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Rebus, the Absurd Logic Game, is the latest app developed by Jutiful. It was released on March 26th, 2015 and it has already made a huge impression on the market. Rebus uses graphics and images to make you think of words or phrases. It might sound easy, but a lot of these puzzles are very tricky. You have to train your brain to think in a different way. Rebus relies on visual puns and associations for its puzzles to work. For example, a picture of a W worn as an earring would not be associated with the word jewelry, earring, ear or letter. Instead, you have to combine w and ear to get the word wear. If this sort of brain puzzle sounds perfect for you, you should check out Rebus on the App Store or Google Play. Stuck and frustrated? Scroll down to find Rebus answers for each level in the game.

Rebus Sheet 1 Answers

Level 1: G and a heart = GLOVE
Level 2: Car going uphill = CARD
Level 3: Numbers 6135 = FACE
Level 4: Tetris pieces = TENT
Level 5: Upside down hanger = BAT
Level 6: Earring letter W = WEAR
Level 7: MDAY = MONDAY
Level 8: Nail in s shape = SNAIL

Rebus Sheet 2 Answers

Level 9: Side of head = CLEAR
Level 10: Raindrops in T shape = TRAIN
Level 11: Key on purple background = MONKEY
Level 12: L& = LAND
Level 13: 5 rings in rainbow shades = ORANGE
Level 14: Bee on blue background = BEEF
Level 15: Ship near land = SPORT
Level 16: Co and hand = COOK

Rebus Sheet 3 Answers

Level 17: Pin and letter K = PINK
Level 18: Green car on purple background = CAREER
Level 19: Upside grey 10 on blue background = NET
Level 20: Picture of fish, orange, duck and leek = FOOD
Level 21: NIS repeated = TENNIS
Level 22: LDON = London
Level 23: Bell on purple background with blue ribbon = BELLY
Level 24: Seal and G on blue background = SEALING

Rebus Sheet 4 Answers

Level 25: Teddy bear on blue background = BEARD
Level 26: Rose on yellow background = PROSE
Level 27: Yellow letter t on purple background with po = POINT
Level 28: F with yellow light on blue background = FLIGHT
Level 29: Pond and three trees on yellow and green background = SPARK
Level 30: B repeated 20 times on red background = BALL
Level 31: Chicken on blue background: CLOCK
Level 32: Pink C&Y on yellow background: CANDY

Rebus Sheet 5 Answers

Level 33: Bird on purple background = BOWL
Level 34: Letter G and circle = GROUND
Level 35: H in blue T shape = HINT
Level 36: Red box with white E squared = REED
Level 37: Tiny N on red background = MICRON
Level 38: MC squared + G squared = EGG
Level 39: Black S and G on yellow background = SONG
Level 40: Grey background with blue and yellow squares = GREEN

Rebus Sheet 6 Answers

Level 41: Pink CH on yellow background = CHEAT
Level 42: White S on blue blob and background = SINK
Level 43: Monkey face and GR on green background = GRAPE
Level 44: Black E and gray L on orange background = LINE
Level 45: Pink 10 DER on yellow background = TENDER
Level 46: Blue P and green Y on brown background = PONY
Level 47: White dotted P on pink background = PRICE
Level 48: Green chair like shapes on grey background = CAR

Rebus Sheet 7 Answers

Level 49: Brown P on a horse = PRIDE
Level 50: Pan and eggs on orange background = PANIC
Level 51: Map with X and Os = PLANET
Level 52: Bricks with pink ET written = WALLET
Level 53: Green M and D on pink background = MIND
Level 54: Sections of blue, orange and yellow = BOY
Level 55: Black h/n on orange background = HORN
Level 56: Red background with long white lines at bottom = FLOW

Rebus Sheet 8 Answers

Level 57: Purple As in S shape on yellow background = SOFA
Level 58: Blue P and D on blue background = POND
Level 59: Purple T and K running after each other on yellow background = TRUNK
Level 60: Grey pot on orange background = SPOT
Level 61: Pink O with scar on blue background = OSCAR
Level 62: White V=IT on blue background = VISIT
Level 63: Black and blue car on orange background = SCARF
Level 64: Yellow Y outlined on purple background = PARTY

Rebus Sheet 9 Answers

Level 65: Red trident in O shape = HELLO
Level 66: Green M asking a question = MASK
Level 67: White circle arrow going through blue, orange, pink and brown boxes = BOMB
Level 68: Purple circle and Y on yellow background = DISCOVERY
Level 69: On/off switch and blue ER on grey background = OFFER
Level 70: Silver tool on blue background = STOOL
Level 71: Rings of tree trunk on yellow background = PAGE
Level 72: Blue K and G on purple background = KING

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