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Swing Copters Hack

The new game just released by Dong Nguyen has everyone talking. Swing Copters is the new game that resembles his other hit game, Flappy Bird. If you remember, Flappy Bird was taken down from the app store, after having huge success in just a few days. If you never had the chance to play Flappy Bird, download Swing Copters and start flying.





In the game you will be flying a character around that has a propeller on his head. Unlike in Flappy Bird, you will be flying vertically rather than horizontally. As you fly up the screen you will be trying to avoid platforms and swinging hammers. To control the flying character, you will need to tap the screen to get him to change directions from left to right. This is the hardest part about the game.

Mastering the tap will definitely take multiple attempts. Tapping the screen will keep the character in a straight path through the openings in the platforms. However, you will also need to avoid swinging hammers that swing from the platforms, making it a little harder. As you progress through the game you will be rewarded with medals. Use the medals to unlock different characters for you to fly around.

Be ready, once you start playing this game you will not want to stop until you reach a new high score! If you are having trouble figuring out the tap and flying through the different obstacles, check out Swing Copters hacks and cheats to keep you playing.

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