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Word Whizzle Answers Eagle

Here are all the Word Whizzle answers for every level in the Eagle pack. To solve each level, you will have to find hidden words on a board of letters. As you progress through the game, the packs and levels will get more challenging. If you get stuck on a level, just use our Word Whizzle answers below.

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Word Whizzle Eagle Answers

Level 861

Theme: In The Mirror

Answer: Reflection, Glass, Visage

Level 862

Theme: With A Crunch

Answer: Celery, Cracker, Peanut, Pickle

Level 863

Theme: Game Shows

Answer: Host, Set, Prizes, Contestant

Level 864

Theme: Baby Talk

Answer: Toddler, Infant, Tot, Newborn

Level 865

Theme: In Business

Answer: Shop, Store, Restaurant, Market

Level 866

Theme: From “C” To “C”

Answer: Cognac, Concentric, Cinematic

Level 867

Theme: Around The Fish Tank

Answer: Bubbles, Gravel, Goldfish

Level 868

Theme: On The Horizon

Answer: Mountains, Sun, Opportunity

Level 869

Theme: Ballet

Answer: Nutcracker, Tutu, Plie, Pointe

Level 870

Theme: On The Move

Answer: Gondola, Subway, Caboose

Level 871

Theme: “O” You Animal!

Answer: Orangutan, Oyster, Ocelot, Orca

Level 872

Theme: Interior Design

Answer: Wallpaper, Trim, Cornice

Level 873

Theme: Staying In Shape

Answer: Exercise, Diet, Aerobics, Yoga

Level 874

Theme: Food Stuff

Answer: Risotto, Meatloaf, Bread, Edam

Level 875

Theme: Countries Named After People

Answer: Rhodesia, Bolivia, America

Level 876

Theme: Filed Under “I”

Answer: Iceberg, Insane, Irritating

Level 877

Theme: Telling “Tales”

Answer: Legend, Story, Myth, Yarn, Fable

Level 878

Theme: Multiple Meanings

Answer: Squash, Gross, Grave, Pant

Level 879

Theme: Astronomy 101

Answer: Uranus, Eclipse, Polaris

Level 880

Theme: Hot Topics

Answer: Warming, Fire, Flame, Sauna

Level 881

Theme: Don’t Do This

Answer: Steal, Lie, Insult, Hate, Assault

Level 882

Theme: Toys In The Attic

Answer: Operation, Barbie, Legos

Level 883

Theme: With An Exclamation!

Answer: Hooray, Cowabunga, Whoops, Awe

Level 884

Theme: Playing Politics

Answer: Campaign, Speech, Stump, Office, Job

Level 885

Theme: Gymnastics

Answer: Dismount, Tumble, Trampoline, Hole

Level 886

Theme: File Under “H”

Answer: Hesitate, Highchair, Hundred, Tent

Level 887

Theme: Bible Geography

Answer: Eden, Galilee, Egypt, Judaea, Cartoon

Level 888

Theme: Home Shopping

Answer: Realtor, Brokerage, Lien, Lease, Bubble

Level 889

Theme: Horse Talk

Answer: Clydesdale, Draft, Appaloosa

Level 890

Theme: A Good Laugh

Answer: Howl, Snicker, Giggle, Chortle, e

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