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Word Whizzle Answers Bigfoot

Here are all the Word Whizzle answers for every level in the Bigfoot pack. To solve each level, you will have to find hidden words on a board of letters. As you progress through the game, the packs and levels will get more challenging. If you get stuck on a level, just use our Word Whizzle answers below.

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Word Whizzle Bigfoot Answers

Level 1071

Theme: Beatnik Lit

Answer: Burroughs, Ferlinghetti, Howl

Level 1072

Theme: International Dining

Answer: Trattoria, Dolmades, Latke

Level 1073

Theme: Big Words

Answer: Considerable, Voluminous

Level 1074

Theme: Big-Screen Killers

Answer: Krueger, Leatherface, Jigsaw

Level 1075

Theme: Nature’S Blooms

Answer: Edelweiss, Lilac, Aconitum

Level 1076

Theme: Make A Wish

Answer: Well, Fountain, Birthday

Level 1077

Theme: Yummy!

Answer: Pfeffernusse, Clafoutis

Level 1078

Theme: Up North For Most

Answer: Arctic, Greenland, Siberia

Level 1079

Theme: Sounds Like Yiddish

Answer: Farfetched, Svelte, Megahertz

Level 1080

Theme: Men In Tights

Answer: Baryshnikov, Superman, Batman

Level 1081

Theme: A Type Of Peace

Answer: Pacification, Conciliation

Level 1082

Theme: Mythological Myth-Makers

Answer: Orpheus, Ixion, Prometheus

Level 1083

Theme: Good Advice

Answer: Feedback, Forewarning, Input

Level 1084

Theme: “M”Ixed Words

Answer: Middleweight, Monkeyshines

Level 1085

Theme: You’Ve Got One

Answer: Duodenum, Cochlea, Pharynx

Level 1086

Theme: Ancient Name Game

Answer: Circe, Priam, Athena, Odysseus

Level 1087

Theme: Being Funny

Answer: Pratfall, Falstaff, Wisecrack

Level 1088

Theme: French Dressing

Answer: Lacroix, Chanel, Dior, Gautier

Level 1089

Theme: Thousand Island

Answer: Cagayancillo, Zapara, Azkaban

Level 1090

Theme: Shakespearean Geography

Answer: Ephesus, Arden, Inverness

Level 1091

Theme: Inventive Italian

Answer: Anemometer, Piano, Torricelli

Level 1092

Theme: Double “B”S

Answer: Hobbledehoy, Gobbledygook

Level 1093

Theme: Extraordinary Measures

Answer: Quindecagon, Incubation

Level 1094

Theme: He Saw God

Answer: Solomon, Balaam, Gideon, Enoch

Level 1095

Theme: American Men Of War

Answer: Schwarzkopf, Pershing, Patton

Level 1096

Theme: A Beautiful “Ind”

Answer: Indicium, Qindar, Cylindrical

Level 1097

Theme: Battlefields

Answer: Cajamarca, Leipzig, Hastings

Level 1098

Theme: Pay The “Bill”

Answer: Billeted, Dishabille, Billowy

Level 1099

Theme: More Than Is Needed

Answer: Superfluent, Repetitious

Level 1100

Theme: World Travel

Answer: Cotopaxi, Balzers, Lugano, Faro

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