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Word Whizzle Answers Spider

Here are all the Word Whizzle answers for every level in the Spider pack. To solve each level, you will have to find hidden words on a board of letters. As you progress through the game, the packs and levels will get more challenging. If you get stuck on a level, just use our Word Whizzle answers below.

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Word Whizzle Spider Answers

Level 831

Theme: Things with Stripes

Answer: Zebra, Tiger, Shirt, Skunk, Flags

Level 832

Theme: In a Hospital

Answer: Scale, Nurse, Gauze, Sling, Blood

Level 833

Theme: Reasons to Quit Your Job

Answer: Money, Hours, Tired, Leave, Check

Level 834

Theme: Green Foods

Answer: Pesto, Salad, Grape, Olive, Apple

Level 835

Theme: Ends in N

Answer: Cabin, Flown, Grain, Cumin, Sedan

Level 836

Theme: Weekend Activities

Answer: Cycle, Sleep, Movie, Games, Clean

Level 837

Theme: Seafood

Answer: Conch, Squid, Smelt, Trout, Scrod

Level 838

Theme: Double Letters

Answer: Kiddo, Piggy, Bocce, Llama, Allow

Level 839

Theme: Things You Do At a Party

Answer: Drink, Laugh, Dance, Games, Visit

Level 840

Theme: Sound Verbs

Answer: Bleat, Speak, Whine, Blare, Click

Level 841

Theme: At the Bar

Answer: Snack, Darts, Lager, Music, Drunk

Level 842

Theme: Spicy

Answer: Chili, Curry, Wings, Salsa, Datil

Level 843

Theme: Foreign Words Used in English

Answer: Amour, Adieu, Khaki, Adios, Villa

Level 844

Theme: Carnival

Answer: Clown, Event, Booth, Float, Feast

Level 845

Theme: Honeymoon Locales

Answer: Hotel, Beach, Kauai, Paris, Lodge

Level 846

Theme: Things That Come in the Mail

Answer: Stamp, Check, Paper, Offer, Gifts

Level 847

Theme: Contains ice

Answer: Price, Piece, Mince, Cited, Cried

Level 848

Theme: Sit on It

Answer: Couch, Stool, Bench, Floor, Swing

Level 849

Theme: You Buy It for Kids

Answer: Candy, Bunny, Legos, Video, Truck

Level 850

Theme: It Can Kill You

Answer: Knife, Venom, Snake, Rifle, Lance

Level 851

Theme: Every Day

Answer: Lunch, Sleep, Awake, Dream, Labor

Level 852

Theme: Walking Verbs

Answer: Strut, Tread, Swoop, Skulk, Mince

Level 853

Theme: Two Y’s

Answer: Byway, Gypsy, Yucky, Yappy, Wryly

Level 854

Theme: Reasons to Call 911

Answer: Smoke, Fight, Arson, Alarm, Wreck

Level 855

Theme: It Has Wheels

Answer: Wagon, Train, Skate, Truck, Buggy

Level 856

Theme: Positive Adjectives

Answer: Jolly, Happy, Bliss, Sunny, Noble

Level 857

Theme: Starts with

Answer: Image, Irony, Infer, Idiot, Inept

Level 858

Theme: With Buttons

Answer: Pants, Phone, Belly, Mouse, Radio

Level 859

Theme: Titles People Can Have

Answer: Judge, Abbot, Chief, Elder, Saint

Level 860

Theme: More Than One Meaning

Answer: Watch, Mouse, Train, Pound, Utter

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