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Guess the Icon

Guess the Icon is the latest game to grow out of the icon-quiz craze. We should have seen it coming. After the runaway success of Icomania and Icon Pop Quiz, there are tons of copycat games popping up that tease your brain in the same way. Pro Film Games broke onto the scene not long ago with another knockoff, Close Up Pics Zoom Pop Quiz–no prizes as to what that was based on. It’s a pretty fun game, though, and challenging in different ways than the games that came before.

guess the icon

In Guess the Icon, you have to figure out one hundred different picture puzzles. They’re all small, minimal cartoons that indicate most–but not all–of the information you need to know about the subject. The icons can be from any category, from food and animals to brand names and comic book characters. With so many potential answers in the mix, Guess the Icon is not an easy game for the average casual gamer.

As with most picture quizzes, Guess the Icon is a very simple game. Look at the icon, then look at the spaces underneath it. You must fill the letter blanks with the correct answer. You can only use the letters provided in the bank at the bottom of the screen. This bank is actually something of a hint in itself. If you see a letter repeated more than once, that increases the chance it will appear at least once in the answer. Keep an eye out for uncommon letters like Z and X, too.

But what separates Guess the Icon from its predecessors is its randomization. Each playthrough is slightly different than the one before. It’s impossible to just play until you run out of hints and then start over–you won’t get the same order of levels. That makes finding Guess the Icon answers difficult, but not impossible, as you’ll see by following that link.

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