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Word Whizzle Answers Dragon

Here are all the Word Whizzle answers for every level in the Dragon pack. To solve each level, you will have to find hidden words on a board of letters. As you progress through the game, the packs and levels will get more challenging. If you get stuck on a level, just use our Word Whizzle answers below.

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Word Whizzle Dragon Answers

Level 951

Theme: Chem Lab

Answer: Experiment, Compound, Base

Level 952

Theme: In Your Spare Time

Answer: Hobby, Woodworking, Fishing

Level 953

Theme: Reading The Food Label

Answer: Servings, Sodium, Fat, Fiber

Level 954

Theme: Major League Baseball

Answer: Braves, Mantle, Wrigley, Mets

Level 955

Theme: Italian City Tour

Answer: Verona, Venice, Parma, Genoa

Level 956

Theme: Blood Test

Answer: Type, Plasma, Artery, Vein

Level 957

Theme: “O”S

Answer: Orchard, Oriole, Olive, Operate

Level 958

Theme: Chewing Gum

Answer: Chiclets, Trident, Bazooka

Level 959

Theme: In The Big Apple

Answer: Core, Seeds, Peel, Flesh, Stem

Level 960

Theme: Libations

Answer: Cocktail, Margarita, Scotch

Level 961

Theme: They’Re History

Answer: Ramses, Ptolemy, Hadrian

Level 962

Theme: Snow White’S Companions

Answer: Sleepy, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy

Level 963

Theme: Disney Movies

Answer: Fantasia, Cinderella, Bambi

Level 964

Theme: Traveling The Ancient World

Answer: Babylon, Carthage, Sparta, Troy

Level 965

Theme: Launch It

Answer: Catapult, Torpedo, Missile

Level 966

Theme: Athletic Cups

Answer: World, Americas, Stanley

Level 967

Theme: Shoe Biz

Answer: Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Converse

Level 968

Theme: “Hi” Five

Answer: Hippie, Hideaway, Hibernate

Level 969

Theme: The Totem Pole

Answer: Cedar, Family, Carved, Potlatch

Level 970

Theme: Creepers And Crawlers

Answer: Caterpillar, Snake, Lizard

Level 971

Theme: Unsolved Mysteries

Answer: Bigfoot, Stonehenge, Earhart

Level 972

Theme: Where The Sun Don’T Shine

Answer: Well, Mine, Cave, Tunnel, Hole

Level 973

Theme: A “B” City

Answer: Berlin, Barcelona, Bologna

Level 974

Theme: Straight From The Heart

Answer: Aorta, Valve, Pacemaker, Beat

Level 975

Theme: Physics 101

Answer: Momentum, Mass, Energy, Gravity

Level 976

Theme: Open It And Go In

Answer: Gate, Door, Lock, Window, Latch

Level 977

Theme: Crustaceans

Answer: Krill, Barnacle, Isopod, Prawn

Level 978

Theme: The Little Things Matter

Answer: Atom, Electron, Pollen, Mite

Level 979

Theme: Body Works

Answer: Lungs, Incisor, Cartilage, Bone

Level 980

Theme: Coming To America

Answer: Immigrant, Pilgrim, Mayflower

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