4 Pics 1 Word

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4 Pics 1 Word Answers 4 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats for words with 4 Letters in the popular game for iOS and Android by developer LOTUM GmbH. Having trouble beating a level of 4 Pics 1 Word, like ball? This page has all the 4 Pics 1 Word answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

4 Pics 1 Word 4 Letters

4 Pics 1 Word Ball


4 Pics 1 Word Fish


4 Pics 1 Word Pair


4 Pics 1 Word Jump


4 Pics 1 Word Date


4 Pics 1 Word Full


4 Pics 1 Word Blue


4 Pics 1 Word Bill


4 Pics 1 Word Sign


4 Pics 1 Word Wave


4 Pics 1 Word Luck


4 Pics 1 Word Cold


4 Pics 1 Word Game


4 Pics 1 Word Code


4 Pics 1 Word Hard


4 Pics 1 Word Soft


4 Pics 1 Word Push


4 Pics 1 Word Rope


4 Pics 1 Word Palm


4 Pics 1 Word High


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1,446 Responses to 4 Pics 1 Word Answers 4 Letters

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lifting up hands at a concert ,
    A heart rate
    A girl boxer
    A guy with a stereo

  2. ash says:

    Need help :4 letter… gavel, Guy with arms crossed, girl with arms crossed, hand of hearts (cards( like a flush… idk what it could b. HELP

  3. Elsy says:

    An orange leaf, a trunk of a tree, sky with branches in the bakground, and an inside view of a trunk of a tree
    4 letterssss

  4. Elsy says:

    oh nevermind it tree

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s the lady n the guy wearing a coat n purple painting on a white wall n a white peacock 4 letters word

  6. wink says:

    Well u just said it.. its coat… Lol!

  7. help says:

    A Girl in white arms spread out
    A starry sky with a moon
    Fishes in the ocean
    Bubbly water
    4- letter word

  8. Amber says:

    Four letter word
    Guy with cards in his hand shushing
    Stop watch
    Hand with orange watch on wrist

  9. colleen says:

    To help- deep
    To amber- hand

  10. Tiffany says:

    Knife, razor, people cliff climbing, dumb looking guy

  11. quest says:

    To tiffany it is edge

  12. Z says:

    A beach with palm tree, a dog with umbrella, a girl floating in pool, and a forest

  13. Heather says:

    The one with a do better list, white board, man thinking?

  14. Darren says:

    golf ball. dude ironing clothes, an iron, an engine

  15. Darren says:

    @ Heather…Plan

  16. sami says:

    Two pics of a clock, one with a guy with his finger over his mouth and hold four aces, and one with a hand with an orange watch?

  17. sami says:

    Never mind…its ‘hand’

  18. Angel says:

    girls partying, golf players, soccer group huddeld, hands in the air of crowded people???

  19. otto says:

    A girl laughing, a boy laughing, and the evil smiling

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    The one with the concert, pulse, boxer, and hick boombox person is beat!

  22. liz says:

    I need help….whats the one where everyone is smiling…and there’s a pic of the devil…4 letters…Wtf!!!!! Heeeeelp please 🙂

  23. liz says:

    It’s GRIN!!!!!

  24. Andy says:

    Seven letter word: has a mosquito, bag of vegetables, dove with a letter, and an army aircraft flying off.

  25. courtney says:

    Andy, its carrier

  26. otto says:

    Help, there is two little dogs, a heart in wood,and a piece of trunk!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    help there is a to do list that says be better and a guy thinking with his hand on his chin and a guy in a suit pointing at a chart and a couple people looking at a chart

  28. Anonymous says:

    Baby nose a smile womens eye and hand to ear? Four letters help please

  29. Amber says:

    A lady carrying a box
    Packed trunk of a van
    a little blue sand timer button
    A guy loading a shot gun

  30. Anonymous says:

    Man and women with camera lady popping pimple lady with binoculars and a ray of light. 4 letters help please

  31. Anonymous says:

    Soccer team huddled up, people playing golf, a concert, anf two girls at a club or something? Help please

  32. otto says:

    Anonymous after me the answer is plan…

  33. bp says:

    What’s the one with 2 police, statue, hitch hiker, and a girl with a bra on?

  34. Dani says:


  35. jim says:

    Anarchy. Guy with mowhawk pale girl with piercings and a girl with a guitar. 4 words?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Volins musis sign fish help!!!

  37. Blocked says:

    Flags on poles
    Pics on wall
    People with arms up
    Long white table lined with chairs

  38. Anonymous says:

    Level 240 4letter word girl boobs,girl hitchiking, two cops,statue head

  39. Blocked says:

    Flags on poles
    Crowd of people with arms up
    Long white table lined with chairs
    Lots of little pics on wall

  40. Anonymous says:

    2 stacks of cards
    two chairs
    a bunch of chairs
    level 119

  41. Kallie says:

    A clock, a lightbulb, three cups and a lady who looks upset

  42. demi says:

    lady getting a massage, paint smeared, a bowl shaped like a heart with green stuff in it, and yellow and black food three letter word

  43. andy says:

    Soccer team girls golfing two girls dancing and a crowd cheering 4 letter word. Majorly stuck please help

  44. Anonymous says:

    I need one with a group of mountain climbers, a pencil, a car going fast, and a person watching this person teach and she is wearing a hat

  45. MrsReyna says:

    Need help! Girls boobs, statute of a man, girl hitch hicking, two cops

  46. idontevenknow says:

    Three faces smiling and one is frowing and on a bar thingy???

  47. jimmysays says:

    The one with the boobs and the statue is bust

  48. ralfy says:

    I.need help theres half a mans fave smiling, a women touching her chin, another women touching her cheek, and a man doing
    a pull up on a bar !?!?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on that one to ralfy

  50. ;) says:

    Birds and construction lifter.

  51. anonymous says:

    Soccer net, a square with a green check and a lil white thing holding it up, someone using a tape measure as a belt, and another soccer net. 4 letter word? Help!

  52. Ellie Sopko says:

    a pencil, people hiking, a blurry car, and a hat.
    4 letters

  53. Tracy says:

    Help! The pics are: something that looks like dessert of some kind, then what looks like a college professor teaching in front of a white board to a class, then a guy sitting at a computer with a girl bending over his shoulder and they’re looking at the computer screen and last is a guy playing golf…..he’s in the stance where he just hit the golf ball. I am SO STUCK!

  54. anonymous says:

    @ tracy its course

  55. Aubrei says:

    golf club/ball
    man with an iron
    iron with steam..

  56. Kenny says:

    Unfair on chalkboard, ref w/ red card, dog w/ measuring stick and some kinda royalty w/ cannon

  57. melissa says:

    229 with shoes fish and etc is sole

  58. shaq says:

    need help
    guy lending out hand to someone while rock climbing
    guy with hardhat on doing a weird idk look
    and some weird white object

  59. Help! says:

    Thumbs up
    Girl giving ok sign
    Girl putting finger up to mouth like “shhhh”
    Girl putting her hand out as if to put something in it

    7 letters

  60. Anonymous says:

    cell phone stack, battery, solar panel with people’s reflection and some weird red thing

  61. help says:

    Need hel p with a four letter word
    Guy asking for a ride
    Two girls smiling and one pointing atso something
    A sign of a person falling in to train rails and a train is coming
    A man carrying books and like bending back plzz help

  62. PrettyPink says:

    A Man With A Scarf On
    A Lady With A Fur Coat &Hat
    Purple Paint
    And A White Peacock?? I think


    4 Letter Word

  63. hellpppppppppp says:

    Night sky
    Fishes Under The Sea, Very Bright
    Drops/bubbles of Water
    women stretching by The Ocean

  64. jasmine says:

    Dog biting ruler,man blowing whistle, short man with crown, Unfair! with in x’d out

  65. austin says:

    what is answer for:
    Man in yellow hat
    mountain climbers
    letters :

  66. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck in this level need help;
    One black mark
    3 fishes in a plate
    1 guitar
    1 guitar case

  67. Anonymous says:

    Need help with the picture that has the cucumbers,bread, cake and is number 101

  68. ??? says:

    Help level 82 ….

  69. ale says:

    Need help!!
    Its a guy putting a A card undr his sleeve
    A cards
    Stack of credit cards

  70. Anonymous says:

    4 letters…Guy with pink moehawk, a in a circle with the word anarchy, girl screaming at the ground with guitar and girl with piercing on ears, nose under lip and a cross on her forehead! HELP!

  71. Kayla says:

    Rocks surrounding earth, circle over mans head, girl with feathery ring over head, and a light bulb?!?! 4 letter word.

  72. PrettyPink says:

    Golf Ball In Grass
    Iron With Smoke Coming Out
    Man Leaning On Iron Board With Iron &Folded Clothes
    Alot Of Gears


  73. Anahi says:

    Whats the one with a girl with blue shirt, a clock, a light bulb, and 3 cups?

  74. Anonymous says:

    golf club/ball
    man with an iron
    iron with steam..

  75. Anonymous says:

    Soccer ball being kicked
    Someones feet hiking
    Brown fish
    Guy with his feet on a desk
    Help! 4 letters

  76. Anonymous says:

    People hiking in snow. Pencil. Blurry car. Lady with hat looking at a blurry lady.four letters. Please help

  77. ralphy says:

    A stack of binders, a mp3 symbol, folders labeled with the a begining of the alphabet, and a man toyching this virtual symbol, help please ive been suck for a while

  78. Tasha says:

    A boy like pilot… clown soccer ball and gitar

  79. Anonymous says:

    Iron, golf ball and gears need help

  80. anonymous says:

    A man pointing
    Man in orange doing push ups
    Old granny excersicing
    A little boy playing w/ his truck
    What is this one? 4 letter word

  81. Anonymous says:

    A man fly fishing, 2 girls jumping in black and white tou-tous, a hand putting a envelope into a box and a wrist with a cast on it??

  82. Riley W says:


    Mini shopping cart
    100 & 200 dollar bills
    100 & 200 dollar bills
    Weight with woman in background

  83. PrettyPink says:

    A woman holding a baby
    Two man hands holding each others
    A woman on the phone
    Another woman smiling while holding a glass of water


    4 Letters

  84. Anonymous says:

    4 Letters: guy with coat fur hood, purple paint on wall, girl in fur coat, white peacock

  85. snail says:

    Opening can
    tennis player
    Wood gate
    Man looking at ocean?
    Help please

  86. snail says:

    Got it! And then two more and defeated the game

  87. Anonymous says:

    Soccer team huddled up, people playing golf, a concert, anf two girls at a club or something? Help please

  88. kyle says:

    What’s the one with the guy holding a sale sign and a lady chewing on her glasses then a big club sign thing and a guy in a suit

  89. Kate says:

    Diving board, someone in the water and then snooker balls! Help please

  90. Anonymous says:

    a briefcase of money, a glass of beer, trolley full of fruit and apples

  91. annonymus says:

    briefcase of money glass of beer, trolley of fruits and apples!!

  92. 1992 says:

    A few people seem to be stuck on the one with the golf ball, man with pile of clothes, a car part of some sort and the iron. The answer is IRON.

  93. Anonymous says:

    a girl outside in a hat and gloves
    a teddy
    a girl eyes shut touching her face
    a girl in dressing gown holding up of tea
    4 letters
    second letter is o

  94. Anonymous says:

    Golf club on grass
    Man holding iron
    Iron blowing out steam

    The answer is – iron

  95. kate says:

    A case of money
    A glass of beer
    A cart of fruit
    A box of fruit
    4 letters
    Please help:)

  96. Louise says:


    4 letter

  97. Anonymous says:

    4 letters. Unfair written on chalkboard un crossed off, dog with tape measure in his mouth, guy with whistle in his mouth, nutcracker looking guy

  98. redskins says:

    Four letters
    A woman with a headset
    A track
    A road
    And something else I forgot

  99. Ylfa says:

    A Boy Playing a Pilot
    Two Masks one smiling the other frowning
    a man kicking a football
    and a man playing a guitar


  100. jasmine says:

    Man and woman taking a picture
    Light flashing
    Lady pinching her pimple
    Lady looking into goggles

  101. Jane says:

    A little man with his hand on a clock hand
    A boy with a lady yelling in the palm of his hand
    A baby chick next to the hatched egg
    A stopwatch

    Six letter word

  102. Anonymous says:

    Girls dancing, people huddling, people at a consert, people playing golf.
    4 letters

  103. Jancy says:

    I am stuck on a pics of nose,eyes,teeth& a hand on a ear…it needs 4 letters….plz help …

  104. Anonymous says:

    A clock
    A light bulb
    A girl
    3 cups

  105. Steph says:

    Help please…
    Man looking to ocean, can being opened, tennia player and fence!??

  106. Anonymous says:

    Need help
    2 lemons
    1 girl bitting an orange
    Many cherries
    1 nut or kiwi having white colour something

  107. Anonymous says:

    Need help
    2 lemons
    1 girl eating an orange
    Many cherries
    1 kiwi with white colour something
    The word ends with an R

  108. caitlin says:

    a man hitchhiking on the side of the road
    two girls, one of them pointing in a direction
    a sign warning of falling onto a traintrack
    a man holding heavy books

  109. Holly says:

    A case with money in it,
    A pint of beer,
    A shopping trolley full of fruit and vegetables
    and a box of apples

  110. Roxy says:

    a man holding a clock
    a calendar with pins on the 9th 11th and 17th
    a family

    level 169 help please?

  111. blahblah says:

    A pencil , people walking up a hill, a car blured, a women with a hat and a blured put person in front of Her HELPPP ?!?!?

  112. Liv sher says:

    Guy with arms behind head girl with same girl sitting on chair (can’t see her face) and for pieces of meat

  113. help says:

    Guy with pink mohawk. Girl screaming with guitar emo and anarchy

  114. Steph says:

    A case of money, a beer, trolley of vegetables
    And crate of apples, please help!!!

  115. Emily Hawkins says:

    One with a soccer shoe the next is a hiking shoe the next is a fish and the last is a guy with his feet on the table all you see is his shoes letters are QILSCGEEOVOI

  116. Helpbois says:

    A man with a card under his sleeve
    3 ‘a’ cards
    Stack of credit cards
    Card with little red bow

    Please help????

  117. Anonymous says:

    A duck . Man in a box , rubber duck , and women at starting line

  118. Tola says:

    A BEER


  119. Anonymous says:

    lolliepops baby chocolate and a kitten and puppy
    have no idea what the answer is ?

  120. babt says:

    Injured hand 2 girls jumping dropping mail in slot fly fishing?? 4 letters

  121. Help says:

    Tola and steph – its FULL

    Anonymus with lolipop- its SWEET

    Does anyone know what
    A guy with 3 cards in hand
    Another guy with two card and glasses
    A guy jumping from one cliff to another
    And a river/ scenery thing

  122. He says:

    Two cars drifting on sand, A big group of people and a protesting group of people

  123. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one with a duck on a rock, a duck swimming, a girl wearing a teal shirt, and a cell
    4 letter word?,?

  124. VG says:

    Babt the answer is CAST and He the answer is RALLY

  125. jackiee says:

    guys arms are spread apart, guy with a globe, a woman staring , & a camera lends. 4 letters.

  126. Anamouse says:

    Sign with someone skidding. Girl laughing in leafs
    Roller coaster thing boy jumping high in the air


  127. Anonymous says:

    a yellow sign with someone slipping
    a child smiling with leaves around him
    someone in the air legs and arms spread..
    a fair ride that takes you up in the air and drops u

  128. Anonymous says:

    4 letters
    A box with money in it
    A glass of beer
    A shopping cart full of fruit
    A box of apples
    Help please!

  129. blah says:

    Help please!
    4 letters
    A box with a lot of money
    A glass of beer
    A shopping cart full of fruits
    A crate of apples

  130. bo says:

    Full , ive 1 its a basket ball going into the net ,a pic with three faces ,some music notes and writing etched into a table ,anyone know ?

  131. mayra says:

    a guy playing tennis, a can being opned a man standing infront of a ocean and door with trees on back four letter word

  132. me? says:

    case of money, beer, a minitrolley full of fruit and vef and a crate of fruit… help maybe?

  133. ghgy says:

    A machine and a bunch of metal poles?

  134. Anonymous says:

    A green arrow pointing right
    A judge hammer and scales
    A man ticking a box
    A girl holding a blue folder with paper coming out of it saying A+

  135. Anonymous says:

    A lemon a cherry a baked potato and a girl eating a lemon

  136. Anonymous says:

    table and chairs
    a crowd of people
    a collage of pictures
    and a whole bunch of flags

  137. Anonymous says:

    Cheesecake on a plate
    A man golfing
    Ppl on computer
    Man teaching
    First letter is a C six letters


  138. ANONYMUS says:

    a bag of money, inside an apartment, gold, orange car

    4 letters

    second letter is i

  139. ashlee says:

    Hand hold a sword and three fish. Please help.

  140. Chantelle says:

    a sink drain, little girl with earphones in, a plug, and a red puzzle piece

  141. Rachel says:

    Help! 4 letter word…
    Pic of seal
    An old thing that u pull
    Someone stamping somin with a stamp
    And a red stamp with quality 1000 % on it
    Please help been stuck for ages! Thanks

  142. Anonymous says:

    Red telephone
    Nfl player
    Women smiling holding a card
    Dvd player?

  143. Anonymous says:

    Some coins, an empty coffee mug with a bill, some train tracks and man thats lost weght,help?:(

  144. Anonymous says:

    Fluffy dog
    Woman with frizzy hair hold up paper
    (Stressed) boy with hands on his head…
    Anyone know this one??

  145. Vanessa says:

    Need help 2 pics ate cars off roading on sand the other is a group of ppl protesting and a crowd of ppl inbetween 2 white building s

  146. shaz says:

    Stuck factory setting’ fruit and veg heart red one side green other ,oil plant ,and fruit and vegtables pic please help xx

  147. Terri says:

    Animal head butting another
    woman touching mans bum
    Knocked over beer
    worker guy standing backwards

    4 letters

  148. Shereen Bano says:

    Man with blavk shoes on table
    Foot n ball tryng to score goal
    Feet and two sticks

  149. Shereen Bano says:

    To rachel u saod it that ones seal lol

  150. Heathamariee says:

    What’s the money one where its two pictures of money and a cart on paper and a girl doing work

  151. Anonymous says:

    The one with the can the gate a guy playing tennis and a man looking to the ocean is open

  152. SOMEONE says:

    4 Letters:
    Sticks in the snow
    Escalators (possibly at subway)
    Picnic table under shelter
    Chairs (at an airport?)

  153. Anonymous says:

    Pics if ground meat, 2 with eggs

  154. Liza says:

    I’m stuck on the meat one too!

  155. Clarissa says:

    WHats the one with the meat and eggs?????

  156. Austin says:

    I have someone holding someone else’s broken arm; a guy fishing; two girls jumping into each other, the one on the left in black with a white background, the other one in white with a black background, the background zigzagging in the middle; and a guy in a suit putting a letter in a slot. 4 letters.

  157. I don't know says:

    There is a new update out. Could u please try get the answers to that?

  158. Anonymous says:

    Animals head clashing
    Workers behind
    Spilled beers


  159. Anonymous says:

    What is a guy on the phone, a beehive, a phone and some kinda germ 4 letter

  160. Anonymous says:

    six letters: a bunch of different flags, a bunch of different postcards, a bunch pf people at i think a concert and a long table with a bunch of chairs.

  161. Anonymous says:

    4 letters level214 iphone

    2 police
    pair of boobs /bra
    lady hitchiking

  162. Anonymous says:

    Omg someone help

    Two old people playing cards,
    A pair of fake teeth
    A scenery on a bridge and water
    And another scenery of a bridge over a river

    Need help ASAP

  163. Anonymous says:

    1. Money
    2. A glass of beer
    3. Cart of fruit
    4. A box with apples
    What is the word?

  164. Blank says:

    Help please!! I’ve been trying to solve this for the past 5 hours
    A guy with his arms spread wide
    A man playing tennis
    A wooden door with trees in the background
    A can being opened

  165. Jennifer says:

    I have a man standing in the water fly fishing, I have two girls jumping up in black & white theatre dresses,a man putting a letter in a letter box hole & a hand with a cast on it being held.
    Four letter word.

  166. Yo Yo Yo says:

    Need help girl using a measuring tape as a belt 2 nets and a box with a green check in it

  167. Jane says:

    Woman in white holding thumb down
    A section of movie reel film
    A woman looking down w/hand on forehead
    A urinalysis test

    Eight letters


  168. Cory says:

    Picture of stamps, woman with shoes and boxes, Christmas things, and kid picking something up with a basket in her hand. HELP!!!

  169. Lani says:

    The one with a clock, mean girl, cups, and light bulb is

  170. Dan says:

    Need help four letters

    Guys beard
    Guy lifting a weight
    and another woman ?

  171. Anthony says:

    4 letters

    Guy on a roof with city in the background
    A weird building with snow and the Finland flag


  172. Samm says:

    Guy with party supplies looking bored
    Girl with blah blah on her forehead
    -.- face

  173. helloo says:

    a guy holding his back, citrus fruits, pickles in a jar and some olives

  174. Unknown says:

    Football table and more

  175. okay so says:

    people playing mini golf, people dancing, a team huddled and a crown??? four letters

  176. yep says:

    roses. upward looking. bar graph arrow graph. 6 letters

  177. Anonymous says:

    Okay so says its club!

  178. IJ says:

    Level 131

    A girl with brunette coloured hair
    A red film
    A girl with blonde hair
    Colorful ribbons

    Help help!

  179. Madi says:

    A to do list. People writing charts or graphs, a flow chart and a man thinking in front of a chalk board

  180. Anonymous says:

    Phones, a battery, family in front of sola panals and DNA like thing. 4 words

  181. Zach D says:

    1. Box of money
    2. Beer
    3. Vegetables
    4. Fruit

  182. Anonymous says:

    A case of money
    Full shopping cart

    4 letters

  183. Kirst says:

    2 guys playing basketball
    Numbers with kw
    Guy at the airport with. Ticket
    MAn holding a a ticket and on the phone while the other man waiting

  184. anon says:

    some ice cubes,
    a guy standing infront of graffiti,
    annother guy with a piece of paper in his hand,
    and some water with lemons and ice in it!

    pleassee helpp!

  185. Irish 1 says:

    guy loading shot gun, back of a packed minivan, lady with heavy box, 1/2 full hour glass 4 letters

  186. Tina says:

    Level 107 4 words please help

  187. Tina says:

    107 4 letters please help

  188. Jane says:

    Fighter knocks person out in the ring
    Two hockey players one quits
    Man screaming at laptop
    Man holding ears while looking at laptop

    Five letter word


  189. M18 says:

    that if you dont help me, i wont help you! 2 girls dancing 3 people playing golf, a team in a huddle, hands in the air like a concert

  190. Coco says:

    What’s the one with a fire hidrine, and the gas tank and the other sewer pipes?

  191. Ashley says:

    Towel with flower shape soap, a bird bath, a baby drinking out of a cup, and a lady with her arms up at the beach…..HELP ME PLEASE!

  192. cassie says:

    blue and black bubbles
    leaves,purple skye scraper and purple matthign
    anybody know it??

  193. Jme says:

    Need help. There is a man in a hard hat, knife, a razor blade and two people climbing a cliff.
    It is four letters third letter G

  194. Anonymous says:

    I NEED URGANT HELP!! A girl hitch hiking, boobs, a statue and two police men.

  195. Carissa says:

    HELP! Four pics of different types of broken down buildings, one with a wrecker outside. Four letters, the third being “i” choices are..rgucgejvtrn

  196. Jane says:

    @ anonymous if I remember its bust?!?!

  197. €m1(¥ says:

    Hi please help…..
    Man and a woman holding a house shaped red frame…
    Baseball pitch with house shaped stop…
    Another baseball pitch with two people playing on it…
    A picture of a beautiful house…
    Letters: H I U H E O A T D M D
    Four pics one word question 187 on an iPod
    Please help x

  198. chloe says:

    i am stuck on one with loads of signs and a traffic light a girl squeezing somthing on to wires a hammer and this shell thing and wires the first two letters are o and v and there are 8 letter spaces plz help me !!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. someone says:

    i am stuck on one with loads of signs and a traffic light a girl squeezing somthing on to wires a hammer and this shell thing and wires the first two letters are o and v and there are 8 letter spaces plz help me the letters are L K I L E R U E if you know plzhelp im am desperate for this one answer help xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  200. Anonymous says:

    the one with a knife, a builder, a climber, and some metal thingy

  201. Anonymous says:

    reply to someone ^^

  202. Lololol says:

    4 letters, a glass beer, a shopping bag full of fruit, a basket/bin with appels and a suitcase with a lot of money in it…. HELP MEEE

  203. Anonymous says:

    Four letters.
    A woman with a glass of water, a woman with a baby, a woman on the phone and two people holding hands.
    Letters are:
    A J O W K E Y D Y L X H

  204. Anonymous says:

    Four Letters:
    case of money
    foaming glass of beer
    cart full of produce
    crate of apples

  205. Anonymous says:

    dvd player open
    kid playing
    baseball player
    6 letters

  206. lindsay says:

    level 58

    A flamingo, an empty hallway with a red floor, an empty road, and something like a blue pole with a blue sky.

    Letters: y e y o e l r q g n k g
    4 letters,
    second letter is the O

  207. Anonymous says:

    4letter word guy with 2 masks ones happy ones sad, someone playing the guitar, a man kicking a soccer ball and a kid pretending he is flying in the ground with a toy airplane beside him

  208. I needZZ Your help:) says:

    •basketball in hoop
    •notes in a manuscript
    •:) •_• 🙁 with box underneath and a pencil
    •last one i can’t describe :L
    -level 204
    -5 letters
    -letters: E H E H R C S O O E E Z

  209. ANDY says:

    a long driveway with fall
    a long paved driveway with a big house at the ending
    A woman hanging out the car
    2 seided one way parking lots with cars parked

  210. ANDY says:

    and by the way the letters are:
    J I F R X F F P K A F R

    hope someone knows this one 😀

  211. Anon says:

    Weighing scales
    Statue holding weighing scales
    2 x Ferris wheels

  212. Dobby says:

    Car filled with crap
    Woman carrying box
    Man with gun and binoculars
    Sand timer thingy

  213. kayla says:

    help!!!!! girl listening to music, water going down the drain, a red puzzle piece between white ones, and a plug. cant figure it out please help

  214. kidzmom says:

    Man playing tennis, can being opened, wooden door,man looking at ocean with arms spread wide

    The ans is OPEN

  215. Heather says:

    Hat pencil blurry car passing by and people hocking in snow 4letter word stuck help

  216. Anonymous says:

    Help plz… 4 letter word

    1. A girl asking for lift
    2. A statue of a guy
    3. Two police men
    4. A girl wearing bra

  217. Elizabeth says:

    All different kinda of meat and eggs help!

  218. Sam says:

    Please help

    Woman with post it on head saying bla bla
    Miserable smily face
    Fella sat on own at party

  219. ???...???!!!??? says:

    a peacock a girl with fur coat a guy with a fur coat and a white wall being painted to puple

  220. hi says:

    pack of cards like a royal flush,
    gravel (judge thing)
    woman crossed arms
    man crossed arms
    4 letters

    please help!!!

  221. He jk says:

    Help! Different kinds of uncooked meat, 2 pictures have eggs and seasoning on top.
    4-letter word

  222. Fuck says:

    – girl with circle on top of her head
    – guy with circle also on top of his head
    – lightbulb
    – earth with rocks surrounding it
    4 letter word, please help

  223. Me says:

    I need 2. First one is the big tower in France the White House the letter b and the word news spelled out in blocks. The second one is a can bring opened a dude playing tennis a gate thing and a guy with his arms wide out looking out at the ocean. Help me.

  224. Anonymous says:

    a guy holding his back, citrus fruits, pickles in a jar and some olives

    its sour

  225. I say says:

    The one with a girl hitting a bum a bum a goat and beer bottle

  226. annonymis18 says:

    a girls breast a girl in the desert with a bag a statue smiling and the back of two police

  227. i have no idea! says:

    – unfair on a chalkboard with un crossed out
    – a dog holding a ruler in its mouth
    – a referee holding a red card and pointing with the opposite hand
    – a cartoon soldier with a cannon right next to him

    _ _ _ _

    letters: e h u s e r l w o m h n

  228. Anonymous says:

    someone hiking
    someone kicking a soccor ball
    a guy with his feet up on a desk
    and a brown leaf thing i think

  229. Anonymous says:

    Elephant. Sunset. Confusious. Asian tea set

  230. Suggaaa says:

    – lady with a sticky note on her forehead
    – frowned yellow face
    – an upset man
    – a math problem

    Help ?!

  231. Nina says:

    I have no idea! Its “rule”

  232. hello☠ says:

    which one is the with birds and the sky scapers

  233. Princeza says:

    Thin can
    Girl with a vacum
    Pressure meter?

  234. Anonymous says:

    Need help! Man on cell. Cellphone. Vent some type of virus maybe.

  235. Anonymous says:

    Suggaaa it’s dull

  236. Mel says:

    heeelp 🙁 it’s math on a chalkboard, a girl with a sticky note on her forehead, a man alone at a party and a mad looking yellow face! letters: LSUHGACYKLUD

  237. Anonymous says:

    Help, girl hitch hiking, bra, police, and statue of mans face

  238. Anonymous says:

    pics of meat? anyone know?

  239. April says:

    Been stuck for days, please help.

    2 boys playing video game
    litte girl with pigtails sitcking up playing video game
    digital sound board or sound mixer maybe
    dj spinng a record

    7 letters and the letters are
    L,O,U,C,E,O,G,S,K,N,M & U.


  240. DJT says:

    four people making faces
    one picture of lady with curlers
    one picture of lady with big hair
    one picture of guys with smoke coming out of ears
    one picture with girl holding up shoes
    r letters

  241. Kristine says:

    cart with vegetables

  242. Anonymous says:

    1) a gavel
    2) woman with her arms crossed
    3) a hand of cards
    4) man with his arms crossed

    Help please

  243. Anonymous says:

    what about the one with two skiiers on a snowy mountain, a pencil, two cars going fast, and two girls in a hat? 4 letters, PSJALDVELBME

  244. Rosi says:

    Does anybody knw the one with two cars veing lifted like to change a wheel and two of cards??

  245. Anonymous says:

    Level 55.. A guy smiling, a river, a cargo ship, and a girl with her arms wide open

  246. MissAshleyLou says:

    4 letter word
    – 2 cars all blurred going past
    – A pencil
    – A women that is watching another women
    – 2 people hiking in the snow.

    P A D V T L
    N D E S F D

  247. Brooke says:

    4 letter word
    A skull
    Hauntef house
    Women in bat
    Man with fangs

  248. unknown says:

    A guy wearing a tie smiling.
    A guy doing pull ups
    A women holding her face
    Another women holding her face

    Letters are:

    Its a four letter word. Help plz

  249. Anonymous says:

    The one with a pencil
    Two people skiing (walkin on snow)
    A blured picture of a car
    A blured picture of a lady and another lady not blured watching her (lady is wearing a hat )
    Help please x

  250. Anonymous says:

    Level 56.
    Buildings, ski slopes, mountains with a river, a guy standing on a platform over looking buildings with arms open. 4 letters

  251. Anonymous says:

    Level 56 ski slopes, buildings, mountain range with river, guy standing over buildings with arms spread out. 4 letters

  252. silje says:

    one heart, one tv, a boat on the sea, and a wet floor outside?

  253. Hana says:

    WHATS LEVEL 33??

  254. Basins says:

    I can’t figure out the lemons little girl eating one those red things and the baked potato..it’s number 43 help???

  255. In need!!! says:

    Someone walking with hiking poles, someone kicking a soccer ball, a man laying back with his legs on a table and a stirng ray or leaf looking thing!! Plz help me!!

  256. In need!!! says:

    If figured it out it was: Sole

  257. Patsy says:

    Does anyone know this one? A car going by really fast and blurry, a pencil, a lady with a hat looking at another lady, snow climbers.

  258. Help says:

    Girl stamping pages, a seal , a 100% re quality stamp, and king of weird stapler or hole puncher.
    Only a 4 letter word

  259. lala says:

    1. a gavel
    2. A person standing
    3.a person standing to the side
    4. Cards ( royal flush)
    PLEASE HELP!!!:)

  260. Meggan says:

    People climbing up a mountain
    a pencil
    a car moving
    a person in a hat with someone in the background writing on a board

  261. Anonymous says:

    i need that one too

  262. Jen says:

    1). A red lacey thing looks like embroidery
    2). A shoe with a snake in it
    3). Hands tying a wedding dress
    4). Two brown shoes, look like theyve been worn quite a bit
    Letters are :
    k z c z i c l y e e a u

  263. jen says:

    man pushing car
    old people wakking
    snail racing
    alot of stop cars

    w u f o s v l w w t b s
    HELP !!!!!

  264. RN says:

    Stuffed animal with big nose, pop with ice, pink loofa and silver handle (?). 4 letters. I’ve tried every word combo I can

  265. Anonymous says:

    clock light bulb 2 cups and a blonde girl with her hand on her chin

  266. Anonymous says:

    man holding a scarf around his neck, women holding a scarf around her neck, white peacock and purple pain on a wall
    4 letters
    x n w o a j c c t k c o

  267. Anonymous says:

    A animated face, women with a nots saying bla bla on her head, a man sad with party supplies and a half a math problem 4 letters

  268. Fausto Vidrio says:

    Penguin lifting weights
    Guy carrying a box
    Stickman picking up apples
    another guy carrying a girl
    What is the word?

  269. Brown guy says:

    4 letter word

    Ps: sences

  270. Anonymous says:

    flat fish, guy kicking soccer ball, close up on guys feet hiking, and a guy with his feet up on his desk

  271. flor says:

    a picture of a perpeler on a beach , a kid playing with red lace, a lady on a berach with white clothes HELPPP!

  272. kandy says:

    Help! 4 letters

    – green leaf
    – girl holding toothbrush with green leaf on toothbrush?
    – green leaf with white gum?
    – glass cup with green liquid & green leaf around it ?

  273. Anonymous says:

    2 dead fish, a knight pick and a skeleton jaw???
    4 letters

  274. ANDIE says:

    pictures of:
    A foot kicking a soccer ball
    Somt feet on top of a table
    Pic of feet walking
    and a fish
    Please help. ASAP.

  275. Kayla says:

    A lady with crazy hair, screaming
    A man with smoke coming out of his ears, he looks pissed
    A girl with hair curlers and is looking kinda pissed off too
    And a confused looking girl with polka dot heels in her hands
    I need help! Bad!

  276. Blue doors says:

    Blue doors
    The mailbox with the @
    Http web
    And a woman wearing blue soeaking

  277. Bet says:

    Please help!
    I’m stuck on this one: (4 letter word)
    1 – it looks like a chip or something
    2 – broken glass
    3 – Doritos with chilly
    4 – a white coin with the playing card signs on it.

    Letters are: P Z Y B D E I D H F J C

  278. Bet says:

    ‘Layla’ it’s Address, and ‘Blue Doors’ it’s Costume I think.

  279. Bet says:

    No sorry the other way round! ‘Blue Doors’ it’s Address, and ‘Layla’ it’s Costume I think.

  280. Kieran says:

    Help please.
    Pics is
    Dog with a measuring tape in mouth
    Man whistle in mouth
    Unfair with the un bit crosed out
    King with a canon
    Letters urxlhrneaiow
    4 letters

  281. Anonymous says:

    Need help…Girl in bath tub…man shaving…washing hands…soap in hair???

  282. Clay says:

    Statue of budda

  283. laura says:

    zombie girl in tub
    orange haunted house pic

  284. laura says:

    zombie girl in tub
    orange haunted house
    four letters
    letters include:eftievqwfdly

  285. Bertha says:

    I need the statue with a red cloth
    Tea pots on a tray

    4 letters

  286. Rebecca says:

    I’m stuck one this one with a girl with blue gloves a guy with a stereo a concert and a scale and there all kinda blue and there’s four letters but its not blue

  287. Maybe says:

    Four letter word for a picture that has. Hay in it the thing hores eat

  288. Toni says:


    it’s evil

  289. Anonymous says:

    Dog with tape in mouth
    Ref blowing whistle
    Painting of officer type
    Unfair written down with ‘un’ crossed


  290. Marcie says:

    Im stuck on the following pictures.
    1. girl laying in tub, candles all around, blowing bubbles off hand,
    2. hands with soap all over them
    3.hair with soap all over
    4. face with shaving cream all over except eyes, holding razor in mirror

    4 letter word, letters are c a l o d f m s

    Please help

  291. Anonymous says:

    four pics of ground meat 4 letters

  292. Anonymous says:

    A girl holding polkadot shoes,
    a guy looking angry and steam coming out of his ears
    A girl with curling things in her hair
    And a girl with hair flying everywhere and screaming

  293. Anonymous says:

    hitchiker, girl pointing, sign, and guy with books

  294. ........ says:

    Girl stretching boy sitting down arms behind head and girl stretched out on chair and meat !!!!!

  295. Hey says:

    It doesn’t even help

  296. Anonymous says:

    A motorcycle a mad guy and another teenager that is buried in books also a bunch of matches and a burnt out one plz help

  297. Ashley :-) says:

    Marcie it’s foam

  298. Anonymous says:

    knife, 2 men on a cliff one falling, man with helmet and hand up and a metal sheet of some sort ?
    4 letter

  299. kyle says:

    little wooden shoes
    eiffiel tower collectables
    little boy in water picking up rocks
    and some like girlface on a block ?

  300. Ivonne says:

    4-letter word
    People hiking
    Woman with white hat facing away
    Blurry car passing by

  301. Sarah says:

    A guy with cards
    A hand dropping keys into someone else’s hand
    a guy on the phone
    A guy shaking hands with another guy
    4 letters

  302. Matt says:

    android 4 pics 1 word –
    4 letters
    a razor
    a sharp knife
    Angry man in a hard hat
    2 climbers
    third letter is g

  303. Anonymous says:

    Lead is the answer with the pencil

  304. Ayyyyye says:

    A statue
    Two police
    Some boobs in a bra
    And a lady holding her thumb out tryin to hitch a ride

  305. Ayyyyye says:

    A statue
    Two police
    Some boobs in a bra
    a lady holding her thumb out tryin to hitch a ride

  306. Help!!! says:

    Pencil, hikers in the winter,a moving car, a lady writing on board and lady with hat in front

  307. Anonymous says:

    Help…4 letter word…. a foot kicking a football, legs and walking sticks, a fish and shoes

  308. Dude says:

    Guy looking sad with champagne on the table with a face that looks like he’s bored help!!!

  309. ella says:

    unhappy smiley face , part of a math sum (+1=3 ) , woman with blah blah on a note on her forehead and a man looking bored at a party , any help would be greatly appreciated , been stuck or daysss x

  310. Anonymous says:

    A knife
    A builder
    A guy absailing
    Not sure what the other thing is

  311. I LIke To Fuck says:

    I want to fuck anyone who wants some sex and is a girl plz contact me at


  312. Lucy says:

    Girl crying
    Crack running through concret
    Rope hanging buy one thred
    Squar things
    4 letter word plz help

  313. Anonymous says:

    a carnival a lil girl play a game a statue lady holding a balance thing n a judge hammer need help 4 letter word

  314. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck…. man looking at the ocean with arms out, a gate of some kind, a man playing tennis, and a soda can…*sigh*

  315. Erik says:

    im stuck, it’s a green blade/leaf on every picture. 4 lettes. this is the letters: PLTMRFZUNIVI

  316. Courtney says:

    need help stuck on with
    a guy golfing
    a red cake
    a girl and guy at computer
    and a teacher teaching class
    here are the letters that i ave narrowed it to
    6 letters

  317. Manny91 says:

    Some one hiking
    A guy resting his feet on a desk
    Some kind of fish
    Kicking a soccer ball
    These are the letters they gave me
    4 words
    I S C O J H
    S I T P E K

  318. Anonymous says:

    4 letters
    a guy surfing
    a picture of a girl saying goodbye/waving
    another picture if a kid saying goodbye
    and a bay with a bird flying

  319. Anonymous says:

    A clock, a light bulb, a girl in her pj’s holding her finger to her mouth, and 3 cups. Help!!!

  320. Maddie says:

    Help! Boobs, two police men, and statue of a old guys head and a girl hitch hiking.
    4 words
    SWBOHSDTURKX those are the letters.

  321. Daniel says:

    Follow me on instagram dblyth18

  322. lucy says:

    Theres a man carrying a woman up high
    A penguin thing carrying a lift, a man carrying a cardboard thing and some art model structure thing reaching to pick up some apples……. please help! x

  323. L says:

    A group of oranges with a half cup of orange juice
    A dish with cheese, cucumbers, meat, peppers
    Bowl of Salad
    Grass with measurement tape around it
    Letters: Q M A W D U E I T Q Q

  324. V says:

    What’s the one where there are 4 building one in each square? It is a four letter word and the third letter is an I

  325. Ashly says:

    3 torn houses and dozer in front of a torn house

  326. Sandra says:

    4 letter word
    The word fair
    A ref holding red card with whistle in his mouth
    Dog with ruler in his mouth

  327. danny says:

    Two birds on cement with running water flowing thru, red lava it looks like, a pic showing traffic, and red lines and circles with a dot inthe center. Anyone know?

  328. Jewelllzzz says:

    What the one with the girl in red dress next to a old building
    And a broken building and a inside of an old building
    And a crane taking apart a building

  329. sally says:

    STUCK! goat with horns
    empty beer bottles and cigarettes
    man carrying a sledgehammer
    a woman smaking a mans bottom

  330. Lucy says:

    White front door
    Man with hammer and pieces of wood
    Inside of a house with sofas and stairs
    Roof with window and chimney

    J k e w v k
    U h b o v s

  331. mamac323 says:

    Three tacks, girl peaking through fingers, guy show in peace sign with flowers behind back, red thing floating in water, four letters. Might have to do with counting as it is four fingers,three tacks, two fingers(peace sign) and the one thing in water

  332. ts says:

    2 girls in a club
    a crowd like at a concert
    a soccer team huddled up
    3 people golfing
    letters: R L W S C K B T P B U B

  333. Mizz H. says:

    V and ashley, the 4 buildings, the answer is Ruin!!!!!

  334. Forever Alone Girl says:

    Im stuck ! A pic of a old house , an ancient site , old rock hut and a building being demolished .

  335. Dee says:

    Arrow and a time bottle,pig with4 leave clover, computer mouse and a soccer goalie letter are EYZSAGVRYVL it’s a 4 letter word. Thanks

  336. cindy says:

    A knife
    Someone kind of falling down a clif
    A guy with a yello humet

  337. Rikki says:

    Im really stuck!! 2 of the pictures have astronauts and the other 2 have sort of carnival going on. I’ve check the images and the word its not world. …. IT’S FLOAT

  338. Tonje says:

    Striped socks, red scarfe, a cup???

    4 letters

  339. trish says:

    STUCKKK — concert, heart beat , kick boxer, and a kid listen to a boom box on his shoulder… four letters abeobrkanyht

  340. tammy says:

    what is the one with the soapy hands.. the guy about to shave with ccream on his face.. the lady soaking in the tub

  341. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck…. man looking at the ocean with arms out, a gate of some kind, a man playing tennis, and a soda can…
    Four Letters….

  342. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck…. man looking at the ocean with arms out, a gate of some kind, a man playing tennis, and a soda can…
    Four Letters….


  343. Anonymous says:

    2 stone made heads, a girl hitch hiker, and 2 police guys with jackets that say police.. Help!

  344. Anonymous says:

    How many letters? Have seen that one ages ago..

  345. Cary says:

    Tammy ; foam?

  346. Joey says:

    I’m stuck on level 52

  347. Anonymous says:

    A man, a woman, a gavel, and some cards?

    S Z D I T L U T

  348. Emma says:

    1st picture; someone playing a bass guitar.
    2nd picture; a guy playing a saxophone
    3rd; a female pilot with an aeroplane flying above her
    4th; someone sat on a bench in the distance with a bright white circle behind
    letters are;

  349. Taylor says:

    1st Picture- baby with baby food in its mouth
    2nd Picture-Chilly Peppers
    3rd Picture-Man with a large flame on a stck (looks like he tries to blow it out)
    4th picture-view of a beach,including sky?
    whoo knows this?

  350. Grace says:

    1st pic: a silver thing with a black squiggly line through it.
    2nd pic: a man wearing a builders hat who looks angry
    3rd pic: two men doing rock climbing. One guys on the rock with his hand out helping the other man.
    4th pic: a big knife
    It has four letters

    Please help!!!

  351. Crazy says:

    One with a lot of soar and shaving cream anyone now

  352. Crazy says:

    soap not soar

  353. Anonymous says:

    Marble statue Greek lady’s face
    Hitch hiker lady
    Two policemen with their backs to the camera
    Statue of bearded mans face

  354. Anonymous says:

    fake teeth
    kid and adult shaving

  355. Anonymous says:

    fake teeth
    kid and adult shaving

  356. Lonneke says:

    1 girl pinching her nose
    2 2 guys working, old picture
    3 guy sucking with knife in a block ice
    4 guy searching for a shirt in his closet

    4 letters


  357. courtney says:

    1st picture: A box filled with money
    2nd picture: A shopping cart filled with fruit
    3rd picture: A glass of bear
    4th picture: A box filled with fruit

    Please help me I have looked everywhere and there is no answer!!! Dont download the cheat it makes you pay money to get the answers

  358. Courtney says:

    4 letters

  359. Rayray says:

    Money In a case
    I’m so stuck

  360. Rayray says:

    Oh I figured it out it was full!

  361. Lets says:

    2 pool
    3 girl smiling
    4 looks like a Fryed fish head idk
    4 letter word
    Please help

  362. Crystal says:

    what is the four letter word for the pictures with a guys hand in a cast, a man fishing, a man mailing a letter, and two women jumping in dresses one black and one white?

  363. Anonymous says:

    a road a track and a pice of paper

  364. Hera says:

    two J cards, 2 cars getting ready for tire change I guess- 4 letters

  365. Benn says:

    Two statues… Two police man… and a girl standing by a road with a bag… 4 letters … W L T G L N K U S B B Y

  366. Mya says:

    1st pic cup of beer
    2nd pic box of apples
    3rd pic brief case full of money
    4rth pic shopping cart full of veggies
    Please help I am so confused!

  367. Vicky sponge says:

    Black with flames going accross
    Someone pointing a a gun
    Someone who looks like the are warning someone else


  368. jackie says:

    four letters pig with shamrock
    timer with arrow beside it
    Goalie holding ball in goal
    computer mouse with one blue side on top

  369. hackie says:

    im stupid its save

  370. MeowMix says:

    1: People hiking through snow
    2: A pencil
    3: A black car going fast
    4: A lady waving and another wearing a hat with her back to the camera

    Four letters

  371. Vanessa says:

    01) Woman in the middle of a wrecked house
    02) A bulldozer kinda thing bringing down a house.
    03) A fallen down house
    04) Half Fallen down brick house
    4 letters.
    Letters available – T C I N D D R Y U O A N

  372. Bryan... says:

    Help please…

    1 boy in the air
    2 baby sitting in a dried leaves
    3 group of people sitting in round shape
    4 a steep/slide logo…



    4 letters

  373. Aubrie says:

    A knife. Construction Worker. A razor. Two Guys rock climbing.


    Four Letters

  374. Anonymous says:

    Rugby scrum. Girls dancing. Crowd with hands in air. Two girls playing golf with man watching

  375. Coolly says:

    White rose
    Red roses
    Bar graph that increases
    Red line graph that has an arrow pointing up

  376. Anonymous says:

    Person kneeling

  377. BIlly says:

    I would love to re post this entry on my own website will that be okay

  378. Anonymous says:

    A girl hitch hiking
    2 police men
    A white statue ( girl )
    A green statue ( boy )

  379. ~~~ says:

    Hands holding a coffee cup
    Twin redheads
    Matching socks
    Dog wearing a scarf

  380. Bry says:


    1 old and destroyed room
    2 like an old temple
    3 old house
    4 demolish apartment/building

    4 letter word


    thanks in advance…:)

  381. Wee says:

    2 chicks dancing
    A concert
    A soccer team
    Ladies playing golf

    4 letters

  382. danielle says:

    picture one- statue
    picture two- police
    picture three- a bra
    picture four- a woman hitch hiking…

  383. BIlly says:

    Thanks for the post I really appreciate it it was very useful

  384. minacamos says:

    level 58 pls…

  385. Stuck again says:

    1 pilot with thumb up
    2 guitar with hands in shot
    3 guy on bench in some sort of tunnel with head in his hands
    4 guy on chair playing sax
    Puzzle 377

  386. joooo says:

    A watch.
    A clock.
    A man with four ace playing cards.
    Another clock.
    Four words???

  387. Stuck again says:

    Anonymous – what did you get for above – guitar plane saxophone person kneeling

  388. Taylor says:

    Blue jeans with something stitched on it, a butterfly on a flower, a house with some clouds, and a pic of something underwater (I can’t tell what it is) it’s four letters.

  389. Taylor says:

    What the one where it’s a duck, a lion and a guy shaving? Its four letters.

  390. Hailey says:

    three people playing golf
    soccer team huddling
    two girls dancing
    people at a concert
    four letters???

  391. Derrick says:

    Bin of apples
    Basket of fruit
    Briefcase of money
    Glass of beer

  392. Jess says:

    1) a printer
    2) an old cursive written paper
    3) a dad and son shaving
    4) dentures
    4 letters
    HELP! Haha

  393. Jade says:

    One black manequin in the middle of white ones.
    Ropes leading up to a sail on a boat
    A beach with lifeguards walkin on an a hole on the sand
    A man standing on a boat pulling the ropes on the sail

  394. Kiera says:

    What’s the one with:
    2 hamburgers, a shoe, socks and 2 ladybird?

  395. Charlotte says:

    A dude pulling his cheeks (‘smile’ on his shirt)
    A girl dressed in white with her arms out (sky in the background)
    A ship with heaps of colour crates
    And a bird view of a curvy lake looking thing.
    Four letters

  396. Rylee says:

    Level 230 please!! 🙂

  397. itslorenguys! says:

    level 218?

    letters – f g d w y n i w f y y o

  398. Brandi says:

    Mouse trap, gingerbread house, fishing fly and a croton work on the hook under water. The letters are
    Z b r a t p p g b g i i

  399. ayla says:

    FALSE teeth
    Printer printing paper with percentages on it
    Little boy and man shaving
    Caligrapht writing?

  400. InSane says:

    ayala… Copy

  401. Chuck Lal says:

    Two people skiing, a pencil, high speed cars and lady in red writing on a black board and other lady is looking.

  402. mitchell says:

    if u people haven’t noticed all the levels are not the same.

  403. melo says:

    Bored guy
    Bored yellow face
    Girl holding on her forehead bla bla

    Plz help

  404. Anonymous says:

    4 letter word

    Glasses (as in cups)
    Bread, Wheat and other stuff
    And a waiter serving food to a couple

  405. alick says:

    What is the fire, dog, sky, dune word used in the game icon?

  406. Debbzxx says:

    Guy in a jet, guy playing jazz a guitar and a bush tunnel with bench & sum1 sittin on it ?? Any takers x

  407. Judy says:

    Knife,razor blade, man wearing hard hat, climbers

  408. Anonymous says:

    -snow and wood fence
    -picnic table in pavilion (sunny and rocky)
    -escalators (in train station?)
    Any ideas???

  409. rahul says:

    a cup
    a dog wearing muffler
    two girls hugging each other
    both legs with socks

  410. rahul says:

    a cup
    a dog wearing muffler
    two girls hugging each other
    both legs with socks

    4 letter word
    any idea?

  411. Anonymous says:

    what is a little kids eye with a tear drop, red rope about to rip, tan color pieces of wood, and a sidewalk crack???? help please

  412. kiki says:

    -money in case
    -beer in a cup
    -fruit in store cart
    -apples in basket

  413. Kiki says:

    Man holding a gun downwards, a sketched picture of a little girl, 2:2 with a soccer ball frame and a picture of a sun?!?!?! Letters: U,E,I,O,R,C,T,A,S,W,W,D HELP!!

  414. Ryan says:

    A guy in jet a guy playing jazz guitar a guy on bench

  415. manda says:

    First pic guy blowing steam out of his ears
    Second red headed woman with black polka dot heels
    Third woman with curlers in her hair pointing
    fourth woman screaming with curls in the air… 4 letter word please help!

  416. HAILEY says:

    i got a man in an orange top doing a push up
    a grandma in a gym
    a baby with a toy truck in the sand
    and a business man pointing his finger at us

  417. Angeleno says:

    Need help please. Soccer player, Internet pointer with timer, computer mouse, piggy with clover

  418. Britt says:

    A guy placing roof
    pic full of blue/light blue/ white squares
    Squares full of letters and numbers
    4 letter: xiotzxblelwk

  419. Ryan says:

    Teeth man and boy shaving printer and writing

  420. Anonymous says:

    What is level 153

  421. Anonymous says:

    A Girl with a BLAH BLAH sign on her forehead
    A guy at a table with a party hat on
    At blackboard that says +1=3
    && a serious face.

  422. Anonymous says:

    What is level 253 ?

  423. Mary says:

    Cross country skiers
    Photo finish of two cars
    Back of a women who is facing an older women

  424. Fumblemore says:

    A guy doing a push up
    Someone in a suit who is raising a finger
    An old woman doing exercises
    A little boy playing with a truck in a sand pit

  425. mii says:

    a house, a floor with some marks, a boy and girl hold blah blah like frame.. 4 letters ESNGXHMTBEJO

  426. Anonymous says:

    pls help, im stuck
    4-letter-word P M C C O O Y P U Q H S
    1 – father and son shaving
    2 – a printer
    3 – denture
    4 – cursive writing

  427. cass says:

    Help four letter word a statuen of a mans head, a statue of a womans head, a lady hitch highking, two police officers letters C.B.Y.P.H.V.L.P.U.T.L.S. heeelllpppp please

  428. Cedric says:

    Man pointing to a wrist watch, woman holding up a clock, woman waiting at what appears to be a train terminal, a dead body with a tag attached to the left foot. Anyone??

  429. Kirsty Mathieson says:

    A man shaving with little boy , a printer, old and new teethl, and just some writing , any ideas please <3

  430. Anonymous says:

    four letter word- A-T-E-Q-Q-I-B-G-A-O-R-K
    1. Waving hands in a crowd
    2. heart rate
    3. Lady punching (hands wrapped in blue)
    3 Lady holding a boombox over her shoulders

  431. Kirsty Mathieson says:

    Baby eating food , food kn stick and desurt and man with stick of fire ? Any idess x

  432. kelle says:

    whats level 73

  433. Toni says:

    Lightbulb,alarm clock,row of 3 cups(different colors) woman pouting. letters: ydhcqpexnla

  434. Anonymous says:

    4 words, snai, picking a knight on chess board, platform running train and truck with plank as a platform

  435. Kiera says:

    four letter word:
    letters: X,U,I,R,J,E,T,L,Z,N,M,K
    unfair with UN crossed out
    a dog holding a measuring stick/tape
    a man with a whistle in his mouth and pointing
    and a king person holding a rod and a string attached to a cannon

  436. Diver says:

    What is the answer for a shopping cart with case with money a case of fruit and beer letters uxgfkugkqcl

  437. Anonymous says:

    1. 2 people trecking up a snow cliff
    2. A pencil
    3. Car going fast
    4. A person in the background of the pic writing on a board
    It a 4 letter word……..#stuck!

  438. Anonymous says:

    Construction sites, Old buildings, crane thing for construction
    Letters ijtroupopnbl
    4 letters

  439. Anonymous says:

    Should be ruin

  440. Aaron says:

    4 letter word
    Level 78

    1 2 people running down stairs
    2 something white
    3 girl with pillow
    4 a red zap


  441. Anonymous says:

    a cart with fruits, veggies
    crate of apples

  442. Anonymous says:

    Four letter word
    1. A man with steam comimg out his ears
    2. A woman holding two polkadot heels and looks undecided
    3. A woman with curlers in her head pointing and yelling
    4. A woman with her hair standimg up and looks like she’s yelling

  443. Anonymous says:

    what is level 143 any1!!!

  444. Anonymous says:

    4 letters

    a guy with a deck of cards, another guy with a deck of cards, someone leaping over two split landmasses, and a picture of a scenic cliff and ocean


  445. Anonymous says:

    5 letters

    a guy with a deck of cards, another guy with a deck of cards, someone leaping over two split landmasses, and a picture of a scenic cliff and ocean


  446. Hockey 17 says:

    4 letter word

    A board that says ” be better”
    A man with his finger on his lip with a lifeline on top of him
    A bunch of confusing instructions
    A chart with 3 hands writing on it

  447. Hockey 17 says:

    4 letter word

    A board that says ” be better”
    A man with his finger on his lip with a lifeline on top of him
    A bunch of confusing instructions
    A chart with 3 hands writing on it

  448. Anonymous says:

    4 letter word
    Two police men
    A statue
    Another statue
    A girl hitch hiking

  449. Ashleigh says:

    The one where there a razor a knife and guy with a weird face and a girl getting up a rock from ab sailing
    Plz help

  450. Denise says:

    Level 227 with a women and a man an cards with 10,j,k,q,a and someone with a tingi dat da joeze at corte

  451. Taylor says:

    4 letters
    •3 large white birds and a ton if black birds
    •A plate of seafood
    •Jar of oranges/tangerines?
    •Numbers and letters
    Letters: R P A K F U D O L O K

  452. livy says:

    No i have a diffrent level 203 and it has 4 letters, so this website SUCKS!!!!! It didn’t give me a good answer or help me with my problems so i give it a big fat thumbs down!! I dont know any of the pictures meanings and i really rely on this paticular website to help me cus my freinds all said it works but it obviously DOESN’T!!!! So heres to the person that thought of this website: Make sure you get all the answers before you make a website, ok? Good you should know better before you give people wrong answers. Because some people can get frustrated on games like this and rely on someone or something to help them, but you tried to accomplish that but you didn’t. You should seriously find something else to do instead of tink yeah i got it right i’ll just put it on a freaking website and hope i get it right. Do even have a permit? Cus you need one of those to create a website. Or at least a decent one.

  453. Anonymous says:

    4 letter word
    Girl sitting down
    Boy in sky
    A ride
    A sign with a guy slipping

  454. Anonymous says:

    A cart with veggies and fruits
    A beer
    Money bills
    A basket of apple
    4 letters

  455. Taylor says:

    um a guy kicking a socccer ball while a dude in a blue shirt tries to block it.. a fishes body a hiker.? a dude leaning back in his chair with his feet on the desk.? anyone.. four letter word.. letters available… o o e e r l f s w o k k

  456. Lulu says:

    1. A lion
    2. A rhino
    3. A panda
    4. A diamond
    (4 letter word)

  457. lol says:

    what is this?

    1.A guy posting a letter
    2.a guy fly fishing
    3.a sprained/broken arm
    4.two ladies wearing black and white with a black and white background with a crack in the middle

  458. Lollipop says:

    What is it 1. A suitcase Full of Money 2. A Beer Glass 3. A cart Full of Apples and a cart Full of fruit????

  459. john Boi says:

    Hi the one for: 1. A suitcase Full of Money 2. A Beer Glass 3. A cart Full of Apples and a cart Full of fruit is…. Full.

  460. Anonymous says:

    does any1 knw what level 240 is!!!!!

  461. Anonymous says:

    Guy wide arms looking at a lagoon, ring pull on can, tennis player and a hole in a high hedge with gate. ny clues please?

  462. Anonymous says:

    need help on the four building one off em.is a painting off a house one pic shows house been broken down one were a women os stood

  463. sam says:

    Help on level 273 pleasee : hand holding a bandaged hand….a mab fishing…..back screeen
    Of black and white with two girls wearing opposite coloured dresses on either side…
    A hand slotting in a white piece of paper in a brown box.
    Its a four letter word and the letters are…. F R C P S P A G D M T U
    Really stuck on this level please help

  464. sam says:

    Help on level 290 four letter word. Two backs of a police officer
    Girl tryna hitchhiking. A statue of a mab and a statue of a womans head
    Help please really sticks

  465. Amanda says:

    4 letters
    A guy playing the sax
    A guitar
    A guy on a bench w/ his head down
    A woman in an airplane w/ thumbs up

  466. Anonymous says:

    Amanda it’s solo

  467. Pillow says:

    What is a guy wearing a construction hat, a knife what looks like a box cutter and a man helping another man on the side of a cliff.

  468. shelby says:

    a pencil,a car blurred, a girl in a white hat w/ blue shirt on and 3 people climbing a mountain
    4 letter word: _e_ _
    letters :zvquamlakrd

  469. Bill says:

    A hand holding a stphiscope
    A dude with a boom box on his shoulder
    People in a club dancing
    And a lady with her hands in a fist like she’s in karate with blue gloves

  470. Madi says:

    4 letters; second letter is “L”

    Two girls dancing or something at a club
    Huddle of soccer players
    Huge group of people at a concert
    Three people playing mini golf

  471. Tanya says:

    4 Letters;

    people hiking in the snow
    Pencil on a lean
    blurry car
    woman with hat watching another write while holding a book

    Help please 🙂

  472. Pillow says says:

    Madi the answer is club

  473. Alaina says:

    Two pictures of statues, two police officers walking away, and a girl hitchhiking. Letters I N S J M X U T A E B P.

  474. Stephanni says:

    I need help man feet on desk foot kicking soccer ball hiking and a fish 4 letter word

  475. Anonymous says:

    I need the one with the picture of the man holding a rope on a boat, life guards running, stautes in white and one is black and a boat sail ! Help please,

  476. ashley says:

    4 letter word. Letters are: R A B Q V M I C I F L U

    Team doing a huddle
    Two ladies dancing
    A concert it seems like (There’s arms in the air and a bright light)
    Some girl playing gold with instructors

    H e l p

  477. Del says:

    Whats this please? (Lvl 397 – 4 letters)

    A house corner with lights on
    Green shoes
    A meadow
    A person with a tv as a head

    Letters are R,W,D,X,X,T,U,L,F,A,Q,X

    Thanks in advance.

  478. Someone says:

    shoe and soccerball
    Person hiking
    Person laying down nd boots showin
    (Idk wht the 4 the pic)
    D O X F K Y S A K L E M

  479. Sheree says:

    Did anyone get it yet?

  480. Sheree says:

    Did anyone solve level 236 four letter word
    A soccer net
    Another soccer net with a player in front
    A lady with a measuring tape around her waist
    A clay man holding a check mark in a box


  481. Anita says:

    Cup of cocoa beans
    Chocolate bar

    letters are: i, r, a m, o, o, k, e, t, d, s, r.

  482. Anonymous says:

    Sticks in the snow
    Escalators (possibly at subway)
    Picnic table under shelter
    Chairs (at an airport?)

  483. Anonymous says:

    Level 270 hitch hiker, police and two face statue words e q k t b q s u r y r v

  484. Anonymous says:

    The previous one is supposed to be four letter help!!!!!!!!!

  485. Anonymous says:

    Its a four letter word

  486. Msnmd says:

    Whats this fruit trolly, case with money , apples in a wooden box , beer
    L o v n d l f m u f r f

  487. Hi says:

    U have missed one

  488. Ano says:

    Help I am stuck at this on:
    Ripped jeans at the knee
    Hole in a sock
    2 pictures of ripped ripped
    Letters are: a, d, l, j, b, r, f, u, y, s

  489. John says:

    Please reply with my name-John

    2 Policemen
    A white statue of a woman’s face
    statue of mans face
    Woman with sunglasses on sticking thumb out to road

  490. Stormrose says:

    2 chickens, number 6 on clock, goose

  491. nicki says:

    John your word is bust

  492. Milkey21 says:

    Help letters( rzalelxzxmup) unfair sign dog with a ruler man blowing a whistle some weird man

  493. Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww says:

    Bark of a tree a leaf a dark sky and a crack in a tree

  494. Tracy says:

    I just starting playing this. I have andriod so I need help with 42. it has a worker man with hard hat, man with wrench, nurse or doctor with mask and needle and man with gloves on it. it is a 6 letter word..
    letters RIZVOWREKRV

  495. Anonymous says:

    Need help
    Girl using flashlight to read
    lighthouse with its light on
    forest in like Autumn
    And a laser saying danger

    Letters are: f,m,q,l,l,a,k,b,z,e,n,y
    (4 letters)

  496. Hi says:

    Does anyone know destroyed houses one with a red girl and a red crane outside of them

    • Butty Butthash says:

      I fucking hate all of you stupid cunts go fuck yourself ps how fucking retarded must you be to not find the ruin one out yourself you stupid lazy fuck

      Love Butthash Brian

      To all you stupid fucks

      • Anonymous says:

        Omg it’s the Internet retard. Run!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m going to have to ask you to calm the fuck down. How fucking retarded must you be to not realize its a game and people can cheat if they’d like to. Now either you’re on this site because you’re bored with your own sad life that you intentionally came on a CHEATS website to spend your time insulting people or you’re also using this website to cheat at the game therefore making you a dumb fuck, hypocritical, asshole. So either way you’re dumb as hell because you need to really get a life and not spend it searching for ways to insult others or you should really think before you say something because you could be making rude comments about yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Take a mother fucking chill pill

  497. Question says:

    -a devil smiling
    -a man smiling with a magnefiying glass
    -a girl smiling
    – another man smiling
    4 letters

  498. nick says:

    grin is wat you want

  499. Ash says:

    This one is hard
    -a guy wit a gun down his pants
    – two people out on a date
    – noodles in a to go cup
    – a little kid putting a note book in his back pack
    – 4letters space 3 letters

  500. Laura says:

    2 boxers, 1 KO
    A man at a laptop holding his head
    A man at a laptop with screwed up paper
    2 ice hockey players

    5 letters

  501. Allysa says:

    -Man holding a sign.
    -Sign that says; TO-DO LIST: be better.
    -Man thinking.
    4 letters

  502. Hello says:

    -Man holding a sign
    -A chart
    -TO-DO LIST sign that says; be better
    -Man thinking family or house

    4 letters
    second letter is an L

  503. Lara's says:

    A man putting up his feet on his desk
    A man hiking
    A person kicking a soccer ball
    And a dead fish!
    A four letter word
    A letter e in the box!
    Help please only 7 years old!!

  504. la says:

    ABSURD! I can’t make the word “full” b/c there is only one L and no U! Uugghhh! Thanks, anyway…

  505. mel says:

    a rino and a horn a french horn and antlers 4 letters cant find it anywhere

  506. Jessie says:

    I really need help cus I’m a dumb fuck!
    1 a statue
    2 a woman statue
    3 a hitchiker
    4 two police men

  507. Be-och says:

    Idk that one either HELP!!!!!! Please!

  508. Smarter than u says:

    Bitch fuck slut whore asshole motherfucker titty ass porn

  509. Anonymous says:

    What about the men running on the beach with red shorts, the guy standing outside by the water, looks like cords to a sail boat, and some grey figurines with one black one?

  510. Anonymous says:

    anyone know the one with the shopping cart, money(bills), and a girl with like a weight thing infront of her.. 4 letters?

  511. Anonymous says:

    Girl reading in dark with flashlight, lighthouse, dangerous lazer and forest. Help please

  512. Fuck you "anonymous says" says:

    Fucking bullshit you mother fucking shit who says shity fuck asshole

  513. ? says:

    a golf ball with a golf club, a motor 4 letters

  514. Moter fucker says:

    Lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol fucker

  515. Natalie says:

    4 letter word:
    Shopping cart full of groceries
    A glass of beer on table
    Suitcase full of cash
    A crate of apples

  516. glenn says:

    2 statues (one woman one man)
    2 men in police jackets
    woman hitchhiking..

    mind blank

  517. nicole says:

    Hekp please

    Baby under water
    Girl swimming under water
    Guy under water with suba mask on
    To suba divers

  518. Sophie says:

    What’s this: a man and lady holding a stick house
    2 skateboarders

  519. Amy says:

    What’s this one …
    3 ice cubes ( on there own)
    2 ice cubes in a glass of water with lemons
    A man standing at a wall with a skateboard
    A man standing at a wall with a iPad or something :L

  520. Anonymous says:

    soccer net
    pants size
    girl in net


  521. Anonymous says:

    Sophie- the word is cool

  522. Sofia says:

    Steam coming off of an iron
    Machine thing
    Golf ball
    More steam from an iron and a man sighing

  523. Anonymous says:

    A house window
    Three law attorneys
    A radio
    And like doors

  524. Pamela says:

    Please help!
    A level, flat concrete with a step, a silver number 2 and an drawing of a hand flipping a gold coin.

    _ _ E _

  525. len says:

    green plant in pile of dirt
    sky view of a coastline
    tower with red and white striped top
    ground hog peeking over mound of dirt

    5 letters–AJHTVYRYLES

    Any help please?

  526. Just_Me says:

    Help stuck on a 4 letter word
    Green shoe/slipper
    a mans body with a computer screen for his head
    a house
    and an open field

  527. Nib says:

    A boy jumping
    A baby laughing
    A ride
    A sign

  528. Unsure says:

    Fireworks, missle looking thing x2, satellite ? 7 letters

  529. Anna says:

    What’s the one with a man dancing with a radio on his shoulder a woman in blue punching a disco rave gig party and a steep scope with a zig zag line four letters

  530. Chris says:

    Need help:
    Britain puzzle
    A balance
    A Girls waist
    Money from different contries

  531. Lindsay says:

    Pamela – it’s even

  532. Rachel says:

    Hey I love 4 pics 1 word

  533. Ibby says:

    It’s alright but I love it!!!!! It is the best game

  534. John 561 says:

    It’s crap

  535. Anonymous says:

    Innit man it is so hard and after a it’s boooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnnggggg

  536. Hannah says:

    Im on this one and it’s got a piggy bank on it with a four leaf clover another one of the pics is of a four leaf clover the other two r both girls. Any idea?

  537. Shereen says:

    Hey I’m on level 478 and this game is awesome!!!

  538. Marie says:

    4 letter word

    Marilyn Monroe
    Hail Mary
    Green, yellow, red mood faces
    Eye exam pictures

    J B A L I O
    F C I L S N

  539. rosa says:

    cud u help plz four letter word …… ppl with hands up a girl with blue finger gloves a man with a boom box and a man with a line that looks like a heart rate …. the letters ive got are ZMAXAJTVBBCE … ???

  540. Devin mounts says:

    I am on level 416. It has a guy with a tv for a head, a green slipper, an open field, and a house with a deck around it. 4 letter word letters are a l l f q t b g e r u f

  541. qwerty says:

    Devin, it’s flat

  542. qwerty says:

    Rosa, try beat

  543. Jane says:

    -green device thingy
    -coin flip

    4 letter word 🙁

  544. Mr says:

    Jane, try ‘side’.

  545. char says:

    Jane im stuck on the same word…but i have E I L F K V E N R U I …..the letters we have in common are L R E I E N V so the word must be from those 7 letters im guessing

  546. char says:

    jane, its EVEN

  547. malia says:

    help please?
    a golf ball
    man wit iron looking confused
    steaming iron

    4 letters and it starts wit I here are the other letters S M T R O X N J Q O E

  548. qwerty says:

    help please. stuck in this level since yesterday. level 533 on android.. four letters word
    a sofa and a vase
    image of head thinking
    a boy with bubbles over his head but empty content
    a master plan with a few small plan

  549. qwerty says:

    Malia, it’s iron 🙂

  550. Shannon says:

    man on floor knocked out
    man screaming at laptop
    ice hockey
    man getting stressed with laptop

    s e h w p
    r e p u c u

    t at the end

  551. GV says:

    Love this game! But I’m stuck on level 149, with a 3 letter word. The pics are: 1. Lady Liberty with an American Flag 2. American Bald Eagle 3. Burger, fries & drink 4. 5-$100 bills. I’ve tried everything under the sun and I cannot get it. Please help! I’d like to move on. 🙂

  552. Bob says:

    Level 373 what is it….4 letter word…

  553. qwerty says:

    Shannon, it’s upset 🙂

  554. Jeff says:

    4th picture (wide) isn’t accepted for level one

  555. Chrissy says:

    What looks like magets a couple having dinner wine glasses and bread 4 letter word….HELP plz

  556. km says:

    the answer to chrissy is meal

  557. Anonymous says:

    You all stink

  558. Jessica Greenwood says:

    lever 70 5 words

  559. jessica Greenwood says:

    lever 70
    guy pulling crates
    two hamsters

  560. Mahdiya says:

    Omg I love this game itis amazing tots I am just stuck

  561. rabia says:

    a picture with a rain bow n bubbles
    second a high building pic with white stars
    a house type building colored
    fourth one a bridge water is flowing down
    available letters are
    o c w o h p
    r a c u r b
    its a four letter word at level 36 plz help me to find it

  562. Kristen says:

    Level 423
    has four letters

  563. Richard says:

    Flat Kirsten

  564. Jewelle says:

    The one I’m finding is not here!OMG!!!

  565. Ali says:

    car lift,box with airplane,crane lifting a container letters:Alzsmsowfuhd whats the word? 4 letter word

  566. Logan says:

    4 letter word.

    1st: girl reading book under sheet with flashlight.

    2nd: lighthouse with light on.

    3rd: Forest with light shining through the canopy.

    4th: it looks like an industrial laser, which is on, across a black surface.

  567. Logan says:

    Oh thank god. I’ve been playing for like ten hours straight. And I keep over thinking everything.

  568. shaz says:

    1st pic is concrete 2nd pick is a grey 2
    3rd pic is a spirit level 4th pic is hand flipping a coin
    4letters Level 470

  569. az says:

    big guy stuck in a small room
    two buildings that are really close together
    a guy sqeezed in a red rope
    a long door

  570. bon says:

    help it looks like a guy that does not lake to use the iron heat hing my etters are e o g v h u a i h nl r if knw tell

  571. Ellen says:

    Four letters in the word
    1, a glas of bear
    2, a bag with money
    3, a lot of fruits in a box
    4, vegetables and fruit in a trolley

    Letters is ofxqhtljluxm

  572. Amy says:

    What’s the word wen there’s a box of apples a box of money and a trolley full of grocery and a glass of a drink from the pub the letters are lutlatkfehbv

  573. Anonymous says:

    Two kids one with a soccer ball on the coat, a kneeling football player kid with the helmet off, a bunch of either field hockey or football players, and fooseball players letters S C M M C A W E Z G J

  574. Anonymous says:

    Bon – IRON
    Anonoymous – GAME
    Ellen/Amy – full x

  575. bitch plz says:

    hey hey hey why dont u get the app 4 all this chiz!
    plus all the ones ur asking about are so easy!!!
    got 309 without looking at cheats in just 2 days what u guys on is gay

  576. Steve says:

    watch ur mouth Kzh

  577. steve says:

    i mean * please

  578. Selena heart says:

    What’s the word a crowd of people in the spotlight
    Woman ready to punch someone
    And a person with a mp3 on the shoulder

  579. Selena heart says:

    Letters are… J O Z G E A M M B T I G

  580. ellza says:

    wots the one with 2 ladies piggy bank and clover???? plz help

  581. Anonymous says:

    What is a guy with a measuring tape across chest and weird white person with a green check mark and soccer net and soccer net whith soccer player

  582. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a guy with a measuring tape and a white guy holding a green check mark and a soccer player in a net and a soccer net

  583. Filippo says:

    What is the answer of a 1) woman 2) man 3) pack of cards ( or deck ) and 4) knocker of a judge

  584. Karissa says:

    Beach house. Green shoes with shadow. Guy with a screen for a head and a field four letters??? Anyone know

  585. Eve says:

    Is bust added on here?

    The 4 pics I had were: two police officers, a girl sticking her thumb out for a ride, a statue and another statue

  586. Sam says:

    I have a J Q K A of cards in spades, a few game money coins, a man at a game table with cards, 4 Ace cards! Litters are KV OZW MLEUVP, it’s a five litter word with the last litter being an R as I bought that litter lol. Need help


  587. Steven says:

    A 4 letter word
    I have a sign with Slipping guy on it, a smiling kid, a jumping high child, Shoot n Drop tower

  588. april says:

    4 letters
    head statue of an old man
    head statue of a lady
    2 policemen
    a lady signing for a hitch


  589. Nestor says:

    A beer a case full of money a market car full of groceries and a little wooden box with veggies
    4 letters

  590. Quinjan says:

    a man using a magnifying glass focusing on his teeth
    girl on white background smiling and her teeth is being shown
    a man with a weird hairstyle smiling and his teeth is being show
    and a devil smiling and his teeth is being shown… ?

  591. starr says:

    A pic with a woman making silly face a pic with a boy making antlers on his head a pic with a lady n big glasses on n a pic with a Lil girl eating a lemon n making a face

  592. Hope says:

    Help me!

    for letters

  593. Anonymous says:

    I’m 8 help me on level 169

  594. Anonymous says:

    i need help been on this forever
    letter are- q o y d n v g n b r b i
    all 4 pics have checker board on all 4
    please help

  595. JC says:

    I need help for 7 letters word. Look Masquerade, famous,celebrities but doesn’t.any help.?

  596. DV says:

    Goats with their heads against eachother
    Some empty bottles and sigarettes
    A man with a large hammer
    A girl slapping a man’s ass.

    4 letters: MBYDTYRYUKTZ

  597. Farah says:

    Mouse trap,cookie house,shrimp hooked(animated!)and fourth pic I don’t really understand wat it is plz help me!! I’m in level 318 4 letters help!!!! >p txs!! :).

  598. bumper says:

    please help me !!!
    a mug w/ green strips
    a dog with a red something tied around its neck
    a girl w/ a shirt that has a black stripe
    a pair of sock with a rainbow stripe .
    its not stripe
    4 letters
    the letters are X I R P R Z Z U A M M W

  599. Ashee says:

    Bumper its warm

  600. Robby5313 says:

    A guitar neck with a hand on it, a dirt path with flowers on the sides, a sand sculpture and and view of desert from above. Help

  601. Annie says:

    Lips with zip
    Files within chain and lock
    Woman telling man secret

  602. Anonymous says:

    Plzz help me I’m in level396 the pics are:a girl reading a book n showing a torchlight in at the book,a forest with alot of leaves n trees,a lazer
    Plzzzzz help stuck n txs very much for the one who helped me!! 🙂 >p 😀

  603. Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz can someone HELP on level 127 you lot might think is easy but can someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million

  604. Bug says:

    Man holding 4 aces, making the “sshh” finger thing
    Clock pointing at 12
    another clock
    and someone with a watch on their wrist

    Second letter A


  605. Chatter says:

    I have a mans arm in a bandage, two ballerinas jumping they are black and white a man fishing and someone posting something or voting

  606. Anonymous says:

    Could anyone help me on level 241 a man holding 4 aces and a group who are playing cards

  607. Brintnay says:

    Sometimes they are very hard but sometimes it can get hard and when you think about it starts to get borning

  608. rose says:

    your game stnks it doesnt even have the answers i ask for

  609. Anonymous says:

    4 pics:lighthouse,girl shining a torchlight on a book,a forest kind of,laser plzz help me wanna beat my father from tis game!!! Letters 4 letters r:ENLBYCMAPEAE

    I’m in level 396 plzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!

  610. Anonymous says:

    Help I’m stuck on 48

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  612. Emily fizz says:

    Do anyone no the one with a white statue then a kinder dark statue and two police men and a women holding her hand out on a round…….. 😉

  613. leyna111 says:

    Maybe hand grasp hold feel
    How many letters?

  614. Anonymous says:

    Will someone help me? On my one there’s a man sitting against a tree , a woman bearly sitting on a chair , a sliced grapefruit and a woman standing up only wearing a bra and knickers. It’s a 4 letter word

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    A broken house, a girl wearing red in front of a house, a house who’s getting build, and a house from inside. Its a 4 letter word please help

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  618. Anonymous says:

    Can someone help with level 81?????

  619. sara says:

    -nature-cars-man in a field-a field with gases

  620. Nancy says:

    1= women looking at three pairs of shoes
    2= toddler with a big basket picking up something from the floor
    3=a lot of Christmas cards on a stall
    4=a lot of stamps
    Plz help
    7 letters

  621. Alaura says:

    gavel. Caravan ferris wheel lady justice girl playing a game with ducks

    The cheat Site says the word is the word full but not all the letters are there to use and when I tried to type it in it said it was wrong. What’s up with that and what is the real answer

  622. Violet says:

    A white bored and it says to do list be better
    A teacher holding a big white bored with lots of drawing
    A boy thinking behind a black bored
    Some people’s studying over a graph

    Plz plz plz help, thx xxx
    4 words
    Need help ASAP thx

  623. Violet says:

    Soz meant a boy thinking and behind him is a black bored

  624. loser says:

    it doesnt help

  625. loser says:

    help me on 474

  626. Anna says:

    So hard
    1. A statue of a man
    2. A statue of a woman
    3. Two police men
    4. A girl at the side of the road

  627. girl says:

    I need that one too??? Please

  628. Anonymous says:


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    Level 177 there
    is a house a castle and one broken house

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  640. Anonymous says:

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  644. GPS says:

    2 men holding cards the twelve apostles and a person jumping to a rock from a rock???(help)!!!!!

  645. mouzen says:

    a guy holding a screen to his face, a fancy house, a field and a pair of shoes :O

  646. Anonymous says:

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  647. deb says:

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    Some pork on a plate
    A dish of what looks like cannabis!
    And a cutting from a plant
    4 letters

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  665. i love jb i love he big i love he little i love he like a little pig.

  666. aakash says:

    two police man showing their back,
    one girl asking for lift,
    two diff pics of two statues
    its a four letter word

  667. Anonymous says:

    two police man showing their back,
    one girl asking for lift,
    two diff pics of two statues
    its a four letter word

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  679. tania says:

    A girl sit at the bar chair
    Some pink things (i don’t know what it was)
    A girl use white under ware
    A boy sitting down the tree
    Help me please. Im stuck at that level.

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  689. ritbar says:

    level 26 help

  690. Ranti Brown says:


    snow on ground with small tree in the middle

    dry field with small tree and camel

    green field

    green/red plant in a row


  691. Poppyx Smosh Millwardx says:

    Girl with hat a pencil a car going past and people climbing a glacier been stuck on this forever. 4 letters

  692. doctor says:

    help :[
    parts of a cello (i think its a workshop)
    someone playing a cello
    a note
    and fish on a plate
    4 letters

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  694. beng says:

    pleasssssss help may fish naluto at violen at not f clef

  695. Athena Myers says:

    Help meeeee please!

  696. Shelbey says:

    Hows everybody I can help you if you want me to

  697. cal says:

    a woman wearing a suit running with briefcase
    cartoon of guy running with clock in the background
    people riding a roller coaster
    a clump of grass
    4 letters uses kogcscarhtcdbu
    help please!!

  698. Kimora Smith says:

    Help me!!

  699. Samm Biersack says:

    Level 60 help!!!!!! Please

  700. Alexis says:

    4 letter word
    Piggy bank (euros being put inside
    Forest shore

  701. Nikki6500 says:

    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

  702. maria says:

    i need help on level 33

  703. Maria says:

    I need help on level 33

  704. Guest says:

    Plz help with this one

  705. angeline says:

    PLZ pakisagot.. a running boy . a kidlat . isang turnilyo , chaka puno ng sombrero,,

  706. mimi says:

    Errrrmm whatabout a stick and bowling bowl and pliers

  707. Jerin Varghese says:

    PLS HELP..!!

  708. Garrichia Alisa Ray says:

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