
    3)a guy in a field drawing on a map
    4) a bunch of disassembled cars.

  18. hello says:

    Stuck on level 191…..help!!!!

  19. nobody says:


  20. 90210ismyaddiction says:

    Picture of a tree , an elephant , dog in a car and a girl hugging a tree , 5 Letters, first letter is t ?!?!?!?

  21. yasmin says:

    I’m stuck on a hamburger,work boots,ladybugs,striped socks

  22. Anonymous says:

    6 letters pic of guy with devil and angel above his head pic of a guy with three arrows above his head and pic of a woman loojing at a cupcake and a pic of a checkmark first letter is c

  23. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on the one with a ro separator.. a guy and a girl looking at tv with blue screen a woman on the computer

  24. skye says:

    The one with the blue screens ans girl at computer is screen

  25. Anonymous says:

    Elephant, tree, dog in a car, and girl hugging tree = trunk
    Hamburger, workboots, socks= pair

  26. alyce says:

    One picture is a guy swinging a golf club, two people looking at a computer, a classroom, and a plate of fancy dessert.

    Any ideas?

    It is.level 196 but I’m pretty sure they come in random order so the levels are different for everyone.

  27. Holly says:

    That one is course.

  28. Player says:

    Hi guys. I am stuck on lvl 51 with 4 picures desribed:
    1. blue pen on a sheet of multiple choice
    2. intersection of a road (splits into 3)
    3. Two white and red signs in a forest
    5. person in a white maze

    Pls help. Thank you 🙂

  29. Anonymous says:

    A gun
    A cat in a wooden bucket
    A pic of oil and it says The word oil
    and a man holding a gun with a lense and he is looking through it

  30. Marijke says:

    I’m stuck on one with a hamburger a boot a pair of socks and two lady bugs. It’s a 4 letter word. Help me please

  31. Kyra says:

    Im tottaly stuck… Ugh this is no helo what so ever!

  32. Anonymous says:

    The girl putting on blush, with the white powder in a spoon, grey powder and like cinnamon or something. What is it?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Its powder

  34. robb says:

    Ok I got a 6 letter word pic r canyon , bell hop , piano , and stadium seats

  35. Anonymous says:

    6 letters pic of guy with devil and angel above his head pic of a guy with three arrows above his head and pic of a woman loojing at a cupcake and a pic of a checkmark first letter is c

  36. lilly says:

    Pleass help guys!
    A gun
    A cat in a wooden bucket
    A pic of oil and it says The word oil
    and a man holding a gun with a lense and he is looking through it

  37. Anonymous says:

    A,E,,I,O are the pictures. Help. 6 letters.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Pleass help guys!
    A gun
    A cat in a wooden bucket
    A pic of oil and it says The word oil
    and a man holding a gun with a lense and he is looking through it


  39. Anonymous says:

    Lily its barrel

  40. Courtney says:

    What’s the one with all the flags, pictures, the crowd, an a white table with chairs

  41. Courtney says:

    @Courtney, it’s “PLENTY”

  42. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word – There’s a basketball going into a
    basket, a pencil with 3 boxes where you check your
    mood, a sheet of music and some really old looking
    writing or something. Please help.

  43. keaira says:

    Help please! level 243 7 letters…man n green pointing, lady holding a recorder,man standing over 2 girls at computer, and man writing standing next to a lady

  44. Anonymous says:

    i need HELP!!!!!

    1. a square watermelon
    2. a house with a RED BiG HAT!
    3. a guy riding a small bike!
    4. a wine glass ( filled with red wine) and a scorpion in it.. ..

  45. crystal says:

    @ keaira the word is dictate

  46. Anonymous says:

    Need help
    Coins – big pile going to smaller pile
    Coffee with money next to it
    Train tracks
    Fat man who’s lost weight

  47. Anonymous says:

    Last person its change

  48. Anonymous says:

    What water being poured, scientist with torth, windows being cleaned

  49. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on level 97

  50. HELP says:

    1. a red phone
    2. someone catching a football.
    3. woman holding a box with a red ribbon.
    4. it looks like a DVD player

  51. Help says:

    Boobs, security guards, statue and hitch hiker????? Someone help please 🙁

  52. ralfy says:

    A man wrapped in a red ribbon or cloth, a man bent over, a doorway, and an alley way please help !!!

  53. Renee says:

    It would help if you all would provide the available letters to choose from.

  54. milli says:

    a guy thats fat looking at his self fit
    a cup of cofee with a money tip
    train tracks thats crossing
    a dollar with pennies in front stacked up

  55. derrick says:

    a guy thats fat looking at his self fit
    a cup of cofee with a money tip
    train tracks thats crossing
    a dollar with pennies in front stacked up


  56. PrettyPink says:

    A Clock With A Man Pullong On One Of the Clock Hands
    A Baby Chicken With A Cracked Egg To The Side
    A Boy Holding A Woman In His Hand
    A Timer With The Number 60 in Red

    Help Please

    6 Letters

  57. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on level 233

  58. Anonymous says:

    A guy turning back a clock, a guy with some lady in his hand,
    A baby chic, and a stop watch , what is it? Help

  59. Anonymous says:

    A bunch of pictures of wood

  60. help ddhhdhhdhdh says:

    A knife
    Rock climbers
    Man with construction hat
    A razor.

  61. Unknown says:

    1st picture- different flags from different countries
    2nd picture-a screen full of colorful pictures with a reflection
    3rd picture-2 rows of white chairs
    4th picture-a bunch of people outside (like at a concert) couple of them are holding balloons
    ltnfey) are the letter choices 6 letters 4th letter is an N


  62. Anonymous says:

    Girl with a+ paper, green arrow, law stuff gavel and scale thingy, guy checking a box

  63. Ashley says:

    1. a square watermelon
    2. a house with a RED BiG HAT!
    3. a guy riding a small bike!
    4. a wine glass ( filled with red wine) and a scorpion in it..

  64. Anonymous says:

    Guy arms in air look at ocean tennis player wooden gate and a person opening a can four letters please help

  65. snail says:

    Opening a can. Tennis player. Wooden gate. Guy looking out at sea arms raised.any help please? Four letters

  66. Anonymous says:

    woman crying, woman with thumbs down, pee test

  67. Safiya says:

    6 letter word
    A hand holding a red pencil
    A baby looking down at a cellphone
    A doctor with red and white pills on her hands
    A hand holding 2 matches
    Level 23

  68. Anonymous says:

    A couple on front of tvs . A womam in front of computers. And somebody pouring flour into a bowl?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Please help, there’s an empty tin, a lady removing something from a car, a vacuum cleaner and an empty gauge and its six letters -_-
    The letters are C U G M A V G U D K A B

  70. Anonymous says:

    7 letter word
    Pics: girl with hat and cloth on her nose
    Man and women on sledge
    Cup if some drink
    Help me

  71. Rachel says:

    Help! Six letter word….
    1.4 piles of 2 p coins which get smaller with a one pound note behind
    2. Cup of tea and money on plate and a bill underneath
    3 a kind of criss cross train track
    4. And a fat man and a skinny man standing facing each other
    Please help im really stuck! Thanks

  72. Shannon says:

    I need help on the following:
    1. bouquet of flowers
    2.lots of keys
    3. grape bunch
    4 some flowers


  73. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one where there is an A,I,O and E. they all are in different designs, 6 letters o t b w s q w q l e l v

  74. Anonymous says:

    Rachel- it’s change.
    Anonymous- vacuum
    Anonymous with woman crying-negative, I think
    Anonymous with tv’s& flour-screen
    I need help. Soccer team, ppl playing miniature golf, ppl dancing & what looks like a concert crowd. 4 letters

  75. crystal says:

    A E I O- vowels
    Rachel- change
    Anonymous with vacuum-it’s vacuum
    Anonymous with hat and cloth-winter
    Anonymous with woman crying-negative
    Anonymous with tv’s-screen
    I need help. Soccer team, ppl dancing, ppl playing miniature golf & what looks like a concert crowd. 4 letters

  76. crystal says:

    Figured it out. Club

  77. Kinjal says:

    1st picture it’s building top of the building may resemble shape of mosque
    2nd picture it’s gate
    3rd picture women carrying beer mug with ice in it
    4th cars moving really fast

  78. Karagan says:

    1. a square watermelon
    2. a house with a RED BiG HAT!
    3. a guy riding a small bike!
    4. a wine glass ( filled with red wine) and a scorpion in it..


  79. Kinjal says:

    7 letters

  80. Anon says:

    Im Stuck on ……. A stop clock, a man pushing hand on clock, a baby chick with broken egg beside it and a teenage boy with his hand out and his mum telling him of but the mum is much smaller?!?!

    Any guesses or help cheers

  81. Anonymous says:

    Need help with
    Guy with gun
    Hand gun
    And a cat in a wooden bucket

  82. Anonymous says:

    differnt flags long white table with chairs and people haveing a party and soem kind of pictuer thing

  83. Anonymous says:

    A knife.
    A blade/razor
    Rock climbers.
    Man with construction hat.
    6 letters

  84. Riley W says:


    4 letter word:

    Woman crossing her arms
    Man crossing his arms
    A gavel {thing that the judge bangs}
    Cards that are in the heart family

  85. Anonymous says:

    Karagan… it is ABSURD

  86. Shane N says:

    Karagan… the answer is ABSURD

  87. Anonymous says:

    A knife.
    A blade/razor
    Rock climbers
    Man wirh construction hat
    4 letters

  88. Anonymous says:

    Gavel, man with his arms crossed, women with her arms crossed, cards

  89. Anonymous says:

    A round old disc thing, a microphone, stop watch, and another old round disc

  90. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on one with a picture of flags, long white table with lots of chairs, festival/concert and a picture with lots of little pictures on! It’s 6 letters, please help!

  91. Anonymous says:

    A cheesecake, a classroom, someone playing golf, and people learning computers
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  92. lexa says:

    Stuck on square watermelon, guy on small bike, house with big hat, and scorpion in glass. Has been asked a bunch of times but no replies. Any ideas?

  93. Cyna says:

    Lexa it is absurd… square watermelon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Square watermelons are real! Lol, they made them in Asia to fit in the fridge better. Probably why I didn’t get it right away either.

  94. lauren says:

    level 201: a guy on a beach of some sort with his arms out…a picture of a gate made from bark i think with trees in the background…a man in a playing court playin tennis…and a man pullin open a can of food. 4 letter word! letters r: ygoyeelnwivp. please help been at it for hours!

  95. alannah says:

    i am on lvl 118 it has got a small person with a clock and then there is 1 man holding a tiny woman in herhands then there is a chick with a cracked egg then there is a clock. PLEASE HELP ME I AM STUCK 🙁

  96. Anonymous says:

    Red train
    blur man and arrow
    suit case with person n it
    answer is leaves

  97. Johnnythrust says:

    Alannah it’s minute

  98. xxcc says:

    a changing shade
    a guy who looks like he is sifting flower
    two people looking at tvs
    and a girl who is on the computer

  99. Anonymous says:

    Lauren it’s open. I have the same pics as you different letters and it’s level 201 on mine.

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  101. Anonymous says:

    lady leaning on a chair
    lady in underwear standing with the hands above her head
    folded ham well i think its ham
    bloke sat up against a tree with arms over his head

    6 letters

    Please help me, i know i am going to kick myself when i know what it is lol

  102. Anonymous says:

    stuck on one that is pic of white house, eiffel tower I think and pics with news on them anyone help?

  103. Eadaoin says:

    One dollar will coins staked in front, a cup on a plate with money, railway tracks crossing and a fat man facing a skinny man but they’re the same person??

  104. Rachel says:

    Eadaoin – change

  105. Rachel says:

    Help! Been stuck on this one for ages!
    Pic of bridge and trees reflected in a pond/river
    Old couple playin card
    False teeth
    And a picture of a bridge and buildings at night, there is loads of lights on too ( birseye view)

  106. Allyson(; says:

    OKay, so I got a thermometer? Then a round ruler, then people throwing graduation caps and a compas maybe? Idk

  107. help says:

    Need help 6 letter word green leaves bright, red subway , guy running with white arrow,and guy with 3brown suitcases???

  108. owl says:

    The one with the old couple playing card n false teeth is BRIDGE

  109. Anon says:

    Level 196 !
    A teacher teaching math to his class.
    A man playing gulf.
    A man using the computer with a woman standing beside him.
    Not really sure what thw first picture is of. It’s a type of food though.
    Help please.

  110. snail says:

    Fountain pens casino slot machine and curtain with the end on it

  111. latishia says:

    I’m on 276 on my android sprint phone idk what pic is can someone help me

  112. Catherine says:

    I need help. Theres a pic of a bunch of flags, some white chairs in a white office, and a bunch of people some are standing or being hoisted up and yelling or cheering. Theres another one but i cant remember what it was.

  113. Anonymous says:

    7 letters please help!!
    guy on motorbike smoking tyre
    9 matches middle one burnt
    guy head on desk
    guy head in hands

    please help???

  114. BGIRL says:

    1 electrical things
    A man upset or frustrated
    3 pictures hanging on a line
    something that looks like an electron or cells.

    6 letter word. Pleaasssee help:)

  115. Allyson says:


  116. Anonymous says:

    Fat guy thin guy train tracks money

  117. jessica says:

    Pic of baby bed. Phone. Balls. Nativity scene

  118. Anonymous says:

    A woman face DNA old ship a bottle with a letter?

  119. Anonymous says:

    Man running in water man with two guns bicycles racing and action clicker like on a movie please help

  120. Cristian says:

    Need help
    Stacks of money
    many train tracks
    Coffee and money on the side
    Fatman and skinny man

  121. Ash says:

    Red phone, some catching the nlf ball, happy girl with a ribboned envelope and a dvd player

  122. ThisGameIsAddicting says:

    Kinjal says February 9, 2013, 9:22 pm
    1st picture it’s building top of the building may resemble shape of mosque
    2nd picture it’s gate
    3rd picture women carrying beer mug with ice in it
    4th cars moving really fast


  123. jessica rae says:

    I have the one of all different spoons one has honey on it and one is some white powder then one is not on a spoon its a little container pouring in a cup

  124. letmeknw says:

    6 letter word for a kid holding smeones leg, gear stick, group of people and a ladies hand bag?

  125. Anonymous says:

    1. Woman pouring pasta into pot
    2. A Man with some spiral thing in his hand.
    3. A Harness
    4. Pink circle (Looks like something you would see under a microscope)
    #6 Letters

    Im Stuck On This 🙁 . Help Please !!!

  126. PBaby says:

    1. Woman pouring pasta into pot
    2. A Man with some spiral thing in his hand.
    3. A Harness
    4. Pink circle (Looks like something you would see under a microscope)
    #6 Letters

    Im Stuck On This 🙁 . Help Please !!!

  127. Anonymous says:


  128. monica says:

    Green arrow pointing right, man marking a box with a Check, girl holding up a paper with an A+ on it, and a judges gravel… Help.

  129. Brookieeee says:

    I am stuck on one.
    1) some weird stuff on a plate
    2) a man in a classroom
    3) a man golfing
    4) kids on a computer
    Please help asap

  130. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on this one that is with letters A O E and IT Help plz

  131. Alexis says:

    A Buddha with purple behind it, a girl with hands over a crystal ball, an illuminated cross, and a stick in dirt. Last letter is E.

  132. Tigs says:

    Man playing golf, plate of food, class room. Help please x

  133. Taylor says:

    @ Monica te answer is right

  134. Crisyal8586 says:

    Answer: DIVINE

  135. sam says:

    need help. woman in an office, a japanese clothes screen thingy, 2 people looking at TVs in a shop and someone sieving flour.

    6 letters and the 3rd letter is ‘r’
    other letters are: e v m p c e n s

  136. Anonymous says:

    6 letters, priest, size tags, camera, steak

  137. Anonymous says:

    1 & 4 – river, bridge in the dusk
    2 – two old couple playing card
    3 – a pair of fake teeth

    I’m stuck! Please Help!

  138. Anonymous says:

    1 & 4 – river, bridge in the dusk
    2 – two old couple playing card
    3 – a pair of fake teeth
    6 letter
    D I E G T R F B C L F Z

    I’m stuck! Please Help!

  139. Hannah says:

    Stuck on someone holding a gear stick a boy holding onto his dads leg, a group holding clipboards and a woman’s purse???

  140. Anonymous says:

    1 & 4 – river, bridge in the dusk
    2 – an old couple playing card
    3 – a pair of fake teeth
    6 letters
    D I E G T R F B C L F Z

    I’m stuck! Please Help!

  141. Bobby Joe says:

    Help! Stuck on shiny purse, car knob, people, and kid dragging on someone’s foot. 6 letters

  142. carriebug says:

    Level 262 droid , 7 lettersthe pics are of diffrent colors
    And a soccer ball shooting out of blue color

  143. chloe says:

    help, please!
    eight letter word…
    The four images i have are.
    A lot of signs with a traffic light,
    A little girl with a tube of white paste
    A power board
    A hammer hitting an egg.
    The letters I have are
    I N R O V L J X K L E U

  144. emma says:

    gold purse, group of people, gear stick, kid holding on to someones leg! 6 letters!!! HELP 🙁

  145. Danni says:

    Gold purse, group of people, gear stick, little boy hanging on someone’s leg answer is CLUTCH

  146. Tina says:

    I’m stuck on level 191 6 letters, baseball player, girl playing board game, women admiring man and cd in CD player

  147. Anonymous says:

    Its player

  148. Tina says:

    Heart shaped veg, loads of mixed veg, plant machinery, inside factory level 193 7 letters

  149. Tina says:

    I’m stuck on level 193 7 letters

    • Jems says:

      Please Help stuck on

      Someone pouring pasta, harness, Man lifting a weight and pink dish that you would see under a microscope. 6 letters

  150. Jems says:

    Tina its produce

  151. Anonymous says:

    Pen with gold coins behind it
    Red curtain with “The End” (like in a movie)
    Loan application papers
    Pokie machine.
    Please Help.

  152. Anonymous says:

    7 letters
    2 drawings of ladies (old drawings)
    2 pictures of butterfly’s
    Please Help.

  153. Anonymous says:

    An elephant, a dog, a three, and a kid hugging a three??????

  154. Anonymous says:

    Please help.
    6 letters
    Movie box, one that they close at a start of the scene.
    Bunch of cyclist racing.
    Man running through water.
    Guy holding 2 guns

  155. Anonymous says:


    Please Help stuck on

    Someone pouring pasta, harness, Man lifting a weight and pink dish that you would see under a microscope. 6 letters

    Its strain

  156. Anonymous says:

    A boy holding on a foot, a golden sparkle purse, a group of people, and gear in the car?????

  157. Anonymous says:

    woman with red hair
    blue paint lines
    black paint lines
    man in blue playing tennis
    6 letters… help

  158. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know the answer for the pic with
    Pasta being poured into a pot 6 letters
    K c s r i f e n a o t g thanks

  159. Anonymous says:

    3D globe that shows the core
    Fire place
    Girl trying on a coat
    Teenager wannabe superhero
    6 letters

  160. Emily says:

    Level 212
    Pic 1: Woman with blonde hair
    Pic 2: Woman with short black hair
    Pic 3: Piggy with clover and mushroom
    Pic 4: Hand holding 4 leaf clover
    5 letter word
    Possible letters: R O X E K C R I A M E G

  161. Anonymous says:

    6 letters
    Gear stick
    Boy hanging onto leg
    Group of teenagers
    Gold purse

  162. Anonymous says:

    7 letters
    1- misqueto
    2- bag of veggies
    3- dove with a note
    4- fighter jet taking off of a boat

  163. Anonymous says:

    im stuck on this one
    2. a puppy looking at a kitten
    3. A bunch of sheep
    4. squirrel in a tree

  164. Anonymous says:

    26 for droid help plz women with curlers
    Women with hair in air. Man with smoke
    Coming out of ears and women holding
    Checkers heels

  165. Sarah says:

    Priest , plate of meat ,bunch of clothes tags camera negatives

  166. anniep says:

    road cycle race, man with guns, man running through water & film clip board 6 letters
    N A T R L E I Z C D O V

  167. Help says:

    Inertia balls
    Badminton and racket

  168. Anonymous says:

    Guy running off starting block, hedgehog in pile of leaves, snow boot- climber, and rusty old nails on pile of rocks..6 letter word..ejfksoiplkps

  169. princess says:

    child holding parents leg, gear stick, group of teenagers and a gold purse

  170. Anonymous says:

    3D globe that shows the core
    Fire place
    Girl trying on a coat
    Teenager wannabe superhero
    6 letters

  171. Margey says:

    Mum and child playing
    A building of some sort
    Martial arts and cheese bread tomato???
    Five letters

  172. Anonymous says:

    267 droid
    Man with smoke
    Women with checkered heels
    Women with curlers in
    Women hair standing up with hands up
    Help please!

  173. Anonymous says:

    A woman’s face a message in a bottle a wooden ship and a DNA strand help its six letters

  174. Anonymous says:

    3D globe that shows the core
    Fire place
    Girl trying on a coat
    Teenager wannabe superhero
    6 letters

    Answer is mantle

  175. Asap says:

    6 letters
    C U Z L T U C V C E H G

    1. A kid crying and holding someone’s leg
    2. Gear shift
    3. Like 10 college students posing for the pic
    4. i have no idea what the 4th is lol. looks like 2 worms kissing on a hockey stick or on sand…not sure LOL help please 😛

  176. anonymous says:

    wedding bands, couple snuggling, elderly couple, trailer hitch??

    _ _ U _ _ _


  177. G_Wee says:

    Strand- Womans face. DNA, message in a bottle, old ship.

  178. G_Wee says:


  179. anano says:

    big crowd of people….car with dust….2 cars in desert….people holding signs….help please (:

  180. Angelz:) says:

    I need help pleez help 7 letters ..orange leaves…a girl eating ice-cream…Flowers..
    Women and a man on somthing on snow plzz help!!!???!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¿¿¿¿????!!!!!!$

  181. Anonymous says:

    Trailer, old couple, young couple under a duvet, wedding ring

  182. jl7 says:

    Baseball player. Girl playing board game. Guy in leather jacket. Cd in player

  183. Anonymous says:

    6 letter word

    1 pic. Baby underwater
    2 pic. Woman swimming under water
    3 pic. Man in scuba mask under watet
    4 pic. Scuba divers under water

  184. Anonymous says:

    ji7 PLAY

  185. abby says:

    -women holding cup pulling face.
    -glass of water with ice and a lemon on side
    -half a fruit
    -man pouriing medicine on spoon
    6 letters please help !

  186. Anonymous says:

    train, train tracks, badminton racket and birdie, and

  187. Jme says:

    A phone off the hook
    Nativity scene
    A baby’s cot
    Silver bumper balls with one red one.
    Please help

  188. Someone says:

    Okay here’s one 6 letters:
    A boy holding on to his moms leg crying
    A group of high schoolers (or college students)
    A gear shift on a car
    A sparkly gold purse


  189. Piggy says:

    1.Golden glittery purse
    2Gearstick of a car
    3.Loads of girls and guys
    4.Boy crying and holding onto someone’s leg.
    Help me please
    I’ve been stuck on it for days
    Level 56-57 on ipod

  190. Lax says:

    Im stuck on level 43 – 6 words
    Tuner knob

    Letters i have so far _ _ E R _ _

    Help plz x

  191. ... says:

    Bunch of tools
    Guy fixing car
    masking tape
    Person broke glass and sees glue on the table

  192. Dillon says:

    Abby: the answer is bitter

  193. Help says:

    Help a dollar in the background with coin in the front a coffee cup with money next to it train tracks and then a fat guy facing the same guy but skinnier

  194. melissa says:

    a crowd of people
    a wee boy holding on to someone foot
    a purse
    a gear stick

  195. Anonymous :P says:

    I’m stuck on the one with:
    – a shoulder X-ray
    – an actual shoulder
    – a PowerPoint
    – and an eye 🙁 HELP !

  196. abby says:

    Thanks dillon x

  197. kaz says:

    Im stuck on level 43 – 6 words
    Tuner knob

    Letters i have so far _ _ E R _ _

    Help plz x

  198. Anonymous says:

    1- a couple use computer, keyboard
    2- student and teacher, teacher teaching maths
    3- a guy plays golf and just hit the ball
    4- desert, cheesecake (i think)
    _ _ U _ _ _
    E C P S T L Y G X O R

  199. Cheryl says:

    Slot machine, loan application, pen, stage curtain

  200. Anonymous says:

    im one with a red train, green leaves , someone running to an emergency exit and someone holding and sitting on three suit cases

  201. abby says:

    Stuck on this
    2 pics of like cliffs 1 man jumping to another 1.
    2 pics of men holding cards.
    Plz help x

  202. Jo says:

    Stuck on 267
    It’s a crystal ball
    A Buddha
    A cross
    A whishbone
    6 letters the 5th is an N

  203. care says:

    Guy at computer seems mad. Another guy at
    Computer seems frustrated. 2 hockey players
    And boxers one guy on ground
    Droid level270

  204. anonymous says:

    stuck on 340
    6 letters
    cooked steak
    size tags
    camera lens

  205. Sherise says:

    3)Married Couple(?)
    4)Snowy Hill
    _ _ I _ _
    {Letters are TTTNEJGWPHE}

  206. Bubble says:

    I’m stuck at level 49! Bunch of students carrying books, a purse(handbag), a child pulling a leg and a hand gear. Anyone?? Pls and thank you :))

  207. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on the one with matches, a person writing with a red pencil, a doctor, and a baby! It’s 6 letters!!

  208. babydoll says:

    horse race
    white man running to a red ribbon finish line
    woman sitting on a mans back
    a sexy lady on top of man pulling his tie an goin like shes gonna hit him
    8 letters RTDEMCIFIAON

  209. Toni says:

    @ Jo it’s Devine

  210. Joey says:

    6 letter 205 level help me please

  211. Anonymous says:

    Jo it’s divine

  212. Eri says:

    A phone off the hook
    Nativity scene
    A baby’s cot
    Silver bumper balls with one red one.

  213. Anonymous says:

    1. Money
    2. Tea and money on the side
    3. Two same guys one is fat and sad and one is skinny and smiling
    4. Train tracks

  214. Anonymous says:

    Help !
    A bunch of kids
    A gold purse
    A car thing that reverses and parks
    A child on a mothers leg crying

  215. Crystal says:

    I need help with the one that has someone pouring pasta into a pot , a prob that has pink things in it a man doing triceps curls and a rope

  216. Gregory says:

    6 Letters
    •A Kid Holding Someone Leg
    •A Group Of Kids
    •A Purse
    •A Car Gear

  217. Anonymous says:

    Help!! 6letters
    1 gold hand purse
    2 kid grabbing someone’s leg
    3 hand holding a stick shift in a car
    4 a group of people holding binders and books???!!!!

  218. Anonymous says:

    6 letters
    women with red curly hair, blue paint dripping on wall ,black lines on wall and a tennis player
    5th letter is k

  219. anonymes says:

    A child playing a board game, a cd , a baseball player and a man getting hit on by women … help?

  220. Stephanie says:

    A man pouring medicine into a spoon, grapefruit, a glass of ice water with lemon wedge, a woman with a hooded winter jacket drinking something hot. 6 letters: rvdleivjgbtt

  221. Stephanie says:

    Gregory and Anonymous, it’s clutch

  222. Anonymous says:

    pens. loan app. lucky 7s slot machine. the end with a stage curtain. Ty!

  223. lulu says:

    pens. lucky 7s. stage curtain. loan app. Ty!

  224. Anonymous says:

    1. Green pencil with sad face neutral and happy face.
    2. Basketball going in hoop
    3. Sheet music
    4. Metal with letters on it. (Hard to read)

  225. chrystal says:

    Stephanie i need help with that too

  226. Tylahh says:

    Stuck on one that has a bowling ball crashing into bowling pins; an airplane; people protesting with signs; and a man punching the air. Please help (:
    6 Letters:
    S_ _ _ _ _


  227. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on a one with a lot of people ,flags paintings and a lot of chairs

  228. CC343 says:

    6 letters
    Guy golfing
    Girl helping a guy on a computer
    A man teaching a class
    Some weird looking food

  229. Iceberry12 says:

    Need Help
    :Guy Taking Picture
    :White Mouse Next To Cheese Trap
    :Handcuffed Shadow
    :Handcuffed Guy
    HEEELLLPPPP!!!!! 🙂

    • Annette says:

      Capture for handcuff,mouse etc
      I need help with man with steam out of ears,woman with curlers,check shoes and woman with curly hair. Three look cranky,one looks disappointed

  230. Ellie says:

    1. Small chicks
    2. Chicken and laid eggs
    3.two boys facing away from eachother and looking up
    4. Cartoon girl with brown hair and pink top sad

  231. tammy says:

    Girl wearing big glasses….boy sticking his tongue out….another girl pulling a silly face…and a small girl holding a glass of juice while pulling face….7 letters help

  232. Annette says:

    Tylahh it is strike for bowling pins,dude punching etc

  233. Anonymous says:

    what is :a little girl with toothpaste in her hands ,a hammer and a egg,loads of things charging,and traffic lights ,,,the letters are VORLDLLEWIK ITS A 8 letter word?

  234. Anonymous says:

    6 letter word
    A hand holding a red pencil
    A baby looking down at a cellphone
    A doctor with red and white pills on her hands
    A hand holding 2 matches

  235. Chris says:

    6 letter word
    A hand holding a red pencil
    A baby looking down at a cellphone
    A doctor with red and white pills on her hands
    A hand holding 2 matches

  236. Anonymous says:

    ok, I need help with this one:
    1. a little boy holding on to a leg
    2. a gear level
    3. a group of people
    4. a golden purse

  237. carrie says:

    Girl reading book with flashlight
    Family reading
    Colored light bulbs yellow like idea
    Guy with computer colors popping out
    Help please

  238. Anon says:

    I am stock on the one with 4 different desserts, but all the toppings look like swirl, it’s a 6 lett word!! Letters are Z R B G H E T H M P Y. Ty 🙂

  239. Anonymous says:

    Picture of Buddha (or Krishna)
    Picture of a cross
    Picture of a woman looking at a crystal ball
    Picture of a stick in the dirt
    6 letters
    Any guesses?

  240. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on 7 letters fruit an veg in shape of heart an mixed fruit an veg an inside building an out side hellllpppp plzzzz

  241. Anonymous says:

    please help

    1. a women with a baby in water
    2. a man with a snorcal under water
    3. two dives swimming
    4. a women swimming to the light

  242. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on a little girl squeezing a lot toothpaste on a toothbrush, an outlet with like 20 cords plugged in, a hammer touching the top of an egg, and a pic of street signs and a street light. It’s 8 letters.
    The letters are:

    Please help

  243. SaD2721 says:

    I’m stuck on a little girl squeezing a lot toothpaste on a toothbrush, an outlet with like 20 cords plugged in, a hammer touching the top of an egg, and a pic of street signs and a street light. It’s 8 letters.
    The letters are:

    Please help

  244. tk says:

    i need help, please.
    a couple shopping for tv’s
    powder being sifted out of a colander
    a room divider
    a girl at a computer

    the letters are zqnesorjtecg

  245. hn says:

    i just cant find the one with the mask, copper wire the bell and the mixing thing help

  246. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck. A pocket with pencils, money, money being put into a jacket and some kind of direction thing

  247. Anonymous says:

    Coin slot? Archway with lights guy riding bike and a wall?

  248. Anonymous says:

    I need help, 6 letters
    1. hedgehog on leaves
    2. guy starting a sprint/run
    3. looks like someone snowboarding down a steep hill
    4.two rusty iron bars on loads of rocks

    letters are: KNPQSSSPAEBI

    Any help would be really appreciated, Thanks.

  249. helllllpppp says:

    ok so i need help the word is 6 letters long… there is a picture of a little boy holding on to a leg a gear shifter an a group of kids holding note books an a gold little purse that girls use now adays????

  250. kb says:

    I’m stuck on four tall items, like poles or towers, one has a water fountain in front of it..one has foot pegs…..6 letters….has anypne gotten this one yet ? help

  251. jeslick says:

    Stuck on #330 man & woman under pink blanket two gold bands old man and woman and trail or hitch

  252. Anonymous says:

    Droid 271
    Girl with flash light looking at book
    Family reading book
    Guy with laptop colors coming out
    4 sorta lightbulbs yellow one sticking out

  253. James says:

    6 letters
    Guy running through water
    Piece used for movies before saying action
    Loos like a movie spy/hero holding 2 guns.
    Any help is awesome!

    • Someone says:

      Did you figure out the answer for the:
      6 letters
      Guy running through water
      Piece used for movies before saying action
      Loos like a movie spy/hero holding 2 guns.

  254. Anonymous says:

    What about
    1. a guy with a board in the background,
    2. a sky with family pictures
    3. some electricity from a computer
    4. and a thing that looks like something electrical inside the body


  255. Me says:

    I’m stuck on a picture of a meal, a golfer taking a swing, a class room and two people looking at a computer. Level 193. 6 letters. Any clues?

  256. Nar says:

    im stuck on an image of Tangled brown wires, half a brass buddah head, brass herb mixing bowl and 2 brass bells

    6 letters

    N E K B T Z R B Z J F O

    any ideas?

  257. Stuck!! says:

    1. tangled brown wires

    2. Half a buddah ornament face

    3. brass herb mixing bowl

    4.2 brass bells


    N E K B T Z R B Z J F O

  258. Hannah says:

    What the one with a Guy holding a radio, a rapper dude, a girl dancing and a guy in an alley? 6 letters C, F , N, H, I, L, N, P, P, H, O, H

  259. Mo says:

    What’s the answer for #276

  260. Anonymous says:

    Need help stuck on 55:

    1. Lots of table chair set like a conference meeting.
    2. Lots of pictures on wall.
    3. Every country flags.
    4. Lots of people.

    L T C N T N E T Y L P U


  261. Olga says:

    Round old disk
    Stop watch
    Another round old disk

  262. Anonymous says:

    . Noodles being drained
    . Probe Petri dish
    . Guy working out
    . Pully system of sorts

    6 letter word.

    Letters given: r r i m u o t n a t s p

  263. Jazlynn says:

    6 Letters
    *A mother holding her baby
    *A Pregnat Lady laying down with her hand around her belly laying on a white bed
    *A mother duck and her ducklings
    *A Lion mother and her 3 cubs

    Letters Given are: E M N V T K Q F R O N H

    Please Help Me! Thanks 🙂

  264. Anonymous says:

    @ mo I am stock on 276 too it is the +1=3 sign and bla bla lady

  265. Anonymous says:

    Collect is a 7 letter word why is it under 6? What an idiot.

  266. 808brat says:

    1.guys shoulder
    2.an X-ray of #1 but with a red glow on his shoulder
    3.outlet(electricity plug)
    4.an eye color blue
    6 letters:scaookskcwet

  267. 808brat says:

    Never mind it’s socket

  268. saar says:

    A elephant squirrel on a tree 3 gets and a dog and s cat look

  269. Jerico says:

    I’ve been stuck on this one forever.

    7 Letter word, ends with E.


    1. Has a man in maybe a conductor uniform with one finger up and he’s sitting down.
    2. A woman and man both in nice clothing and the man is writing down on a clip board.
    3. A blond woman holding a recorder up to her mouth.
    4. Three people, two sitting down and one standing and pointing at something in front of them.

  270. Jazz says:


    Stuck on the one with the little girl squeezing a tube
    A bunch of pulls pulled into a electrical cord
    A whole lot of traffic signs w/ a red light
    A steel hammer


  271. Anonymous says:

    Kid holding guys leg
    gear shiftter
    gold purse
    group of people

    6 letters 4letter is t and last is h

  272. Chris says:

    Little kid hold a led on the floor
    a gear shifter
    gold purse
    group of teens
    6 letters 4 letter is t and last is h
    ????????????????? HELP ME

  273. Anonymous says:

    Manger scene, balls on strings, bed, phone off the hook

  274. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on guy weight lifting kid weight lifting coffee beans and ant holding log

  275. mares says:

    Gear shift, purse etc, answer is CLUTCH

  276. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on the manger and crib on too. The one with the lifting and coffee is strong though

  277. drummer says:

    someone pouring something on a spoon, blood oranges, a tallish galls with a lemon on the side with a yellow straw and ice cubes, and a chick drinking out of a mug with a grey hoodie and bieber hair to the side and her face is all squished up

  278. Crystal says:

    Can’t get it!
    A guy just kinda standing there, soaking in his surroundings
    A piece of steak
    Size labels
    A photo lens

  279. Crystal says:

    And it’s 6 letters

  280. Marlene says:

    six letters:
    a woman carrying a baby, a pregnant lady sleeping, a mother duck with chicks behind her, a cheetah with baby cheetas??
    HELP /:

  281. Anonymous says:

    Help! On level 61 for i phone!
    Matches one in middle burned
    Person asleep with books in front of them
    Person on motorbike with smoke coming out
    Guy with fore head in his hands

  282. Anonymous says:

    Help! What’s the one with yellow bag a group go peolpe guy holding shift gear and a kid holding on to a leg????

  283. aaa says:

    The first picture looks like 2 dogs kissing the second is a man in a suit talking on a cell phone third is a palm pilot that says i love you and last is a womans hand with ring on hand touching a mans shoulder?

  284. slimsexy says:

    I need help lever 21 red wine, fire, wave, and a glass of red screw a 6 letter Word a scre

  285. A says:

    Old phone
    Red and silver balls????!

  286. Anonymous says:

    Old phone
    Red ball and silver balls

  287. Anonymous says:

    i need help with

    1.a bag with sparkels

    2.people taking pictures

    3.guy pulling brakes

    4.and a baby pulling somebodys leg on ground

  288. Helphelp says:

    A picture of a boy yellin at another
    Two pictures of cars- one front and one back
    A picture of a test strip

    8 letters starts with I please help me!

  289. Craigyboo says:

    Im stuck on level 302. Its a cake, a teacher writing on a board, a computer with two people using it and a golfer. 6 letters and no idea what it is last letter is E

  290. Mike says:

    Need help. Pics are:
    3 horizontal Streaks of blue paint on a wall.
    A redhead with a large ring.
    A statue that bears a striking resemblance to Robin Williams.
    4 vertical lines of black paint on a wall.

  291. Anon says:

    1. Vegetables in a heart 2. Vegetables 3. Outside of a factory 4. Inside of a factory level 26

    Letters are, r,o,c,d,w,u,l,e,p,u,p,r

  292. Sammi says:


    guy in a green suit
    guy talking to two girls on computers,
    girl recording her voice on a recorder
    girl talking to a guy who writes down what she is saying.

    been stuck for days..

  293. Afraz says:

    1 man holding ears
    2 pump
    3 accordion
    4 old fashioned camera

  294. Ryan says:

    1 An open DVD player
    2 a baseball player swinging A bat
    3 little girl playing with some kind of toy
    4 girls holding on to a guy


  295. Amy says:

    Hi sammi

    Its Dictate

  296. Anonymous says:

    A Picture Of Aztecs…7 Letters

  297. Lj says:

    Ryan- I was stuck on that for ages, it’s

  298. bobby says:

    whats the one with bread and frog some kinda tower and its a 6 letter word

  299. Anonymous says:

    im stuck one where there is a a green heart, the beach where there is a palm tree and a sailboat in it, an island with boats, And the beach again with rocks in the background and another boat

  300. Girl says:

    A ball with bubbles, cross, Buddha, and stick on gravel. 6 letters

  301. Anonymous says:

    i need help!! 6 letters
    an red’i’
    an wooded ”o’
    an ‘E’ made out of grass
    an “a” filled with wheels form factories

  302. Joe says:

    Please help! I can’t find the answer anywhere. It’s making nuts.

    Letters are: o a s t h u n c r l h
    The solver says its Tucson, it’s not.

    Pictures: stack of closed books, typewriter, hand in the middle of an open book, glasses on an open book with 2 closed books next to it.

  303. Someone says:

    Please help im stuck on the one with some tools, a man fixing something, tape, and a girl holding a broken bottle while looking at glue

  304. hannah says:

    A picture of
    An old couple
    Fake teeth
    A bridge
    A bridge

  305. Anonymous says:

    a head statue of a man
    a head statue of a woman
    two police officers
    a woman hitch hiking

  306. Help ?? says:

    1.picture of phone off the hook
    2. A child’s cot
    3. Silver and red balls on string hitting each other
    4. Crib in betlahm

    6 letters

  307. Jamie says:

    I’m stuck on the same one as Joe
    1. glasses on an open book w/ 2 closed ones on top of the open book
    2. typewriter key strikes
    3.stack of 5 books
    4. hands on an open book
    6 letters, I have A Y M U N O T Q H I R

  308. Smiler says:

    275, it’s: bellows

  309. jeslick says:

    #39 picture of 3 two story buildings and
    A picture of a house roof top with
    Four corners

  310. tatyana says:

    a plate of food
    a teacher in front of the class
    two people at a computer
    a person playing golf

  311. Carley george says:

    X-ray of shoulder


  312. coral says:

    can someone help me please!!
    got a boy eating spaghetti
    an uncooked chicken with vegetables round it
    a man kneeling on a suitcase trying to close it
    different coloured cups and plates

  313. coral says:

    can someone help me please!!
    1. boy eating spaghetti
    2. uncooked chicken with vegetables around it
    3. man kneeling on suitcase to try and close it
    4. lots of cups, plates, knives, forks
    5 letters
    F S E V U X Y T N A O F

  314. Anonymous says:

    i have a boy holding on someones foot, a hand on a gear stick, lots off people together with book,
    a and gold shinny purse: letters are c.e.e.h.g.z.u.d.c.t.j.l 6 letter word

  315. Anonymous says:

    and feast

  316. Andy says:

    Stuck on iPad level 277, 6 letter word. Pen on loan application, slot machine showing 3 sevens, pen next to coins on paper and the end of a film ?

  317. Mossi says:

    1 a man in hoody
    2 a man with cap
    3 one lady
    4 a boy holding a tap recorder
    6 latter please help

  318. Bethany says:

    Two people looking at tv’s, someone sifting flour; a folding room divider; a woman working on a computer

  319. justme says:

    Please help
    I am stuck on all four pictures that show the creation of poetry
    pottery tools
    finished pot
    8 letters

  320. UNKNOWN says:


    1. ARE SIZES (XXL, XL, L, M,S,XS)


  321. NIKKI says:



  322. Anonymous says:

    Picture of a train pulling dirt
    Some kind of machine
    And glass windows

  323. leasha says:

    need help with same one
    camera with negative film strips
    piece of meat
    a priest with his hands out
    6 letters the 4th letter is I

  324. Big dawg says:

    Guys right shoulder
    Ex-ray right should with it being red
    A girls blue eye
    Plug outlet ??? Help!!

  325. Anonymous says:

    please help man lifting weight, pasta, harness, and a petri dish with pink stuff in it

  326. Anonymous says:

    need help on this one:

    1. 5 chicks in a row
    2. A hen with eggs by her
    3. Two children with one head facing left and the other facing right
    4. a animated girl looking worried? i think

    help me please

  327. Person says:

    Im stuck on one that has a wooden o a metal a green bush e and a red i

  328. John says:

    Stuck on the one where a kid is holding on to a leg and a group of friends holding folders

  329. Anonymous says:

    Train pulling dirt
    Glass windows
    Plowing machine

  330. Help says:

    Im stuck one with a lot of flags, a lot of people, and a lot of posters

  331. Redneck says:

    Im stuck on a page full of musical notes some letters a basketball going into the net and a choice of 3 defferent moods. its five letters

  332. help says:

    Seven letters!!!
    A airport schedule screen
    A blank computer screen
    Heartbeat screeen thing they use in hospitals
    N a screen im lyk a factory
    Help me plzzzzzz been stuck for ages ita doing my head i

  333. Hannah says:

    1) a beach type scene
    2) a statue of Jesus
    3)a cup of coffee beans
    4) a soccer ball.

  334. Anonymous says:

    I need help on the one that is a man and a baby in all four and it’s a 6 letter word/

  335. Rebecca says:

    6 letter word, with an E at the end
    One pic of dessert, one of two people looking at a computer, one of students looking at the board and one of somebody watching a golf ball go far

  336. KK says:

    Need helpp….Beem stuck forever!! Im on level 401

    1) a rock wall with a hole in it
    2) a hole in a net
    3) killer whales
    4) waves

  337. Katy says:

    I need help with this one. Only been working on it for about 30 hours now.
    Square 1: Watermelon
    Square 2: House with red hat, trees, and the sky.
    Square 3: Guy wearing a red shirt with blue jeans on a little kids bike.
    Square 4: Red drink with a bug in the drink.

  338. Anonymous says:

    268? Theres a kis with a cape, a woman putting a coat on another woman, a fire place, and you can see the core of the earth

  339. Anonymous says:

    need help….. 6 letters… fireplace,center of the earth, boy wearing cape, woman putting on coat

  340. Anonymous says:

    a couple shopping for tv’s
    powder being sifted out of a colander
    a room divider
    a girl at a computer (looks like its a photoshop-like program open)


  341. triston says:

    this webite suck dick it is fucking bad

  342. DEDCBJCJ says:

    Help???!!! All pics r underwater…

    1. a women with a baby in water
    2. a man with a snorcal under water
    3. two dives swimming
    4. a women swimming to the light

  343. Winter says:

    1. Swirl desserts on plate
    2. Vanilla swirl ice cream in cones
    3. Chocolate swirl desserts/sweets
    4. Ice cream in waffle bowl with syrup drizzle

  344. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on 266 – a baby crib, a phone off the hook, and a scene of Jesus in Jerusalem ( I think that’s what it is anyways)

  345. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on level 25—- Watermelon, house with a red beanie, man on a tricycle and a class of wine with a scorpian

  346. Anonymous says:

    I have a kid holding on to his dads leg begging
    A group of teens a fancy wallet and a gear stick
    On a car help!!!
    Six letters
    Say KEVIN ITS… _______

  347. Mo says:

    Help #12 with a sign of the male bathroom sign working tools and etc

  348. Anonymous says:

    a picture of a kid crying holding what appears to be a parents leg, a group of high school students, a hand holding the manuel gear thing a car, and a thing for bees

    6 letters???

  349. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on one of a kid in a construction helmet, two blue safety pins, a blue swiffer thing, and some blue dotted cleaning pads. Can you help?

  350. Bluewolf says:

    I forgot to say that it is six letters

  351. Bluewolf says:

    I can only use tsofynueqad

  352. Bluewolf says:

    The one above the first one that says bluewolf is me.

  353. Anonymous says:

    I meant razor instead of swiffer

  354. Teresa says:

    I’m stuck on a grapefruit a glass of lemonade with lemon in it a man pour something onto a spoon and a woman taking a drink with her eyes closed

  355. Someone says:

    6 letters
    Guy running through water
    Piece used for movies before saying action
    Loos like a movie spy/hero holding 2 guns.
    Any help is awesome!

  356. Darien says:

    i need level 235

  357. Kayla says:

    the fourth letter is an R

  358. amberw says:

    help im stuck on level 233…

  359. Paigeybear says:

    1. DVD drawer open.
    2.baseball player no 19.
    3.man in leather jacket with 3 woman.
    4.lithle gigl playing with counters
    6 letter word

  360. Anonymous says:

    A girl with red hair, a guy playing tennis, blue stripes or paint and black stripes of paint

  361. Anonymous says:

    A girl with red hair, guy playing tennis, blue stripes, black stripes

  362. Anonymous says:

    A guy with a kid in all 4 pictures. 6 letter wird

  363. Someone says:

    Tree leaves
    Blur man running
    Guy holding and sitting on luggages

    6 letters



  364. Someone says:

    I thought it was travel but its not

  365. Charlotte says:

    It’s FATHER

  366. Rae says:

    an x-ray of a shoulder that’s high lighted In red.
    A black and white picture of an blue, but the iris is blue
    A far off picture of an outlet/plugin

  367. Anonymous says:

    Two queens an two butterflys plz help level322

  368. Anonymous says:

    Man running
    Sitting with luggage
    Tree with sun peaking through

    Is leaves !

  369. Esmeralda Monarrez says:

    Man pouring medicine
    Grapefruit in half
    Iced lemonade
    Woman drinking something making a weird face


  370. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I’m stuck on a 6 letter word. Pictures are: a long meeting table. Flags of countries. Photos from countries. A lot of people celebrating in swimsuits.

  371. Cary says:

    Wave, orcas, hole in fence, hole in stone wall??! Thanx in advance
    For Rae: your answer is socket .

  372. Anonymous says:

    Orcas level 382; breach

  373. Cary says:

    Esmeralda; bitter

  374. marmielynn says:

    A stick in the dirt, a girl with her hands around a clear ball, a cross with bright light and a statue with a purple background. 6 letters.

  375. Rush says:

    Hi. I’m really stuck on this 6 letter word. Long white meeting table. Many flags of different countries. Photo display. Hundreds of naked people celebrating!! HELP

  376. Rush says:

    Thanks a million to whoever said PLENTY

  377. Cary says:

    I knew that one Marmielynn, give me the letters and the amount, please

  378. Vanesa Tarango says:

    Wedding rings, old
    couple, young couple and a
    trailer…someone help please..

  379. Tanya says:


  380. Anonymous says:

    message in a bottle
    and something that looks like DNA
    help please!

  381. 1234 says:


    1. Peace sign
    2. Flower
    3. Couple man&woman
    4. Group of people have a guitar getting a ride…

  382. Marlei says:

    Big crowd with balloons flags of different countries i need help guys!!

  383. Vanesa Tarango says:

    Cross made if light
    Girl with crystal ball
    Stick on the ground?
    6 letters..

    Thanks tanya (:

  384. Jenn says:


  385. ruby says:

    1. old telephone
    2. newtons ball thing
    3. baby’s cradle
    4. birth of jesus scene
    it’s a 6-letter word

  386. Kokoka says:

    I want too rigth

  387. Kaitlyn says:

    Post cards
    Empty room with chairs
    Lots of people

    Plz help!

  388. Ruby Dim says:

    Dog and cat


  389. Anonymous says:

    Girl drinking something out of a mug
    A guy pouring medicine into a spoon

  390. Anonymous says:

    1. Crowd at a festival
    2. Board room
    3. Flags
    4. Random pictures

  391. Anonymous says:

    The one with a gold sparkly bag

  392. struck says:

    A girl holding up a pair of shoes. A guy with a Mohawk. A lil girl putting fashion classes on and a man with a star tattoo on his arm with a hoodie making a symbol with his hands. 6 letters. Wfynwfryetkd

  393. Gcallahan says:


  394. Katie says:

    A woman with a fur coat
    a fire place
    The layers of the earth
    and a boy with a cape and lightning on his shirt


  395. Bryan says:

    Help please

    1. Peace sign
    2. Flower
    3. Couple man&woman
    4. Group of people have a guitar getting a ride…

    I E P K O Z
    P W O I F H


  396. Anom says:

    6 letter. Wave, a wall with a hole, net with a hole, killer whale.
    A,d,r,h,v,b m, w,e,w,c,w

  397. Help :-( says:

    Please help…

    1 peace sign
    2 couples reggae
    3 flower (flower power)
    4 2boys 2girls have a guitar waiting for a ride


    6 letter word… Help…thanks…

  398. Yolo says:

    6 letters
    – a bunch of kids holding binders
    – kid holding on to dads legs
    – car gear changer
    – a hand wallet thing

  399. help please says:

    Sea lions on the shore
    a guard tower
    to posts with rope tied around them
    the last picture has snow on a lake maybe its hard to make out



  400. Anonymous says:

    -hot sauce
    -girl squinting at drink.
    Help is greatly appreciated :/

  401. Lynne says:

    An elephant with elephants in background, a cat and dog nearly kissing, a herd of sheep and squirell up a tree … Help

  402. nessa says:

    6 letters… soccer ball on grass, a man walking thru a hall, a redhead leaning aagainst a wall and a white couch with 3 pillows????

  403. Anonymous says:

    A guy lifting a weight
    A bunch of gangsters
    A biker looking guy
    And a plate of clams

  404. Anonymous says:

    Fence with a hole
    C E H E C T H Y B R R A

  405. Nite says:

    6 letter

    Someone dumping noodles into a pot
    Man doing a pull up workout
    Pink circle with darker pink particles
    A cable knot


  406. Bolton Kenny says:


  407. Anon says:

    Size tags
    Camera film
    Man standing with eyes closed & hands infront of him

  408. Bolton Kenny says:


  409. Unknown says:

    Sewing machine
    Foot on piano foot pedal
    Dad teaching son to ride bike
    Metal machine thing?


  410. Dylan says:

    -man fixing car
    -broken glass
    – tools
    – tape ??? 6 letters end one is ‘r’

  411. 1234 says:


  412. 1234 says:


  413. 1234 says:


  414. bekkieboo says:

    Level 308.
    -food dish with fancy decorations
    -man teaching a math lesson
    -a man golfing
    – a girl amd a guy on a pc
    six letters
    help plZ

  415. Kasidy says:

    buddah, crystal ball, cross, and a stick


  416. Gina says:

    A girl in a field
    wind turbines
    clothes on a clothes line
    woman on a beach

    please help!

  417. Gina says:

    Got it meself lol breeze

  418. Deago says:

    Woman at a desktop
    Powder through a sifter
    Couple in front of televisions
    Shade thing

  419. Jewels says:

    #394 red polk a dot bra (swim top), mechanic standing under vehicle working on it, a map, a concret structure. 5 letter word. S K E N U X Y H D Y T R
    Please help

  420. sina says:

    Rock with hole: killer whale; pounding waves; and net with hole. help please

  421. Anonymous says:

    sina its breach

  422. Anonymous says:

    lvl 391 woman holding shoes, girl with big glasses, guy with shades and hood and a model looking guy 6 letters entsbyglrlda help

  423. Anonymous says:

    Science thing
    Sieving pasta
    Man holding a bar
    And pulley thing

  424. kati says:

    6 letter word:

    Little boy holding a leg
    Gear shift
    Group of people or friends

  425. lala says:

    women with very long red hair(model)blue paint stripes, black paint stripes and a tennis player .

    6 letters:s,o,y,k,i,n,t,h,s,r,e,g.

    please help

  426. Anonymous says:

    Science, pasta, man holding bar, pulley… Try strain

  427. Nikki says:

    Cup with money beside it, 2 men one with a big tummy and one without, crossing train tracks and then pennies stacked tall to short.

  428. Anonymous says:

    HELP whats the word for train tracks, twin men in front of eachorther but 1 is fat and 1 is skinny, money, cup a tea on a plate with moey

  429. Nilima says:


  430. lala says:

    women with very long red hair(model)blue paint stripes, black paint stripes and a tennis player .
    6 letters:s,o,y,k,i,n,t,h,s,r,e,g.

  431. Anonymous says:

    All corners have body’s of water near a beach with a boat or boats !! 7 letters what is it ?!

  432. Anonymous says:

    A gear shifter
    A gold shiny wallet
    A kid hanging on a leg
    A group of kids

    Help 🙂

  433. Anonymous says:

    A train docked, a guy blurred out but running in front a figure painted on the wall doing the same, small branches hanging down from a tree with th sun shining on them and a guy sitting on a suitcase on the ground holding another two in place on the ground by the handles letters are t,s,p,e,l,b,v,e,u,a,s,f

  434. Anonymous says:

    Where has all the 6 letter answers gone???

  435. Anonymous says:

    _ _ _ D I T remaining letters T G O S R C D E J

    Pics are
    The End curtain drop
    Loan Application
    Slot Machine (777)
    Pen with money faded in the background


  436. Anonymous says:

    _ _ _ DIT remaining letters are T G O S R C D E J

    The pics are

    A Slot Machine (777)
    Loan Application
    The End (curtain drop)
    Pen with faded money in the background


  437. Anonymous says:

    try Credit for a slot machine loan app end curtain

  438. Bolton Kenny says:

    Group of people, girl lab experiment, nuclear sign & explosion, skin rash. Level 436

  439. Anonymous says:

    Train,sun through trees, lady sitting on luggage, and guy rushing accross

  440. Emma says:

    Two boys looking in different directions, baby chickens, a hen with eggs, a cartoon girl with all pink top?

  441. c says:

    crib, cot old telephone 1 red 6 silver balls what isit please

  442. Anonymous says:

    The letter A. The letter E. The letter I. The letter O. 6 letters. ESDVWPOYLRCU help please

  443. hunter says:

    all pic show see and boat and sand idk what it is i need help:) pleaseee\

  444. Nina says:

    crowd of people, group of flagpoles, long table with chairs, screen of pictures in reflection.
    NUmber 51, help?

  445. Julia says:

    Guy and girl at computer, man writing math on whiteboard with people infront of him,dude playing golf and a weird food arrangement. Help me!!!! It’s a six letter word.

  446. Mari says:

    I need help on level 324. Its a bright cross fortune teller meditation statue bone

  447. Kat says:

    Lady with red hair, man playing tennis and 2 pics of some paint swipes? 6 letters

  448. Hannah says:

    Need help:

    1. one person (thin) facing other person (fat)
    2. a plate: overtop with glass and coins
    3. train rails or tracks
    4. coins line up: ascending

  449. Apple says:

    6 letters

    2.girl with hands over a bubbly glass ball
    3.a cross made out of a bright light
    4.a stick in the shape of a wishbone, on smooth sand and rocks

  450. Apple says:

    6 letters
    Lady in white shirt playing with a Mac computer
    Chef sieveing the flour
    Couple looking at TVs on the shelf

  451. john says:

    i need help on lvl 62 with letters ljleympytane with people in a crowd, flags, chairs, and like a TV or something.

  452. Anonymous says:

    6 letter gold purse gear shift students with books and a kid holding a leg crying

  453. Anonymous says:

    Cartoon person holding broken glass
    A man fixing a car
    And a roll of tape
    plz help

  454. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous it is clutch xx for the students bag and gear shift thing

  455. Anonymous says:

    Man’s shoulder
    Shoulder X-ray
    Electric plug
    Blue eye

  456. Help please says:

    1. Sliced grapefruit
    2. A glass of juice
    3. A woman with a scrunched up face
    4. A man pouring something from a small bottle onto a spoon.

    6 letters
    _ I T _ _ _

    The rest of the letters are A E S T B L R W

    • Anonymous says:


      1. Sliced grapefruit
      2. A glass of juice
      3. A woman with a scrunched up face
      4. A man pouring something from a small bottle onto a spoon.

      6 letters

  457. Dgirl says:

    Lady in orange hair
    Blue paint
    Guy playing tennis
    Black paint

    6 letters

  458. Anonymous says:

    I am really stuck

    6 letters

    Pics are

    Lady putting on a coat
    Earth with quarter cut out exposing the centre
    Little boy with a cape on
    A fire place

    Letters are

    V S Q A L P P E M O N T

    Please please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

    Thank u

  459. c says:

    broken net
    killer whales
    wave breaking

    any ideas please

  460. Anonymous says:

    Doesnt have it..
    A man and a woman in a sleeping bag,
    two old people smiling toghther,
    two rings linked together
    the front part of a trailer.

  461. Anonymous says:

    Woman with crystle ball
    Glowing cross
    Religious statue
    And stick on ground
    Please help

  462. J9 says:

    Help please!!!

    1. Crystal ball
    2. Luminated Religious cross
    3. Buddhist figure with auras behind it
    4. Wish bone

  463. Anonymous says:

    Man’s shoulder
    Shoulder X-ray
    Electric plug
    Blue eye

    6 letters

    _ _ _ _ _ T

    Help PLZ!!!

  464. Anonymous says:

    4 pics 1 word
    Man’s shoulder
    Shoulder X-ray
    Electric plug
    Blue eye

    6 letters

    _ _ _ _ _ T

    Help PLZ!!!

  465. loving lena says:

    Finger pushing button
    Open book with design above it
    Little girl whispering to another girl
    Corner of a typwitter

  466. Anonymous says:

    Message in a bottle
    Lady’s face (close up)
    Ship (old?)


  467. Filliber flabber says:

    A train
    Leaves with light shine throuh
    Man sitting on luggage
    Person running towards a door with a person painted on the wall and a arrow

    Letters are u v a e l a p s r w y
    Spaces are _ _ _ _ e _
    (There were two E until I used the hint)

  468. Anonymous says:

    A steak
    Size labels
    A guy with closed eyes and hands up
    A camera lense and film strips


  469. Adam says:

    1) table with many chairs
    2) group of countries flag
    3) group of people (concert)
    4) many pictures

    6 letters

  470. bella says:

    lady carring a baby
    lady holding her belly
    lion and cubs
    chicken and ducklings

  471. Anonymous says:

    Dog and cat
    Squirrel on tree

  472. Anonymous says:

    Please help

  473. Desley Griffiths says:

    a small girl putting on a fur on a larger girl
    a fireplace
    a globe with a piece cut out
    a boy wearing a cape with a lightening symbol on his shirt

  474. Bayles says:

    Dog and cat looking at each other
    Bunch of sheep
    Squirrel on tree

    Plz help

  475. Anonymous says:

    Cat and dog looking at each other
    Bunch of sheep
    Squirrel on tree

  476. Delboyx says:

    6 letters

    Little boy holding onto a mans legs
    A group of teenagers
    A little purse
    And I don’t know the other one

  477. jjlovez says says:

    it has many flags,people,different tv show and a long white table

  478. Sheeza says:

    It’s got a yellow chicken with a cracked egg, a guy standing holding another smaller person in his hand and getting told off by them, a guy pushing the clock hand upwards? And another clock

  479. Anonymous says:

    Rocks, waves, a killer whale and looks like a tear in a net

    Help please

  480. Anonymous says:

    What’s level 362 six letter word budha glass ball y shape stick an a cross glowing

  481. reece says:

    what the on with a woman with a kid a chicken with it babies a lion with babies and a woman pregent lying on a bed

  482. Anonymous says:

    HELP!!! 6 letters: YWTHLLZWCJCU

    1- Group of teens holder a folder
    2- hand holding a stick shift
    3-gold purse
    4- kid crying/begging while holding someone’s foot

  483. Cheryl says:

    Anyone know answer to 362 pls

  484. Naomi says:

    6-letter. H X T Q C N T N A O I O

    Cyclists on road (upclose)
    Man (Athlete with swimming cap and goggles) running through water.
    A man in black suit (think James Bond) holding a gun in each hand.
    A clapperboard.


  485. Khirra says:

    I got one picture with some tools, a dude holding a broken glass beside a table with glue on it, one with some duck tape and the last one is well looks like a man fixing a car above him! Help! It’s a six letter word!

  486. henrik says:

    a sink where there is flowing water
    a girl looking in the camera as she is playing a video game
    an adopter
    a piece of a puzzle who is red and sticks into other grey pieces
    the letters are: D,U,G,D,Z,V,T,L,Y,Q,P,K

  487. Donnay says:

    Hi need help
    6 letters
    Black stripes in a line next too each other
    Blue lines
    A guy playing a shot playing tennis with a racket in his hand
    A women with long ginger hair with a red ring on her finger
    Level 350 on iPhone thanks

  488. Anonymous says:

    Khirra the answer is repair

  489. anonymous says:

    6 letter word, level 320
    a man in black priest clothes with hands open
    a chunk of meat of some sorts
    tags with sizes XXL to XS writen on them
    camera lens’s close up with negative reel

  490. Mrs Styles says:

    1. A woman holding a baby underwater
    2. A woman swimming underwater
    3. A man underwater, with a silly face
    4. 2 dickers


    Ps… It’s 6 letters, Y G W V T Q P N D I I X

  491. mags says:

    help please!
    1 a crib
    2 a nativity scene
    3 a phone off the hook
    4 and clangers… abacuss, balls on a chain

    6 letters

  492. Meredith says:

    Mags: it’s Cradle

  493. Éimear says:

    I have a child putting a coat on a woman – the inside of the earth – a fireplace with a fire lighting – a boy dressed up as a super hero. There’s six letters – QSCENTLALMJK

  494. Aaron says:

    Its this level 73

    1 a hand bag/purse
    2 a kid holding a mans leg
    3 girls and boys holding folders
    4 a man holding something

  495. Anonymous says:

    A boat, a woman’s face, a message in a bottle, and DNA
    Its 6 letters..

    P R D T C I D A V S L N

  496. laureen says:

    need help i have the following pics :
    one dollar note with coins in front of it
    a cup and saucer with coins on top of it
    train railings
    fat guy on the left with the same guy thinner on the right

    6 letter word

  497. Anonymous says:

    three letters:
    bartender, lady with a drink, chocolate, and gold bars

  498. Shoe says:

    it has a glass with lemonade and a slice of lemon,someone drinking from a mug, a fruit and someone pouring medicine on a spoon.

  499. Hiii says:

    Its bitter

  500. Line says:

    Please help! 6 letters;
    – Batteries
    – A power charger
    – a girl with a wallet in front of a line
    – a woman signing some sort of a contract
    Letters: A-C-X-H-E-L-Q-O-U-R-G-O

  501. M1DG3TLYY says:

    A fireplace with stockings, A lady putting on a coat, A little boy with a cape, A picture of the Earth’s core.
    6 Letters – W A B E I J M N N L V T

  502. Me says:

    Sorry…. I meant charge

  503. Anonymous says:

    a train, leaves, a guy picking up a suitcase and a stickman on a wall with an arrow pointing to the right.
    Letters: L Z A Y E Z X W S L V E

  504. boooooo says:

    2 djs and 2 horseys

  505. Anonymous says:

    Level 355
    6 letters
    guy holding a gun in each hand
    guy running through water
    guys racing on pedal bikes
    movie credit clicker thingy, sorry don’t know the technical term for it, the thing that they click down when they say take one!

    letters are: AUIATQDCINXQ

  506. Anonymous says:


  507. Anonymous says:

    People swimming

  508. Anonymous says:

    Baby held under water, 2 scuba divers, man with goggles under water, and a lady swimming. 6 letters. Please help

  509. Anonymous says:

    Help it has an earth a kid with a cape a fireplace and someone putting on a coat SIX LETTERS

  510. Areana says:

    Help guy pulling joy stick in car a bunch of kids a kid hagging on to a leg and a gold sparkly purse

  511. Areana says:

    Help guy pulling joy stick in car a bunch of kids a kid hagging on to a leg and a gold sparkly purse
    6 letters

  512. Rachel says:

    Okay there is a guy mad mad about his computer, a guy pulling.his hair, 2 men playing rocky in.the dark?? HELP please!!

  513. Rachel says:

    I mean hockey.

  514. kapean says:

    the end
    777 pokie machine
    loan application
    calligraphy pen
    level 331 7 letters

  515. Anonymous says:

    Pictures: 4 labels with discount sale top 10 an gold, a record, 7 leather things and jeans

    Can anyone help please

  516. Anonymous says:

    The word is Credit

  517. Hellllooow says:

    Help!!! brain stopped!!
    A girl looks like a model with red hair pointing, black pains stripes, blue paint stripes, a guy playing tennis

  518. Rachel says:

    Help please!! this one is a message in a bottle, an old boat on shore, looks like a piece of old twisted meta…no idea…

  519. Savanna says:


  520. Anonymous says:

    does any1 knw da answer 4 level 242

  521. arsenal says:

    I like this web site because I spend all night on it and I am on level 333 all the 3s

  522. Dylan says:

    a guy swining a golf club a teacher pointing to a whiteboard. 2 people on a computer and some wierd looking fancy food with red

  523. Alison says:

    A teacher teaching a class, some fancy food, someone playing golf and two people on a computer. 6 letters R S E E Z U
    X C O P T X

  524. Daniel says:

    Anybody know level 250

  525. Anonymous says:

    Incrupted eye
    an eye
    hands holding a crystal ball
    letters INIGHXSSAVOO

  526. bec says:

    I am stuck on 4 pic 1 word….level 272
    Pictures are 1) Train, 2) Sun coming through trees , 3) Man running towards. a door with a man symbols behind him, 4) Person sitting on suitcases .
    There is 6 words to answer.
    I cannot find answer anywhere…I have a andor phone.

  527. Jen says:


  528. Andy says:

    Could someone please help me with this one! It’s a six letter word that starsts with an B.
    My other letters are J I Z R G E A D T S N

    And the pictures are:
    1. Dentures
    2. Old couple playing cards
    3. A City (or something) by night
    4. Some forrest environment in sunset

  529. Ashley says:

    Starts with P
    Crowd of people with balloons
    Long white table with empty chairs
    Bunch of flagpoles
    Like purple background with a bunch of images?


  530. Emily says:

    The pics are:
    A blood orange,
    A man taking cough syrup,
    A woman making a face about the cup she’s drinking from
    And a glass of lemonade with a yellow straw, and a citrus on the rim

  531. Model says:

    Two people looking at tvs a person on a computer a cover that people in the old times use to take a shower behind and a shifter shifting flour

  532. Anonymous says:

    Andy: Bridge
    Ashley: Plenty

  533. Anonymous says:

    A picture of:
    1. Tape
    2. Man holding a broken wine glass ad glue on the table
    3. Tools like hammer, saw, paint brush etc
    4. A guy fixing a car (probably a mechanic)

    Pls help thanks

  534. Anonymous says:

    Need help !!!
    A girl looking into her wallet
    Two women talking
    A kinda charger

  535. HELP ! says:

    6 Letters, letters are, I literally cannot figure it out, please help

  536. Anonymous says:

    6 Letters, alphabets are:

  537. Salena says:

    1.a guy playing baseball
    2. Little girl playing a board game
    3. A guy modeling
    4. A CD??

  538. Britt says:

    A bunch of flags
    A bunch of shirtless people
    Lots of white chairs
    A bunch of random pictures in rows

  539. rfrgregregreg says:

    A child crying and hugging his mom’s leg
    group of college students
    A board maybe with lots of random stuffs
    and a Gear Stick like in the car to change gear and stuff.
    6 letters.

  540. bbbb says:

    a picture reel.
    some pictures of size tags.
    man with open arms.
    piece of beef

  541. Stella says:

    A guy lifting his hands
    Different clothing sizes
    Undeveloped film
    6 letters

  542. Ma says:

    Mothers and their babies
    HELP please
    Duck mother and babies
    Lioness and cubs
    MOther and infant
    Mother with baby in tummy

  543. Ma says:

    Six letters

  544. Pingback: 6let - What's The Word Answers

  545. Anne says:

    A fat guy and slim guy with no tops on. A crossing train rail . Coins stacked up and coins with coffee sitting beside them 6 letters

  546. Rebekah says:


  547. Anonymous says:

    Cross glowing
    Crystal ball

  548. Anonymous says:

    Superman boy
    Woman putting on a fuzzy white jacket
    Inside of earth

  549. Anonymous says:

    A crowd of people
    Bunch of flags
    Something that looks like photos
    And a white table with white chairs
    6 letters pls help me

  550. Nicky says:

    6 letter word
    Screen with bird shadow behind it
    Man filtering flour
    2 people looking at TVs
    Girl working on computer and laptop

  551. Awba says:

    Please help I got a guy shaving, bearded dudes lips,old man,an a dude putting on lipstick
    7 letters


  552. Awba says:

    The level is different for each app so if u were to start on a different device it would be different

  553. Brian says:

    6 letters. Third letter d

  554. taylor says:

    A wooden board with tools behind it
    A guy working under a car
    A roll of duct tape
    A kid with a broken vase and bottle of glue

    6 letters using (A, P, N,E, I, O, S, V, R, R, A, O)

  555. Silver says:

    Six letter word
    Mother standing in boys hand
    Baby chick with cracked egg
    Man in suit tugging on gaint specific hand on standing clock

    Would like some help please

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  557. Sweet says:

    Lady on floor holding her stomach
    Hot n cold temperature
    An old pic 1800s
    6 letter word

  558. audrey says:


    6 Letters.
    Second last letter is “L”

    1. a wooden shape of “O”
    2. a engineered shape of “A”
    3. a red color of a lowercase “i”
    4. a grass-covered letter of “E”

  559. Need help says:

    Level 99

  560. Need help says:

    Level 99
    First letter 1 is C And letter letter 2 is E

  561. Anonymous says:

    A loaf of bread, a building, a woman playin with a kid and 2 men doing karate,
    Pls. Help

  562. rick says:

    Need help with level 82 pics r lake with a long dock the hole pic is orange and the next one is a women in a long blue dress standing like she thinking and the next one is a man with a tux on holding open a car door for a women in a long red dress on and the last one is a person holding a troll for leveling cement out

  563. star says:

    Need help
    First picture is a bunch of pictures, second pic is of a long white table with white chairs, third pic is a lot of tall flags from different countries and the forth pic is a crowd of people with there hands up… its a 6 letter word with the 4 letter being a N.

  564. Rebecca says:

    Level 82:
    Cup of coffee and coffee beans in a bag.
    Ant on a rock lifting stick.
    Muscle man lifting weights.
    Little boy lifting dumbbell.
    Please help!!!

  565. Anonymous says:

    Superman boy
    Woman putting fuzzy white jacket on
    Inside of earth

  566. Skeptikal says:


  567. Jade says:

    2 whales, hole i the net, hole in the rocks and waves … Help!!!!!!!!!

  568. carol says:

    have a
    space rocket
    man in mask with test tubes
    x rays looks like metal railling
    7 letters

  569. Norman says:

    6 Letters

    Pic1 : melted(iron) been put in a form
    Pic2 : glass of hot tea with lemons
    Pic3 : water drip
    Pic4 : drop comes out of a bottle of cleaner (like for cleaning dishes)

    I really dont know what it could be 🙁

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  571. yohelpme says:

    oil slipt
    a man shooting with a gun
    a cat in a wooden bucket

  572. Miss L says:

    what is the one with this red thing, 2 strange objects and the group of students who are throwing her hats up???

    i thnk it’s 7 letters, if not then 8..

    please help i’ve been stuck on it since yesterday D:

  573. Owen says:

    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A man doing work,
    a kid doing homework,
    a man on a motorcycle,
    and a burnt match,

  574. Cory says:


  575. Tara says:

    Level 330.. six letters possible FARLSTCDREOI picture of the end …loan application..slot machine and bald point pen

  576. angelica says:

    whats level 257???

  577. Rachel says:

    I need help!! It ends in Y

    The picturtes are:

    -lots of pictures or photos on a wall
    -Long white table with lots of chairs, maybe board room
    -lots of flags from different countries
    -Big crowd of people facing away, one has a balloon

  578. Anonymous says:

    Level 266 arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg

  579. Heather says:

    Plz help me!

    5 letters:
    A woman with a measuring tape around her waist
    A scale
    A country with the British

    If u know plz tell me

  580. amber says:

    Please help 6 Lester’s tools a man working on a car a role of duck tape and a lil Guy with broken Boyle glue on Table

  581. pam says:

    Rachel your answer is plenty, Heather your answer is pound

  582. Anonymouse says:

    Two of the pictures have a guy with cards
    One has a guy jumping from one rock thing to the next
    The last one has a cliff
    6 letters

  583. Anonymous says:

    1 bunch of flags
    2 bunch of people in the beach
    3 a table and alot of chairs
    4 and alot of pictures

  584. Anonymous says:

    help….I got
    a man with camouflage paint on his face
    a man pulling An ACE out of his sleeve
    a little girl covering her face
    3 tubes of lipstick
    7 letters OLVEJQACNCMI

  585. Niallhoneybooboo says:


  586. Kirby DeRuigh says:


  587. sdfc says:

    8 letters RWPTCEETWURA
    inside a camera shutter
    a hole ripped in paper
    a man holding a camera
    a hole shaped like a heart cut in wood

  588. Kevin says:

    Level 495

    White head sculpture of an old man
    old books on shelves
    cartoon owl
    looks like an old tooth

    6 letters


  589. Elizabeth says:


    sewing machine
    two safety pins joined
    a long pin like thing over pills maybe?
    6 letters

  590. EB1234 says:

    A woman holding two spotty shoes
    A guy with a mowhawk
    A gangster
    And a young girl wearing glasses, pouting

  591. Anno says:

    @EB1234 Trendy

  592. jess says:

    its a letter a letter e in grass i and o

  593. maria says says:

    kid with sunblock on
    a man on a computer
    a wrist being wrapped
    paper with a magnifying glass over it

    5 letter word?

  594. ye says:

    Ahhh two clocks.. a couple eyes closed canoodling.. two guys with stupid excited looks on their faces.. and a handshake..help

  595. Anonymous says:

    mariah it is apply

  596. Anonymous says:

    ye its unison

  597. shhhh says:

    Ok..chick with.her finger on a keyboard.. lady shaking her finger at a little girl.. computer screen with error .. and little animated soldiers. 7 letters.. imaibxdmcbno.. go

  598. shyt up says:

    your such a fattie

    • Anonymous says:

      Listen lg you here to beak or are you gonna use some brains and help me pass this gdamn puzzle?

  599. jules says:

    girl holding black polka dot heels
    man side profile spikey hair
    girl sitting on floor long curly blonde hair wearing big blue sunnies
    man posing as a rapper

    6 letters in word

    R Z P L T R E Y W D S N…


  600. Annonlmus says:

    Guy aiming gun
    Oil coming out of bucket
    Kitten In bucket
    Gun case
    Letters: B H B E A R J R L H A Y

  601. hello1 says:

    a man underneath a car? a bra with spots . a pavment kind of thing. a map .

  602. None says:


    2 men laughing, a handshake, a couple hugging & 2 clocks with the same time on.

    6 letter word

    Letters are:

  603. AnonB says:

    A chalkboard with a list on it and school supplies, a space shuttle looking thing, a computer chip looking thing, and a bunch of white cubes with one red cube.
    6 letters – U G C Q C E O M K L E D


  604. loulabelle says:

    ok, i have…

    a volcanoe erupting
    a big wave
    a sandy desert dune
    blue sky with clouds

    letters are; N H L S E Z M E E T U E

  605. Jacsac says:

    Satellite maths sign and Rex cube answer is module

  606. lolking says:

    help! 6 letters word
    man with fullhawk in grey suit, redhair holding two heels, wannabe ganster, lil kid with sunglasses

  607. Anonymous says:

    Car bumper
    Car paint

    S o w j k f e r m e n d 6letters help??

  608. Anonymous says:

    Handshake one is unison

  609. miranda says:

    5 letters:
    •A white brick wall with a wooden floor & lights shining down.
    •A wine glass & a plate with a fancy folded napkin.
    •Red theater seats.
    •An open bird cage with a blue background.

  610. Help please says:

    Level 443…. 6 letters submarine coming out of waves, a chick standing on 2 unmatched eggs with one broken egg, a drawing of frogs and tadpoles, a large dandelion pushing out of the ground/asphalt letters RMEBYE TAEDSG

  611. carol says:

    need help pls.. what is is this 6-letter word.. pics are:

    1. 2 icecream in a cone
    2. 1 caramel cupcake with icing on top
    3. plenty of icing in a plate
    4. 3 pcs choco cookies like a kisses in shape

    note: they do have the same shape of icing

    letters are: G Z H P Y S W R P J E

  612. HA says:

    Firefigther, a concert, a lion and a man dressed in medieval..

    R,X,PF,A,C,V,H,C,M,E,B – the last letter is S

  613. Kh f NBC says:

    You don’t have all the answers 🙁

  614. Anonymous says:

    alarm clock. a line that looks like heart beat. keyboard volume buttons its 6 letters anyone gel

  615. Anonymous says:

    FIve-letter word

    Firefigther, a concert, a lion and a man dressed in medieval..


  616. Amy says:

    7 letters

    Flat screen tv
    Pearl jewllery
    Lady and a board
    Waitress holding a plate of food

    Letters are: UPIASMYLWAID

  617. Vickie 2 Amy says:

    Answer is display

  618. Anonymous says:

    I need help I don’t know this one the •one guy has a hoodie and sunglasses •One guy has smurk on his face •one girl has shoes on both sides of her face and a weird look on face. •a girl is wearing big sunglasses There is 6 letter answer here there are:
    Eduaftdprytn. Thank you in advance

  619. agnieszka says:

    6 letters.
    A lot of flags. A crowd of people. A long white table. A lot of pictures of nature etc. in purple wallpaper.
    What can it be?

  620. Anonymous says:

    Alarm clock music buttons Camara n looks like heart ratings

  621. jp says:

    To: Anonymus, the answer is analog

  622. helpme says:

    4 amry men holding thier hands at back. a lady in ablack dress holding her hip . a nurse holding a book. a man holding a tablet with a lady beside him …. letters are U M O T R F N H B Y I Q

  623. helpme says:

    7 letter word

  624. Anonymous says:

    The answer is uniform

  625. Faisal says:

    6 letters.
    A lot of flags.
    A crowd of people.
    A long white table with chairs.
    A lot of pictures of nature etc. in purple wallpaper.
    Letters LTU NEM PYE M.

    Any Guess ?

  626. Anonymous says:

    7 letters

    •scientist with test tubes
    •dishes of bright coloured powder and letters HO
    •coloured DNA strand?

    Level 390 if that helps

  627. bounty says:

    a wallet with hands
    a woman with a book
    a necklace clock
    red ans silver blade

    6 letters

    – – c – – –


  628. Alaska says:

    6 letter word letters are NEMLTUL
    fish, fish in a bowl, guy with hands on the back of his head, and a guy posing
    please help! been stuck on this one for awhile now

  629. help says:

    5 letter word

    an elephant and dog sitting on beach
    a graph, 1/4 filled green 3/4 red
    2 boys sitting playing tug of war
    a scatter graph

    anyone know the answer really stuck

  630. help me says:

    6 letter word

    2 tshirts (front and back)
    potatoes (1 cut in half)
    man ironing a shirt
    flour with a bowl of biscuits next to it

    please help, been stuck on it for ages

  631. Taylor says:

    There is a level that I have been stuck on forever it’s a 5 letter word the letters are D J V H W P R T E C I

  632. barefootengal says:

    red octagon with white hand print in it, the counter bars that you walk through that turn round like you see at amusement parks or airports, someone handing some one else a key with a red house key ring and a person with blue rubber gloves one trying to do a decode a combination lock.

  633. Stan says:

    6 letters
    A pie chart
    A slot machine
    A music sheet
    A sound board

  634. verna says:

    6 letters ufuinodnmgos
    2 clocks
    2 people hugging
    2 men singing
    2 men shaking hands

  635. anonumus says:

    the helpful

  636. m says:

    help me please

  637. Gloria says:

    6 letters
    Hands with house key
    Hand stop sign
    Hands picking combo lock

  638. Me says:


  639. Me help says:

    A guy going up stairs with green chairs around
    Aplace with big rocks probably stone
    A guy and women the lady is in this thing and the guy is next to her
    5 letters
    RDNAAGIWQHJ letters

  640. Emma says:

    Please help

    6 letters

    2 men laughing
    a handshake
    2 clocks (one black & 1 white)
    & a couple


  641. Anonymous says:

    What is the one for level 134?

  642. Jean says:

    Help please level 534

    Alarm clock
    camera with empty film reel
    sound mixer

  643. Holly says:

    On the 6 word ones pounds is only 5 letters long!!

  644. Steinn says:

    People with hands up
    A collection of pictures on a screen
    Tall Flags
    Chairs, plenty of them, white ones across a very long table


  645. Amanda says:

    Need help can’t seem to find a photo match here.
    top left photo is one boxer standing other laied out
    right top photo man sitting at a laptop yelling with his hand up
    bottom left photo: in the distance hockey player hunched over while the one in the foreground stands as he won.
    bottom right photo: a man sitting at a laptop aggravated with his hands on either side of his head appears to be upset.

    The letters given at PUOJDE SFHVK
    With the 5 as the word T being the last one (spent for hint)

    Thank you so much for the help!

  646. Olive says:

    7 letters,
    A barn
    A black bird in a cage
    A bunch of dogs in a cage
    A letter

  647. Anonymous says:

    6 letters

    3 people around a laptop

    3 people around water fountain

    Teacher with 2 students

    Empty meeting room.

    Help please.

  648. Minnie says:

    level 445 I’ve been stuck on it for almost a week know!
    English math music, greys and one red cubes, red chip, satelite?? anyone??? 6 LETTER WORDS

  649. Brandon says:

    Level 465
    Fish being marinated
    A man smiling
    A fish
    And lady at a meeting with her hands behind her head.

  650. Special says:

    1st: girl getting a massage
    2nd: girl eating chocolate
    3rd: girl sitting in field of tall grass with flowers
    4th: girl wrapped in towels in a sauna
    Letters: hoeknn jsmyby

  651. amanda says:

    help Im stuck on level 129! anyone know what it is?

  652. Matt says:

    wheel house
    treasure chest

  653. Matt says:

    never mind got it

  654. minnie says:

    thanks Tania

  655. minnie says:

    im stuck on level 450 8 letter words theres office, chairs with films 4 people 2 women 2 guys!??

  656. Mia says:

    Need help on level 107:

    A picture of a crowd of people cheering
    A picture if poles with flags on them different countries
    A long white table with chairs
    A collage if picture on a pink background

    Pls help!


    6 letters

    Pls help

  657. susan says:

    need help plz stuck on this 1, 6 letter word
    man thinking
    laptop with some kind of picture
    3littlemen 1st man thinking 2cnd man just standing 3rd man tolling a stone with a hole in it
    person head with clogs in it

  658. Anonymous says:

    I need help on level 45 and kid and glue ( I think )lots of signs electricity plugs and a hammer hitting a egg please 🙂

  659. Anonymous says:

    Letters for level 45 above are elekovlhioqp

  660. Anonymous says:

    Oh it’s a 8 letter word but still if you can 🙂

  661. Anonymous says:

    Help level 443
    A submarine surfacing
    A chick hatched and 2 eggs
    Cycle of a frog
    A dandillion
    Word begins with E,other letters are GMPERCRNEKE
    Plz help thanks

  662. Anonymous says:

    Six letters parrot treasure box and steering wheel off boat AMD a Canon

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  664. Sherry says:

    6 letters

    Movie theater
    Movie reel

    Please help!!!

  665. minnie says:

    I got it its director

  666. minnie says:

    Im stuck there’s tent with northern light, duct tape, hot container , igloo

  667. lucy says:

    number 321 is bust

  668. Anonymous says:

    a chick next to an open egg,
    big kid being told off by a little women,
    a stop watch,
    a man turning back a big clock ??

    sooo stuck,
    please help 🙂

  669. Anonymous says:

    Girl with half slice toast, computer program printout, ph indicator strip, and 1+1=2; has 5 letters

  670. Kk says:

    White chairs in a long row
    A piece of cardboard with pictures on it
    Ton of people
    And diffrent flags

  671. Troky says:

    Plz Change Answer “BENDER” –> “FENDER”..

  672. Anonymous says:

    A picture of a woman measuring her hip

  673. bazinga says:

    6 letters
    Treasure chest
    Steering wheel on ship

  674. me says:

    6 letters
    white mug & coins
    2 naked man



  675. rosa says:

    hi ppl im stuck on level 288 its a piano ..loads of green chairs … then moutains then a woman and man standing by a gold bar can u help plz xx

  676. Ellen says:

    I need help at level 48,
    It’s a cup of coffe with some coins
    A man standing opposite a thicker version of himself
    Rails in a pattern
    Some coins stacked one after the other with a dollar in the background

    Letters is: ENGCHATGN

  677. Erica says:

    I’m stuck in level 385
    the pictures are:
    1. a piece of paper hanged with clips in front of a wall
    2. a women holding a white blank paper onto her head
    3. four piece of paper side by side
    4. and in the last pic there is a women holding a quote bubble in her hand

    the words are :
    P B N L E A K W L A Z I

    Thanks in advance

  678. Laura says:

    I’m stuck , it’s a 6 letter word. There’s a girl holding some heels, a guy posing, another girl has her hands up and a guy trowing some hand signs???

  679. Cooldude says:

    Whats this?

    A women applying blusher
    Some sand in a scoop
    Navy blue sand
    Brown sand with flowers and spiral things on it

  680. Cooldude says:

    Its a six letter word

  681. Cooldude says:

    Dont worry its fine, it was powder

  682. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on level 104. There is a picture with flags, another one with chairs and the other two with crowds of people.

  683. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck!
    There is a person in each picture
    One is holding shoes
    One is wearing sunglasses
    One is like a Chav
    One is just there
    Thanks x

  684. chloe says:

    i need help for nummber 90:
    its a long table with like 100 chairs
    lots of pics with a purple backround
    lots of people with their hands in the air like a big bunch wath baloons
    and big flags on poles there is germany turkey and other i dont know and care 😉
    like wtf i dont even know the counteys
    (sorry 4 the spelling mistakes)

  685. chloe says:

    hey come on guys I’ve been stuck on this shit for a week

  686. Always here says:

    READ TILL THE END! its adorable xxxx
    I sent an angel

  687. Hannah says:


  688. Anonymous says:

    An alarm clock..a camera..a deck with buttons and a graph…6 letters

  689. random says:

    what’s the answer for level 44?
    Theres a collection of pictures(?), and white chair and a white table and its keeps going on, flags, and people cheering. The letters are: TPXYNWECLTLX

  690. Alyssa says:

    Letters ‘a’ ‘e’ ‘i’ and ‘o’
    I thought it was vowel.. But its six letters.
    Letters are:
    M. C. I. O. Y. E. S. L. L. V. M. W.

  691. katlin says:

    On Samsung tab 2 what is level 15 there is a kid pointing at a dog someone helping someone do pushups a guy helping 2 girls on a computer and some train with dust thx letters are NTSOURNMICAP 5 letters

  692. Carolinec says:

    Level 442 – 2 guys singing? In black and white, 2 alarm clocks – one black, one white – both set for 8′ a opulent hugging, and a handshake with 2 men’s hands
    6 letters

  693. Carolinec says:

    A couple hugging, sorry. Don’t know how auto correct got a hold of that one

  694. Keekee says:

    Is A Globe With Effiel Tower And Other Things On There , A Lady With A Breifcase , a Couple Holding A Map , and A Globe With Spirals Around It
    **6 Letters**

    Letters Are : R.K.T.E.R.V.J.R.O.F.L.A

    Please Help !?!

  695. update says:

    anyone know when there will be an update

  696. quintus says:

    i need help at level 93:
    a man pull apart his cloth
    a opening box made from wood
    a treasure box but it is closed
    another man pull apart his cloth and his blue muscle shows up

  697. Anonymous says:


  698. Steve says:

    Stuck on 299

    a chick next to an open egg,
    big kid being told off by a little women,
    a stop watch,
    a man turning back a big clock


    Help please!!!

  699. zaina says:

    a fat man in front of a thin man

    4 columns of pennies and a dollar behind

    a train route

    a cofffee cup with dollars beside

    the letters are:c-f-h-m-n-n-e-b-a-x-g-g

  700. Help me! says:

    Sooo stuck!!!
    There is a person in each picture
    One is a lady holding spotty shoes
    One is a girl sitting down wearing sunglasses
    One is a man with his hair sucking up in the air
    One is a man with his hood up and has shades on
    It is 6 letters I think!!!
    Thank you

  701. Derick says:


  702. Emily says:

    Okay 6 letters
    a boat/ship thing
    A ceramic looking pot or cup
    This orange tree – like thing
    and some blue and orange plastic pots in a fountain

  703. Emily says:

    and the letters are
    X, J, S, F, S, E, L, E, L, V, X

  704. ImStuck says:

    6 letters

    2 hands shaking
    2 guys single
    a couple hugging
    two clocks showing identical times, but different colour.

  705. Please help with lvl 230?!?

  706. HELP says:

    Sooo stuck!!!
    There is a person in each picture
    One is a lady holding spotty shoes
    One is a girl sitting down wearing sunglasses
    One is a man with his hair sucking up in the air
    One is a man with his hood up and has shades on

  707. Anonymous says:

    6 letters.
    books on shelf, statue of someones face, tooth, and and owl.

  708. Slenderman says:

    The answer is wisdom

  709. Anonymous says:

    A guy near white board
    A golf ball on its stem
    A group doing exercise
    A fish on plate

  710. Mariam says:

    Inside a quite plane
    Winter house
    Sunny house with grass
    5 letters
    I N A U V V Z B D C O D

  711. michelle says:

    so stuck
    1st pic has an album or too many pictures
    2nd pic has a long table along wid chairs…smething like a board room table.
    3rd pic has flags of various countries.
    4th pic has some people celebrating with balloons
    plz help me

    the alphabets are.


  712. jessica says:

    Two mountain climbers two jars of tea an wat looks like pasta or bean sprouts 5.letters

  713. Help says:

    Hey I need help on this one theres a picture of a woman putting blush on her cheeks and pile of grey dirt and then there’s a picture of white grains and a spoon full of it and also there’s cinnamon rolls with cinnamon beside and the letters are: zywdkdhpaoer
    Plz help

  714. Help says:

    Also there’s 6 letters

  715. Joseph says:

    Two yellow buckets with word OIL written. Oil spilling out from one.
    A guy holding a sniper rifle and is looking through the scope.
    Kitten in a bucket.
    Old gun that pirates used.
    6 letters
    H N R W A L
    U B B R E K

  716. kevin says:


  717. Quintus says:

    Hi, stuck at level 230
    a basketball and a basket
    a music sheet
    a cartoon pencil
    i am not sure what is that in the last pic
    maybe some alphabets were carved on wood

    please help!!
    S R U G M O
    F H T C O E

    5 letters word

  718. Me says:

    I can’t figure this out: a woman with a tape measure around her waist, a scale, money

  719. Tubbs says:

    Im stuck on level 462 and its a 6 letter word and it has 2 statues an Owl and Books

  720. Anonymous says:

    Quintus : score

  721. magooshie says:

    Well, I’m stuck on level 2. Pathetic, I know. But there is a person’s face, a cat’s face, a CD player, and part of a keyboard. I CAN’T GET IT!!!!!!!

  722. pawsome says:

    For Molly and ‘Me’ – the woman and scales and stuff – POUND

  723. Bob gogty says:


  724. Mickyala says:

    Help!! 6 letter word. Pics are of a conference table, world wide flags, a crowd, and a collection of cards/stamps <<<idk. The letters are iocyptjleuzn

  725. sheryl says:

    Here is my picture, month of december stamps with deers picture of the same girl the letters are spnegr menihsc

  726. jess says:

    window on a house, bottom of a wooden door, music switch board, a judge holding a hammer with two other people

  727. Anonymous says:

    Hey I love four pics one word it’s the best. Me and all my friends are addicted to it

  728. Anonymous says:

    Jess it’s panel

  729. Mya says:

    Hi, stuck on level 96 and the pics are a case of money a glass of beer a shopping cart full of fruits and veggies and a wooden box of apples. It is a four letter word and the letters are F E V L R Y U L R S U C

  730. Lauren says:

    I am stucked in
    1- spaceman
    2- two spacemen
    3 and 4 a kind of festival or fanciful people
    The word consist of 5 letters
    O A T O F A
    N U Y O L Z
    Please help

  731. Anoymous says:

    Quintus the answer is score i got stuck on this one too

  732. siobhan says:

    i need help too… a camera, a blue alarm clock, some type of music recording system and what looks like a picture of an ecg reading or lie detector result ?? its 6 letters, ends in G and the other letters are LRXAWOAABJN

  733. clarise says:

    Stucked in a level here. 506
    a guy spraying paint on a car
    second n third i dunno.
    Next is an electric guitar.

  734. Anonymous says:


  735. clarise says:

    A six letter word

  736. robyn says:

    a golfer, a salad/healthy meal, a man at a computer with a woman by his side and a class? can anyone help?

  737. Mike says:

    Course is six letter word

  738. Judy says:

    Can someone help. I have 4 pictures with 1 picture of people standing up, one with all different pictures, one with a line of chairs at a long table and the last picture is flag poles different countries on them. What 6 letter word could you get with these letters below?


  739. Still Stuck says:

    6 letters

    2 hands shaking
    2 guys single
    a couple hugging
    two clocks showing identical times, but different colour

  740. tricky says:

    @still stuck = unison

  741. Helper says:

    @ Judy, I think you’re looking for “plenty.” @ Still Stuck, your answer would be “unison.” Sometimes, I just exit and when I go back it jumps out.

  742. helper says:

    @Clarise: try “Fender”

  743. rose says:

    need help hamburger,chips,gyro.pizza lvel 32

  744. lotlot says:

    level 125 please………

  745. Laurenzo says:

    I need help on one with 6 letters. It has 3 very orange tomatoes, ice cubes, 3 oranges in a cage type thing, and some yellowish-green grapes in a bowl with water. The second to last letter is g. HELP!!!!

  746. Michael says:

    Stuck on level 410,a man almost covered with paper,a man with red specs peering over edge of table,a woman wide eyed covering her mouth,and an emoticon with a wide eyed look

  747. Leeann says:

    To mya: it’s ” FULL”

  748. Anonymous says:

    6 letters: white chairs, countries flag’s, people at a concert/gathering, and a purple wall full of pictures.
    Letters: A,E,Y,N,R,O,L,Q,L,P,E,T

  749. Salina says:

    Please help. 8 letter word. people shouting or scolding or pointing at each other angrily.

    letters are N, I L, O, O, S, W, T, J, F, C, C

  750. Kourtney says:

    I’m single

  751. LaLa says:

    Woman in line paying Batterys on positive side, a plug thing, and a lady signing papers

  752. SaWAN says:

    A big gallery/collage of photos,
    A big long white table with chairs,
    A heap of country flags on poles, And
    A crowd of people cheerig excitedly,
    6 letters, Possible letters: L, T, O, F, E, Y, P, N, V, E, L, X.

  753. LaLa says:


  754. Jules says:

    2 astronauts in space and 1 Dragan and 1 dressed up lady

  755. Jules says:

    Number 217

  756. christine says:

    6 letter word levelv125 kid on bike man on motorcycle skate boarder and man riding bike 2nd letter is e

  757. sheryl says:

    Please help me it is a six letter word and the letters are as follows. SPNEGR MEIHSC

  758. Madeline says:

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    Thanks, hope im helpful

    add me on stardoll im missmizmadeline on http://www.stardoll.com

  759. joyce says:

    yak, hippo, lying animal, leaves. what is it? 4 letter word

    • Cynthia says:

      Level 54: six letters, a n a n r z m g o b h c
      1. Stack of boxes
      2. Orange sunset, on beach small bird in the sand
      3. Women and a baby in a canoe, in the swamp
      4. Two box shape figures reaching for each other

  760. bernie says:

    no 40.

  761. Jessica says:

    This has been no help to me at all sorry 🙁

  762. Hehee says:

    Cinema meal cage lights

  763. Cooldude says:

    Someone playing golf, a teacher teaching his class, a sice of cake with a flower on it and girl and boy on a computer.

    R O L U L U B S E C W C

    I have already done the last letter which is E.

    Thank you!

  764. Anonymous says:

    A red train, sun shining through leaves, a man running next to a stick man and arrow,& someone resting on suitcases
    Six letter word
    Letters: N R U S E Y J A L E E V

  765. Po says:

    Hey, guys, I’m in need of some help on this level…. Level 573. There is a ball that has pi written out on it. A bunch of colorful doors. A girl laughing at the TV. And then two cars driving on a dirt road. Letters: E E N S P I D Z S R L F eenspidzsrlf

    Thank you!
    It’s really hard to find answers for the new update…

  766. Anonymous says:

    Help please, thanks.

    6 letters
    – a spiral
    – timetable from Mon to Thurs
    – distribution curve
    – clock showing 3 o’clock


  767. Anonymous says:

    Donkey and Elephant at table, Lit up building on water at night looks like London, Entryway with door, Entryway with stairs

  768. Zoey Brooks says:

    What the answer for a 6 letter word
    If there pics are

    3.a broken Vase and glue
    4. A guy fixing a car

    Also level 172

    Letters are:erprizakyaik

  769. Corinna says:

    i need help on one 6 letters it was a pic of a long white table with chairs a lot of flags, a croud jumping, and a destop with lots of pictures.
    K P Y L F T V U X N E E

  770. Some person says:

    I have got a chicken that’s just come out of an egg a man holding a small women and two alarm clocks and the letters are G Q I T K M E R U N V X

  771. Anonymous says:

    need answer for 260

  772. Anonymous says:

    Donkey and elephant at table, two hallways, and London

  773. Anonymous says:

    Donkey and elephant, the word is lobby

  774. amalam says:

    Level 215???

  775. Siarah says:


  776. adisha says:

    This is good but 2 me it really dose not help me and level i am on

  777. Anonymous says:

    Album is only 5 letters…

  778. Tamaria says:

    This website is kind of complicated because yhuu have to go through ll the levels to get to the level yhuu really want…! It would be easier if yhuu could type in the lesson yhuu want ndd then it pop up …..! ><3

  779. hellsangel94 says:

    Stuck on this one for 2 weeks. Its 6 letters last one is E. I’ve cancelled out some. Remaining letters are; RKJTRSOS. Pics are;
    Woman with red hair posing
    Blue stripes
    Black stripes
    Man serving tennis ball.

  780. Shawna says:

    What is the answer to puzzle 624 closet with clothes book with man signing paper stack of magazines and a newspaper

  781. Sue says says:

    Anonymous the answer is coverage

  782. Amy-lee says:

    I’m stuck on

    1. A pregnant lady in bed
    2. A lion with cubs
    3. A duck with chicks
    4. A women with a baby

  783. Laura says:

    Six letters
    Numbers of pi in a spiral on a ball, lady watching t.v., a whole bunch of doors and a trail of jeeps, one with rope around the spare tire.

  784. stephanie says:

    six letters stuck on 447

    man and women hugging
    two clocks, one and and the other white
    hands shaking
    and two mens singing i think

  785. Abigail says:

    This is so helpful

  786. Jerrica says:

    I’m stuck on
    1-train tracks
    2-fat and skinny dude
    3-coffee and money
    4-and a dollar and pennies
    Please help me somebody

  787. Olivia says:

    Im stuck on
    1.flags in the sky
    2.a crowd of people with a boy on his dads sholders
    3.a book with a page of lots of pics ( or something like that )
    4.a white table with lots of chairs

  788. Anonymous says:

    hanging winter clothes
    man signing a book
    stack of magazine


  789. Troplijyy says:


  790. paige says:

    I have
    A posh desert
    a man writing on a white board infront of people
    a man swinging a golf club
    and people on a computer

  791. Mark says:

    I am getting sex of this game I love it

  792. Your butt says:

    Suckers pee on your self

  793. jmoore says:

    6 letters Q M F R E S A I T I R W

    man driving oxen
    a person looking at a field of wildlife
    man holding up some wheat
    man harvesting some type of crop

    I got it as i was typing. FARMER

  794. Anonymous says:

    Six letters out of : LTMSEGREE
    1. The life cycle of a frog
    2. Some weeds sprouting from concrete
    3. A submarine crashing through big waves
    4. A chick standing on 2 eggs with one cracked open.

  795. haru says:

    i need help..
    a lot of pictures, a long table with many chairs, flags, people raise their hands.
    6 letters T P V N T G Y E E W T L

  796. Lilly says:

    1= women looking at three pairs of shoes
    2= toddler with a big basket picking up something from the floor
    3=a lot of Christmas cards on a stall
    4=a lot of stamps
    Plz help
    7 letters

  797. Anonymous says:

    1. a usb stick
    2. a cut glass orb
    3. a 5 point hanging star
    4. a string of crystal beads ??bracelet

    6 letters


  798. Confused says:

    I’m stuck on level 80

    A group of workers

    A baby holding on to a persons foot (dragging)

    Two worms together

    A break thing that u pull in a car

    U M H C C Y H T U I C L

    Plz help me

  799. Farah Elisha says:

    6 letters:RECDMIHBEDPA pics are:killer whales,rocks n a hole in it,some kinda broken strings or something like tat,a sea… plzzz help I’m ¡n level 409 ¡n my ¡Pod!! Plzzz help!!! Txs for the ones who helped meee!!!!

  800. Bob says:

    Not helping at all

  801. Ashley says:

    Guys help plizzzz.!
    1.a man sitting on a desk in an office talking to his colleagues holding a tablet.
    2. A golf ball on a peak.
    3. A lady instructing a group of people whilst exercising on benches.
    4.Roasted fish on a table.
    6 letters : L O E M R G S S U C S R.

  802. Anonymous says:

    Ashley : Course

  803. Becky says:

    man training dog
    martial arts statue

    MTXARDWNKESE 6 Letters

  804. rs gp says:

    With a wolf need to use killings command immediately

  805. Anonymous says:

    Level 381 someone help pls

  806. Anonymous says:

    Heels, apples, grass, a plant.

  807. Rajesh says:

    Please help
    Stuck on level where there are 3 pointed towers and a beach. one of the towers look like watchtower at the beach
    the words are:

  808. Cynthia says:

    Level 54: six letters, a n a n r z m g o b h c
    1. Stack of boxes
    2. Orange sunset, on beach small bird in the sand
    3. Women and a baby in a canoe, in the swamp
    4. Two box shape figures reaching for each other

  809. Ashley says:

    guys help..
    there is a cartoon rocket ship, another flying thingy in the sky, a rocket ship launching & i think the other one is an alien spaceship in space. heelllppp
    7 letters R E D T V U P S T L K H

  810. Tary says:

    1: woman holding one finger on her mouth like she is telling u to kip quiet, 2: another woman wearing a blue shirt with her hands spread outwards,
    3: woman with one hand up & the other on her half way up &
    4: a woman on her phone smiling with a thumb up.
    7 letters S R Q G C G A T E U B E

  811. anon says:

    A ball with lots of numbers a picture with lots of coloired doors n its levell 532

  812. salga says:

    121 Please help fat man tea money

  813. well i would never have guessed one that had 3 pics of a hole and shapes through a wall or paper + a camera and lucky they have made 4 pics one word cheats 🙂 yea boy (just something the kids say in a town called Carnarvon (carnarvon, western australia) xxo find me on facebook and add a person my name on fbook is shaawny baker but http thing is shaawny.bakker/facebook.com ! haha

  814. Anonymous says:

    Level 495 pics
    Tibetan Buddha
    Man with hands in prayer position
    A bell

    Six letter, L and E are 5th and 6th letters


  815. Yoona says:

    It doesn’t even show the picture I’m looking for idiot stupid google stuff or whoever made this

  816. Anonymous says:

    question marks, hens crossing road,emoction thinking,black,an standing smiling and standing with open arms. Words are JCRMPV ASEONX

  817. Anonymous says:

    5 Letter

  818. Anonymous says:

    i am on 320

  819. Anonymous says:

    cool bimkl cop dumn

  820. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on level 194

    A wooden O
    An E covered with grass
    An A with gears
    A red I

  821. Anonymous says:

    Level 946 all 2 pics show persons biting their nails and the other 2 are holding their head and in a state of terror ,six letter

  822. Anonymous says:

    Picture of a lot of doors
    The number of pi spinning in a spiral
    Woman watching t.v. in bed and smiling
    Blue jeep following another blue jeep

    Letters: A W K I W S P E S A R E

    6 letters

  823. Karen says:

    Stuck on level 534 it’s a pix of a pie chart musical notes with birds deck of nobs and fruit machine win with hearts plz help

  824. DEE says:

    Pls Help; Level 70

    Palm tree on a beach
    Lady sun bathing
    Forest with sunlight
    Dog with umbrella and wearing dark glasses

  825. Anonymous says:

    Level 47 picture of lots of pictures, lots of people, lots of flags, a white room with a long white table and lots if chairs. 6 letter please help!

  826. Anonymous says:


  827. Anonymous says:

    http://tinyurl.com/cw8yaxg goto that and just type in the letters you have and click solver

  828. Anonymous says:

    LEVEL 552
    6 letters and the letters are
    t, x, o, s, b, p, e, v, n, n, I and b
    first pic
    is a man thinking
    then there is a computer
    then there is three caveman
    and finally there is gears in a man’s head

  829. sherri says:

    I can never find the one I’m looking for. I’m on 321 and when I look up that number it’s always a different pic. I’ve already bought coins but I down loaded this game because it was free….turning out not to be so free. WTH???

  830. Sherri says:

    A woman with a yellow shirt being covered with a white fur jacket, a boy with a red cape, the earth split to sore the layers all the way to the core, and a fire place with a fire and Christmas decorations around the frame…..6 letter word SLPTEMNICAOC

  831. Anonymous says:

    A guy with Afro hair singing into a mike.
    A girl in a black and white tshirt listening on headphones.
    Plowed sand.
    A row of hippies with guitars, waiting on a road.

    Letters: O R V O F G V F P T Q E
    6 letter word.

  832. Anonymous says:

    Door knob

  833. Someone necessarily assist to make severely posts I might state. That is the very first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this particular submit amazing. Great process!

  834. Anonymous says:

    girl with hands around paper weight
    cross in light
    stick on sand

  835. Anyone says:

    I don’t know what my name is (mooning)