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4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 1-20

4 Pics 1 Word Levels answers and cheats to level 1-20 of the popular game for iOS and Android by developer LOTUM GmbH. Having trouble beating a level of 4 Pics 1 Word Levels, like dirty? This page has all the 4 Pics 1 Word Levels answers and cheats to help you beat the game.

4 Pics 1 Word Levels Levels 1-20

4 Pics 1 Word Levels Bat

4 Pics 1 Word Levels Can

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1,239 Responses to 4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 1-20

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    post ALL of the answers…please and thank you

  3. madison says:

    Umm I need level 216. It said allanswers .. this is not all the answers

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Umm yeah I am on level 205 but I cannot find the answer for it, and its really confusing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i need level 187

  8. Anonymous says:

    I need level 30

  9. Anonymous says:

    i am on level 249. There is a picture of a man in uniform sitting in a chair, a man and woman in an office the man is seemingly taking notes for the woman, a woman with a tape recorder, and 3 japanese people 1 male 2 female sitting around a computer. Its 7 letters and the letters are t t c c h I a e d s j k anyone have any ideas? ive been stuck for 2 days now

  10. secret says:

    Level 249 im stuck on that one to but he secnd letter is (i) and the 5th letter is (a)

  11. Anonymous says:

    anyone know answer to 164?? guy in bright blue polo shirt and sunglasses…woman’s legs in jeans and heels, rack of ladies colorful blouses hanging…closeup of black leather jacket with several zippers…letters are Z H A L G E O S X C U T……..THANKS πŸ™‚

  12. Anonymous says:

    5 letters. A man turning a handle, men playing a foosball type game, a gold thing with a handle, and a steel thing.

  13. Ras says:

    Level 193 anyone? … Please!?

  14. anonymous says:

    I need level 234

  15. Anonymous says:

    … To bad these are all the levels I’ve already beat!!! I need lvl 197

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. rachel says:

    Level 155 gold, bartender, chocolate, ladies getting drinks

  18. Jesska says:

    I finished this game today if you need help put up the details and I will try and remember the answers for you considering this site doesnt have all of them and (in my experience) the numbers arent always the same.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mine is man in hard hat seems to be mad. Rock climber falling, razorblade, knife

  20. Monae Simmons says:

    Thansk πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ This helped out a lot! πŸ˜€

  21. hall says:

    A picture of a warehouse building, stick figures, keyboard, and outter space? five letter word.


  22. Anonymous says:

    Man n hard hat with the knife and things is edge

  23. Jose says:

    I need help on level 100
    can someone please help?!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I need help, has a train and man sitting on luggage a man running to a restroom

  25. emily says:

    i need level 202.
    there are two pictures of cars racing with a cloud of dust, a picture of people protesting and a picture of a blurry group of people

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  27. Anonymous says:

    Level 222? Letter b. White house. Eiffel Tower. The word news in dice. Letters lzazjpocidat

  28. Amanda says:

    My picture is a basketball going into the hoop a sheet of music notes and then a piece of paper with with check boxes and a penciled and then a piece of paper with old writing on it

  29. melissa says:

    i’m stuck on 229

    • Melissa says:

      it was sole
      and nxt one is chip for 230

  30. melissa says:

    254/ says stay tuned.. lol

  31. Brenda says:

    Level 146? A lady holding a beer, freeway,

  32. Anonymous says:

    Food..class with teacher at white board..golfer swinging… two kids infront of a computer??? HELPPP IM STUCK!!

  33. chloe says:

    I need helppp , i have,a group of girls in a huddle with their hand in the air – then broken automobiles -a green arrow pointing at a group and a man bent down in the grass ( 8 Letters) #Stuclkk

  34. Monique says:

    I need help with lvl 100. I girl holding beer, a castle, a Fancy house, and cars on a roadway. It is 7 lvls. the letters are dybgeayrjmnx

  35. Anonymous says:

    3 letter word
    Guy playing tennis
    Club card
    Ball on fire

  36. nik says:

    I have the night sky, underwater, and a girl in white with her hands spread out…four letters
    D p b u c z y j x f e e

  37. Amanda says:

    I need help again lol I got a couple taking a pic with a phone a women popping a zit another women looking threw spy equipment and last pic is a dark room and light coming in

  38. Sharon says:

    Need help on 207.
    A mosquito
    A man holding a bagful of fruits and veggies
    a drawn bird with an envelope in its beak
    A military jet taking off from a ship

  39. crystal says:

    @sharon it carrier

  40. crystal says:

    And that was my level 185 lol

  41. manda says:

    Fml did help at all.

  42. Anonymous says:

    couldn’t you put them in order? it would help a lot!

  43. Ji says:

    Level 246

    5 letters
    1. there are many things.. cups, dish, glass, clock etc on the table
    very unsanitary
    2. a raw turkey and usa flag
    3. a man try hard to close the trunk that full of clothes
    4. a boy open his mouth to eat pasta

    U H Z F S D F S C T Z L

  44. Cheryl says:

    I’m stuck on 106 3 letter and the middle letter is “R”?

  45. jaelyn says:

    I’m on level 155 with a gavel , a man and a women in suits, and cards in order from. 10. Jack queen. King and ace someone help.. letters are z
    Z N I S T O
    E U R T D M

  46. Denise says:

    Level 175? The pictures are as follows: Oil spilling, Close up of gun, Man holding rifle, Kitten in a bucket. 6 letter word. Letters are A, R, H, N, N, T, B, L, V, E, R, K. Last letter is L.

  47. yazsmine says:


  48. CaniKane says:

    Level 105? Two men holding cards, looks like a man jump from one mountian to another, and a view of a lake or ocean with little mountians with grass on them

  49. CandiKane says:

    the letters are rlfustfbf and the last letter of the word is F

  50. Denise says:

    Level 192 Canyon, Bell hops, Piano, Steps in a stadium. 5 letters. F, L, R, Q, L, D, A, L, G, S, N, F.

  51. Anonymous says:

    thought this said all levels

  52. CandiKane says:

    Help!!! Race track, blant sheet of paper, empty road, lady with headphones.

  53. jen says:

    Level 205

  54. Windham says:

    Level 232
    2 girls and a guy on putting green for golf
    Dark picture with a bunch of people with hands in the air
    Soccer team in a huddle
    2 girls dancing
    4 letter word with letter choices
    R O D Y T B
    L C Q K U S please help

  55. Alli says:

    The “World” answer isn’t correct. “Astronauts, Astronaut, Tikki Heads and Carnival Person). Could I have the correct answer please???? Thanks for the rest though xD.

  56. Haseena says:

    The ‘astronauts, astronaut, tikki heads and carnival person’ word is FLOAT πŸ™‚

  57. Anonymous says:

    Help old car, airplane, boat what is it????

  58. Shelly says:

    I’m stuck!! Sunbeds and cards!!!

  59. Jess says:

    I need help with 32, tons of flags from different countries, tons of white chairs, tons of people with the hair cut, and tons of pictures of different things like lowers and crap.

  60. Anonymous says:

    What’s level 119? A bunch of deserted vehicles

  61. Sparks says:

    Level 188 man in chair 1 finger up, lady holding a tape recorder,lady standing in front of a man writing, help seven letters tjerttwsdaic

  62. Anonymous says:

    A chick that’s been hatched, a boy getting told off by his mam, a guy turning back time and a stopwatch! Six letters btw

    I U M E O C I N L Y T N

  63. Hana says:

    This doesn’t even have all of the pictures.

  64. k says:

    Old car plane and boat is crash

  65. k says:

    Crash- old car boat plane

  66. k says:

    Recorder pic dictate

  67. Anonymous says:

    Jess its plenty

  68. Anonymous says:

    Nik deep
    Windham club

  69. Austin says:

    I have the word change but it doesn’t show the letter G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Raysa says:

    Need help with 184. Please

  71. Anonymous says:

    A knife, a blade, a person helping another onto a cliff, a man in a yellow hard hat with his hand up. Level 202

  72. Anonymous says:

    On 111 on here, it says the pictures spell out WORLD but on mine with those same pictures it is a 5 letter word, letter 4 is A with a choice of O V T N J B D L F N N ?

  73. Anonymous says:

    I need help on level 185 please

  74. Kera Beth Hamilton says:

    Someone please help me level 150
    A witch holding an open book
    Voodoo doll with pins in it
    An alphabet with people holding “hello”
    A frog wearing a crown
    The letters are….
    X L G Y L I
    E M P S J O

  75. Anonymous says:

    spell is the word

  76. Anonymous says:

    I need help on level 25 I’m really stuck
    One pic is of some flags another is of a crowd of people and another one is of a hole lot of photos and the last one is of a table with a hole bunch of chairs around it.

    Pleeeeeeese help!

  77. someone says:

    I freakin look through every single one and could not find the one I need what the fuck exuse my french plz I am pissed

  78. Oliviaaaaa says:

    4 pics 1 word level 22 pics r meat and beef remaining letters r S Y A V Q G H X R H R im also playing on a ipad….. OLEASEEE HEEELLPPP!!!!!!!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer to 197

  80. Marchbaby says:

    I need help with level 246 first picture a group of kids with blu shorts white to bare footed right arms in the air, secon picture 4 arrows pointing to a group of 4 people, third picture a guy outside on a field working on something,fourth picture a car being built in a factory. The puzzle is a 8 letter word the letters are: M E S A L S B K U E Z A please help!!!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Level 216
    Ice cube
    A map of the u.s.a
    Globe with flags on it

    • Anonymous says:

      Level 216 state
      What’s the one with the showered head drop, girl in black heels then some Guy pressing on a button looks like. Telegram or something

  82. Anonymous says:

    It helped me

  83. Rhi says:

    What about 221?

    1. picture of people climbing a mountain
    2. Picture of a yellow pencil
    3. Speeding black car
    4. A girl wearing a hat looking at a woman pointing at something on a wall.

    It’s 4 letters ( p m b e g u i k a l d u )

  84. suz says:

    @ Rhi. Its lead

  85. AJ says:

    @Rhi…..its lead

  86. Megan says:

    Help please, am on level 146..
    1. Man pulling black rope
    2. Fuseball table
    3. Unsure
    4. Unsure
    Its 5 letters K N J N A F C Z A U R M

  87. 4pic1wrd cray says:

    Anyone have level 225? White house, fancy letter B, eifel tower, letters n e w s. On dice like cubes. Please help!

  88. Anonymous says:

    Answer to 204 baby being held, lady on a phone, lady hold glass of water, two hands

  89. Anonymous says:

    ^ 201

  90. heather says:

    whats the one with a red phone cord, boy catching football, woman with a piece of paper with red bow on it, and a dvd player?

  91. Jackie says:

    i need help it says level 253 it has like a radish dessert a teacher writing on a white board a golfer and adult on a computer i nee help the last letter is a e and its 6 letters

  92. somebody says:

    money, britain, old scales and someone with a tape measure round waist

  93. Gem says:

    I’m stuck on level 226 can anyone help:)

  94. Anonymous says:

    the one that says world is wrong!

  95. Emily says:

    What’s the answer to 164?

  96. Anonymous says:

    Need help with level 195.
    A woman running
    Picture frames
    Someone mixing pottery
    A ruler

  97. Shakira says:

    Heather the answer is receiver

  98. haley says:

    Level 247? Film strip, thumbs down, urine test, and a woman blocking her face
    8 letters
    E N G H V V I T A I E V Help?

  99. haley says:

    195 is shape

  100. carley says:

    Whats 227??

  101. katie says:

    Hey I need level 100
    There’s a guy playing cards
    Guy playing card
    Guy jumping cliffs
    A canyon eith a river in center
    I a,m on android version plz help

  102. jack says:

    I need the answer for 198

  103. gypsycat says:

    Anyone know level 184? a woman in white with her thumb pointing down, a piece of film, a woman looking depressed and a specimen jar – letters O,Y,T,W,A,Q,E,N,V,I,G

  104. Patrick Tucker says:

    The “WORLD” picture, is actually “FLOAT”

  105. Snoopy says:

    Whoever says it doesn’t help is a piece of shit

  106. nicolee says:

    level 200 4 lettersa bandaged hand someone fishing a what looks like a ballot box and two women one in a black dress one in a white one?

  107. Krissy says:

    I need help 119 2 dog with coloful hats, a clown, a lady with a mask, and a little boy withh a colorful cow boy hat
    7 letter word

  108. Anonymous says:

    a man fishing, 2 girls one with a black dress on & the other one with a white dress on & they’re jumping, a broken hand, & a man putting a letter in a slot

  109. anonomous says:

    Wats level 128? Thanks

  110. karin says:

    222 there is stuff that looks like sushi a golfer, a man teaching math and a guy and a girl on the computer. Help me please!

  111. Anonymous says:

    I need help on level 182 it has a pic of a man holding a deck of cards, a pic of another man holding a deck of cards, a sillouhette of a person jumping from one cliff to another,and a pic of a body of water by the mountains

  112. Anonymous says:

    I’m on level 534 and its like
    What the Fuck

  113. heather says:

    whats the one with a hammer on top of a computer screen, car crashed into another car, guy playing drums, and a wrecked car?

  114. lynn says:

    The solution to film woman in white with thumb down and sample and woman crying is negative

  115. Anonymous says:

    Gypsycat the answer is negative

  116. Anonymous says:

    anybody know the answer to level 226?

  117. Anonymous says:

    182 is bluff

  118. anonymous says:

    Help ! I am stuck on 205!
    There is:
    – a guy trying to push everything into a suit case
    – a boy trying to shovel loads of spaghetti into his mouth
    – a turkey piled onto of loads of food
    – and a big pile of dirty pots and dishes etc
    The letters are V F T R S V U G U S L F

  119. Anonymous says:

    A gaval, a man crossing his arms, a woman with her arms crossed and some playing cards(red hearts) level 137 πŸ™‚ thanks

  120. anonymous says:

    level 201 a net 3 balls musical notes 3 smiley faces 3 squares a pencil and old writing help please

  121. Aimee says:

    I have 6 people in a bunch wearing white, a clock at 8, 2013 and a calendar!!! Help please

  122. Anonymous says:

    THERE IS A WRONG ANSWER . You said world, when it should be float

  123. Anonymous says:

    Train, leaves, white running man on a green wall and a man sitting on suitcase. The letters are N E V F M R F A I L S E

  124. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on this, there’s a man standing with arrows around him, then two signs one says yes, the other one says no, then a road with question marks and a road with two signs in the end one says solution one says problem. It’s six letters and I can use i c c o e c n f y o f h

  125. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone help me, I’m stuck on level 109
    There’s a photo of an old camera, two photos of old clocks and a photo of a car
    seven letter word
    T e j a n g
    Q e I g x v

  126. Anonymous says:

    any answers for eiffel tower, news on cubes, white house and letter b?????

  127. Chloe says:

    This is retarded I was doing the world got a cheat and now the O is in the middle

  128. leny says:

    Four letters.
    Ppl at a concert, w.hands up
    Hospital monitor going up and dwn
    Girl w biOxing gloves on
    Guy w boom.box


  129. Anonymous says:

    Help please!!

    Struck on 216, six letters.

    1. Cake on a plate
    2. Guy teaching group of students
    3. Guy taking a swing at golf
    4. Two people at a computer screen

    Driving me insane, thanks πŸ™‚

  130. Kris says:

    Level 231
    A mime, a broken egg, a phone and 2 puppies
    4 letters

  131. Cas says:

    Out of order but thanks this was a great help x

  132. cb says:

    Need help I’m on 193 and its a picture of a scary man holding stick of fire, a bunch of sticks on fire and a guy holding a torch with fire like in the Olympics and a lit match.. 5 letters… X c r t f I y z h s o c ??

  133. harrybo says:

    it was crap un need 31 but its not on there put all levels on please!!!!!!

  134. Anonymous says:

    mines got a guy crouching down in a small room, a guy with a red band around his elbows, a thin road way and a tall skinny door. the letters are n, o, r, r, a, a, w, i, f, x, s, h please help, ive been stuck on it for ages !

  135. Sandra says:

    I need help level 254. A little girl with some kind of paste in her hand, a hammer, outlet full of plugs, and street signs.

  136. Kaurijo says:

    PLEASE HELP! I’ve been stuck on level 239 for days.
    pictures are:
    1. woman sitting at a computer with laptop next to her
    2. some kind of chinese/japanese room divider thing
    3. a couple looking for browsing for a new TV
    4. a baker sifting what looks like powdered sugar.

    answer is 6 letters
    letters are: S C P N E W E R P U L R

  137. someone says:

    Um I cant find my answer

    Pictures are as follows:
    1. Girl with pigtails squeezing toothpaste on a table
    2. Hammer attemoting to crack what looks like an egg
    3. Cords plugged into surge protector
    4. Traffic light with a bunch of traffic signs

    Help please

  138. Anonymous says:

    I need help with level 78 pic with a bunch of cars one with a bunch of bowl the other is a bunch of blah blab and I think the other one is a bunch of chipmunks help please

  139. krystal says:

    The one with the pic of a little girl squeezing toothpaste on table, a bunch of plugs into a surge protector, a traffic light and signs, and the hammer is overkill

  140. olivia says:

    Level 249 for me. A man spreading his arms standing in a lagoon looking place. a gate that looks like its made of woven wood. a man playing tennis. A hsnd pulling a tab off a can . 4 letters. Choices are bzonelpp.

  141. Anonymous says:

    stuck have updated and there are more levels so am on second round!!!! knock out in boxing, ice hockey by the looks of it, one man frustrated at his laptop and the final pic same frustrated at laptop ???? any ideas

  142. Maggie says:

    stuck on 231. On my phone the answer isnt club. Theres: music notes, Looks like letters engraved in wood, a pencil with 3 smiley faces on the paper, a hoop with a basketball and then 2 basketballs faded behind that. Any guesses?

  143. Anonymous says:

    I need help with level 236, the pics are a girl with her thumb down, a film clip, a girl with her hand in her face,, and it looks like the other one is a urine sample, its an 8 letter word. Someone please help!!!!

  144. Anonymous says:

    level 236- negative. Anyone have any ideas for this 5 lettered word using letters: O,K,R,B,H,J,M,W,C,L,C,M. level 239.
    -two people in white doing karate
    -a tall building
    -fruits sliced
    -a mother and son playing with blocks and on toy phones

  145. Anonymous says:

    Level 216, 1st picture is a car with slinging dirt, 2nd picture is a crowd standing outside a building, 3rd picture is a crowd with signs, 4th picture is 2 vehicles riding in the sand.

    5 letters

    H L R J L A Y W V Q A S

  146. Anonymous says:

    Need help it is a three letter word:
    1 log
    2 oldies playing on laptop
    Some painted picture

  147. Anonymous says:

    You guys are all cunts

  148. Anonymous says:

    Women looking at an apple and a cup cake, man with an angel and a devil above his head, man with three arrows on a chalk board above his head, green pen ticking a box.
    6 letters, last one is an E.
    Letters are D O K I K H E I C G C R.
    Please help :/

  149. claire says:

    stuck on level 214 on android, 7 letters a heart shaped with fruit, half green fruit/half coloured, a pile of fruit and veg, a power station at night, inside of a warehouse??
    letters are RUAEIODCCHPH

  150. Sarah says:

    Very very helpful

  151. megan says:

    5 letters long.. first picture is of a blonde woman smiling, brunette lady looking to the right. Then a piggy bank type thing with a coin in the mouth and a clover. Then a hand holding a four leafed clover.

  152. Arleen says:

    Some of us asking questions. Please do not give levels. name pix and the letters and how many blank blocks. We cannot go back and you are wondering why no help?

  153. Anonymous says:


  154. timah says:

    Level 109 old camera old car a clock and a telephone

  155. Scottie says:

    Level 185 8 letters , a lot of plug , street signs , a hammer on top of something .& a little girl playing with tooth paste i think . Helpp ? πŸ™

  156. Anonymous says:

    Level 263 two butterflies and old british princess type woman and an black and whit photo of someone from like mozart time

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you get an answer for this one? I’m stuck in this one and I didn’t see an answer…please and thank you!

  157. Anonymous says:

    Letters are ajxnur coshpm and it’s 7 spaces

  158. Bri says:

    level 176!

  159. Lois says:

    I have what looks like 3 girl scouts, hikers on a mountain, a couple I have front of a church
    And a couple around a table ? 5 words help please!

  160. krystal says:

    Anyone know the answer for the one with the following pics: a woman in red seducing a man, an airplane and shadow, a little island and what looks like unfolded linens???

  161. krystal says:

    @ Suz, thanks so much

  162. Help says:

    Help aboy

  163. Anonymous says:

    What’s level #255?

  164. Anonymous says:

    any help with the one with, citrus fruits, olives, a man holding his back, jars of pickles?

  165. Sophie says:

    239 block

  166. Anonymous says:


  167. Gdhd says:

    This is great

  168. Anonymous says:

    A fish, a baby sleeping, a person fishing and a bench in front of water? 5 letters!

  169. Anonymous says:

    Help! Number 195 for me…
    5 letters
    Green car in sand
    People rushing to a building?
    White cars in sand
    People in blue and red turned around with signs?
    Letters are AXYLAXHLRYEL

  170. Nma0605 says:

    Help! Number 195 for me…
    5 letters
    Green car in sand
    People rushing to a building?
    White cars in sand
    People in blue and red turned around with signs?
    Letters are AXYLAXHLRYE

  171. Anonymous says:

    How is it no help at all? It’s giving you the answers..

  172. Anonymous says:

    Page 10 astronaut and carnival isn’t world it’s float

  173. @kyle says:

    8 letter Contains R L A V E V O K F K L I The pictures are a little girl Squeezing cream, A hammer hitting an egg, a power stip with a dozen chords coming out of it, and the last one is a bunch of street signs( no right turn, no u turn, one way wrong way) just some of the signs. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  174. Anonymous says:

    Level 270 a car approaching another car approaching, two boys one pointing to the right different color squares like a test strip and a tail light of a car
    letters l i i n c z n t e a p . D is the third letter of the word for

  175. Anonymous says:

    Level 257 2 pics of women 1 pic of some1 holding a 4 leaf clover and a pig money box holding a coin and a 4 leaf clover

  176. Starstatus? says:

    Help! Number 195 for me…
    5 letters
    Green car in sand
    People rushing to a building?
    White cars in sand
    People in blue and red turned around with signs?
    Letters are AXYLAXHLRYEL

  177. Anonymous says:


  178. starynight says:

    ok number 27 and its all doing some kind of plowing on a feild…7 letters

  179. Me says:

    The boobs and statue police and hitch hicker one is bust

  180. Anonymous says:

    Level 276 anyone?

  181. krystal says:

    The level with the car approaching, the car tail light signal, the color test strip and the two little boys is indicate.

  182. Edsdxxnm says:

    To you
    To be onset those comments are sick dont worry you helped me its ovious those people don’t know how’ to see or read and I’m 11 bye
    From ????????????????????

  183. Anonymous says:

    Level 188 iPhone.
    Ice cube, map of America, map of Europe with pins on it, and water boiling under a Bunsen burner. 5 letter, 4th letter t. I have no freaking idea!

  184. Anonymous says:

    Level 198 iPhone.
    A desert (Food), A man teaching a maths class, A man who just shot a golf ball using a driver, a man and a woman looking at a computer screen and smiling.

  185. Katie mc gee says:

    What is 202 it has girl pouring toothpaste on table and traffic lights surrendered with sighs

  186. Anonymous says:

    I need help with 263, it’s a soccer ball in blue flames, a bunch of dig coloured lights, a red snowflakes image and a stage set with blue lights

  187. Anonymous says:

    Dif ^^^^ not dig

  188. charley says:

    what the answer 2 level 133 please

  189. Patsy says:

    Woman running
    90 degrees triangle ruler thingy!

  190. Anonymous says:

    A woman whispering something to a man.
    Some kind of iron fence
    A mouth being closed with a zipper
    3 blue binders with a chain and lock around them
    7 letters

  191. Vic says:

    A woman whispering something to a man.
    Some kind of iron fence
    A mouth being closed with a zipper
    3 blue binders with a chain and lock around them
    7 letters

  192. Anonymous says:

    IF You use the numbers you

  193. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t tell me the 1 I needed ;(

  194. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much Krystal!

  195. charlie says:

    7 letter word
    Soccer ball with blue fire and th other 3 pics are like sparkling lights

  196. Anonymous says:

    Doctors doing surgery , scientists dropping liquid in glasses girl with bunny ears and a Singer with a microphone. 7 letter word 2nd letter is e .. the letters arerflcumporkh

  197. Jenn says:

    Man with party stuff
    Woman with post it with bla bla on it
    Cartoon eyes

    Help please…thx

  198. krystal says:

    Anyone know the answer for the following pics: a woman with long red hair, a man serving a tennis ball, black stripes painted on a wall, and blue stripes on a wall??? Thanks

  199. Anonymous says:

    You are all bealing little bitches

  200. Isadora Winter says:

    Level 206
    1.A girl playing chess that are colourful
    2.A man hitting a ball with a bat .
    3.A group of girls surrounding a man
    4.A cd in a cd player .

    It’s a 5 letter word .
    Choices of letters are :
    Y B S U E P A L Y R B A

    Thanks for helping ! πŸ™‚

  201. stephanie says:

    Ok need help…. it’s a lady with large black glasses, a boy sticking out his tongue, a lady with pigtails and a funny face, then a little girl looks to be making a face after biting something sour….. 7 letters…. I have been stuck here for a few days now

  202. Cheryl says:

    Im stuck on level 269 it’s 5 letters 2 pics are of men on lap tops they look frustrated another is a boxer has knocked a guy out and the last one is of a hockey player and he looks like he won as there’s someon in the back ground that looks upset as he lost the letters are : c c c p p u q w e z s t….plz help

  203. Sophie says:

    Cheryl, i’ve got the same photos but different letters
    E L R S M H
    S T U P V E

  204. Dan says:

    Isadora : player
    Cheryl : upset

  205. Isadora Winter says:

    Thank you so much Dan ! πŸ™‚

  206. Shawn Carter says:


  207. Anonymous says:

    Some of them were not Even the right word

  208. Anonymous says:

    Wish there were more levels….

  209. Noodle doodle doo says:

    I got so many answers from this

  210. Isadora Winter says:

    Level 211
    1.4 cards
    2.A guy about to hit a ball (Tennis)
    3.A black clove
    4.A tennis ball on fire

    3 letter word
    The choices are:
    V K B G A Z C X A O R E

    Thanks for helping .

  211. Lozenges says:

    Level 356 letters are
    PKLESHRSEUU 5 letters and the fith is a T
    Pictures are
    2men kick boxing one knocked out
    Man shouts st computer with blue shirt
    2 ice hockey players in sillouete
    Man in striped shirt angry at computer
    Any help would be great thanks.

  212. Anonymous says:

    A man with a microphone and clipboard
    A factory
    What looks like a stereo
    And a barrel/well

  213. Anonymous says:

    blurry cars, couple guys mountain climbing, 2 women in hats, one blurry one not, and a pencil
    any ideas?

  214. Ellis says:

    Can some one please give me the answer for the one that has a gear stick,a child holding on to a mans leg,some teenagers, and a gold purse

  215. Anonymous says:

    Family reading book
    Guy with book like magic coming out
    Girl under cover with flash light reading book
    Light bulbs

    • Anonymous says:

      Family reading book
      Guy with book like magic coming out
      Girl under cover with flash light reading book
      Light bulbs


  216. Lisa says:

    Ellis it’s clutch

  217. Dee says:

    ice cream scoops, ram, make up brushes and a pallette, body scrubs ( all are colourful except the ram)

  218. Angie says:

    257? Golfer, a desert, two people on computer, mad writing on whiteboard

  219. TeeJay says:

    ok I got a woman with long red hair, a man playing tennis, some blue paint and some black lines??
    any idea??letters are E O K S T J R G X O I H

  220. Cris says:

    I need help with level 196 on my iPhone ,someone please help. Thankyou

  221. Sophie says:

    I’ve got a photo of the earth with a chunck missing showing the core
    A boy in a grey tshirt with a lightening bolt on the front and wearing a cape
    Woman in a yellow jumper with another woman putting some sort of white jacket/coat on her
    And a grand fire place with the fire going

    G E E T L T
    N N M P O A

    • Anonymous says:

      A Sophie – guessing at mantle

      I have a skull & cross bones flag, ice with sun behind, power lines and snow/ice covered mountains.
      4 letters
      A U A C P P C E L V O D

  222. Stupid says:

    I got a gold purse some college people holding books gear stick and a boy holding on to someone’s leg

  223. Mystory says:

    Theworld one is wrong
    Dose anyone know what it is ?

  224. Anonymous says:

    no help this is gay

  225. Jordanlee says:

    Hey guys,


    Razor blade,
    2 guys Rock climbing
    And a guy wearing a hard hat who looks angry.

    It’s four letters.

  226. Anonymous says:

    Help! Its a girl working out, a guy helping people on a computer, a train and a kid pointing at his dog

  227. Anonymous says:

    In need an answer for 55!!!! Please I am STUCK!!!!!

  228. marc says:

    311 pink thing , man lifting weights , tipping noodles out of strainer and some sort of pully.. letter.. C Z N A W H R F N I T S can anyone help pls.

  229. Linda says:

    girls reading book by torch light
    yellow screwed up paper ball with light bulb drawn (idea)
    boy opening book which looks like spell book
    family reading a book

  230. Una says:

    What’s number 36 and 37

  231. krystal says:

    Anyone know the answer for the following pics: woman sitting on top of man, a little white doll crossing the finish line, Kentucky derby race and a woman sitting on a man’s back. Thanks

  232. anon says:

    sum of dem were not even on der

  233. Kristal says:

    What’s the one with the vegetables put into a heart shape, factory, building and more vegetables?

  234. James says:

    7 letters
    2 woman making a goofy face, 1 boy doing the same and a girl squinting from eating a chip.
    Thank you for any help!

  235. Anonymous says:

    HELP! Level 285
    1. two basketballers playing
    2 and 3. men talking to women over desks, looks like at an airport
    4. the number 5414

    letters: T S Z E Q N C Y R O S U

  236. James says:

    She’s eating a slice of Lemon, not a chip sorry
    Level 304

  237. Anonymous says:

    Four leaf clover

  238. Anonymous says:

    I need help on level 75 it’s a gold record a car crashed into a tree a woman on stage and a guy punching another guy 3 letter word RTVRJRMYSXHI please help!!

  239. Anonymous says:

    A message in a bottle
    A ship on land
    A woman in black and white?

  240. Lala says:

    @ Ron It’s people like you! Who piss me off because all you have better to do is to bitch about who’s president and who’s dumb for voting for him. Learn how to love instead of hate you ungrateful bastard. Get the hell over it. ! It happens. It’s life if you don’t like then go die . :p

  241. cheese says:

    level 47 !!!!!!! HEEEEEEELP

  242. angie says:

    James. . . I’m stuck on this one too!! Been stuck for two days !!

    Someone plz help !!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The one with a girl eating the lemon is grimace, I need help on one where its a piece of meat, a sea lion, a baby crying, and a lady who is also crying

  243. Anonymous says:

    Um this is not that good help

  244. Anonymous says:

    The one with a girl eating the lemon is grimace, I need help on one where its a piece of meat, a sea lion, a baby crying, and a lady who is also crying

  245. Help! says:

    A message in a bottle
    a ship on sand
    A woman in black and white

  246. realy? says:

    why did u even waste your time doing this. it took e ten minutes to look threw stuff that would not help me with anything.

  247. Help me @ says:

    not all answers are here! im stuck in level # 236. Does someone knows the answer

    one ice cube
    us map w/ time watch
    europe map w/ little flag
    boiling measuring cup

    letters are: T K L I E T Q N T U A L S

  248. MO says:

    The answer to the one with the icecube, map with time zones, europe with little flags, and a beaker with water over a burner is STATE

  249. Anonymous says:

    Old black and white photos
    Old lady and young lady looking at a photo album
    A CD box
    A yellow background with a guy playing guitar and it says unplugged
    5letters ends with M

  250. Nobody says:

    What is the one with the hammer going in the egg

  251. Bryson says:

    Level 307??? Plzzz help

  252. Anonymous says:

    No help at all

  253. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t find the one with the factory’s and heart made of vegetables

  254. Anonymous says:

    Ballet dancer, swan, cartoon of a girl figure skating and an animal of some kind
    Help what is the answer?

  255. B says:

    I’m stuck on level 194 the pictures are
    A painting of a girl and B
    Eiffel Tower
    Washington, D.C.
    And a 4 letter word saying news (dice form)

  256. Anonymous says:

    I need number 17

  257. Alison says:

    I need level 191 a T-bone steak BBQ car headlights & a man pointing 2 a lady letters are hjlaugilyerz

  258. sally says:

    i cant find one

  259. Anonymous says:

    Red phone, catching a football, girl with card, and a DVD player!!

  260. Jazmin says:

    I need help with the one where the kid is laying by a stack of books , matches with one burnt In the middle , a guy stressed out with work inform of him, and the last one is A guy riding a motorcycle

  261. Anonymous says:

    fuck this

  262. Anonymous says:

    That didnt say my answer

  263. Anonymous says:

    I need 23 a power point signs a girl squeezing glue on a table and a hammer

    • India says:

      What’s the answer for a girl stitching 2 pipes a pair of scissors in a face and someone poring water on a rock what’s the letters

  264. honey booboo says:

    i need help, level 88 its a dad and a child on every picture

  265. Anonymous says:


  266. asdchgjifjg says:

    i need help on level 88, its a dad and a child on vevry picture ????? help

  267. anonymouse says:

    no help cos the 1 i need aint on here

  268. Anonymous says:

    This is bull shit all the answers are scrambled up and u have to go back and forward for the answer your looking for this wbsite is a waste of space and a fucking disgrace to the human race.

  269. Anonymous says:

    It helped me out a lot and you guys are just to stupid to find the pictures yourself!!! And a website isn’t human so how can it be a disgrace to the human race…

  270. Anonymous says:

    This didn’t help me I’m at level 222

  271. Hannah says:

    Level 97?

  272. Awesome says:

    Hey what’s the one with a baby crib, Baby Jesus & Marry in the stable, a telephone

  273. Anonymous says:

    270 anyone…. car approaching another car, children pointing at eachother,, back of another car , and white stick with colored squares on it

  274. Poppy says:

    Just so you people know, the person who has spent their time and effort doing this probably doesnt fancy having a bunch of comments saying, this didnt help at all. It obviously does help you if theres the pictures and the word underneath. Goodness me!

  275. Dan says:

    Sewing kit yellow heart necklace rack of denim clothes and what looks like tiny Santa hats 7 letters prevaphipal

  276. Anonymous says:

    Need help! Picture: Girl eating green grapes, man at gym on a exercise bike with his thumb up, older couple holding weights, man in a shoe store putting on a shoe using a shoe horn!!???

  277. Nia says:

    I think healthy

  278. I says:

    Alright umm
    a lady vacuuming out her car
    A gold clean can where anchovies or tuna are packaged, but empty
    A vacume
    And a meter thingy, they are both on 0 or I guess maybe off?


  279. Kay says:

    This helps a lot! Helped me pass a lot of levels!(:

  280. Anonymous says:

    I need level 1267

  281. Anonymous says:

    doe anyone know the one with the astronaut cause its not world the letters are T, A, F, L, and O

  282. Molly says:

    Ahhhh I need the one that has a bunch of like kids (from like school) a gear stick, a gold purse and a kid attached to someone’s leg who is crying/screaming? Please help! Thanks xx

    • I says:

      It’s clutch. That’s the kind of purse it is. Also the gear shift is being clutched, the kid is clutching his mom, and idk the other one. It’s really clutch.

  283. Anonymous says:

    400 ???anyone???

  284. Renee says:

    I need help with level 188 on the internet it says that its world but it ends with a T and my letters are


  285. Anonymous says:


  286. Jenny says:

    1st Pic: A wpman running with a sunset behind her
    2nd Pic: 6 Picture Frames
    3rd Pic: Hands Molding clay pottery bowl
    4th Pic: 90 Degree Angle Ruler
    Letters are: A, X, P, Y, N, W, E, S, D, H, E, R
    It’s a FIVE letter word.
    Please help?

  287. Anonymous says:

    This was a waste of my time

  288. anonymous says:

    Didnt have the answer I needed.

  289. Anonymous says:

    Level 205

  290. Anonymous says:

    level 283 help

  291. Monica says:

    Letter B
    White House
    Eiffel Tower
    And I think beads that say “News”

  292. Monica says:

    White House
    Eiffel Tower
    Letter B
    And the word “News”

    Letters are: IAUMPTCQUYAL

  293. Boss says:

    shut the hell up and be gratefull you dicks

  294. Anonymous says:

    Help!! Ive been stuck on this one for 2 days
    Pic 1: a bus sign
    Pic 2: a phone connecting to a laptop through wifi
    Pic 3: a credit card
    Pic 4: a man being arrested
    Letters: N T E A V R E F S J L R

  295. mary says:

    help answer for level 147 thanks

  296. helpppppppp says:

    Level 207 helppp plzzzzzz

  297. Piya says:

    2 butterflies,2olden day picture…
    It’s 7letter word.

  298. dumbojumbo says:

    What’s the answer for….
    Pic with yellow heart necklace
    Pic of thread scissors and needles
    Pic of Santa hats
    Pic of blue clothes hanging up
    7 letters

  299. Anonymous says:

    This site is shit

  300. Anonymous says:

    level 231 help pls!!

  301. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer for

  302. Nonya Busisness says:

    I need help on level 52. Its not up here. Its got a blonde gilr a four leaf clover and piggy bank with a clover in its mouth and some girl thats looking to the right, the letters are B C L D T G E M A H Y R. 5 letters and the last one is M. Help?

  303. Foz says:

    The answer to the picture with clover leaf and pig no52 is CHARM

  304. Cath says:

    What is 372 it’s driving me mad.1. Flour and eggs, 2. Leather goods 3. White jigsaw puzzle with blue underneath one piece, 4. Beaker with different colours in

  305. Cath says:

    Kelsea, it’s GRIMACE, it took me ages!

  306. Anonymous says:

    answer to 337?

  307. Kelly says:

    Does anyone know answer to 263

  308. Anonymous says:

    Level 308 help

  309. Anonymous says:

    Level 314 help

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  311. Anonymous says:

    Girl running, picture frames, pottery, and a triangle ruler?

  312. Anonymous says:

    What looks to be a bee hive (like the ones in the boxes)
    A kid crying and hanging onto a persons ankle
    A group of teenagers with school books posing for a picture
    A guy holding the gear shift in a car
    N O T U C U L Y C V E H
    6 letter word. Level 116. Help?

  313. help me says:

    Level 92 some one plezz help

  314. Anonymous says:

    I can’t the only I need therefore 0 to this site

  315. Cath says:

    375 a wave, some killer whales, a wall with a hole and a broken net

  316. michii says:

    I cant find the answer for the one with the heart made of vegetables and the factories

  317. Anonymous says:

    I cant find the one where there is a sparkly bag

  318. Anonymous says:

    I cant find the one with the bike and the lock and the bell on the bike and soemone greasing the bike chain.

  319. cassidy says:

    i cant get the one where there is a guy with a golf club, a desert of some sort, a guy sitting at a computer and a girl helping him or watching him, and a teacher teaching a class

  320. Leebo says:

    It’s course

  321. Hiya says:

    I can’t get over the one where there’s a girl with icing, cables, a hammer with egg object under and a lot of signs

  322. Anonymous says:

    Can’t find the one where it looks like escargot

  323. Bob says:

    What’s the on with medicine being poured and lemonade and a woman’s sour face

  324. Ravenne says:

    Hiya: the answer is “overkill”

  325. alexandra says:

    I can’t find the word with the flags and the crowd

  326. Sian says:

    I know the answer to that one! Don’t worry tiff and Alexandra the answer to the one with a crowd of people, lots of flags, loads of photos, and a long white table with lots of chairs. The answer is: PLENTY.

  327. Sian says:

    Does anyone know the answer to the one with a lady with her baby, a lioness with her cubs, a duck with her ducklings, and a lady who’s going to have a baby???? Please help!!!!!!!

  328. Cary says:

    415 levels and you re finished! Can t wait for the next update

  329. Keith says:

    I need help with the one with :
    1 : guy pulling his cheeks out and a shirt on that says smile
    2: lake/stream
    3: boat with a lot of boxes
    4 : lady with her hands up and looking up


  330. Cath says:

    One with a window box, closed shutters or wooden doors, a group of lawyers? And a mixing desk with dials on. Level 378. Have been stuck for 2 days!

  331. Keith says:

    What’s the six lettered answer for the pictures with the baby under water and the girl swimming and the people snorkeling ?

  332. Keith says:

    Level 129 ?

  333. Juliette says:

    I can’t find the answer to the one with a blonde girl, a clover, a brown haired girl look off to the right dramatically, and a piggy bank with a clover as well.

  334. KIBBLESB says:

    I can’t find the one with the four abandon buildings in the pictures…

  335. Diana says:

    Does anyone know the answer to the photo which has timberland boots, 2 ladybugs on a leaf, a pair of white and pink striped socks and 2 big hamburgers?

  336. Lena says:


  337. AnoNYmOus says:

    whats the answer to the one with a little girl pouring something,traffic lights and signs, and electrical cords. Sorry I forget the other 1.

  338. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a grapefruit, lemonade, a guy pouring a spoon full of something and a girl drinking some sour stuff in a mug?

  339. Anonymous says:

    level 290. ice cube, chemistry experiment (boiling?), map of US time zones, map of european countries. HELP!

  340. Vgirl says:

    Which is the one with the bell and bike and chane and oil

  341. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know squirrel on tree trunk, sheep, elephants, and a kitten/puppy?

  342. anonymous says:

    Anyone know what the pic of the 4 beaches is
    Letters are:
    D Y F D A A I L S O A N

  343. abc says:

    Buddha ,cross, gal with a soccery spheere n a y shaped wooden twick on ground……plzzzz help…

  344. Maria says:

    i need help with 193
    its a girl hearing music
    a puzzle and a red one
    a drain with water going down it
    ans a electric connection

  345. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me the 1 with the red phone outstretched arms with a football a dvd player n a woman holding an envelope with a red ribbon on it?

  346. Emma says:

    Hello what is the anwser for 104 that has people cheering with loads of flags and a row of chairs and loads of pics

  347. Anonymous says:

    Any one know level 250? A grape fruit drink medicine nd cup letters are

  348. Anonymous says:

    Any one know level 250? A grape fruit drink medicine nd cup letters are

  349. Anonymous says:

    level 236
    -women with glasses
    -boy making faces with hands beside head
    -women with piggy tails making faces
    -girl eating a a piece of lemon makinga sour face


  350. nancy says:

    little girl with toothpast
    hammer breaking egg
    extenction cords powerbar
    all kinds of signs

  351. Anonymous says:

    Help….number 252!!!!

  352. anonymous says:

    all pictures have boats on the water, and trees
    the letters are:

  353. Anonymous says:

    The answer 4 a man golfing people at a computer a teacher writing on the board n some sort of food on a plate! Help please?

  354. polly says:

    what is a blonde girl, a piggy bank with a grren clover, a green clover, and a modle?

  355. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a soccer team in a huddle, girls playing golf, girls partying , and a crowd

  356. Anonymous says:

    What is the one with a angle compass, a sheet with 3d shapes, a sheet with pith arguing theorum, and a sheet with a lot of math scribbles?????? It’s 8 letters

  357. Trudy says:

    The 1 with row of chairs people cheering n flags is PLENTY!

  358. Brittany Taylor says:

    The White House
    The letter b

  359. Anonymous says:

    Set of tools
    Man fixing car
    Duct tape
    Boy trying to glue broken glass bottle

  360. Rosie says:

    What is the one that has a guy with a camera a guy by a fence handcuffed hand cuffs and a mouse with a mouse trap

  361. Monique says:

    what is a blonde girl, a piggy bank with a grren clover, a green clover, and a model posing?

  362. abby says:

    what is the….
    pic1 – guy pouring medicine
    pic2 – grapefruit
    pic3 – glass of lemonade
    pic4 – girl squinting face holding a cup….

    HELPPPP!!! πŸ™‚

  363. Brittany Taylor says:

    Slot machine
    Loan app
    The end(curtains closed)
    Some coins with a pen

    Please help

  364. bethany says:

    two pictures are cars in the dirt
    the other two are of crowds of people.
    level 249; iphone.

  365. Anonymous says:

    What’s the one with a girl in a car
    Parking lot
    White House looking building
    And lots of autumn looking trees

  366. Mobody says:

    The want with the girl the clover the pig and another woman

  367. Nobody says:

    The want with 2 woman ,one clover and one pig

  368. some one who neds help says:

    wat is the one with
    a woman speking in a mic
    a letterbox with@in side
    a blue door
    and a internet globrwith http
    help me plz o have been stuck on it for ages plz

  369. Anonymous says:

    Group of teens taking a pic together
    Gold sparkly bag
    Kid pulling his moms leg
    Shifter in the car

  370. Anonymous says:

    a man snoring, a man snoring with his wife annoyed, a man snoring with his wife annoyed and jumbo sleeping?

  371. Brod says:

    What’s the one with, a hammer about to smash an egg
    A muti plug with heaps plugs plugged in
    A pic of traffic lights with lots of signs around it
    And a child that has over loaded a spoon

  372. p. schuh says:

    What is the one with a women putting on a white fur a fireplace decorated for Christmas and a young boy with a lightening bolt on his shirt

  373. Hello says:

    1) Girl recording herself (?)
    2) An asian man pointing on an asian woman’s computer screen
    3) A business woman with an assistant
    4) A powerful man sitting in a chair, looks slightly scary :p

    Seven letters: IHTTCALTEQED

  374. alissa says:

    what’s the one where there is a man picking something up in what looks like a dessert type place. and then another picture is a bunch of wooden shoes and then the other one is a bunch of Eiffel towers in a bunch and the last pic is those little statues that sit inside each other and keeps getting smaller and smaller?

  375. hello says..... says:

    the answer the the one with the powerful man and girl recording herself is dictate

  376. pixiegirl says:

    Audience ^^

  377. Molly says:

    @Alissa its souvenir

  378. Blue says:

    Help the one with a guy fishing, 2 girls jumping in black and white, holding a broken hand and a guy voting

  379. Blue says:

    4 letters sgokuanactcn

  380. umdunn97 says:

    what is the one that has all the buildings and they look all burnt?

  381. paulene says:

    help! clue:
    baby in water, girl swimming in water, snorkling guy, and 2 divers

  382. anne says:


  383. anne says:

    Help a lady wearing a white fur coat, a fireplace with stockings around it, a boy wearing a red cape with a red thunder logo shirt, and earth showing half of it in layers..

  384. anne says:

    Help a lady wearing a white fur coat, a fireplace with stockings around it, a boy wearing a red cape with a red thunder logo shirt, and earth showing half of it in layers..6 letters.. possible letters are TELNMWWADPC

  385. Dayne says:

    help with the picture of girl bitting a lemon a girl with weird glasses a girl pulling a face and a boy sticking his tongue out and hands by his ears

  386. help says:

    Whats the one were one girl is sad and a filming paper and one girl with her fume down and a pregnancy test pen and theres 8 letters

  387. Noelle says:


  388. Laurie says:

    The one with the girl running , the six hanging, empty picture frames, the pottery wheel with a potter making a bowl and the triangle????

  389. Noelle says:

    Dayne it’s grimace

  390. Noelle says:

    Laurie shape..I think

  391. nicole says:

    Level 284
    X L r c o o o s u b a u
    6 letters
    Third letter is r

    Golfer taking a swing
    A slice of cheese cake
    Two people at a pc

  392. Haven rose says:

    The answer is course

  393. John says:

    I need help

  394. Jara says:

    A pregnant girl ,ducks ,baby with mom,cubs

  395. Rebecca says:

    a crystal ball, a y shaped stick, a statue and a T spaped cross made out of light

  396. Maddy graham says:

    An elephant, a boy hugging a tree, a dog sitting in the back of the car and a giant tree with orange leaves on it and all around the floor?!? xoxoxox

  397. Maddy graham says:


  398. howdy says:

    a 6 letter word with a chick in black & white, a dna spiral, a bottle in sand & a old ship ?

  399. monique says:

    burger, lady bugs, sock and a pair of boots

  400. Anonymous says:

    Blonde girl, model looking girl looking distance, piggy bank with leafe clover and clover leafe

  401. aalalaila says:

    Blonde girl, model looking girl looking distance, piggy bank with leafe clover and clover leafe

  402. kerri says:

    Bats, dracula and girls dressed up 7 letters

  403. Hehe says:

    Torn buildings.

  404. Dee says:

    Need help it’s got 4 words
    1) a lady in a bath tub with bubbles all over her
    2) a hand with soap on it
    3) hair with soap on it
    5) a mans face covered in shaving cream and he is holding a razor

  405. Bamba says:

    Flags, many white chairs on the sides of a white table, loads of people ( i cant describe the other one)

  406. MosiahsMom says:

    1. cheeseburgers 2. boots 3. lady bugs 4. pink/white socks please help

  407. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word, a shoe on a ruler, a man on his phone, two people talking to someone else, and a ‘help point 2’ phone buth..

  408. Anonymous says:

    Dracula two bats girls dressed up

  409. Roxanne says:

    Hehe try… Ruin

  410. tia says:

    Need help

    .lady in white arms out (background is the sky)
    .guy with t-shirt that has smile on it
    .a river that has turns in it
    . acargo boat going under a bridge tipe thing


  411. Anonymous says:

    a person holding a leaf, a pig with a coin and leave, a woman lpooking right and a girl smiling

  412. Anonymous says:

    Some construction site.. four letters?

  413. Jasmine says:

    Inside a factory
    Outside factory at night
    Heart with red fruits and vegetable on one side and green on the other
    Fruits and Vegetables
    Seven Letters
    D W R C Z Z O P U F R E

  414. Anonymous says:

    PRODUCE, yur welcome πŸ˜‰

  415. Dee says:

    Please help!

    A boy smiling..
    2 dogs playing with eachother..
    Some people in a swan type boat..
    Some people on a merry-go-round swing thingy..

    Sorry, don’t know what that swinging thing is called, but it’s in the states…
    5 letter word.. XTYJNFXOXVWE

  416. Haley says:

    Matches 1 burnt out
    A guy on a motorcycle
    A guy with his face in his hands
    A guy sleeping in a pile of books

    7 letter word….NUTNVUBPOABR

  417. GM says:


  418. John says:

    Dee your answer is enjoy. I think

  419. No name says:

    Help! Help! Help!

    A boy smiling.
    Two dogs playing.
    People on a merry-go-round swing type thing.(at an amusement park in the states).
    People in a swan boat.

    Five letter word: XTYJNFXOXVWE

  420. Ashlee says:

    Answer too level 172 please??

  421. belinda says:

    What does the solar panel snow Google’s trangle with colors out of it pictures of lake sky an trees have in common with 4 picture one word

  422. Laura says:

    A man with a tight red strap around him
    Pathway inbetween two unit buildings
    Man in a very small room


  423. Anonymous says:

    The one with all the signs and the little girl. With all the toothhpast

  424. bike saddle
    bike bell
    bike chain
    chain around bike wheel

    7 letters
    not bycicle

  425. rohaan says:

    i am stuck on 136 level plz help. . .
    6 lerrters
    h d c g i c e o v

  426. Anonymous says:

    need answer for level 82

  427. Anonymous says:

    a pic of a lake wit a long dock and orange sky and a pic of a lady long dress standing a pic of a man in a tux holding a car door open for a lady in a long dress and a pic of someone spreading cement

  428. Anonymous says:

    The letters are: hnopgvpenhasie

  429. Anonymous says:

    i got the pic that says world up here but i miss the letter w, its some ppl in the space, a thing on a festival and a monkey costume, my letters are: R B Q B O B T L A O D F

  430. Whoop says:

    Egg shell
    Meat lumps

    Letters are: wwxaiwrkcapw

    3 letters

  431. Anonymous says:

    2pics of men angry at computer
    Boxing knockout
    Ice hockey

    It’s a 5 letter word

    Letters are uxartetbslqp

  432. Sam says:


  433. Lara says:

    lvl 291
    red mercury in thermometer, protractor and scale, people throwing graduation caps, some tool with chinese markings on it
    7 letters: E V E G I E R D C M S E

    • Grace says:

      “red mercury in thermometer, protractor and scale, people throwing graduation caps, some tool with chinese markings on it
      7 letters: E V E G I E R D C M S E”

      Lara, if I’m not mistaken, it’s DEGREES

    • Hiimnottelling says:


  434. crystal says:

    space men a guy in a space suit floating and a ape and a pic of something like at a parade..five letters

  435. harsha says:

    birds flying and towers

  436. Anonymous says:

    two guys “o” face laughing
    a handshake
    guy and girl embracing
    two clocks same time one black one white


  437. Maddy graham says:


    1) a sign with a train and a stick person slipping on the rails
    2) a man waiting on a mountain for a ride home
    3) some tourists in some sort of theme park
    4) a man with a pile of books in his hand

  438. Maddy Graham says:

    By the way it is a 4 lettered word!!!

  439. Anonymous says:

    Ment trip πŸ˜‰

  440. Kayla says:

    A boy with a cape , a fire place lit up, lady putting a white fluffy coat on, and the inside of the earth. Letters are: T E N Y M L Q O M M A S

  441. Icy says:

    Some pearl jewellery, a flat screen, some people in meeting, a chef holding a dish

    7 letters
    U A Y I U L
    J S P O H D

  442. Crystal says:

    Icy, I was stuck on this a while! It’s Display πŸ™‚

  443. Anonymous says:

    step no-151????

  444. Anonymous says:

    A lady running a right Angel tri ruler empty frames on wall and clay potery

  445. Lacy says:

    Girl in a field with a basket and lady with a lot of shoes a quilt and cards

  446. Help says:

    Level 443…. 6 letters submarine coming out of waves, a chick standing on 2 unmatched eggs with one broken egg, a drawing of frogs and tadpoles, a large dandelion pushing out of the ground/asphalt letters RMEBYE TAEDSG
    Thank you!

  447. Sink bomb says:



  448. tj says:

    what is the answer to the one were it has a women opening a cupboard do, a man doing a tick in a box, a chest piece down and writing a check

  449. Wordy says:

    How many levels are there on this?

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  453. Maddy graham says:

    Plz help me I hav been stuck on this since Thursday!!

    1) lots of buildings that r high and in a city
    2) fruit and veg
    3) fruit and veg in a heart shape (red coloured seperated from green coloured)
    4) a pipe or gas factory

    PLZ HELP!!!!

  454. Helena says:


    Stage 126???

  455. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE !!!

    1) Cinema theatre empty with blank screen
    2) Kid’s drawing with a house, a family, a sun…
    3) Drawing of a man with a suit under a cloud of rain with a hand holding an umbrell over his head
    4) A man with a drawn cloud of ideas brewing over his head

    7 Letters


  456. Soso says:

    Oh my god the one I have is not theret

  457. Christiano ronaldo says:

    Ooooo my god belly button poker

  458. Anonymous says:

    Lady eating chocolate, lady in sauna,
    lady getting a massage, lady laying in long grass looking up.
    5 letters, the second letter is an N.
    please help

  459. Mari says:

    chick out of an egg
    boy holding woman in his hand
    stop clock
    man holding one of the hands of the clock???

  460. Ally says:


  461. Jeniley says:

    I am stuck on 455 its a 6 letter word with the letters: OLUMOBDVIEUF the pics are school supplies & a small chalkboard with 1. English 2. Math 3. Music written on it, a wall of white squares with 1 red square, an adapter or circuit device, & a floating satellite in space. Can anybody help me?

  462. Selenator says:


  463. Selena says:

    Hi thank you πŸ™‚

  464. Ellie Coates says:

    Maddy ur answer is produce I know now I remembered!

    Love ur bffae Ellie xx


  465. I’m stuck on dh one that got dh clown &dh woman wearing a mask , boy wearing dh cowboy suit what’s that help me find dh word…. .thanks xoxoxoxox

  466. Carly r says:

    I’m stuck on level 117 can u help

  467. Jem says:

    Dove carrying a letter

  468. Jean says:


  469. Tara says:

    please HELP

    WORD 313 I’m stuck on that one please.

    1)lady holding a scissors
    2)Sewing Machine
    3)Cannon with water pouring down
    4) pipes lying on the ground

  470. VALE says:

    Help 6 letter word STARCAHMWVPR a man ironing cloth, 2 blue shirts, potatoes and a bowl with salad please help.

  471. tiffie says:

    i need help! im stuff on 66 the pics are of a body with a tape measure around her, Β£20 notes, a pic of the United Kindom and a scales for cooking 5 letters

  472. J says:

    I’m stuck on one with:
    1) 4 clocks
    2) globe covered in flags
    3) boxing match
    4) guys drinking beer at a bar

    If you know the answer it would be really helpful

  473. mdixon says:

    4 letter word. A level bubble in the center, a coin being tossed, wet cement being leveled and the number 2 in silver. Letters NVLESNPSUEDQ. HELP PLEASE!

  474. alex says:

    the one they say is world (the one with the astronauts) is really float

  475. Alaska says:

    6 letter word
    letters are OGWTSIDMC
    Old looking tooth or fossil looking thingy
    mean muggin man statue
    book shelf
    cartoon blue bird on a twig

  476. Anonymous says:

    8 letter word with talk symbol in Green and a white middle. Clue is “brand”

  477. Anonymous says:

    Talk Symbol with White outline and green middle. 8 letter word clue is brand

  478. Anonymous says:

    Man looking at junction in the road, mat on the floor shaped like arrows, coffe mug with on and off beside it handle facing on, the button ok inthe middle arrow facing up down left n right

  479. Alaska says:

    4 letter word
    boy with empty thought bubble
    social media clues
    card board head with weird lookn brain

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  481. ALASKA says:


  482. Thanks for finally writing about >What’s The Word Answers 4 Pics 1 Word All Levels – What’s The Word Answers
    <Liked it!

  483. Anonymous says:

    Your awsome

  484. Jo Pierce says:

    when you get a blank tile, how do you use it…

  485. Anonymous says:

    5 letters word
    curser pointing http
    a guy touching the window
    a man putting his shirt on
    broken chain

  486. Anonymous says:


  487. Anonymous says:

    Help please. four letter word, a knife, a guy absailing reaching his hand out to the other guy, razor blade thing and a angry man with a hard hat, : D B G E T N R Q G E Y V

  488. its fucking descusting

  489. Anonymous says:

    5 letter words a girl reading a book, an old man reading a book, books on a shelf and books on the table with candles.

  490. Anonymous says:

    The one with the women doing a push up

  491. jmoney says:

    Whats the word 4 letters
    Soccer balls and 2:2 time
    Guy with gun
    Someone drawing
    Sun drawing with crayons
    LETTERS are

  492. Anonymous says:

    Stack Of Books With ToP Book Open, Stack Of News Papers, One Specific Newspaper That Says Daily News On It, ANd Some Factory With Giant Rolls Of Paper…

  493. Stuck says:

    Level 189 two spacemen, 1 spaceman, gorillas and a clown looking thing says the word is world buts it no has no W and the second letter is L
    MUTV F

  494. Amanda says:

    Help!!!! 7 letter word
    pics are
    graduation throwing hats in air
    looks like a thermoter 3/4 filled up
    old sun symble i guess
    and a thing you use for math
    letters are


  495. John says:

    Helpppp!!!5 letter word

    Pics are a a sexy body that has a measuring tape
    A bunch of bills
    A scale
    And British flag

  496. John says:

    Letters are


  497. John says:

    Letters are


  498. gary says:

    The answer is pound

  499. Hi says:

    Level17on Appel divices help

  500. cassandra says:

    4 pics 1 word help:

    bicycle bell,
    bike seat,
    locked up bike,
    rusty chain.
    letters are:

    J C I B S M C K Q L E Y

  501. Emily says:

    4 different time zone clocks.
    Globe with different flags of countries
    Two lower legs in a boxing match
    Dark skin man with friends toasting beer

    K O G N U N R B D W I O

  502. keith says:

    help …. it is a four letter word .. the letters are
    U T N A I D G J A R Y

    the first pic is of two stacks of silver coins one as a gold coin on top of the stack , the second one is a green spiral, the third is the side of a round thing like a plate or saucier not sure, and the last one has green with silver dots like it could me a circuit board with a black round thing maybe a ribbon or tape on it …

  503. Nathan Aikman says:


    5 letter word.

    Chocolates, brown eggs, colorful socks and pencil crayons.


  504. Quiet Storm says:

    Help its a four leter word and has

    A lady with skirt on leaning on the wall
    A blue mask with feathers at tips
    A bird flying over water

  505. Beth says:

    Its got a woman In a blue shirt then 3 cups blue pink and yellow then a light bulb that looks a little blue then a blue alarm clock and begins with the letter a help me please

  506. kay says:

    6 letter word – second letter is ‘e’ -pics are- a girl holding frame. food, touchscreen laptop, newspaper- letters are – m u g m i c m j l e d u – wat`s the word?

  507. i want an acount aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pleez can i have an acount

  508. Kay says:

    The answer is MEDIUM

  509. Anonymous says:

    I need help

  510. Anonymous says:

    There is a little girl on a chair

  511. ayshia says:

    so awsome just finshed the with the anwers

  512. Anonymous says:

    that a time out

  513. mary says:

    pics are of 3 platforms labeled 1,2, 3 (like maybe first second and third places) next pic is of jockeys on horseback racing, third pic is of a female firgure skater, last pic is of a group of hands up in the air with one person holding up a trophy, I have eliminated letters so what remains are e, t, s, o, l, i, n, s, c, t. The word is 7 letters long. HELP????

  514. lionness says:

    letters are ”srqgcgateube” 4 ladies……on level 44,
    1st picture is a lady has her finger over her mouth……the 2nd picture has a lady with her hands out…..3rd picture has another lady making an angle with both her arms….and the 4th pictcure has a lady giving you a thumbs up……please help

  515. lola says:

    Help level 27:)

  516. lola says:

    Help level 27 πŸ™‚ now

  517. lauren says:

    can you help me out for level 125

  518. Naeemah says:

    Can you help me on level 222 please thanks

  519. Naeemah says:

    Hi their I’m on 226

  520. Kim says:

    Help I’m on 99

  521. Anonymous says:

    can u help me with 290 please thanks

  522. i really need to know what level 290 is please thx

  523. akkkkjmdjndkslaK NFjzgfrslnmdfnbvnxgfn vbkjmgkvnnkbjnkgnvfjk says:

    yall all stupid

  524. brianna says:

    kid picking up rocks
    eifel towers
    dolls that stack?
    and clogs or shoes

    letters: g o r i l n n s v e u e


    YOU CAN:


    RUN BY:

  526. Nicole says:

    what is the answer in # 235

  527. Anonymous says:

    what the answer for level 150?

  528. connor says:

    nicloe what is the answer for level 150?

  529. Ella says:

    Hey i need help for level 62 please tell me !!

  530. Anonymous says:

    Nicole whats the answer to level 62 help

  531. #ZaynMalik says:

    I think this website is veryyyyyy goood, It gives answers which you struggle on… Thanks a lottt ;D

  532. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the one with a girl another girl an piggy with a clover and a hand with a clover

  533. Tuki says:

    Can anyone tell me whats the word for the following pictures: Flags from all countries, a table with heaps of chairs on either side, people at a concert and a card stand or something. Been stuck on this word all morning

  534. Anonymous says:

    Help me:) I need to figure out
    Okay there’s a lady touching her cheeks
    A lady looking in a microscope

  535. Sue says:

    I would like the answer to no 495

  536. #NickiMinaj says:

    I love this website there’s so many hard levels and it answers it for you

  537. #NickiMinaj says:

    I love this website there’s so many hard levels and it answers it for you it’s great

  538. help says:

    help what is the word for level 42? the 1 pic is a teen on the side of a road with his thumb out, the 2 pic is two girls and they look like they’re tourists the 3 is a sign that shows someone falling into a train the 4 is a guy with a bunch of books and is falling backwards and the word is a 4 letter word

  539. Lissy says:

    I can’t find the one with the glass of beer in one box, a crate of apples in another, a shopping car full of fruit in another, and a suit case of money in another if anyone knows what this is please reply

  540. Attractive! This was a really fantastic article. Thank you for supplying this details.

  541. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer to the one ‘help’ posted

  542. Anonymous says:

    Help. there is a girl with glasses a red headed boy making a silly face with his tong sticking out a girl making a weird face and a little girl who just took a bite of a lemon

  543. Rftfjuhuuh says:


  544. jason says:

    Whats the answer for level 48 on the ipad?

  545. Patty says:

    Level 415 plz I need the answer

  546. Leium says:

    That game sukkkkkkkkkkkks

  547. wezza says:

    Level 141 pleaz help !!!

  548. Wezza says:

    There is a guy pouring medecine, an orange , lemon juice , girl sneezing ,,, 6 letters what is the word ???!!!

  549. Anonymous says:

    Help 25 (just started) need anwser

  550. Anonymous says:

    This 4 pics 1 word game is cool

  551. kelly says:


    I have the same 4 pictures for WORLD, however I don’t have those letters available…


  552. Unknown says:

    The one that I am looking for is not on there. It’s of two girls, a clove and a pig with a clove in its mouth please help I really don’t know what it could be.

  553. Jake says:

    This is a cool game

  554. Anonymous says:

    try charm

  555. Anonymous says:


  556. Anonymous says:

    Flag, boxes, gingham material and a photo frame??

  557. Anonymous says:

    Try square

  558. gay,am says:

    This game sucks

  559. Harry styles says:

    I love this game ! Even though I’m always on tour the crazy thing is I still have time to play this game! Awsome game cool game

  560. Jarad says:

    Fish in water,night sky,laydie,drops of water

  561. TRACY says:

    stained glass, colored skull, wall paper, some kinda church thing six letters N L T Y D F I R A O E C

  562. Jupiter says:

    What is the one with two people skipping, a window cleaner and a crane?

  563. Heather rose basco says:

    The answer on level 106

  564. Suzie says:

    I want to know about the one with the motorcycle, a stressed guy, a sleeping guy, and matches but one of them is burnt. Help?

  565. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck
    Woman ready to play tennis
    Lots of balls
    Baseball bt with ball
    And these guys picking something up ??

  566. Anonymous says:

    Help- I don’t know what mine is I couldn’t see it– 4 Pictures of couches and people on couches

  567. Gabby says:

    The circle sayin shhh and the woman blowing a kiss and and the fingers

  568. bihvcjbgkc says:

    Hxshshseuwvvdhdjxn nnnnnndnd. Shdbdbdhdndndhhdbd sn .sh..x.d.d.d.d..x.x.z.x.z..z

  569. f says:

    Fuck shit dick

  570. Anonymous says:

    I love this game! If you do too I suggest the game Pic Combo. It is made by the same company. ENJOY!!

  571. Shit says:

    Fuk u all

  572. Anonymous says:

    OMG 1D

  573. ------- says:

    now it is not challenging. πŸ™

  574. Annie says:

    cool cheats but I cant find one.

  575. Annie says:

    this game site is aswome

  576. Anonymous says:

    wow he got problems lol

  577. kev says:

    wow he still got problems

  578. shit bag says:

    Suck all u pitches u basterds go away and suck a cook priks

  579. Anonymous says:

    This game is bullshit

  580. shhhhs says:

    Please stop swearing i hate it

  581. swagster says:

    Fuck fuck fuck all of u cunts cause im 12 and i will beat the shit out of u sluts btw im awesum

  582. george says:

    Easy peasy now πŸ™‚

  583. coxy says:

    One with an elephant in WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

  584. Anonymous says:

    Coxy again please can you help 3> πŸ™‚

  585. Anonymous says:

    3>is a heart and mean that who ever answersfirst is very helpful

  586. Says says:

    What’s up I’m cool says

  587. Stephan says:

    Hands holding a trophe, a jockey racing,somethi.g u
    You hands on tho score you from 1to3,and a girl ice skating……. Plz help me

  588. Stephan says:

    Hands holding a trophe, a jockey racing,something
    You stand on to score you from 1to3,an a girl ice skating……. Plz help me

  589. Ina says:

    #112 6letters – many white chairs, crowded people, many pictures, different kind of flag πŸ˜‰ help please thankss πŸ™‚ letters P E N S P T Y L F P O H

  590. Anonymous says:

    A spider web
    Text message
    Texting person
    Cotton thread

  591. Destani7224 says:

    baby under water
    girl swiming
    man with snorkel on
    two people with diving suits on
    Spaces: 6
    pls help

    • Destani7224 says:

      its ok i figid it out i but in the wrong letters before wen i tried to spell it- diving

  592. Dee says:

    Spaces: 7
    man at desk with head in hands
    man at desk sleeping
    person on motorbike, the back of the bike is smokey
    9 match sticks middle one burnt- SOS PLS HELP

  593. Dee says:


  594. Dest says:

    help pls
    hammer hitting egg
    lots of cords
    lots of signs
    little girl squizzing toothpaste
    8 spots
    letters, GEILKLOKQVRK

  595. hendrixxx says:

    James bond scope thingy
    Heart in wood

    Letters are: ualkdrpeetrt

  596. Ella says:

    Please help me:(

  597. I need to to thank you for this great read!

    ! I certainly loved every little bit of it. I have got you book marked to check out new
    things you post…

  598. Anonymous says:


  599. Anonymous says:

    Need help baby with picnic basket women with shoes
    Stamps and Christmas things seven spaces

  600. Anonymous says:

    A knife
    razor blade
    Rock climber
    Man in a hard hat

    I’ve been stuck im sure its something simple

  601. Anonymous says:

    Phone charger.circuit board.phone adapters.saxaphone player any ideas

  602. christy says:

    Dolls shoes towers shells

  603. Ashley says:

    Flow chart, to do list, graph, and line where person could go listed on a black board. Help!

  604. Anonymous says:


  605. Syandene says:

    Full mug of beer, 3 architecture papers rolled up, a cartoon layout thats not very visible, a hand pointing at the fifth stick person that is the only red one out of a set of 7 where the rest are black. 5 letter word. Letters are D F O T R H W J Z B A F

  606. Anonymous says:

    This is not helpful!

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    Stupid it’s not helpful at all

  609. Anonymous says:

    Stupid, I’m not going to spend three hours looking for the right level I am on!!!!!

  610. Anonymous says:

    I need a answer to 4 pics 1 word level 23 24

  611. ruth says:

    this is so helpful i on level 49 nealy on 50 maybe i am finish

  612. ruth says:

    this is so helpful i on level 49 nealy on 50 and maybe i am nealy finish

  613. Anonymous says:

    This is Bull Shit@#$$@@#

  614. Rose says:

    Please help me a picture of a cat squinting, a box of peachs, and a small box of a shell,and a ocean net
    T A L U L T N Z F D C J K E M J B M B R
    5 letters

  615. Anonymous says:

    peaches * not peachs

  616. anisabegum says:

    I am stuck all of the the pics are a dad with his so n don’t get this heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

  617. Anonymous says:


  618. Emily says:

    This is soo stupid i can never find my level it probs would take a whole day

  619. Hhfg says:

    I am not stuk on enty

  620. Yes amen says:

    Need help on a five letter word
    The pictures are:
    A piano
    Two bell hoppers hold the luggage carrier
    an empty stadium

  621. Yes amen says:

    I got it the answer was grand

  622. Erynn says:

    I need help:

    Pics are:

    Gandhi – Budda – Crucifix – Weird stone mound

    Letters are:

    E A J L S I P T R I I U

    Thank you!!

  623. mzt says:

    how can you tell/know what level you’re on


  624. Anonymous says:


  625. Robert S Louallen says:

    A pipe type thing
    A tool set
    A sink and faucet
    And mens restroom sign

    Category is occupation

    Letters mlcurxttfie

  626. Anonymous says:

    Anisabegum it’s father

  627. Anonymous says:

    5 letter word blone women black hair women pig holding a 4 leaf clover and a hand holding a 4 leaf clover letters are maszejrhcekq

  628. Anonymous says:

    River. Man smiling. Lady holding ars up

  629. Ronno says:

    Level 97 im stuck on it….

  630. annon says:

    level 94 : 6 words
    party people topless
    long white table and white chairs
    different flags
    many colored pictures

  631. Anonymous says:

    5 letters, sushi, volcano, Chinese temple and paper airplane

  632. Sarah h says:

    I am stuck on 73- 8 letters
    Girl with toothpaste
    A hammer
    Lots of american road signs
    Lots of wires and plugs

  633. Saeah says:

    I forgot the word but it begins with oil……
    8 letters

  634. Annon says:

    Help please stuck on number 111 it’s a girl with a mike a blue wardrobe an Internet sign and an inbox with a @ sign in it please help!!!!!!!

  635. mary says:

    Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I
    find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to offer one thing back
    and aid others like you aided me.

  636. Anonymous says:

    goto this and use the free tool http://tinyurl.com/cw8yaxg you just type in your letters

  637. Jordan says:

    I am stuck on 128 picture of some flags loads of kids some chairs all in a row and some pictures of some animals please help

  638. Candy says:

    Im stuck on the part which has 1 seagulls, and 2 orange thing

  639. Big mama543 says:

    I’m stuck on level 76 it has like 2 factories , fruit , and fruit shaped like a heart Help me! Please!

  640. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on level 76 it has like 2 factories , fruit , and fruit shaped like a heart Help me! Please!

  641. Anonymous says:

    I really need help stuck on 92
    One pic is sliced ham
    One is a woman stretching up
    And 2 pics are of people sitting down
    4 letters NOT MEAT

  642. mommiesgirl says:

    6 letters

    man looking at arrow, a checkmark with yes, and an x mark with no, road with yellow road signs, and a man standing in front of arrows that read problem and solution. _ _ O _ _ _ There is an O in the middle as the 3rd letter

  643. Help! I’m stuck on level 103 five letters, pictures of distorted flag, girl with rare measure around her waist, a scale and money!!!!!

  644. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on the pics with blonde girl, clover leave and a piggy bank and other lady

  645. 4545 says:

    2 pics bout enternet and one with blue doors and s woman talking??

  646. 342343 says says:

    it fun

  647. Anonymous says:

    Im stuck on 118 with 7 letters and 2 fruit pics and 2 factorys letters are… x p u x q u c o d w e r

  648. tim says:

    I’m stuck on 151. 3 green tractors and 1 red tractor. Letter are: N C Y O I R Y A M S Q E B E. please help if you can.

  649. tim says:

    It’s a 7 letter word by the way.

  650. amanda says:

    Need help with android 33. Group of pic, row of chairs, flags, group of people

  651. Anonymous says:


  652. Krystal says:

    Thanks you rock

  653. Mary says:

    It’s called advertising otherwise there wouldn’t be a site fir the answers.

  654. Carmella says:

    help me at android level 33. Group of pic,airplaines..-_- the letters are D R N T Q O I A I K P R

  655. Anonymous says:

    I need help with 109. Its a Teddy bear, a woman smelling her coffee and a woman touching her face

  656. sparkez says:

    Stuck on a level 977 .plzzz help .a chicken .a fuel meter indicates towards empty .a full shopping trolley .n the other picture shows shooting area am ntt to sure .plz help

  657. Besiela says:

    I’m stuck on 30 what is it help!!!!!!!!!!!

  658. Morgan says:

    Stuck on level 30

  659. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck on 78. An 8 letter word Traffic signs, little girl squeezing tube, plugs in socket and hammer. J X R L L V K O F I P E,

  660. Anonymous says:

    Need help on question 44 women with shoes Christmas cards and a baby

  661. Anonymous says:

    The answer listed here as ‘world’ is actually FLOAT.

  662. austin says:

    im stuck on level 17 lol its a 6 letter word with a pic of a guy walking up books like a spiral staircase, a drill, ruler, spiraling clock

  663. Help says:

    I’m stuck at level 142
    Pictures: flowers, woman smiling, a big leaf and a vinterpic
    Please Help me!!!

  664. koko says:

    im stuck on level 30. plis help me

  665. keandrea says:

    i need help can someone help me its a 5 letter word the pictures are a piggy bank a hand holding a four left clover two women letters are a h k j d m f c c r z h

  666. Marissa says:

    Need help with level 99 its a girl jumping, a weird sitting area, a building with something above it and a sink. Last letter is n

  667. Anonymous says:

    I stuck at level 245

  668. bob says:

    stuck on woman holding baby electric guitar and edges

  669. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on street signs, electrical plug ins, girls squeezing yooth paste out and a hammer on top of an egg looking thing.

  670. roxie says:

    wats da answer to n.87

  671. Anonymous says:

    It is float not world in the levek contains two pics out of space.

  672. Jester says:

    Stuck on one with a bunch of soap

  673. Angel says:

    I am stuck on 190

  674. Anonymous says:

    I NEED help! It has a bunch of chairs, all of the country’s flags, a bunch of people…

  675. Anonymous says:

    Level 169. Pile of rocks, girl holing a bunch of books, dad and child building tower and two pipes with smoke at the top

  676. Lily says:

    Stuck on the one with 2 factory’s and diffrent fruits then a fruit shaped in a heart

  677. Best girl says:

    I can’t find one how you can you help me I am in level 193

  678. Anonymous says:

    1 burnt match, a guy with books around him, guy with head ache, motorcycle with smoke

  679. Walsh says:

    Stuck on this on:
    -Baby in grass with a basket
    -Woman with boxes of shoes
    -Card saying “Merry Christmas”
    -Postage stamps
    Available letters:

  680. Jus says:

    I’m stuck on 1 with a pig, a hand holding a shamrock and lady with black hair and an other woman with blond hair (and she is smiling)

  681. KONA says:

    The one with the answer “WORLD” gave me an A and ther is no R in the letters, what gives?

  682. Derek says:

    Stuck on why the answers don’t match up with the game levels. For example level one in the game does not match up with level one here on the answer page. And then some of the answers don’t work. Like the world and float one. Don’t anyone know of a more accurate answer page.

  683. Anonymous says:

    Help with toy house, bar graph, to do list, web chart

  684. anna says:

    stuck on 53

  685. mad dog 22 says:

    I’m stuck on level 365 it’s plane taking off and a Las Vegas Blvd sign and a beach and white paper that’s cut out and laid on a table

  686. nikkib says:

    Stuck on 116 please help its driveing me nuts:)

  687. Anonymous says:

    Help, Stuck On A Level The Word RULE Written On A Blackboard With A Cross On It, Guy Sleeping On The Grass, Guy So Strong And Someone Who Punches The Wall, What Is It?

  688. K says:

    Stuck on the earth’s core, a woman putting on a fur coat, a kid with a cape and a fire place with a lit fire.

  689. Anonymous says:


  690. Lucky Deo says:

    It doesn’t even have the pics in the right collum πŸ™

  691. Anonymous says:

    A bunch of tgings plugged in
    A bunch if signs
    A little girl squirting a bunch of toothpaste
    And a hammer ontop of an egg

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  693. Anonymous says:

    What is the answer for question number 78

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  695. wendy says:

    im stupid in 4 pics 1 word

  696. Anonymous says:

    baliw ka

  697. Anonymous says:


  698. Mark says:

    stuck on british flag, raisins and chocolate… please help )))

  699. It’s hard bitchs!

  700. if you click the blue 4 pics 1 word cheat and go to that site enter your letters in to the auto solve on there its easier than looking through pictures for your answer hope this helps you all

  701. anonymous says:

    I can’t work out one with smarties, vegetables in colour order, a splash of rainbow paint and someone pushing buttons.

  702. You are so awesome! I do not believe I’ve read through anything like this before. So great to find someone with some unique thoughts on this subject. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This site is something that’s needed on the web, someone with a
    bit of originality!

  703. csak88 says:

    whats the answer for question 38 ?

  704. I am actually stuck on this game.I am also stuck on what’s that word.

  705. flower says:


  706. Anonymous says:

    stuck on leavel 184 helppp

  707. Chantelle says:

    Where is the rest if them

  708. Te says:

    We’re Is number one this is wack( follow me on instagram

  709. Riley says:

    Where the f is the rest OMG

  710. confused says:

    Hey guess I have four pics.three people on a computer,a kid holding his pointer finger at a dog,and a girl stretching with a guy holding her,and a train. ANY IDEAS

  711. Mo says:

    a man with a level
    thing that looks like some sort of caliper
    cartoon man with a green check mark
    a dartboard with 3 darts in the bulls eye

  712. Anonymous says:

    4 pics auto solver you can use this just enter your letters and click solve

  713. Anonymous says:

    if you goto www dot scrabblewordsolver dot com you can use the auto solve tool on there πŸ˜‰ hope this helps you just type your letters in and click solve

  714. Anonymous says:

    they are all muddled up

  715. Anonymous says:

    a girl with pimple trying to press it..
    a guy with so many pimples.. its getting red

  716. Jocelyn says:

    Have whats the word for iphone kinda of stuck on level 43 its a 4 letter word
    Theres a woman with a hard hat with a measuring tape on the front, a room with a made up bed, four tagss with a letter M on the red one, nd a whole bunch of batteries showing the positive side

  717. darlin says:

    What is a guy lying down on a tree ,and ham,and lady on a chair,and last one is thelady streching . Do anybody know this one

  718. Anonymous says:

    Where are the rest of them

  719. brenden says:

    Foolow me on instagram @swag_kid_21_

  720. karen says:

    a lady with money straooed to her, a gondola in venice, a statie looks like a wicked queen, and a person with a painted face with square all over his face

  721. Katie says:

    NOT THE RIGHT ONE!!!!!!!!!!

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  729. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on level 1-10 the pictures show a hut with straw or hay as the roof by a ocean with sand/beach, a hut with straw/hay with a bridge/walkway with rope and water under the bridge/walkway, a hut/house with a deck looking walkway with a bird on it and water under it, a city with a street/roadway by the beach. It’s a 6 letter word and the letters they give me are N,B,H,A,F,U,A,L,A,C,Q,I. Now my little sister also plays the game and she is stuck on the same level with the same pictures but different letters, so I compared our letters and got rid of the ones that are not the same, so we’re left with N,B,H,A,U,A,C,I and we’ve tried Cabana and it was wrong. Please help if you can figure it out let me know at my e-mail darkqueen@roadrunner.com. Thank you.

  730. # says:

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  731. Anonymous says:

    Stuck on level 368

  732. Princess says:

    I’m stuck at level 97. Please help!

  733. Shaysha jay says:

    What is number 16?

  734. mihinoa says:

    what is the number 102

  735. sara says:

    Need help on 14 !

  736. Harriet Sorrell says:

    What’s the answer to level five with the ape money and two radios

  737. numi says:

    this game is awesome sweet πŸ™‚

  738. rahaf says:


  739. Kelsey Glasgow says:


  740. Desa Richards says:

    level 84 letters nnegive

  741. Desa Richards says:


  742. MARIYA says:


  743. rosemarie molines says:

    help . . .

  744. Oma Percival says:

    Level 12 couple arguing, man with his arms spread out, chess board and woman meditating.

  745. shehzad says:

    i got stuck at 114 puzzle. pls help. waiting.

  746. maryjoe says:

    LEVEL 2


  747. madison says:

    What is number 17 it has 5 letters and then words

  748. Ellie says:

    Does any one know the answer to 67

  749. mustafa tayyab says:

    What is the number of 474 ?

  750. aliya bairan says:

    what is call the billiards things when they put together

  751. Lulu says:

    Help me too I stuck on 11.

  752. dededianne says:

    guy helping girl do sit ups.. girl helping small girl with homework and group of people doing hands in and boy showing kids soccerball

  753. amna says:

    please help me i am stucked in level 10

  754. Scarlett says:

    What is level 38

  755. kishan says:


  756. Steven says:

    C? M? L? NC. ? FF? CR

  757. Rose says:

    261 Help

    • JSG says:

      You need to describe everything you see in your level 261, Rose because each person’s version will give random numbered puzzles. Post again with a description of the pics and state your scrambled letters – preferably in whichever page on this site is for the number of letters in your answer word. An uploaded screen image is the best way.

  758. Merlene says:

    I’m stuck on level 29 of 4 pic 1 word pro

  759. Merlene says:

    the pics are 1. woman in black leather all-in-one with a whip, 2. a jockey on a horse with the whip, 3.a bloodied man propping on a pillar and a man behind him laughing and with a whip in his hand and 4. a large wave crashing into large rock in the ocean

  760. Merlene says:

    anyone knows the answers to my question???

  761. Merlene says:

    the letters are jipsrxursmtke there is also a blank tile

    • JSG says:

      You need to say how many letters are in the answer. I’d like to help you out but nearly 8,000 possible words are produced by the letters you have so it needs narrowing down first. It’s always better to start with the number of letters in the solution and post everything in a single post on the page for that (say 7-Letters) instead of the “Levels” which are totally useless here.

      • Merlene says:

        Thx JSG for taking note. There are 7 letters. Cheers Merlene

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on 4 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 1-20

        • JSG says:

          Sorry, I’ve only been able to make two or possibly three of the four images you described fit with any single 7-letter word and there are still about 1225 with a blank letter to consider. I have never heard of a blank letter being given in “4 Pics 1 Word” so that must be new. If you or anyone else ever manage to upload a screen image it may become obvious to me how all four ideas fit together. It’s also possible the game authors made one of their famous goofs with this one and the 4th image is misused.

  762. Merlene says:

    Hi JSG, below is the image I’m trying to solve. Thx for all the help u r giving

    • JSG says:

      Okay. I’m ignoring the blank as I think it’s meaningless unless someone knows for sure that it IS part of the game. I will further assume you’ve already tried some obvious words (like striker & strikes) and even suggest we bypass these others as they only seem to be teasers that only apply to one, two or three pics each:
      smiters = those who inflict a heavy blow;
      spumier = foam or froth on a liquid, as on the sea; and
      stirrup = stirrup pants or part of saddlery: a loop with a flat base to support the rider’s foot (similar to shackles on pillory for public floggings)

      Because, the word proverbs has been used lately in a newer puzzle, I’m taking a stab at TRUISMS = clichΓ©s, stock phrases, banalities, (old) chestnuts, (old) saws, axioms i.e.
      1. solid as a rock? (craggy rock being pounded by waves)
      2. tied to the whipping post? (Jesus-figure being whipped at a pillory)
      3. room to swing a cat (catsuit-clad woman in a room holding a cat-o-nine-tails)
      4. jockeying for position (obvious)

      Let us know if my guess (TRUISMS) is correct. It makes as much sense as anything else.

  763. Merlene says:

    Hi JSG, I’ve tried all those words 2/3 times b-4 and again as a good trooper nothing worked. I’m still hopeful

    • JSG says:

      Skimming through that 1225 word list using the blank, I still get lots of words that only make sense for one or two pics. This keeps bringing me back to the idea that it’s not an object in the pics but an idea represented by the suggestion of the four pics. Since truisms was wrong, you might as well try AUXESIS as it relates to increasing levels of a concept (whipping/beating). Failing that, you could go to a page like http://www.litscape.com/word_tools_mammoth_uncensored/words_out_of_these_letters_wc1.php and play around to see if any words make more sense to you. You may also spot a word I didn’t mention because I assumed you would’ve tried it before.
      For what it’s worth, I think putting super obscure words into the game takes too much fun out of game play for most people.

  764. Merlene says:

    Hi, There is no “A” among the letters so couldn’t try AUXESIS but will try the link you provide and see what I come up with. I totally agree with you about putting obscure words in the game and taking the fun out of the game. You don’t know how right you are, I have spent enormous amounts of time already trying to figure out the clue and it is frustrating. I’m beginning to believe that somehow something went wrong when this level was being loaded and so the odd letters/blank tiles etc. Thx again for your continued help.

    • JSG says:

      Actually auxesis was generated using the blank (as the A supposedly) on the same page I linked) but, as I indicated earlier, I never heard about the game using blanks. The solution is probably something silly where they dug out some word that nobody actually uses. If nothing else works, see if you can figure out how to actually upload the image directly from your device (not a picture of the phone face) this would allow an easier google image search which can find the source images.

  765. peiqi says:

    Try this webpage. It shows the answers to over 300 words.

  766. Merlene says:

    I can’t seems to figure out a way as yet to get it uploaded, any suggestions

    • JSG says:

      Actually, Merlene I edited my earlier reply to say never mind as I managed to track down original versions of all four images. (Scroll down and have a look.) Beating seems like the common thread but (brutism) the only new synonym I noticed rests in the expanded list made with the blank letter and it isn’t the proper sense of waves beating on a rock anyway. We’re probably over thinking it. Someone else will crack it. I’m not even sure I should be considering a blank letter at all. Without the blank, it leaves just over a hundred words and I’ve already told you the ones that partly fit. Use that litscape website and look over the list yourself? Good hunting!

  767. Merlene says:

    JSG, you won’t believe……the word is STRIKE with the blank tile at the end. I got the answer from the creator of the game. I can’t believe all the stress we went thru with this stupid clue, whoever heard of such a way for spelling STUPSE!!!!. Anyhow thx for all ur help but I don’t believe this would be the last time we’ll be communicating as I’m playing several of these games and am stuck at some levels but after sometime of trying and not getting it I move on to another one so u shall be hearing from me again.

    • JSG says:

      Wow – that’s really weird putting an extra space at the end just for a giggle. By the way, I got a personal chuckle from your STUPSE!!!! as it’s part of a vocabulary I think I do recognize. Later.

  768. Merlene says:

    If that is weird and no more….STUPSE, again too. Somehow I believe that was a quirk that he didn’t even kno’ about. I’m gonna send him another note asking though, ya think he would admit, hahahahaha

    • JSG says:

      They may delete or fix the error but that may be the only form of “admission” the authors might make. I’ve never been in contact with any of the game authors as far as I know, but, there have been several notorious “quirks” with wrongly spelled answers apart from the expected British vs American spelling; taking essay and assay to be the same word; slipping a pic of a backyard in with backpack and so on. Some pics were likely just mis-tagged and then re-used because of a bad tag.

      For instance: a triple-beam balance scale; a simple balance scale; a digital bathroom scale; a fish scale all for SCALE. Later, the digital bathroom scale pic gets wrongly reused for BALANCE.

  769. Merlene says:

    JSG, help me with this clue. The pics are all about football needing a 7-letter answer. The letters are IYKZOMDLNLZA. See if this website would give the images, http://bit.ly/1gcfkCq. Just in case it doesn’t work they are below.


    • JSG says:

      When I image searched the word MONDIAL, an image of the football(soccer) Brasil 2014 world cup logo came up on top then a motorcycle brand…

  770. Merlene says:

    You are the best, IT WORKED…What search engine do u use. I’m sure I came across MONDIAL in a long list of other words and couldn’t see any correlation because I was looking for the name of a person, city, place or event, exhale!!! lol

    • JSG says:

      I plugged your letters into the same list generator I linked earlier. I then google-image searched mondial as the only word that seemed remotely suited (it suggests the idea of global or worldwide in some European languages to me) and the results page showed motorbikes but with an alternate suggestion of the “Brasil 2014” FIFA logo. Presto!! As an English word, it seems to be mainly just the proper name of that motorcycle maker though. Are you playing in English?

  771. Merlene says:

    here’s another challenge OGAAJUZATILMCU – 8 LETTERS

    • JSG says:

      The four ingredients of guacamole – avocado, tomato, onions, chives. Try an informal alternate spelling of GUACAMOLI.

  772. Kin Lian Tan says:

    If you are stuck at any level, you can find the possible words that match the given letters in this web application, http://www.tklcloud.com/findword.

  773. Merlene says:

    ok, thx

  774. Merlene says:

    Actually JSG, GUACAMOL worked

  775. Merlene says:

    oh, I’m playing in English and not familiar with Mexican foods

  776. Merlene says:

    Kin Lian Tan I tried the site and bang on so far. Thx again

    • Merlene says:

      Hi Kin Lian Tan, what is the name of that site you had recommended some time back?

  777. Merlene says:

    Hi JSG, here’s another one for you to lend assistance. EKMNOOQSUVYZ – 8 letters.

    • JSG says:

      Only two words are spit out: evonymus = a spiky shrub; and venomous which has a second meaning of full of malice or spite. I’d try
      VENOMOUS as even the spiky cactus thing doesn’t look right for the other word.

  778. Merlene says:

    ya know JSG I should’ve stated that I had gotten only two suggestions the same that u got but forgot. But would you believe I had put in both words and didn’t get it but since ur response I went back and in VENOMOUS and it worked. I would have to conclude that I had put in a wrong letter. Anywho, cheers and thx again

  779. Merlene says:

    JSG, do u play these 4 pics 1 word games, if so which one (s). I sent a note to the developer of that game asking for a ranking feature and a levels features- the levels stores the pics and answers. I think that would be nice and interesting to see where ppl are at in the game. I’m at level 124 in this particular one and the other one with the blank tile I’m at level 93 and the 1st position is at level 131

    • JSG says:

      No I don’t even use a smartphone and won’t join FB, so the only way I play is by helping others with the tough game problems here and on a couple of other similar sites.

  780. Merlene says:

    Kin Lian Tan, as I said b-4 the link/cite is great, the downside however is, that it does not accommodate for answers with more than 8 letters.

    • JSG says:

      That Litscape site is far more versatile, IMO, than this guy’s site and I have no personal connection to either one. Still, whatever gets you where you need to be. There are hundreds or thousands of simple scrabble/scramble solver pages like that out there if you Google them.

  781. Merlene says:

    Wow that is very thoughtful and giving of you. you are doing an excellent service. I’ll try that site. I had overlooked it in one of your earlier posts.

  782. usha says:

    need help on level 74

  783. Claudette Creek says:


  784. Ivymay300 says:

    I need help with number 36 ! its a ghost and a shadow and 3 other ghosts πŸ™‚
    thank you

  785. Swodaw Dhad Dsda says:

    Help Me TO Solve This Picture/Problem Please.. THANKS ALREADY.. πŸ™‚

  786. Richardpoverin22 says:

    What is 53

    • JSG says:

      The game levels only relate to your personal game as you’re playing it so you need to describe the one you need in full details to get help in the comments area. The site answers don’t even seem to update for months now.

  787. Richardpoverin22 says:

    Really it’s impossible

  788. Gracezy Oliveros says:

    need help watz dis???

  789. Gracezy Oliveros says:

    /tmp/guest-5JkIrC/Pictures/Screenshot from 2014-10-19 10:47:54.png

  790. tanya :) says:

    what is number 102?

    • JSG says:

      Just use the navigation tabs along the left side to find the page with this site’s 102 which is probably different than yours.

  791. peejay simon says:

    4 pic one word is awesome

  792. Devon Burke says:

    help me the a

    hole team of football players together
    a girl sleeping on a plane and another girl on her phone
    a baseball player and a guy walking to the stand
    and a bus parking

    • JSG says:

      All levels have changed. Devon, can you post the remaining letters to use and how many spaces to fill?

  793. abby says:

    I need help

  794. abby says:

    A sigh with a man about to slip and 2 women’s pointing at something a man trying to get a car to get him and a man with books thinking it’s heavy

  795. cassondra says:

    level 22 and 23

  796. karyl says:

    im stuck on level 45

    • JSG says:

      Use the number of letters in your word to search the cheat sites instead of levels. Those have changed many times and there are lots of different versions of the same puzzles out there. If you need a 5 letter answer say, post a comment on the 5 letter page giving all the info you see – your 4 pics, letters to be used and any known letters. Uploading a screen image is still the best way to get help though.

  797. Jazzmin says:

    What is the answer in the 138 level in four pics one word

  798. rogerrabbitau says:

    stuck on level 4

  799. rogerrabbitau says:

    what is the answer too level 4

  800. Faiza Tanveer says:

    Plz can anyone tell me the answer of level 11 part 3 ?

  801. Faiza Tanveer says:

    Level 11 part 3 can anyone help me please ? A guy drilling something, a car structure , a factory or machines

  802. Merlene says:

    Hi Kin Lian Tan, what is the name of that site you had recommended some time back? It worked excellently for 4 pic 1 word games.

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