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What’s the Word 4 Pics 1 Word Comment Feedback Pt 3

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Welcome Visitors to Our What’s the Word Comment Feedback Daily Blog Posting. Here, we provide feedback and answers to many of the comments our users post on our sites. We answer everything from questions about level answers, updates, blogging, developer profiles, and the latest and best trivia and puzzle apps.
Now that the buzz from the Cinco de Mayo activities from the past weekend has cooled, we have answered some of your questions pertaining to What’s the Word. We are here to answer any question you have about What’s the Word 4 Pics 1 Word, just give us the the descriptions of the pictures you see, the letter number, and around what level of that game the answer you need is on. We hope this blog helps and please feel free to give us any feedback or questions you have about the game!

Our first question comes from Kelly. Kelly wrote,
“Stuck on 8 letter word
Parents are fighting with kid in the middle
A man yelling at a woman who is blown away
Boss and employee head to head angry
woman has her finger in man’s face

The answer you are looking for here is “Voice”. You can see your image description on our website by Clicking Here

“NotSoWise” wrote,
“Microphone in hand,folded paper, cartoon of egyptian with blank bubble over his head,chat button on keyboard……letters are…..T L E O E C G N M F M P”

The answer you are looking for here is “Comment”. The images with hints and answers can also be found by Clicking Here

“Lollolol” wrote,
“A man stressing about a computer
Two man playing ice hokey
A man yelling at a computer holding a fist
Two men in a boxing ring one is laying on the floor knocked out”

The answer for for this level is “Upset”. The man is angry at his computer, the hockey players are fighting on the ice, the boxers are competiting against each other, and the other man is stressed that his computer is crashing. Hope this helps!

Anonymous wrote,
6 letter #777…
“man covering girls eyes and a gift
carnival ride
well dressed man with flowers under arm

The answer for this puzzle is “Thrill”. The parachute and carnival is reminsicent of somethign exciting and suspensful, while the girl is surprised by a gift from her boyfriend, and the man has a surprise of flowers for a loved one. You can view the answer by Clicking Here

Anonymous posted,
“What is the one that has a lady with a mic, a bullhorn and on the phone?
The answer you are looking for is “Shout”. Each picture has something related to speaking, yelling, and projecting your voice.”

C. Smith wrote,
“I’m stuck on what’s a word #787. 6 letters ending in “or”. Pictures of a stack f books, someone’s reading a book with old hands, 2 or 3 books on a table with a pair of glasses.

The answer you are looking for here is “Author”. Where each icon is related to a person reading or writing. You can find the answer and more like it by Viewing Here

These are the most recent comments from today May 7 and yesterday May 6. If you have any more questions about any level of What’s the Word 4 Pics 1 Word please feel free to comment on our site and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Please remember that while searching for a level answer in your comment it helps to write the number of letters in that answers along with the pictures you see and Level number. The more information we have the more we will be able to help you. What’s the Word 4 Pics 1 Word is constantly being updated so we will also alert you for the next batch of level answers, although we currently have all answers for all levels of What’s the Word but with so many levels and pictures- it can be confusing! That is why we have created this blog in order to help those who are still searching for the right answer.

Have a great day and until next time!

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6 Responses to What’s the Word 4 Pics 1 Word Comment Feedback Pt 3

  1. ALISA says:

    What’s the word # 493 the answer is SAND however there is no D in the letter selection. So u cannot solve this one..what do I do ? I got the answer from the cheats….

  2. Dana Duncan says:

    For What’s The Word there is one puzzle I can’t find anywhere on any level of cheats. It is a 6 letter answer. 4 pictures to me look like a Clock(up high like over a street or on a pole),a Lamp post-you see shape of post and inside it looks like one light, Round tables and chairs set up on a brick patio or something and the other just looks like Bricks. Thank you very much. Do you all write my e-mail or do I need to check back here? This may be a puzzle that is too new to have in any of answers. Possibly the pictures have changed? I have had this puzzle for less than a week

  3. David says:

    I think that some of the levels are quite mixed up and confusing the site has helped me though so thank you guys!

  4. Rebecca D. Hall says:

    I cannot figure out how to find out what level I’m on and second I cannot find the answer to the one I’m on. It’s six letters. First pic- group with hands in “pile” 2nd pic- builder with level. 3rd pic is a stone angel with tablet below hands. Last pic is two glasses of some liquid the fore glass is clear the far glass has maybe a red chili? Letters are QOZYIVSLXNPUBIKERSTU

  5. Shawna Steeves says:

    Ok 4 pics are
    mom holding little girl while another stands on the wall
    two fighters one on the floor other ready to pinch and ref in background
    a single guy looking in mirror wrapping hand
    Last is 2 guys fist bombing one sitting on a bed?
    7 letters

  6. MikeLieberman says:

    There is a level 126 (6 letters) puzzle on my wife’s Samsung Tab 10:1 for which: I do not see a comparable set of photos on this site; the scrabble cheaters for the letters I have, do not produce any word that works. The four photos are: An ice-house, (or igloo,); A sled dog team of huskies pulling a sled; three fish laying on some slushy ice; a polar bear. The letters are: b,a,s,i,m,p,i,k,o,e,r,n. My wife burned 100 points to reveal a letter and it produced an E in the first position. The only six letter word with those letters are: eikons, embank, embark, embars, embosk, enamor, enokis, eonism. None of these work. Even if the letter E is not the first, no word I can find in the “” makes a match.

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