94% Answers and Cheats

94% answers and cheats for every level, pack, and picture of the game. 94% is the brand new chart-topping game from 94 degrees developers, SCIMOB. In order to topple each level, you’ll need to name the most commonly thought of or associated terms for your given level. 94% is completely free and can be downloaded for all iOS and Android devices. Stuck on a toughie? No worries, you’ll find all of your 94% answers below!

94 Percent Levels

94% is the hottest app on the market. We all know that you’ve always wanted to be on Family Feud. Well, now you can have Family Feud in your pocket all the time. 94% is an app developed by SCIMOB. SCIMOB is also the creator of 94 Second and 94 Degrees. You can download the app for any Android or iOS device. 94% asks you to come up with 94% of the answers others give to certain categories. It is harder than it sounds. You might be asked to look at a picture and guess what the first thing other people said while viewing it. For example, a picture of a pregnant person may be given. You’ll need to come up with not only baby, parent and birth, but also belly, craving, hormonal and glowing. 94% answers aren’t always as simple as you might think they are!

Over 25 million people are playing 94% around the world. It has over 200,000 5 star reviews on Google Play alone. The developers of 94% are also constantly adding new levels, so you will never run out of brain teasers to keep you going. You can also log into the game using your Facebook account. Feel free to show off how smart you are to all of our friends! After all, figuring out all of the 94% answers is not easy at all. You’ll be surprised by what people’s common answers to these questions include. Play 94% while you’re killing time or with friends and family for that true Family Feud vibe. The teamwork you get may help you come up with far more answers for 94% than you could alone! 94% does offer hints for its answers, but they don’t come cheap. You can also buy hints with in-app purchases. The app itself is free. Head over to the App store or Google Play to download 94% today!

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