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Word Whizzle Answers Sea Monster

Here are all the Word Whizzle answers for every level in the Sea Monster pack. To solve each level, you will have to find hidden words on a board of letters. As you progress through the game, the packs and levels will get more challenging. If you get stuck on a level, just use our Word Whizzle answers below.

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Word Whizzle Sea Monster Answers

Level 921

Theme: On Man’S Best Friend

Answer: Collar, Fleas, Leash, Fur, Canine

Level 922

Theme: It’S Getting Rocky

Answer: Metamorphic, Flint, Shale

Level 923

Theme: What’S Your Major?

Answer: Economics, Journalism, Math

Level 924

Theme: What’S “Nu”?

Answer: Nuptial, Numerous, Nutrition

Level 925

Theme: Channel Surfing

Answer: Discovery, History, Espn, Hbo

Level 926

Theme: Orthodontics

Answer: Braces, Gap, Bite, Straighten

Level 927

Theme: Men Of Science

Answer: Hubble, Newton, Midgley, Sagan

Level 928

Theme: Straight “A”S

Answer: Allow, Ample, Aerial, Argon

Level 929

Theme: Musical Theater

Answer: Rent, Cabaret, Cats, Oklahoma

Level 930

Theme: It’S All Relative

Answer: Grandfather, Cousin, Kin, Uncle

Level 931

Theme: Out Of An Umpire’S Mouth

Answer: Strike, Balk, Safe, Ball, Timeout

Level 932

Theme: Witchcraft

Answer: Warlock, Spell, Wicca, Coven

Level 933

Theme: Rhymes With Me

Answer: Banshee, Absentee, Free, Gutsy

Level 934

Theme: Nature

Answer: Stalagmite, Yeast, Monkey

Level 935

Theme: Part Of A Homophone Pair

Answer: Prophet, Heart, Peak, Knot

Level 936

Theme: Seafood Diet

Answer: Salmon, Trout, Caviar, Squid

Level 937

Theme: They Discovered Stuff

Answer: Drake, Burton, Marquette

Level 938

Theme: Let’S Play Poker

Answer: Stud, Dealer, Wildcard, Flush

Level 939

Theme: Famous Frenchmen

Answer: Descartes, Napoleon, Foucault

Level 940

Theme: Skin Deep

Answer: Wrinkle, Cuticle, Dermis, Rash

Level 941

Theme: European Vacation

Answer: Prague, Vatican, Louvre, Paris

Level 942

Theme: On The Sloop

Answer: Stern, Galley, Decks, Anchor

Level 943

Theme: File Under “G”

Answer: Garage, Guest, Gingerbread

Level 944

Theme: Words Paired With Glass

Answer: Spy, Stained, Hour, Ware, House

Level 945

Theme: You Shake It

Answer: Martini, Leg, Booty, Maraca

Level 946

Theme: _____Blade

Answer: Shoulder, Sling, Roller, Knife

Level 947

Theme: Get A Grip

Answer: Handshake, Vice, Tread, Clamp

Level 948

Theme: Take The Cake

Answer: Pound, Streusel, Layer, Sheet

Level 949

Theme: Big In Japan

Answer: Sushi, Tokyo, Sashimi, Anime

Level 950

Theme: Earth’S Little Critters

Answer: Hummingbird, Mouse, Flea

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